Day: October 15, 2016

Daniel Martin Diaz's new art show inspired by science and magic opens in San Francisco tonight


My friend Daniel Martin Diaz‘s exquisite paintings lie at the intersection of science, art, and magic to provoke questions about technology, physics, theories of mind, and the nature of reality. He has an exhibition of spectacular new works opening in San Francisco today at the wonderful science/nature/curiosity shop Paxton Gate. The show is titled titled “Atomic Enlightenment.” Indeed. Get illuminated.

Daniel writes:

Over the past few years, I have become immersed in scientific and philosophical concepts, such as Anatomy, Computer Science, Math, Cosmology, Biology, Quantum Physics, and Consciousness. I have been particularly fascinated with scientific diagrams, which explain theories and properties through imagery. Although these rudimentary images are without any leanings towards aesthetics, I find them to be beautiful, though that is not the intention. All of the projects I have created begin as drawings, which I feel has a beauty and intimacy that painting cannot capture. The subtle lines that graphite creates, and the quickness in which one can capture an idea makes this medium alluring.





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Autumn Tabbouleh with Cauliflower, Carrots, and Golden Beets

Autumn Tabbouleh with Cauliflower, Carrots, and Golden Beets

Tabbouleh is a Lebanese dish that’s traditionally made with lots of chopped parsley and mint, bulgur wheat, and often, ripe tomatoes. It’s simple to make and one of my summer favorites.

As we head into colder months, I wanted to translate this summer classic into a side dish for fall meals, featuring cauliflower, carrots, and golden beets. The salad is herby and bright, and it’s a great way to eat fresh foods, even in the fall and winter.

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Advance your project management career with the PMP Certification


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After being outed for massive hack and installing an NSA "rootkit," Yahoo cancels earnings call


What do you do if your ailing internet giant has been outed for losing, and then keeping silent about, 500 million user accounts, then letting American spy agencies install a rootkit on its mail service, possibly scuttling its impending, hail-mary acquisition by a risk-averse, old economy phone company? Just cancel your investor call and with it, any chance of awkward, on-the-record questions. (via /.)

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Martha and Snoop's pot luck dinner series


I guess Viacom decided Martha Stewart needed an adult to supervise her next creative endeavor. Perhaps soon they’ll swap in Snoop as a far more lovable Sumner Redstone.

Via Billboard:

The lifestyle powerhouse and hip-hop mogul are joining forces to host a weekly dinner party series, for what VH1 touts as a “half-baked evening of cocktails, cooking, conversation and fun where nothing is off limits.”

This isn’t the first partnership with VH1’s home Viacom for Snoop, who recently signed on as executive producer for MTV’s scripted weed comedy series Mary + Jane, and supplied the series’ theme song.

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