Day: October 30, 2016

FBI gets warrant to search Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin's email


Hillary Clinton’s email woes won’t die.

Federal investigators today obtained a fiercely-sought warrant to begin searching a large cache of emails sent to or from Huma Abedin, longtime confidante and senior aide to Hillary Clinton. Federal law enforcement officials told reporters the warrant was in on Sunday, as prosecutors with the Justice Department and agents from the F.B.I. rushed to review as much of the emails as possible before Election Day, which is now only one week away.


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Easy Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd’s Pie comes to us from England, and is traditionally made with lamb or mutton. Here in the states we are more of a beef eating culture than a lamb eating one, and when one is served “shepherd’s pie” here, it is most often made with ground beef.

In England (and Australia and New Zealand) they would call the beef dish a “cottage pie” and the lamb dish “shepherd’s pie”.

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How Minnesota's governor performed an economic miracle by raising tax on the rich and increasing minimum wage


By every measure, Minnesota governor Mark Dayton’s five year run as governor has been a stellar success: while Tim Pawlenty, his tax-slashing, “fiscally-conservative” Republican predecessor presided over a $6.2B deficit and a 7% unemployment rate (the mere 6,200 jobs added under Pawlenty’s 7-year run barely registered), Dayton added 172,000 new jobs to the Minnesota economy, brought Minnesota down to the fifth-lowest unemployment rate in the country, and brought the average Minnesotan income up to $8,000 more than the median US worker, while posting a $1B budget surplus.

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4 egg mold fails that you should definitely try at home

In honor of Halloween, the Boing Boing Store is featuring an awesome —grab yours before they’re bought up by internet meme enthusiasts everywhere.

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Soylent recalls another product amid gastrointestinal mayhem


Soylent, makers of meal-replacement drinks, bars, slime and so forth, have recalled another product after consumers reported trouble down below after consumption.

On Thursday evening, food replacement startup Soylent halted sales of its Soylent 1.6 powder amidst reports that it was making customers sick. Two weeks prior, the company paused sales of its latest product, the Food Bar, after Gizmodo reported that several customers had experienced nausea, vomiting, “uncontrollable diarrhea,” and severe dehydration after consuming the bars. Some customers were admitted to the emergency room due to their symptoms.

In a blog post Thursday evening, Soylent revealed that while the company was reviewing what happened with Food Bars, it “noticed that a handful of consumers (less than 0.1%) who consumed Powder 1.6 over the past several months reported stomach-related symptoms that are consistent with what our Bar customers described.”Although the company wouldn’t say which ingredient is causing the illness, it has narrowed down its search, “given there are only a few ingredients that are specific to only [its] bars and Powder 1.6.”

Soylent is a case study in engineers thinking they’re smarter than everyone else, but aren’t.

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