Pax 2 is the gold standard in portable vaporizers and it's now $80 off


The Pax 2 is a compact, high-tech vaporizer that offers a slew of features including versatile heat settings, an upgraded interface, and a system that heats up in less than a minute. Its mouthpiece doesn’t stick out like most vapes, but is cleverly built into the design, featuring a small slit to inhale out of.

Even though the Pax 2 is super compact and portable, it includes a pretty sizable area for packing tobacco. Coupled with an impressive battery size, you can vape for a good amount of time without needing to refill or recharge.

Best of all, you can now get the Pax 2 for just $199 in the Boing Boing store. That’s $80 off the original retail price of $279 for this high-quality vaporizer.

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