Day: October 29, 2016

This $24.99 dashboard video camera is worth every penny

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More and more people are using dashcams to record the road as they drive, and insurance companies are beginning to take the footage more seriously, too. At just $24.99, the Dash-Cam Hi-Res Car Video Camera is one of the cheapest options I’ve seen, and turns out it does everything I want it to do.

It attaches directly to your car’s dashboard and records high-quality video (1920x1080p) of your time on the road. For the most part, you won’t ever look at this footage. But if you get into a fender bender or even a serious accident, this camera could pay for itself thousands of times over.


It’s built to perform well under stress. Even if you get into an accident or experience a sudden bump in the road, its G-Sensor technology will keep filming the whole way through. It also includes a substantial 8GB microSD card.

The fact is that at just $24.99, this camera is well worth the purchase. It could turn out to be a lifesaver if something unexpected happens on the road, and I always have a little more piece of mind knowing that it’s there. Click here to get yours in the Boing Boing Store today.

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Draw like an artist: go from "I can't draw" to "handmade art for sale"


Boing Boing-beloved artist Chris Locke (previously) writes, “World-famous artist and middle-school art teacher Christopher Locke has published a new drawing tutorial book, packed with lessons from his own classroom. Whether you’re a 10-year-old aspiring artist, or an octogenarian with an art degree, you’ll find exercises and activities that will help you build your skill and refine the way you see the world.”

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George Clinton: "No funk in da' Trump"


George Clinton has spoken. George supports Hillary for President.

Via APP:

But George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic has built an empire of funk and he has this to say: “No funk in da’ Trump.”

Clinton, the musical impresario who founded P-Funk in a barbershop in Plainfield, supports Hillary Clinton (no relation!) for president and is strong in his opposition to Trump.

“He couldn’t possibly be in there (the White House), beyond no circumstances, I don’t care,” Clinton said. “I’m for her and that’s just cut and dry. You have to say something about that and he ain’t qualified for that, he’s just no way.”

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