Day: June 11, 2016

US Secret Service agent charged with sexting teen girl while at White House now faces Florida child porn charges


Former US Secret Service agent Lee Robert Moore was indicted in a Florida federal court Thursday on child porn and teen sex charges. He is being held in federal custody in Delaware on separate charges that while he was on White House duty, Moore sexted a Delaware Child Predator Task Force undercover officer, whom he believed to be a teenage girl.


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Sautéed Shrimp with Warm Tropical Fruit Salsa

Sautéed Shrimp with Warm Tropical Salsa

Please welcome guest author Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen as she tempts us with “Floribbean” tropical shrimp. ~Elise

With tropical fruit like mangoes and kiwi, you’ve got to eat the fruit just at the right time of ripeness. Under-ripe kiwi is suck-your-face-in-puckery-sour and over-ripe mangoes are blah and mushy.

So what to do with imperfect fruit? Slightly cook them for a warm, tropical fruit salsa, “Floribbean” style. (Yeah, it’s a dumb name, but restaurants in Florida use it all the time. It basically means Florida + Caribbean style, if you haven’t guessed already. These days, it really just refers to a tropical dish.)

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Styptic swabs stop shaving cuts instantly


I frequently cut myself shaving when I travel. I’m not sure why, because I don’t cut myself very often at home when using the same type of razor.

It’s a hassle to get a cut, especially when I’m about to attend a meeeting, because the bleeding takes a really long time to stop. I used to carry a styptic pencil with me when I travel, but I must have left in a hotel bathroom because I can’t find it. It worked pretty well, but it was messy to use and left a white spot on my skin, so when I looked for a replacement, I bought these KutKit styptic swabs instead.

On my last trip, I finally got a chance to use one. It looks like a Q-Tip. I snapped the tip with a ring around it, which broke a glass tube filled with aluminum chloride-6-hydrate. The liquid flowed into the white tip and I applied it to the cut on my neck. It smarted a nit more than a styptic pencil, but it stopped the bleeding instantly, and left no residue. Good stuff.

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Rapist Brock Turner texted pals photos of victim's breasts

Brock Turner / Stanford

Newly released court documents show that Brock Turner, the former Stanford student convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside of a frat house, behaved in an “aggressive” and predatory way towards other women just one week before the attack. The 471 pages of documents released Friday by the Santa Clara County Superior Court also show that Turner lied to investigators about having no experience with using drugs and alcohol before college.


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Trump is back, repeatedly calling Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas"


Trump’s new relationship with the teleprompter didn’t last long. Yesterday he gave a free-form speech at a rally in Richmond, Virginia where he repeatedly referred to Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas,” an attempted jab at her for saying she has Native American ancestry. His audience responded with “Indian war whoops,” according to The Guardian.

This isn’t the first time Trump has insulted Warren in this way. According to The Washington Post:

Trump began going after Warren’s claimed ancestry earlier this year, responding to the senator’s repeated slams of him as a “loser” and a bully. “Who’s that, the Indian?” he said at a March news conference when asked about Warren. “You mean the Indian?”

You’d think after his disastrous week following his inaccurate criticism of Indiana-born Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel as being unable to fairly judge since he was “Mexican,” he’d take a break. But no, he’s going full steam ahead.

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Make your own fortune telling fish

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish

Ah, the magic fortune telling fish! If it curls one way, you are certainly one sort of person! If it curls the other, you are another! Magic, right?

We’ve spent the morning making our own fortune telling shapes! All you need is some cellophane.

How does it work? I always thought it as body heat, but this simple morning distraction taught both my daughter, and I, that cellophane is hygroscopic! The sodium polyacrylate that cellophane is made of seeks out water, and as it absorbs even trace amounts — like from the palms of our hands — the molecules start changing shapes! The fish starts writhing around!

Cutting out your own is a lot of fun, but lacks the cool packaging of the traditional!

Hygloss Cello Sheets, 8.5 by 11-Inch, 48-Pack via Amazon

The Magic Fortune Telling Fish (pack of 10) via Amazon

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Become a master copywriter with this 5-course bundle - and pay whatever you want for it

It’s one thing to dream up a business idea, and quite another to successfully get it off the ground. But how to ensure your idea gets the attention it deserves?

One way: this comprehensive Marketing Copywriter course bundle – available for any price you want to pay.

Here are the included courses ($285 total value):

  • Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses
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  • Effective Copywriting Principles
  • Intro to Marketing Analytics
  • Improve Your Business Writing

Here’s how it works: pay any price, and you’ll get access to two courses. But pay anything over the average price paid, and you’ll receive three additional courses of premium marketing instruction.

With this full course package, you’ll understand how to lure customers, why they’re coming, and how to keep them. A $285 value, this full Marketing Copywriter Bundle is available for whatever price you want while this offer lasts.

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Rancher on horseback lassoes bike thief in Walmart parking lot


A thief stole a bicycle from a bike rack at a Walmart parking lot in Eagle Point, Oregon. 9-1-1 was called and the woman who owned the bike along with a few others chased after him on foot, but couldn’t catch him. Luckily, a rancher named Robert Borba happened to be there. He went to his trailer, jumped on his horse, and captured the guy with his lasso.

“When we arrived, there was a large crowd standing around a younger gentleman who was on the ground, the rope around his ankle, hanging on to a tree,” Adams said. Victorino Arellano-Sanchez was arrested and charged with theft, the police said.

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Mounties used Stingrays to secretly surveil millions of Canadians for years


Motherboard used public records requests to extract 3,000+ pages of court docs from a massive 2010 RCMP mafia/drug bust in Montreal, codenamed “Project Clemenza,” which revealed the full extent of the Mounties’ secret use of Stingrays — AKA “IMSI Catchers,” the fake cellular towers that let cops covertly track whole populations by tricking their phones into revealing information about them.

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