Day: June 7, 2016

What Trump University tells us about how make Trump sweat


Trump’s voters don’t care that he’s racist or sexist. They don’t care if he’s really a billionaire or if he fudges his taxes. And they don’t care if something he’s blathering on about is impossible or went out of business years ago. But when an issue comes up that connects all three of these supposed weaknesses—his frauds, his bigotry and his failures— magic happens.

Trump University and The Mexican Judge is exemplary, a story so strong that it’s not only hurting Trump but any Republican dumb enough to open his mouth to try and parse it for him. A fraudulent shakedown that failed in the marketplace, Trump University punctures both his business credibility and his ego. But two out of three ain’t enough. They exploded, though, when a third element—a “Mexican” judge—allowed those two factors to make contact with his racism.

On the other hand, imagine a sort of fourth dimensional space outside the Venn diagram where all three factors are negated completely and it is conceptually impossible to hurt Trump at all. Think insults, cute nicknames, appeals to authority, that sort of thing. That’s probably where Hillary will spend the next six months. Sad!

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Iowa State Senator quits the Republican party


In its death throes, the Republican Party is a toilet of racist, sexist, misogynistic bullshit. Today, Iowa State Senator David Johnson has changed his party affiliation to “No Party”, and compared the rise of Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president, that of the fascist German National Socialists in the 1930s.

Via TPM:

Johnson, who said he would change his registration to No Party, compared Trump’s rise to the top of the GOP ticket to the rise of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.

Trump won “by reducing his campaign to reality TV and large crowds and divisive language and all the trappings of a good show for those who like that kind of approach and that’s what happened in the 1930s in Germany,” he told The Guardian.

“I think that’s all I need to say but certainly the fascists took control of Germany under the same types of strategies,” he added.

Johnson, who noted that his own father was part of the first U.S. unit to help liberate a Nazi prison camp, said that Trump’s attacks on the “Mexican” heritage of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel flew in the face of everything he’d been taught as a child.

“If we’re going to exclude Muslims from traveling to the United States, who’s next? Are we going to come down on Jews? … He’s not fit to be president,” Johnson told the publication.

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Motorcyclists need ear plugs


Motorcyclists should wear ear plugs. For as little as $5 you can get comfortable noise reduction that could have you a lot of trouble in the long run.

It is a fact that riding a motorcycle at normal highway speeds, even in a full face helmet, without ear protection, does irreversible damage to your hearing over time. Noise fatigue is also a very real effect of riding, and can leave rider far more tired than expected.

Another long time rider told me he’s getting a hearing aid today, and he never wore ear plugs. I’ve heard a number of reasons from some friends about why they won’t or don’t wear them. Those reasons are weak. Here are a few:

  1. Traffic, horns, sirens and other noises will be hard to hear: Good hearing protection will lower high frequency noise, like wind buffeting your helmet. While ear plugs will lower the volume of all sound, they won’t eliminate those interruptive sounds from making it to you at all, rather you’ll be more likely to hear them as the effects of constant high frequency noise will not be as bad.
  2. I wear a full face helmet: So what? Comfortable helmets flow a lot of air, and are pretty damn noisy! Helmet noise reduction studies show very minimal improvement due to a full face helmet.
  3. I do not have loud pipes: While the silly loud pipes of many a Harley rider could make anyone deaf, you are really looking to block out the wind noise rushing past your head. Loud pipes just add another droning source of white noise like sound that will deafen you over time, but they are not the primary one motorcyclists need fear!

Lately I’ve been using these Hearo’s, for less than $6 shipped shouldn’t you try?

Previously on Boing Boing:

Etymotic Research ER20 ETY-Plugs Hearing Protection Earplugs

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A Cold Day in Hell, book two in Mark Cain's Circles of Hell


Mark Cain’s second installment in his Circles of Hell series, A Cold Day in Hell, was just as funny as the first!

Steve, Hell’s superintendent, and his assistant, THE Orson Welles, are it again! Seems the air conditioning in Hell is on the fritz, and that proverbial cold day is here. With the help of Satan’s pet BOOH, the Bat Out Of Hell, and the love of Steve’s after-life, Flo, can they set things right?

Cain’s Circles of Hell series are fast, fun, endearing reads the remind me of Robert Kroese’s DIS series.

A Cold Day In Hell (Circles In Hell Book 2) by Mark Cain via Amazon

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Ultimate Marked Deck for magic tricks

These are ordinary Bicycle cards (not marked)

Bicycle playing cards are probably the most common playing cards, at least here in the United States. I prefer to do magic tricks using Bicycle cards, because they don’t make people suspicious like a deck with an unfamiliar back might.

In my book, Trick Decks, I show how to mark your own Bicycle deck with a Sharpie, but to use it, you have to memorize the code.

If you are lazy and want an easy-to-read deck, get the Ultimate Marked Deck, available with red or blue Bicycle backs. The cards look and feel exactly like a regular bicycle deck, but you can instantly read the suit and value of any card with a quick glance at its back.

Historically, the company that makes Bicycle cards has not made marked Bicycle decks, so this is kind of a big deal in the magic world. At $30, it’s pricey, but you can do some amazing tricks with a marked deck.

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Hurts Like a Mother – An illustrated parody of Edward Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies


See sample pages of Hurts Like a Mother at Wink.

Hurts Like a Mother: A Cautionary Alphabet

by Jennifer Weiss (author), Lauren Franklin (author) and Ken Lamug (illustrator)


2016, 64 pages, 5.5 x 6 x 0.5 inches

$11 Buy a copy on Amazon

An abecedarian picture book for grown-ups, Hurts Like A Mother is a black-and-white illustrated parody of Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies. Mirroring the dark humor of Gorey’s book, the hazards of parenting is explored alphabetically, each letter attributed to a different mom in peril. From the ludicrous, where moms asphyxiate from being strangled by inflatable pool toys, pass out from the price of American Girl dolls, meet their maker from flammable breast pumps, and expire from ennui over reading parenting books in the library, to the real-life issues facing moms, such as the problems with extended snow days, difficulties with carpools, and the myriad troubles with time management, Hurts Like A Mother is a brief but humorously morbid book.

Harkening to the gothic Victorian mood from Gorey’s original illustrations and poems, the stark black-and-white drawings comically depict modern parenting crises, particularly when portraying the faces of the harried mothers which range from fatigued to intoxicated to homicidal. Not completely filled with doom-and-gloom, Hurts Like A Mother ends as the final mom relaxes beach-side while being fanned with a palm-frond and casually sipping a tropical adult beverage.

– S. Deathrage

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Western themed auction includes objects sensitive to Oglala Sioux

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.43.04 PM

Some objects that probably belong in tribal hands or a museum are being auctioned off. Evidently the Rathbun family of Colorado has been holding on to a quite a few tribal artifacts, and guns, including a few collected from the Wounded Knee battle site, immediately after the battle.

Via the Indian Country Today Media Network:

“I’m just a regular person; I don’t have a vault or really I guess I don’t have the means to care for it the way it should be,” Rathbun told the AP. “And there’s, of course, a bit of an economic factor.”

Among beaded and quilled moccasins, pipe and tobacco bags and dresses and shirts, all ranging from $24 to $3,200 for starting bids, three guns used by the 7th Cavalry during the Wounded Knee Massacre are being auctioned off at $5,000 each. All three guns are described as “wonderful Indian guns” in the auction lot directory, and all three descriptions specifically mention the guns were gathered from the site of the massacre.

The lot also includes a pipe belonging to Chief Red Cloud, Oglala Lakota, which is set to open at $7,500, and another belonging to Chief Spotted Elk, Mniconjou Lakota, who died at Wounded Knee, opening at $5,000.

According to the Gazette, Rathbun’s great-grandmother and his then-teenaged grandfather “salvaged the three guns after they arrived at the site of the Wounded Knee massacre and found many of their Native American friends dead.” Rathbun also told the AP that his grandfather had befriended Chief Red Cloud, who had given him the pipe as a gift.

“I would object to the sale,” Trina Lone Hill, the historic preservation officer for the Oglala Sioux, told the AP. “It would be like me selling any item of the pope, any possession of his or anything from the church. They would say it is a heresy.”

Lone Hill also said the tribe is speaking with attorneys to seek a way to prevent the sale.

Also of interest, but not connected, is that the auction house, Heritage Auctions, has a 2 letter domain name,

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Watch Death Cab for Cutie on last night's Late Show

On last night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert, our pals Death Cab for Cutie delivered a lovely performance of “No Room In Frame” from their magnificent album Kintsugi. They’re co-headlining shows with CHVRCHES tonight in Cleveland and tomorrow in Canandaigua, New York, followed by more US dates through the summer.
And yeah, I’m biased, but hot damn do they put on a tight live show. Trippy too.

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Amazing photo of fish inside a jellyfish


Ocean photographer Tim Samuel captured these startling photos of a fish swallowed by a jellyfish off Byron Bay, Australia’s Pass Beach.

“(The fish) seemed to be struggling a little bit, as it would swim around, it would try to swim in a straight line but the jellyfish would knock it off course, would send it in little circles or loops,” Samuel told CNN. “It was a tough decision, I definitely thought about setting it free, but in the end decided to just let nature run its course.”


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Ultra-rare unopened Leica camera for sale with X-ray to prove what's inside the box


The Leica KE-7A is a very rare camera manufactured for the US military in the early 1970s. It’s essentially a hardened and dust-resistant version of Leica’s popular M4 camera. With around 500 produced, it’s nearly impossible to find one in good condition. That’s why this unopened specimen up on eBay right now is so special, and so expensive, priced at $45,300 or best offer. The listing includes an x-ray of the package.

According to the listing, the image below depicts another example of the same camera outfit as the one in the sealed package. But then again, how can you know for sure what’s inside until you open it…

“Although I do not advise I can open the bag to inspect the camera for you at a Euro 5000 nonrefundable deposit,” says the seller. “If you decide not to buy at any reason the deposit will not be refunded as the value will then be less.”


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This is either a petrified Bigfoot skull, or a rock


Todd May of Ogden, Utah discovered this object that he says is a fossilized Bigfoot skull. May previously spotted Bigfoot in Ogden Canyon. Twice. In fact, he says the creatures have thrown rocks at him. Hiking again in the area, he found the fossilized skull.

“It had the same facial structure as the creatures I had seen,” he told the Times Record News.

“There’s haters out there, other Bigfoot enthusiasts that don’t like that I found something first,” May said.

On the other hand, Jesse Carlucci, a geoscience professor at Midwestern State University, insists that the object is absolutely a rock. Sure it is, professor…


(Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)

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Man faces 7 years for disabling red light cameras

Image: Wikipedia/Derek Jensen (Tysto)

Stephen Ruth, a self-styled “Red Light Robin Hood,” pleaded not guilty to 17 charges of disabling red light cameras in Suffolk County, New York. If convicted, he could serve up to seven years in prison. Ruth uses a painter’s extension rod to tilt cameras to face the sky, and also snips the cameras’ power wires. He said he does it because the county recently reduced yellow-light times from 5 to 3 seconds to increase revenue generated by fines, and that the time change has increased the number of accidents.

“They call it a crime. I call it saving lives,” [Ruth] told the affiliate. “I never hid from my actions. I believe in what I’m doing, and I’m only trying to save lives.”

A Suffolk County study concluded in April that about half the intersections with red-light cameras have seen an uptick in accidents following the installation of cameras in 2010, while other intersections saw a drop.

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Web Sheriff's legal scare strategy: throw everything at the wall, hope something sticks


Web Sheriff has been retained by the mysterious celeb(s) at the center of the super injunction over an olive-oil threesome in a paddling pool, and as we learned, merely mentioning that such a thing exists is enough to lure them out of their caves and onto your doorstep, from which vantage they will endlessly pastebomb a series of legal threats, each more bizarre and incoherent than the last.

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U.S. Navy sailors banned from drinking in Japan

Image: Wikipedia/ Hhaithait

A 21-year-old Naval petty officer in Okinawa allegedly hit two cars while she was drunk, injuring two other people. It was the latest in a series of incidents involving US military personnel who have hurt or killed Japanese citizens. On Monday, the US Navy banned all 19,000 Navy personnel from drinking. The ban applies both on-base and off-base. In addition, sailors have been grounded. The can only leave their base to run “necessary errands.”

McClatchy DC:

The U.S. military presence in Japan is under scrutiny after a series of incidents involving American soldiers on the islands, with Navy personnel already under curfew in connection with the arrest of a former Marine. He was working as a civilian contractor on a base and was arrested in connection with the death of a Japanese women.

Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga said such measures taken by the Navy to keep an eye on soldiers’ behavior were not strict enough.

“There needs to be a fundamental resolution,” Onaga said.

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Roddenberry's Star Trek was " above all, a critique of Robert Heinlein"


Star Trek turned 50 in 2016. In its half-century of existence — on TV, on the big screen, and in the worldwide community of its fans — Star Trek has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Even casual viewers know the pointed ears, the Vulcan salute, and the meaning of “beam me up, Scotty.”

Yet, Star Trek does not owe its enduring popularity and its place in our collective imagination to its aliens or to its technological speculations. What makes it so unique, and so exciting, is its radical optimism about humanity’s future as a society: in other words, utopia.


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Start a DevOps career with this all-inclusive Hacker Bundle - now only $29

For the uninitiated, DevOps is a fairly new tech field focused on getting a project’s programmers and operation engineers on the same page. The goal: to ensure they can seamlessly collaborate from the very beginning of a given project.

And as those in this rapidly expanding field can attest, companies are finding tremendous value in DevOps masters who can bring together two very different sides of the tech industry into a cohesive unit.

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Open a new career opportunity with the DevOps Hacker Bundle, discounted at only $29 for a limited time.

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MI5 warning: we're gathering more than we can analyse, and will miss terrorist attacks


In 2010, the UK spy agency MI5 drafted memos informing top UK officials that its dragnet surveillance programme was gathering more information than it could make sense of, and warning that its indiscriminate approach to surveillance could put Britons at risk when signals about dangerous terror attacks were swamped by the noise of meaningless blips from the general population.

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Brock Turner's booking photo from the actual night of his arrest


Earlier today, the Santa Clara Sheriff’s department released a file photo of Brock Turner. Here, though, is the booking photo taken on January 18, 2015, sent to us by Stanford University’s Department of Public Safety.

Brock Turner, 20, was taken into custody after raping a woman behind a dumpster near a frat party on the Stanford’s Palo ALto campus that evening. Though convicted on multiple felony counts, with prosecutors asking for a 6-year sentence, Turner was given only a 6 month jail sentence.

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