Day: June 22, 2016

The polyamorous Christian socialist utopia that made silverware for proper Americans


Lisa Hix of has written a lengthy piece for Collectors Weekly on the Oneida Community of the late 19th century, and how it morphed from a group of men and women who “believed the liquid electricity of Jesus Christ’s spirit flowed through words and touch, and that a chain of sexual intercourse would create a spiritual battery so charged with God’s energy that the community would transcend into immortality, creating heaven on earth,” to a company that was famous for its flatware. For her article, Lisa interviewed Ellen Wayland-Smith, a descendant of members of the Oneida commune, and the author of Oneida: From Free Love Utopia to the Well-Set Table, who spoke to Hix about the community’s laudable-for-its-time, but ultimately limited, view of equality between the sexes.

Here’s a snip:

“Oneidans never for a minute pretended that women were equal to men,” Wayland-Smith says. “Theologically, they had a pecking order. They would cite Paul and say that a man’s natural place is ahead of the woman. But on the ground, practically, women could do anything that men could do. They thought it was absurd that Victorian women wore long skirts and corsets and had this big pile of hair that prevented them from moving or being physical, which the Community believed contributed to the poor health of traditional housewives. The women of Oneida engaged in the same physical activities as men, and the Community thought that was healthy. Women played sports. They went out and chopped down trees; they cleared swamps.

“Oneida broke down the popular idea that there was a domestic sphere where women excelled and a public sphere where men excelled,” she continues. “The workload occasionally fell into stereotypical divisions. Most of the people who worked in the Children’s House were women, although there were some men taking care of the kids, too. But the men had to do laundry side by side with the women, and the women could work in the trap shop if they wanted. A lot of women were bookkeepers for the Community businesses. One woman wanted to be a dentist and so she took lessons from the Community dentist and became a dental assistant. Within reason, Oneida offered a wide variety of choice in one’s occupations.”

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New Frozen Ride at Epcot Surprises Everyone

FrozenEverAfter Elsa Olaf

Whether you like it, hate it, or just couldn’t give a flying fig (personally, I haven’t seen it), the Disney movie Frozen has been a huge success for the Walt Disney Company.

Sometimes the popularity of a film can have an unexpected benefit. With all the hand-wringing among Disney fans about how The Walt Disney Company has been throwing all of its resources into Shanghai Disneyland at the expense of the Disney theme parks in the United States, everyone got a big surprise yesterday when the new ride “Frozen Ever After” opened at the Norway Pavilion in World Showcase at Epcot simply because they spent a lot of money on it and did a swell job.

Featured Image of Olaf

FrozenEverAfter for Text

Disney has used its state-of-the-art internal digital projection systems for the faces of the “human” characters and the Audio-Animatronic figures of Olaf are top of the line and move with great fluidity.

“Frozen Ever After” replaces “Maelstrom,” which I think was well liked simply because it was one of only two rides in World Showcase, the other being “Rio Del Tiempo” in the Mexican pavilion (which was clichéd and boring, but is now much more enjoyable since a rehab several years ago which added the Three Caballeros—Donald, Jose Carioca, and Panchito).

Originally, almost every country’s pavilion was supposed to have a film, show, or ride, though many were the victim of budget cutting. “Frozen Ever After” is destined to be extremely popular judging by its almost three-hour wait time yesterday.

Don’t forget to get a Fast Pass Plus BEFORE you go!

Original Source: Blog Mickey

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Tennessee congressional candidate appeals to his white supremacist base


Talking Points Memorandum shares this incredible story of an America I don’t believe I live in. Tennessee congressional candidate Rick Tyler is proudly running on a platform of racism.

Via TPM:

An independent candidate running for Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District seat is under fire for a campaign billboard he posted with the slogan “Make America White Again,” local TV station WRCB reported Wednesday.

Rick Tyler confirmed to the station that he put up the billboard, which also lists the address for his campaign website. Tyler told WRCB that he does not hate people of color, but does believe America “should go back to the 1960s.”

“(The) Leave it to Beaver time when there were no break-ins; no violent crime; no mass immigration,” he told the news station.

Tyler also posted a billboard for his campaign that features part of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech superimposed on a drawing of the White House with Confederate flags around it, according to WRCB.

Some residents wrote in to the news station stating their desire to have the signs taken down. Tyler said that he respects their First Amendment rights but thinks many others share his views.

You’d hope these signs lose him more votes than they gain.

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Lightman Fantastic: this artist drenched '60s music lovers in a psychedelic dream


When I was a kid in the late 1960s, I briefly washed dishes and carried equipment for a light show called Garden of Delights, which was based in Sausalito, California. So it was a dream come true to interview Bill Ham, the artist behind the first light shows in 1966 at San Francisco’s fabled Avalon Ballroom. Over the course of three mornings and afternoons, I spoke with Bill about how he got into light shows, the techniques that evolved from his early experiments with Elias Romero, the reactions of musicians to his work, and his years in Europe at the beginning of the 1970s, which included a stay at a French chateau with the Grateful Dead. Highlights from those conversations, clocking in at 9,000 or so words, have now been published at Collectors Weekly.

Here’s a snip:

Collectors Weekly: Can you describe the techniques you were using at that time?

Ham: It started with the overhead projectors, which had been designed for lectures and presentations, so that lecturers could show their audiences diagrams, text, and other information as they spoke. Overhead projectors were used mostly in educational settings, for corporate meetings, that sort of thing. We repurposed them.

The main medium of the overhead projector had been the transparency. The light source below the projector’s flat surface, which is actually a Fresnel lens, would beam the image or words on the transparency onto a mirror above, which, in turn, aimed that image through a focusing lens and onto a screen or wall. Transparencies are dry, but we were projecting liquids, so the first things we needed to do were to protect the lens with a clear sheet of glass and then contain the liquids.

Early on, Elias had discovered that clock crystals — the clear pieces of glass that protect a clock’s hands and other moving parts — made good bowls for light-show liquids. They came in all shapes and sizes. Those that were deeply concave held more liquid. Others were flatter, which allowed you to do different things to the liquids. Some crystals with round bottoms could actually be spun in circles on the projector’s flat surface. And then, by setting one bowl on top of another, you could stack them up, several at a time, to produce even more effects, liquid- and color-wise.

Whatever the effect, the overhead projector was the only tool a light-show artist could use that let him actively direct the form and composition of the projection. Slide and film projectors were also used in light shows, but only the overhead projector allowed the artist to work directly with his liquid materials in a way that was truly spontaneous.

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Stainless steel martini shaker for $9


Yippee! My wife has started making dirty martinis (vodka, a swish of vermouth, and olive brine) lately, and I have been drinking them, after having been a virtual teetotaler for many years. Our old cocktail shaker was missing its lid, so I ordered this stainless steel shaker, which is on sale for $9 on Amazon. It also comes with a jigger. The price dropped from $49 in April, so this is quite a deal.

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Michael Jackson stockpiled torture porn with animals and children, police report reveals


Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department documents obtained by Radar Online describe materials depicting “animal torture” and “nude children” that were found during a 2003 search of Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch. The issue of pornography in the Michael Jackson child abuse investigations first arose about a decade ago. The pop music icon died seven years ago, but the ugly secrets of his alleged abuse keep surfacing.


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Sharks – Taschen's huge, stunning new book about our ocean's majestic, endangered predators

See sample pages from this book at Wink.

Sharks. Face-to-Face With the Ocean’s Endangered Predator

by Michael Muller


2016, 334 pages, 11.5 x 15 x 1.5 inches

$45 Buy a copy on Amazon

Sharks. The word alone conjures images of grey and white shadows, dorsal fins slicing through the water, row after row of fierce, terrifying, teeth. And we love them for it. Since Jaws first made us all afraid to go into the water, sharks have become our favorite bad guys. We paint them as the apex predators, devouring everything that dares enter their territory, including we frail, defenseless humans. And then we anthropomorphize them into relentless, driven killers, intent on feasting upon every last one of us. While this characterization makes for great entertainment, it has also lead to the idea that shark attacks are the result of killing machines stalking easy prey instead of the mistaken identity accidents that they are. This, combined with a pronounced market for shark fins, liver, and other body parts has lead to a severe decline in several shark species across the globe.

Sharks are magnificent animals. They are the undisputed kings of the sea, at home and graceful in the ocean, beautiful and awe inspiring to watch. This beautiful animal, while dangerous, is something to be respected rather than feared; they are animals that offer far more in their exotic beauty than ever they could cut up in rare dishes and cuisine. Which is exactly what underwater photographer Michael Muller shows us in Sharks. Face-to-Face with the Ocean’s Endangered Predator.

This book, Muller’s first, presents the culmination of over a decade’s worth of close encounters with sharks both small and gargantuan, both fierce and gentle, both rare and common. The photographs show incredible beauty at close range and in their natural habitats, all the better to help us overcome our fears, the better to see sharks for the graceful animals they are.

Presented by Taschen, this book is huge, beautiful, and comprehensive. Arranged geographically, the photos are printed on heavy, matte paper that allows a full range of colors and tones. The photos are also presented without context. Rather each photo is given its own page or two (or three or four in the gatefolds) and explanations and details are saved for the picture index in the final pages. Additional indices include essays by Philippe Cousteau, Jr. and Dr. Alison Kock detailing the need for conservation efforts as well as an overview of Muller’s work and technique by Arty Nelson. Perhaps the most important, or maybe just most interesting index is the Species Notes, written by Dr. Kock, which includes each species place on the Red List of Threatened Species.

This is an amazing, hefty (seriously, you’re gonna need a bigger boat, er, shelf) tome full of stunning photos of wildlife at its most majestic. Pick up a copy for the photographer and wildlife lover in your life and, next time you see a shark on the big screen in the role of bad …read more

Teen stuck inside giant Barney dinosaur head is freed by firefighters


15-year-old Darby Risner of Trussville, Alabama, got stuck in a giant Barney dinosaur head on Sunday night, when she found the purple prop at her friend’s house.

Young miss Risner told ABC News she wanted to scare her friends with it when they came downstairs, but the prank turned into something unexpected when she failed to remove herself from the dinosaur’s fuzzy purple cranium.


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Graffiti artist banned from 20% of US after Reddit users' investigation

Source: Imgur

Artist Casey Nocket, who painted faces on rocks in at least six national parks – including Death Valley, Colorado National Monument, Canyonlands, Zion, and Crater Lake – has been banned from all national parks and other federally administered land. Reddit users tracked her down after she posted photos of her vandalism on Instagram.


In June, Nocket was charged with seven counts of injury or depredation against government property in six national parks in Oregon, California, Utah and Colorado.

She pleaded guilty to all seven counts, and on 13 June a federal magistrate sentenced her to 200 hours community service, and a fine of an amount to be specified at a separate hearing in December.

Nocket must also make a formal written apology to the National Park Service; and she has been banned from entering public lands administered by the National Park Service, United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and US army corps of engineers – some 549m acres, totaling more than 20% of the landmass of the US.

Nocket did not respond to a request for comment.

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In gun violence protest, House Democrats stage sit-in, shut down chamber, and take to Twitter

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 12.07.06 PM

Democratic lawmakers today staged a sit-in on the House floor, demanding a vote on gun control legislation. The lawmakers’ dramatic action, which shut down the chamber today, was a response to the June 12 mass shooting at an Orlando, Florida nightclub that killed 49 people, and injured 53 others — and a response to Monday’s vote failing to advance four gun control amendments.


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Learn to make your bed the military way


Fort Knox Army Drill Sergeant Shane Medders explains how to make a bed the right way, with hospital corners.

Also, Core 77 interviewed NYC-based photographer, speaker and on-camera coach Michael Cinquino, who was a Petty Officer Third Class on the fast combat support ship U.S.S. Detroit:

What was the procedure?

You had a set amount of time to make the bed properly, starting from scratch each time–

Sorry, what do you mean by “from scratch?”

You had to rip all of the sheets off and put them in a pile on top of the bed, and start from there.

How did they enforce that?

The drill instructor’s standing right there, supervising.

Why make you start from scratch every time?

It was to teach attention to detail. To go through the whole process and teach you that executing little details correctly matters. As a sailor, if you screw up a detail, people can get killed. So the pillow’s got to be centered, the catch-hem has to be pointing up, the fold a certain distance, et cetera.

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Trump gave fake platinum and diamond cufflinks to Charlie Sheen as a wedding gift


Charlie Sheen went on a talk show and shared a story of the time Donald Trump gave him a pair of cufflinks, telling Sheen they were made from platinum and diamonds and were designed by Harry Winston.

Sheen says he got a jewelry appraiser to take a closer look at the cufflinks.

“She took the loupe, spent about four seconds and kind of recoiled from it – much like people do from Trump,” he said. “She says, ‘In their finest moment, this is cheap pewter and bad zirconias.’ And they’re stamped ‘Trump.’

“I just thought, what does this really say about the man that he said, ‘Here’s a great wedding gift,’ and it’s just a bag of dog shit?”

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Millennial men no less sexist than prior jerks


Harvard Business Review sums up the research of quite a few recent studies. Seems the hope that each generation gets a little less awful is sadly not correct.

Via HBR:

In February 2016 researchers at the National Institutes of Health published a study on how college biology students view their classmates’ intelligence and achievements. The researchers found that male students systematically overestimated the knowledge of the men in their classes in comparison with the women. Moreover, as the academic term progressed, the men’s faulty appraisal of their classmates’ abilities increased despite clear evidence of the women’s superior class performance. In every biology class examined, a man was considered the most renowned student — even when a woman had far better grades. In contrast, the female students surveyed did not show bias, accurately evaluating their fellow students based on performance. After studying the attitudes of these future scientists, the researchers concluded, “The chilly environment for women [in the sciences] may not be going away anytime soon.”

Are U.S. Millennial Men Just as Sexist as Their Dads? via HBR

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Lost SCUBA rescue locator beacon drifts 1100 miles, now found

PHOTO: Padre Island National Seashore

Getting left behind at a dive site is scary stuff. Some divers chose to carry a GPS transponder they may use to signal the satellite of love, and call in help from Team America.

Sometimes those transponders get away from a diver. This one drifted 1100 miles, and was found on a beach. It has been returned to its owner.

Via CA Diver:

Two years ago, a marine biology professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California was participating on a research dive in the Cayman islands when he inadvertently lost his Nautilus Lifeline radio. Thanks to a curious beachcomber in Texas, it’s being returned to him.

On May 26, Harry Payne was walking at Padre Island National Seashore in Texas when he stumbled across an item half buried in the sand. It turned out to be the professor’s Nautilus Lifeline, and it appeared to be in reasonably good condition. Harry located the serial number, contacted the manufacturer, and was given the owner’s email address.

The radio had drifted more than 1,100 miles on its journey to South Padre Island.

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This LED headlamp looks silly, works great


Working on something in the dark is a whole lot easier when have a flashlight strapped to your noggin. I like this $8 LED headlamp.

Sure, it looks silly! Regardless, having a light point where you are looking, when working in the dark, is more than just incidentally great. This lamp has easy to find and adjust knobs, even if you are wearing work gloves. You may aim the lamp, to ensure its illuminating where you need, and can adjust it through 3 useful levels of white light, and one flashing red one.

For roadside work on a bike or car, at night, I’ve found I’d much rather have one of these than a traditional hand flashlight. Easy to fit under the seat of my bike, or in the glove box of the car, this saves me needing to direct a second pair of hands, or constantly adjust the light on my own.

I hope not to need the flashing red feature.

LE Headlamp LED, 3 AAA Batteries Included via Amazon

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Cataloging the problems facing AI researchers is a cross between a parenting manual and a management book

animation (1)

Concrete Problems in AI Safety, an excellent, eminently readable paper from a group of Google AI researchers and some colleagues, sets out five hard problems facing the field: robots might damage their environments to attain their goals; robots might figure out how to cheat to attain their goals; supervising robots all the time is inefficient; robots that are allowed to try novel strategies might cause disasters; and robots that are good at one task might inappropriately try to apply that expertise to another unrelated task.

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Donald Trump sources $6M worth of campaign expenditures from companies he and his family own


When billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and Steve Forbes get into politics, they firewall their own companies off from their campaigns, demonstrating a basic care about the appearance of conflict of interest — not so Donald Trump, who rents himself office space, sells himself private jet time, and supplies water, booze, and country club ballrooms.

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Ridiculously detailed typographical analysis of Blade Runner


If you love Ridley Scott’s sci-fi masterpiece, Blade Runner, the minutia of film, and nerding out over typography, prepare to have your neck bolts blown. Dave Addey runs Typeset in the Future, a website dedicated to the typographic elements found in sci-fi films. He has previously examined the titling, signage, logotypes, text messaging, and visual displays found in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Moon, and Alien. Here, he turns his typographical attentions to Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic, Blade Runner.

In 5,000 words and hundreds of screen caps, Dave goes through every scrap of textual content seen in the film. What’s equally amazing to the point of the piece– typographic analysis–is how much you learn about every other aspect of the film. This one narrow skew of the movie reveals so many other angles and tangents. Blade Runner is a film I already know too much about and I still learned so much more and had numerous “ah-ha” moments.

The first time we meet Deckard, he’s sat in the Los Angeles rain, idly reading a newspaper. The headline of this newspaper is FARMING THE OCEANS, THE MOON AND ANTARCTICA, in what looks like Futura Demi:


Here’s a close-up shot of that newspaper prop, from an on-set photo of Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott:


The subtitle reads WORLD WIDE COMPUTER LINKUP PLANNED, in what looks like Optima Bold. While the idea of a World Wide Computer Linkup might seem passé as we approach 2019, it was still very much unusual in 1982 when Blade Runner was released. Indeed, it wasn’t until March 1982 that the US Department of Defense, creators of pre-Internet network ARPANET, declared TCP/IP as the standard for all military computer networking, pretty much kick-starting what we know as the modern-day Internet of 2016.

The Spinner’s landscape-orientation TV shows a display that may be familiar to regular TITF readers:


This ENVIRON CTR PURGE display is identical to the one we saw in Alien, just before the Nostromo exploded:


As if that wasn’t enough self-plagiarism, Ridley Scott also steals a second display from his earlier sci-fi masterpiece:


…which the more observant of you may recognize as Alien’s shuttle disconnect sequence:


Gaff’s Spinner journey also introduces us to a recurring piece of typography from the movie’s backdrop. The Blade Runner production team re-used city background scenery in different configurations throughout the movie, which is why the glowing NUYOK sign seen here…


…is remarkably similar to the glowing sign for the YUKON hotel seen thirteen minutes later (also known as the temporary home of replicants Leon and Zhora):


There is so much wonderful content here, so many things to tickle a typography and film fan’s fancy, I could go on and on. But just go to the site and see it all for yourself. Just don’t expect to get anything else done for the next few hours.

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Pay what you want for this 7-course Web Hacker training

If you’re working to build your web programming knowledge, you know you have a lot of ground to cover. With literally dozens of languages, platforms and environments available to coders, mastering all those technologies can be a daunting task.

Up-and-coming coders can start learning some of the most fundamental programming study areas with this Web Hacker course bundle – and right now, you can get it for any price you want to pay.

Offer to pay any amount and you’ll immediately get access to two courses:

  • Learn Docker from Scratch

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And if you pay more than the average, you’ll also receive these five courses to round out your training:

  • Learn Web Programming in Django & Python
  • Learn Bootstrap Development by Building 10 Projects
  • Projects in JavaScript & JQuery
  • Projects in PHP & MySQL
  • Learn Ruby on Rails by Building Projects

After 73+ hours of instruction, your mastery of JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails and other programming essentials will prep you to tackle any project. This bundle would normally cost over $1,000, so pay what you want while the offer lasts.

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