This LED headlamp looks silly, works great


Working on something in the dark is a whole lot easier when have a flashlight strapped to your noggin. I like this $8 LED headlamp.

Sure, it looks silly! Regardless, having a light point where you are looking, when working in the dark, is more than just incidentally great. This lamp has easy to find and adjust knobs, even if you are wearing work gloves. You may aim the lamp, to ensure its illuminating where you need, and can adjust it through 3 useful levels of white light, and one flashing red one.

For roadside work on a bike or car, at night, I’ve found I’d much rather have one of these than a traditional hand flashlight. Easy to fit under the seat of my bike, or in the glove box of the car, this saves me needing to direct a second pair of hands, or constantly adjust the light on my own.

I hope not to need the flashing red feature.

LE Headlamp LED, 3 AAA Batteries Included via Amazon

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