Day: February 6, 2017

9 Reasons Why We Procrastinate and How to Address Them

‘Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone’

~ Pablo Picasso

Procrastination can be one of life’s biggest barriers to success. If we don’t tackle it, it can really prevent us from moving forward towards our goals.

Everyone puts off tasks they don’t want to do from time to time, but chronic procrastinators deliberately look for distractions to avoid these tasks. In this era of technology there are many distractions readily available. When have a task that needs to get done, we can sometimes find we are literally doing anything else other than that task.

Making a cup of tea, checking Facebook, messaging friends, watching YouTube video clips, catching up on some TV or even having a snooze — does that sound familiar? When we are procrastinating, we can find a multitude of things to do instead of getting to work on our important tasks.

There are many different reasons of why we put things off. Let’s look at each one in detail and explore some suggested resolutions:

Too tired

too tired

If we are feeling tired, it is hard to be productive and get things done. When we are wide awake, refreshed and with lots of energy we are less likely to procrastinate. The answer to this is simple. Get great sleep.

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Overwhelmed by the task

If we feel overwhelmed with what lies ahead, the best thing to do is break down the task into smaller manageable chunks. The task in its entirety may feel huge, but once we have split it down into smaller activities, it is much easier to tackle. To ensure progress, just get to work on the first task. This gets you started and heading in the right direction. The rest of the tasks should follow on more easily from there.

Lacking motivation

If we can’t find motivation to complete what needs to be done, there are two things we can try to help us out. Firstly spend time with awesome people. If you can spend time with people who inspire and motivate you it will help you to find your own motivation. Secondly, prepare a vision. If you know what the bigger picture you are working towards is, it can help you with the journey to get there.

Getting distracted

If you find yourself easily distracted, there are many ways to try to limit these distractions. Sort out your notifications so you limit the amount you are receiving, leaving you to decide when you want to check rather than being constantly notified. Try using an application that blocks website usage. There are a number of different apps out there that range from blocking all usage to those that just block certain sites. Review the environment you are working in to ensure that you have the least number of distractions. The key is figure out what the key distractions you are facing are and then take steps to remove them.

Lack of time

lack of time

We have 168 hours in a week. We need to organize our days and weeks in a way that we can fit in everything we want to do into that time. If you feel you don’t have sufficient time to fit everything in, maybe you just need to reallocate how you are using your 168 hours. Maybe you can spend more time on the things you love by better planning. The more organized you are, the more likely you will be able to fit everything you want to do into your schedule.


At times we might find we have taken on more than we can manage. When you find yourself in this situation, you need to organize and prioritize. If you are overcommitted, you might fall into the trap of not being able to manage anything very well. By prioritizing and focusing on the most important tasks, you can ensure that you make progress and save some of the other activities for a later date. If it is not possible to delay them, you may have to look at what help you can get to complete them or any other ways of getting them done.

Magnifying a task

At times we can make a task seem harder than it actually is. This especially seems to be the case the more we put something off. We can delay starting a task as it seems too big, then the longer we leave it, the more daunting it can seem. The trick is to take the 1st step. Once you start it, you will usually find it was nowhere near as hard as you thought.

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Unclear where to start

It can be tempting to put off a task if we don’t know where to start with it. If you’re not really sure how to complete something you need to do, your first inclination may be to avoid trying. A better option is to chat through your options with someone else until you find the inspiration you need to get started on it.

Not wanting to do the task

It can be very common to put off an activity that you’re not going to enjoy. This happens with many life admin tasks. The trick here is to start with your least desirable task and get it over and done with. Completing your worst tasks first can provide you with great motivation for all the remaining tasks which should then seem much easier.

Try working out which of these areas are stopping you from moving on with what you need to get done and follow the tips to beat your procrastination.


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Moroccan-Spiced Sweet Potato and Chickpea Stew

Moroccan-Spiced Sweet Potato and Chickpea Stew

It doesn’t get much healthier than this vegan vegetable and chickpea stew!

Humble veggies like carrot, sweet potato, and parsnips shine when paired with the intoxicating Moroccan seasoning known as ras el hanout.

Have you ever tried this spice mix? The main components are cumin, coriander, ginger, and cinnamon — they make a warming blend that’s perfect for perking up a hearty vegetable stew and serving on a cold day.

Continue reading “Moroccan-Spiced Sweet Potato and Chickpea Stew” »

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The Romantically Challenged Guy’s Guide to a Successful Valentine’s Day

No matter what your significant other has said about Valentine’s Day, it’s still important to her. Whether you’ve been married for twenty years or just went on a few dates with someone, Valentine’s Day matters.

Even men with the best of intentions need a little help sometimes with this love holiday. This foolproof list will help guide you through this tricky holiday so you don’t end up screwing it up.

Remember the day

Start thinking about Valentine’s Day a few days early so that you aren’t out shopping or trying to make a dinner reservation the night before. Think about what you want to do for her or what kind of gift she might like. Put the day on your calendar so you don’t accidentally make plans with the guys to watch a game or work late. Then, set an alarm on your phone for February 14 so you remember the special day.

Plan something for the two of you to do together

valentines date

Talk with her about whether the two of you want to celebrate on the day of, or the weekend before or after. Once that is solidified, make a plan. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or pricey. It just has to be something. Make dinner reservations somewhere, buy tickets to a comedy show, plan a wine tasting day date. Women love it when men put forth some thought and effort. Don’t just pick her up and say, “So what should we do today?”

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Acknowledge it on the day

Whether you celebrated the weekend before or are going to celebrate the following weekend, you still need to acknowledge that it is Valentine’s Day on the actual day. Send her a message in the morning, saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” and share something you love or like about her. Bring her a card and perhaps flowers, but think about doing something a little less predictable. Do something even it’s small. If you don’t acknowledge the day, she will think you forgot and don’t care.

Get some sort of gift

valentines gifts

Again, this doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. Think about your girl and what she would like. Depending on where the two of you are in your relationship can also help determine what is appropriate to get her and how much to spend. A simple card with a nice handwritten note is always nice. Chocolate, flowers, jewelry, clothes, candles, bath stuff and spa services are all pretty safe bets. Regardless of what you get, she will appreciate that you thought of her and remembered the day.

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Do not buy her lingerie

You might think getting her lingerie is thoughtful and sexy. And it is—for you. Giving your woman lingerie, however, is really a present for you and could be interpreted as selfish and thoughtless. Lingerie is also very personal and fitted, so it is usually something she should pick out herself. Stick to the items above when thinking about gift giving and let her decide when and what she’ll wear for you.

Some men love the idea of romancing their love on Valentine’s Day and some think it’s a ridiculous holiday full of consumerism. Whichever category you fall into, your partner likely still wants to feel special and loved on this day for lovers. A simple, thoughtful gesture can go a long way in making your woman feel cherished on Valentine’s Day.


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How to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2017

With over 500 million active users, Instagram is a popular social media app mostly for youngsters, creatives, and photographers. But, how do you increase Instagram followers?

After the addition of Instagram Stories to the app, it is now becoming more popular and controversial. You might be wondering why I am telling you all this. Well, Instagram can also make you famous.

Having a strong following on Instagram would help you get more sales for your business, more exposure to your talent, larger traffic on your website and a stronger community for your brand.

There are hundreds of Instagrammers with thousands of followers, but how in the world do you actually get so many followers? See, this post is not a hack that would get you thousands of followers in minutes.

Today, I have got five effective tips to help you grow your Instagram followers. So, let’s start the post on how to increase Instagram followers and why.

Follow Other People in Your Niche

I have a photographer friend who started from scratch (0 followers) and started following every photography account he could find. By the end of an hour, he followed almost 670 accounts, and surprisingly 175 follow backs, and 50 other similar accounts followed him later. Moreover, after posting several portfolio pictures, he liked 10-15 photos on other accounts and left some positive comments and praises on their work. These several actions got him almost 700 followers in just a week and are now growing more and more.

I would recommend this to every new Instagram account as it helps people to discover you. Moreover, start liking the pictures in your category. Use similar hashtags so that people can also start following your photos as well. This is the most authentic and organic way to increase Instagram followers free.

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Craft a Theme for Your Account

instagram photos

So, you’ve already started following other accounts. Great, people are now going to start noticing your photos. Now is the time to give them something that they love.

I’ve discovered that people love a well presented and themed account and you’ll get likes and followers this way. Create a small but impressive bio to inform people about your photos. For mine, I created something entirely different from what I am. No tech, no Android devices but just sharing my best pictures in monochrome these days.

Socialize With Other People As Well

Well, that is what social media is for! Start commenting on other photos that you like and repost them on your account. Reply to the comments you receive and keep it authentic rather than spamming with words like “Nice and Amazing”. In 2017, this is the simplest way to increase Instagram followers.

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Create Your Hashtags, Encourage Others Too!

hashtag instagram

Who said new hashtags are only reserved to Twitters? Many companies and brands created their hashtags and encouraged their followers to use them too.

A very simple use of this tip is to expose your brand to new people. An online shop entirely based on Instagram offers free giveaways when people share their T-Shirts and use the particular hashtag to get discovered by the brand. If you would be lucky enough to share it with more than 500 people, then chances are, other people would automatically recognize it too. To increase Instagram followers, there are several other hashtags as well, but the recent update has blocked them.

Run a Giveaway or Contest

This is something that I would try once I have established a good follower base of around 5-6K followers. If you think that you can promote your sales by providing free giveaways, then why not. Ask people to upload a particular type of picture, and mention your tags and Instagram account in the caption. It is an excellent way to grow your fan-base both offline and online.

So, this was my take on the five practical tips to increase Instagram followers in 2017. No hacks, no spams. These are just simple tricks to become more famous. Do share your views on this post and let me know if you have found these ways helpful.


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Klarna buys BillPay, the PayPal of Germany, for $75M from Wonga

Image (1) a_stack_of_euros.jpg for post 47171 Some chopping and changing is afoot in the world of payments in Europe. Today, Klarna, the payments startup out of Sweden, confirmed that it has acquired BillPay, a payments company based in Germany, from its previous owner Wonga, the startup that once achieved notoriety for predatory payday loans. The companies are not disclosing the value of of the deal, but a couple of reports from over… Read More

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A newspaper is going wild with its weather tweets and people don't know what to think


It’s tough to get people excited about the weather.

And it’s even tougher in tropical Singapore, where it’s pretty much only wet or dry every day.

So the country’s national newspaper appears to have taken it upon itself to spice up its weather updates, by slipping in the odd quip and pop-culture reference:

Weather update: Thundery showers mainly over northern, eastern and central Singapore in the afternoon. Stay dry! Unless you’re a fish.

— The Straits Times (@STcom) January 16, 2017

Weather update: Thundery showers over many areas in the afternoon.
What often falls but never gets hurt? Rain.
Have a great day!

— The Straits Times (@STcom) January 18, 2017 Read more…

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Taiwan bans putting stray animals to death


Taiwan has now banned euthanising stray animals in shelters, despite fears that the move will lead to overcrowding and more abandoning their pets.

The law came into effect on Saturday, two years after it was first passed by parliament.

The issue of putting down strays was plunged into the spotlight last year, after a shelter vet committed suicide after becoming overwhelmed by the number of animals she had to put down.

Chien Chih-cheng ended her life by ingesting animal euthanasia drugs. She said in a TV interview prior to her death that she had put down over 700 dogs over the course of two years. Read more…

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Lenovo’s new $300 Android tablet features the Yoga Book’s keyboard/sketchpad

unnamed-1 Lenovo’s Yoga line has offered some of the most innovative tablet form factors around, from modular projectors to digitizing pads of paper. The A12 borrows the latter from its predecessor — and manages to do so at a dollar under $300. The specs are fairly middling, as out would expect from the price point, but the 12.2-inch HD display swivels around at 360-degrees from the keyboard,… Read More

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Uber rolls out cab rental feature, UberHIRE, for the first time


Uber, in a first-of-its-kind innovation, now allows users in India to rent a cab for half a day without any surge pricing. 

After successfully piloting the service, UberHIRE, in the southern city of Kochi, the company has now made it operational in eight more Indian cities — New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vizag and Nagpur.

The service is evidently Uber’s answer to its rapidly-growing Indian rival Ola’s rental service, Ola Rental, that launched last year.

The minimum fare on UberHIRE would be Rs 449-649 ($7- $10) depending on the city for two hours and up to 30 kilometers (18.6 miles). And beyond that, riders would be charged at Rs 2 per minute and Rs 12 (17 cents) per kilometer, said Uber in a statement.  Read more…

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500 people squeezed into the world's most epic family photo


This has got to be the most incredible family photo, period.

500 descendants from one man — all with the same family name, Ren — gathered in an eastern Chinese village to take this epic group shot:

In the photo are the 25th to 31st generations of this family from Shishecun, in Zhejiang.

The photo was taken behind the basalt formations where the village was founded 20 years ago.

It took 30 minutes for the Rens to get into position, with organiser, Ren Tuanjie barking instructions through a loudhailer.

They were able to trace the extensive family tree through 13 genealogy scrolls. It’s estimated that over 1,000 people in seven generations of Rens are still alive, said Ren Tuanjie — whose name means “unity,” incidentally. Read more…

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Weird Yellow Tail wine Super Bowl ad embarrasses a nation of Twitter users


The Kangaroo Jack of wine, Yellow Tail, has managed to do something not even Fosters beer or pseudo-Aussie restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse has achieved: Embarrass the hell out of actual Australians. Why? The brand’s 30-second Super Bowl Sunday advertisement. 

It features some dude in a bright yellow suit, running his mouth about how drinking Yellow Tail wine equals a fun time, hanging with an animated kangaroo DJ and a thinly-veiled dick joke aimed at bikini-clad model, Ellie Gonsalves. It’s a mess.

Just watch.

After Australia’s Prime Minister was recently yelled at by Trump, the last thing the land Down Under needs is an additional battering from a terrible ad for even more terrible wine.  Read more…

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Oppo topped China’s smartphone market in 2016, as Apple recorded first annual decline

apple-china Oppo is not a name that is anything like as familiar as Apple, Xiaomi or Huawei worldwide, but there’s further proof that it is most definitely one to watch, according the findings of a new report.
That’s because the little-known phone-maker scooped the top spot for smartphone sales in China last year, for the first time, fractionally beating out its sister company Vivo and… Read More

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David Axelrod, incredibly influential soul/jazz/rock composer and producer, RIP

David Axelrod, whose 1960s and 1970s production and compositions melding jazz, soul, and rock had an indelible impact on contemporary hip-hop and R&B, has died at age 83. From Billboard:

Born in Los Angeles in 1933, Axelrod produced his first album in 1959 and went on to become a pioneer in combining jazz, rock and R&B in recorded music. He spent several years working for Capitol Records in production and A&R in the 1960s and went on to release more than a dozen of his own albums.

While a contemporary of, and somewhat analogous to, idiosyncratic composer/arrangers like Van Dyke Parks, Axelrod was much more influenced by jazz, as reflected in his orchestrations and his own compositions. He produced David McCallum’s Music: A Bit More of Me, the 1967 release featuring “The Edge,” a song that famously turned into the predominant sample in Dr. Dre’s 2000 hit “The Next Episode.” He also collaborated with the Electric Prunes on their bizarre 1968 album Mass in F# Minor, and when the group splintered in the middle of recording, he finished it with session musicians.

Just a few of the David Axelrod samples in hip-hop. He was easily one of the most brilliant composers of the last half century.

— Otto Von Biz Markie (@Passionweiss) February 5, 2017

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