Day: September 5, 2016

USPS is being sued for not giving a damn that one of its mailmen was a pervert


Former mail carrier Robert J. Taitano of Tacoma, Washington went to prison in July 2015 for assault with sexual motivation and criminal trespass. But if the United States Postal Service had its druthers, Mr. Taitano would still be harassing and fondle women with abandon. Now one of his victims has filed a lawsuit against the USPS.


When a detective investigated, he uncovered USPS complaint files dating back to 2002 in which a salon owner, a store clerk and two apartment managers accused Taitano of harassing and touching them.

The suit says USPS managers rarely took action in the face of all the complaints. The suit says USPS did try to fire Taitano in 2004, but a Dispute Resolution Team gave Taitano his job back.

Turner’s attorney, Kevin Hastings of Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala, says Taintano was returned a mail route and continued to harass and sexually assault female customers.

Taitano, a registered sex offender, is out of prison and living in Tacoma.

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Dharma Delight: A Visionary Post Pop Guide to Buddhism and Zen


Dharma Delight: A Visionary Post Pop Guide to Buddhism and Zen

by Rodney Alan Greenblat

Tuttle Publishing

2016, 128 pages, 7.5 x 10 x 0.5 inches (softcover)

$11 Buy a copy on Amazon

Peace of mind can be a hard-won trophy in the best of times. Other times, well, simply being may be the best we can do. Dharma Delight is a visual diary of one man’s journey into Buddhism. Author Greenblat takes the reader through the basic aspects of Buddhism, including its founding, its core tenets, a few of the more prominent teachers (er, Buddhas, not instructors), and a few basic zen practices all accompanied by his own bright, bold paintings and drawings.

The book is somewhat slight, more of a primer than an in-depth examination of any one part of either Buddhism or Greenblat’s relationship to it, but I found this to be the most engaging facet of the book. What I mean is, the book often lays out a single concept or story or koan on one or two pages, letting the reader focus on the idea being presented rather than stuffing loads of concepts and history into a confined space.

By allowing the content so much room to breathe, each painting or set of paintings comes into clear relief. Greenblat squeezes lots of detail and tiny, almost hidden prose messages into each vibrant piece of art; his style is a distinct form of pop art, somewhere between the neon, day-glo of the 1980s and the comic book reproductions of Lichtenstein. Yet, for all the bright color and heady concepts, this book has found a permanent home on my bedside bookshelf. Its light touch and beatific illustrations help me find just enough peace of mind to get to sleep. Which is a small delight for which I am grateful.

– Joel Neff

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Hello Kitty dictionary for kids has gruesome definition for necklace


A Hello Kitty dictionary aimed at kids defines a necklace as “A piece of jewelry which a woman wears around her neck,” going on to add, “In South Africa, a name for a tyre filled with petrol which is placed around a person’s neck and set on fire in order to kill that person.”

This happened in 2014, but I just learned about it today.

From The Mirror:

A spokesman for Harper Collins said they had been made aware of “inappropriate content” in the Hello Kitty dictionary and as a result had withdrawn it from sale and pulped all copies. They said: “As soon as we realized there was inappropriate content, it was withdrawn for sale.

“It was available in three forms and all have been pulped. It is no longer available from Harper Collins. If any are still around they are old copies being resold.”


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Woman neatly hollows out books to store alcohol flasks


Kara Witham uses a scroll saw to expertly cut-out books so they can secretly hold a flask. From her website:

The first chapter of Secret Safe Books was written in 2009. Kara was working a day job as a gallery guard for the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. Born out of many idle moments in the galleries and a lifelong love of books, the idea for Secret Safe Books was born. After shifts at the museum, Kara would click around the web researching methods of hollowing out books. She started out with a simple X-Acto knife and a lot of patience. Later, Santa brought her a scroll saw to help speed things along.

Next chapter ~ From the very beginning Secret Safe Books was a huge success. Kara’s day job was history in less than a year and after the plot was clear that crafting book safes would balance the books, John wrote off his day job to work full time at Secret Safe Books.

They sell for about $50 – $60, and the flask is included, making them a great gift.

I make these to keep booze literally undercover

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You'll never want to shower without this gadget again


We’ve all tried to use our phones to play our favorite album or listen to a podcast while we’re in the shower—and we all know it just doesn’t work.

While a Bluetooth speaker will work okay from afar, the more obvious and effective solution is the FresheTech Splash Tunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker ($19.99). This waterproof gadget comes with an ultra-strength suction cup so you can stick it directly to the shower wall, and has an impressively loud built-in speaker. We’ve also used it as just an everyday Bluetooth speaker, especially when we plan to be at the beach or near a pool.

What’s also great about the FresheTech speaker is that it has skip and back buttons right on its face, so you can easily navigate between tracks or episodes while your hands are wet. If you really wanted, you could even take calls and have conversations through the included Bluetooth microphone mid-shower.

Just connect your smartphone, pick what you want to play, and turn on the water. It’s a simple, affordable gadget that has made a huge difference in our routines.

Just don’t wait too long to grab one up: this 59% off deal won’t last long.

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