How to outguess multiple choice tests

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Rock Breaks Scissors, by William Poundstone, is a “practical Guide to outguessing and outwitting almost everybody.” Here are some some strategies for multiple choice tests and Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Multiple Choice Strategy:

1) Pick B if you have to guess on 4 options

2) Pick E if you have to guess on 5 options

3) Don’t pick answers with Always, Never, None, or All

4) Pick answers such as “All of the above”

Rock Paper Scissors Strategy:

1) Pick Paper when against a man

2) Pick Scissors when against a woman

3) When you beat them, switch to what hand would beat the hand you played

4) When you lose, stick with your current hand

5) When they play two of the same hands in a row, expect a different hand the next throw and account for it

6) Tell them you’re going to throw something, then ACTUALLY throw it

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