Day: September 14, 2016

Clinton medical info released after pneumonia, doc says 'fit to serve.' On Oz, Trump weighs in at 267 lbs.

Hillary Clinton at the DNC in Philadelphia, 2016. REUTERS

Today was health record day in the 2016 US presidential campaign news cycle. After an embarrassing round of press involving Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis, the Democratic nominee’s team released some medical reports. Dr. Lisa Bardack says “she is in excellent mental condition,” and is “healthy and fit to serve as president.”


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Trump "Obese"


After having promised to reveal his medical state, then reportedly deciding not to, millionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump finally offered a handful of details via TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz. He takes statins and weighs 267 pounds, which Oz describes as “slightly overweight” but which the New York Times eagerly informs us is, in fact, medical obesity for a man of Trump’s height.

Over many months, Mr. Trump has sought to raise questions about the health of Mrs. Clinton, 68, and his supporters have asserted that she is hiding something about her health (her aides have denied this). But Mr. Trump has answered almost no questions about his own health over the last 15 months of his campaign, except for issuing a highly unusual doctor’s note.

So the appearance on Dr. Oz’s show, announced on Friday, had been anticipated as a potential breakthrough, as Mr. Trump’s aides had said that over the next few days he would release results from the physical examination, which was conducted last week.

Earlier on Wednesday, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, told Fox News that she did not think the candidate should release medical information on a television show.

This paragraph at the end of the Maggie Halberman’s story caught my attention:

He has also been criticized for questionable assertions over the course of his television career, and sometimes speaks in the same type of hyperbole as Mr. Trump, which the medical profession has been known to reject.

What you are to know from these words: that Oz is paid to pitch weight-loss pills on his show, that he describes them as “magic,” and that his colleagues think he’s a quack.

That 36-word sentence exemplifies the euphemistic trash-talk that the New York Times indulges in like a literary crack addict. Once you start noticing these smug little passages, they’re impossible to miss: another one today comes from “Public Editor” Liz Spayd, who writes in passing that journalist Suki Kim “considers herself a journalist“. I’ve met NYT journos who think tabloid Britishisms such as “tired and emotional” are erudite and worthy of emulation. If you love words, it should make your skin crawl as surely as if you were facing an enhanced conversational repartee with occupying authorities.

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My Dad Used to Be So Cool – so what the heck happened?


See sample pages from this book at Wink.

My Dad Used to Be So Cool

by Keith Negley

Flying Eye Books

2016, 48 pages, 9.1 x 10.7 x 0.4 inches

$11 Buy a copy on Amazon

To believe that your own parents are “boring” or “typical” is a pretty common thought amongst children. Unless your parent is a spy or superhero, you aren’t going to refer to them as “cool.” And why would you?

Keith Negley’s book, My Dad Used to Be so Cool, illustrates the dynamic between a son and his father. The story is told from the son’s point of view as we journey through his fantasies of what his father used to be like when he was younger. Through descriptive illustrations and minimal word usage, a world that we are all too familiar with is created. The son sees his father doing laundry and vacuuming just like every other child has seen their parent do. Nothing particularly “cool” about those daily tasks, right? The son begs the question, “What happened?” A life event changed the father from a tattooed rock and roll super star to a laundry-folding dad. What was it? The answer – his son.

Negley perfectly demonstrates the sacrifices a parent makes for their child, but how beautiful those sacrifices really are. This story opened my eyes to how “cool” my own parents actually are. At 18 years old, I am not a parent but I can honestly say that the daily struggles and chores that any parent deals with are nothing short of remarkable.

This is a truly heart-warming tale and I would strongly recommend that not only children read this book but adults as well. The story is a solid reminder to appreciate our parents and if you are a parent, congratulate yourself because you are awesome. I look forward to my child asking me, “Did you use to be cool?” I’ll laugh and smile. “You know, I was never that cool anyway.”

– Madeline Shapiro

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Surprisingly beautiful chandelier made from toilets


Upcycler extraordinaire Rodney Allen Trice turned salvage toilet bowls into designer lighting! From Refitting the Planet:

To contribute my ideas and vision and energies in the arena of creative repurposing or applied deconstruction was an honor.

here are some off the initial sketches and the build of THE TOILET CHANDELIER. My latest, largest and first piece built in my studios new home base of PITTSBURGH, yinz!!!

Very Exciting! Now I am making tweaks and changes to this design. There are still things to work out as it was a race to complete it at this event on Saturday, but the piece will be on permanent display at Construction Junction forevermore once completed! WOO HOO!!



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Giveaway Alert: $1,000 for Virgin America


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Scarily prescient 1958 animated interview with Aldous Huxley

In a 1958 interview, author, philosopher, and futurist Aldous Huxley (Brave New World, The Doors of Perception) shares his grim predictions that are unfortunately quite relevant today. From Blank on Blank:

“This is Aldous Huxley, a man haunted by a vision of hell on earth. Mr. Huxley wrote a Brave New World, a novel that predicted that some day the entire world would live under a frightful dictatorship. Today Mr. Huxley says that his fictional world of horror is probably just around the corner for all of us.” – Mike Wallace

In this remarkable interview, Huxley foretells a future when telegenic presidential hopefuls use television to rise to power, technology takes over, drugs grab hold, and frightful dictatorships rule us all.

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9/11 called for big changes in Disney's Lilo & Stitch


2002’s feel good Lilo & Stitch, a movie about humans getting along with aliens was originally intended to end with a madcap 747 hijacking and chase scene through a hi-rise filled city. This video shows both versions.

Via HuffPo:

The animated hit features Hawaii’s beautiful scenery and explores themes of loss and unity ― which particularly resonated after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

But Disney made one major change to the film between the 9/11 attacks and the film’s release date.

“Lilo & Stitch” originally was supposed to end with an action-packed scene featuring Stitch and Jumba hijacking a commercial airplane to rescue Lilo from evil Gantu ― something that’s visible in a side-by-side video produced by Vox. The protagonists take over a passenger-filled Boeing 747 and go on a high-speed chase through a dense city, brushing the sides of skyscrapers and coming close to pedestrians on the ground.

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Tesla promises its upgraded Autopilot is UFO-proof

From Tesla’s release notes for its upgraded Autopilot technology based on radar as its primary control sensor:

The net effect of this, combined with the fact that radar sees through most visual obscuration, is that the car should almost always hit the brakes correctly even if a UFO were to land on the freeway in zero visibility conditions.

Taking this one step further, a Tesla will also be able to bounce the radar signal under a vehicle in front – using the radar pulse signature and photon time of flight to distinguish the signal – and still brake even when trailing a car that is opaque to both vision and radar. The car in front might hit the UFO in dense fog, but the Tesla will not.

Of course they’re kidding. Or so they’d like us to believe.

Video clip from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977).

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Coyote urine helps me sleep


The Grey Fox is a beautiful animal. Foxes also shit all over everything. They dared to touch my cars. What was I to do? A friend recommended coyote pee.

First time I saw the foxes, I was sitting on a bench on my deck, playing guitar and having a good old time. Suddenly, out from under the deck beneath me, burst four grey foxes! I marveled at their rich and beautiful coats for a moment, and then screeched in fear and surprise! The foxes paused, stared at me, and then proceeded to head down the hill towards my driveway. Foxes do not like my cover of the Ventures’ Walk Don’t Run.

After a few weeks I was really tired of finding fox crap every where. My Great Pyrenees, Nemo, was absolutely not tired of barking at and chasing foxes around all night long. Lack of sleep and muddy paw prints all over my convertible led me to try all sorts of humane deterrents. None worked. A friend kept telling me to try coyote urine, but for some reason I refused to listen. Finally exhaustion won out. Guess what, coyote pee worked!

I took a sponge and cut it into 1″ squares. I then soaked them with coyote pee and dropped them in strategic locations around the areas where I was having the most fox activity. I also poured small amounts in a few locations. Over night the foxes disappeared.

Then they reappeared in my woodshed. So I treated the woodshed area. I’ll keep at it until they go visit my neighbors, and my dog lets me sleep again.

This urine comes from coyotes who are 100% meat fed! Coyotes here prefer mushrooms.

Just Scentsational RS-16 Coyote Urine Small Pest Repellent, 16 oz via Amazon

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Leaked: damning Scott Walker dark money docs that judge ordered destroyed


Again and again, Wisconsin government Scott Walker flouted election laws to raise millions from some of the richest executives and biggest corporations in America, illegally laundering the money through the nominally independent, nonprofit Wisconsin Club for Growth — and now we have all the details, thanks to an enormous leak of documents that a Wisconsin judge ordered destroyed.

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Start this siphon with a hand pump


Starting a siphon sometimes meant a mouthful of some liquid I’d prefer not to sample. This siphon has a hand pump to get things started! Huzzah!

I’d try as hard as I could to start a siphon up without having to suck fluid into the tube with my mouth. Every now and then I’d find I had no choice but to give up and start sucking. A face full of bright blue, phosphate-free coolant got me looking for better solutions.

This siphon is great. Simply squeeze the hand pump and things get started! You can keep pumping if you are moving fluid against gravity, but I wouldn’t want to move gallons that way. There is 6′ of fuel-safe hose and fittings, which are fantastic for moving gas from motorcycle fuel tank to fuel tank, when I’m working on the bikes.

Also, if memory serves today’s clear gasoline also tastes a lot different than the good old red stuff.

G.T Power Equipment Fluid Extractor Pump for Gas, Oil, Water, Anti-freeze via Amazon

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Fattoush Bread Salad


Using up bits of stale bread in dishes both sweet and savory is a frugal cook’s trick as old as bread itself. Though less well known than, say, Thanksgiving stuffing or bread pudding, bread salads fall in this category.

These satisfying salads are made by tossing together leftover bread, colorful vegetables, and a tangy dressing. Fattoush is a version of this salad made throughout the Middle East using leftover pita bread.

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The DoJ is using a boring procedure to secure the right to unleash malware on the internet


The upcoming Rule 41 modifications to US Criminal Justice procedure underway at the Department of Justice will let the FBI hack computers in secret, with impunity, using dangerous tools that are off-limits to independent scrutiny — all without Congressional approval and all at a moment at which America needs its law-enforcement community to be strengthening the nation’s computers, not hoarding and weaponizing defects that put us all at risk.

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LED "clock" spells out the time in words


If you’re a longtime reader, you’ll know that I love me some impractical timepieces; the LED Word Clock qualifies, with a set of stencil-text cutouts of words that are selectively lit by LEDs to tell you the time(ish); it measures 8″ square and costs $74 and the major complaint from reviewers is that it is too bright, which strikes me as a feature, not a bug.

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Life Under President Trump

Tom the Dancing Bug 1304 chagrin falls 18 - president trump

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