Day: June 26, 2016

Beyond "solutionism": what role can technology play in solving deep social problems


Ethan Zuckerman — formerly of Global Voices, now at the MIT Center for Civic Media — has spent his career trying to find thoughtful, effective ways to use technology as a lever to make positive social change (previously), but that means that he also spends a lot of time in the company of people making dumb, high-profile, destructive suggestions for using technology to “solve” problems in ways that make them much worse.

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Snap pro-quality photos with the Acesori 5 Piece Smartphone Camera Lens Kit - now 80% off

Experienced shutterbugs with DSLR cameras have boatloads of lens options for capturing the moment. Unfortunately, smartphone photographers often get stuck with their one crummy lens, which means limited zoom and focus for their final image.

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Magnetic rings easily attach one of three custom lens to your Android or Apple device, improving the range and clarity of your smartphone shots. The fish eye, wide angle and macro lenses are made with anti-scratch glass, so they’ll handle easily as well.

The package also come with metal lanyards and lens covers to keep your lens safe and ready at a moment’s notice.

Find out how much better your smartphone pictures can be at 80% off the Acesori Lens Kit’s retail price, while this deal lasts.

acesori 2

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