Day: November 6, 2016

Minestrone Soup


Do you love minestrone? This favorite Italian soup is made with fresh seasonal vegetables, often with the addition of pasta or rice. Common ingredients include beans, onions, celery, carrots, stock, and tomatoes.

There is no set recipe for minestrone, since it is usually made out of whatever vegetables are in season. It can be vegetarian, contain meat, or contain a meat-based soup base (such as chicken stock).

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Recomendo: Tao Oracle/Atlas Obscura/Recommend Me a Book



Second to the traditional Rider-Waite deck, my new favorite set of tarot cards is the Tao Oracle. It is the I-Ching, without the coin throwing, in beautifully-illustrated oversized cards. The guide book itself is a sacred text. I often just read random pages for quick, calming wisdom. — Claudia Lamar


Whenever I travel I google my destination at the Atlas Obscura website. It will yield dozens of very obscure, very offbeat attractions in the area. How else can you find a nearby museum of parasites, or trail of doll heads, or a restaurant of robots, underground tunnels, or a store for time travel? — Kevin Kelly


When you go to Recommend Me a Book you are presented with the first page of a novel, but you are not told the name of the book or the author. If you don’t like what you’ve read, click “Next Book.” If you do like it, click “Reveal Title & Author,” and buy it from Amazon. I wish it let you buy a book without finding out who wrote it, so it was a surprise when it arrived in the mail. — Mark Frauenfelder


Box wine is under-appreciated. I can get decent red wine in a collapsible bag/box so that I can drink just one glass daily (for medicinal purposes!) and have the full 3 liters never expire. Trader Joe’s has a good Cabernet Sauvignon in a box. — KK


I used the Red Bike service when I was in Cincinnati last month. A 24-hour pass costs a measly $8. You just grab a bike at any of the dozens of stations (an app shows you how many bikes are available on a map) and start pedaling. The bikes have baskets and locks. It’s a lot more fun than Uber! — MF


The Mask You Live In is a heartbreaking glimpse into how the media and ideals of masculinity are affecting young boys in America. The most poignant part of the documentary for me were the interviews with San Quentin’s Juvenile Lifers. They shared their experiences, and regret, about how being unable to articulate and share emotions as a child contributed to their rage and subsequent crimes. Available for streaming on Netflix. — CL

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This 28-port USB ports hub is ridiculously powerful

While I wouldn’t normally find a USB hub very interesting, this 28-port hub caught my eye. The MondoHub Master USB Hub is seriously the biggest USB hub I’ve seen, period.

Plug it into your PC or Mac to go from two to 28 USB ports. Four of those ports feature SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for ridiculously fast data transfer or charging, so you won’t have to worry about waiting forever for your devices to power up.

If you’re not using some of the ports, you can actually turn them off individually to save power. And most notably, MondoHub won’t ever fry your gadgets or computers because it comes with automatic overcurrent protection.

The MondoHub is currently on sale in the Boing Boing Store at its lowest price. It can be yours for 30% off retail, just $55.99.

Also explore the Best-Sellers on our network right now:

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Documentary on the endangered art of hollerin', possibly the earliest form of human communications


Filmmaker Brian Gersten writes, “‘The Hollerin’ Contest at Spivey’s Corner’ is a documentary short about the history, characters, and sounds of the National Hollerin’ Contest. Hollerin’ itself is considered by some to be the earliest form of communication between humans, and the competition has been held annually in the small town of Spivey’s Corner, NC since 1969. The film follows the stories of three former champions as they attempt to reclaim their titles, and keep the oft-forgotten tradition of hollerin’ alive.”

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Jean-Jacques Perrey, 1929–2016


French electronic music pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey died Friday at 87. He quit medical school after encountering synthesizers to spend his life making beautiful sounds with them. Frequent collaborator Dana Countryman writes:

For those who don’t realize it, Jean-Jacques first started recording electronic music in 1952, long before
the Moog synthesizer was first made for sale in 1967. Relocating from Paris to New York City, JJ actually
owned and recorded with the second Moog ever produced, and with his musical partner Gershon
Kingsley, they released their first Moog album — almost two years before Wendy Carlos released her
first Moog album. Jean-Jacques was truly the pioneer of popular electronic music.

His crazy, happy music has been heard everywhere from commercials, to Sesame Street – in hip-hop
songs, in dance remixes and most famously, for decades in the delightful featured music in Disneyland’s

“Main Street Electrical Parade”. In recent years, his music has even made appearances on The Simpsons,
and on Comedy Central’s “South Park”.

As a teenager growing up in the ‘70s, I was charmed by Jean-Jacques’ inventive Moog albums released
by Vanguard Records, and many times I secretly would smuggle those albums into my high school
French class. There, instead of conjugating French verbs and nouns, (when the teacher wasn’t looking)

I would carefully sneak peeks at the back cover liner notes. I’d spend the class time dreaming impossible
dreams of someday owning a Moog synthesizer of my own, and having a chance to twirl its many
knobs, to unleash its wild cornucopia of never-heard-before sounds.

Pohoto by bthrewwwFlickr: Jean-Jacques Perrey & Dana Countryman – original – 228923657, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

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New MacBook Pro Touchbar justified


There has been much anguish over Apple’s new MacBook Pros. In lieu of specifications more impressive than a 2 year-old HP Elite, Apple offered up the Touchbar, a touchscreen mini LED display where the function keys are supposed to be.

Though classic Apple—pursue clever innovations at the cost of appealing to the graybeards who still think they’re Apple’s customer base—the backlash was more pronounced than usual. But the Touchbar is just an easy scapegoat for the new model’s 16GB RAM limit, an unsexy but more serious problem.

And guess what: that Touchbar is completely justified. If you object to it, your argument is now invalid. Criticism of the Touchbar is no longer permissible in civilized milieux.

Touchbar Nyancat

Stupid nyancat animation on your +$2k MacBook Pro’s Touchbar. Enjoy

First person to get an ad to show up in the Touchbar, without the user’s express consent, wins a cyanide-laced Apple.

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Police lawyer threatens reporter: don't report smirking cop's corpse selfie


A St. Louis-area police officer was photographed posing with a murder victim’s corpse, and a police lawyer threatened the newsroom to whom the image was leaked. KMOV, far from being impressed by the attempt to intimidate it, posted Lauren Trager’s article wondering what on Earth a cops was doing giving the thumbs up while fooling around with Omar Rahman’s dead body — and also Lynette M. Petruska’s threatening letter.

“In your mind, is there any reasonable explanation for what that officer was doing?” asked Investigative Reporter Lauren Trager. “No,” said Staton. “Because when they come to a call, they’re supposed to be there to help and protect, not doing what he was doing with thumbs up and a smirk on his face.”

Staton’s attorney, Antonio Romanucci, agrees.

“It’s hideous. The implications of this photograph are just astronomical,” said Romanucci.

He believes something isn’t right.

“I have seen thousands and thousands of forensic photographs, I have never seen a staged photograph of an officer next to a deceased body,” Romanucci said.

The North County Policing Cooperative covers Vinita Park and Wellston, just outside of St. Louis city limits in Missouri. The legal letters are a good read; KMOV’s counsel referred the police to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.

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