Day: February 8, 2017

Hungry squirrel and mean crow engage in a battle over coveted pizza slice


Even this squirrel knows that you should always fight for the last slice.

In this video posted on Youtube by The Weather Network, one lucky squirrel hits the jackpot after finding a stray slice of pizza on a street in Nova Scotia. It’s in the clear to enjoy the slice until a hostile crow swoops in and tries to swipe his snack. 

The squirrel engages in this cat and mouse game the crow kicks off, then,  too smart for the aggressive bird, darts behind the wheels of a car to protect his treasure.

Unfortunately, the video ends on a massive cliffhanger after the squirrel dashes behind a building with the crow following suit. Read more…

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Silicon Valley is struggling to work together against Trump's havoc


On a daily basis, Stewart Butterfield roasts Donald Trump on Twitter.

The Slack CEO is among the most outspoken leaders in the tech community when it comes to the new president, which made it all the more surprising to see his company missing from the list of 97 tech giants that signed onto an amicus brief opposing the recent Muslim travel ban—arguably the most unified, aggressive action ever taken by the industry on a political issue.

Turns out, Slack wasn’t a holdout. They just got left off an email. 

“Slack heard about this when it appeared in the media and of course we support it,” a Slack spokesperson explained over email Monday morning. “It’s our understanding that a supplemental one is being filed and Slack will be on that list.” Read more…

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Intel inexplicably makes jobs announcement in round room with very nice curtains

Oval Office replica Intel’s latest press conference was its most well-appointed yet. The chipmaker’s CEO Brian Krzanich announced his company’s newest initiative in a tasteful if traditional space with lavish gold curtains and a stately desk. The room, with notably rounded corners, was nearly 3,000 miles away from the company’s headquarters and many of its manufacturing sites. In lieu of PR… Read More

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'Arrow' star David Ramsey says Diggle is a changed man post-prison


Prison can really change a person. Going to prison twice for a crime you didn’t commit? Now that’s grounds for a complete personality change. Thankfully, Diggle (David Ramsey) was released from his incarceration before any permanent damage could be done to his psyche on Arrow, but he didn’t escape completely unscathed. 

Team Arrow’s favorite bodyguard-turned-crime-fighting-partner can put all his legal woes behind him now that, with the help of Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) new hacker fan/friend, he’s been cleared of all charges from his corrupt CO in the army. 

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Facebook updates its ad policies and tools to protect against discriminatory practices

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at the company's headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., Thursday, April 4, 2013. Zuckerberg says the company is not building a phone or an operating system. Rather, Facebook is introducing  a new experience for Android phones. The idea behind the new Home service is to bring content right to you, rather than require people to check apps on the device.   (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez) In November, Facebook announced it would stop advertisers from targeting users by race for ads that focused on housing, employment, and credit opportunities, in response to a report that found that Facebook’s tools could be used to place discriminatory advertisements. Today, the social network provided a progress update on the matter, disclosing what actions it has taken since… Read More

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Udacity open sources its self-driving car simulator for anyone to use

sim_image Self-driving cars require self-driving car software, and Udacity’s helping to feed that need with its nanodegree program in the field. Now, the online education company is also making available its self-driving car simulator via open source license, allowing anyone with a working knowledge of Unity to gab the assets, load its preexisting scenes and create their own tracks for virtual… Read More

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Rothenberg Ventures is going back to its same old Rothenberg Ventures

Mike Rothenberg Rothenberg assigned the firm the name Frontier Tech Ventures in September 2016 after a series of events tarnished the brand, starting with an SEC investigation, which opened in July of 2016. What drew the agency’s attention: Rothenberg himself, whose lavish spending to market his fund began to concern employees, as well as his 176 investors — almost all of them wealthy… Read More

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The creation story of the atomic bomb told through a powerful and moving picture book

When asked if I was interested in reviewing a picture book about the making of the atomic bomb, I told the publicist that a lot was going to depend on how the book ended. I had seen some of the interior art and text at that point, and I was intrigued by the way the tone of both Jeanette Winter’s illustrations and her son Jonah Winter’s text so thoroughly conveyed the almost frenzied, kinetic energy of the inventors and the eerily quiet secrecy of the The Secret Project. After reading the book, I realized that I had greatly underestimated the importance of the telling in its entirety, which is done so masterfully by the Winters.

The Secret Project is a quiet book. It takes place, of course, in the New Mexico desert. There is almost no dialogue, nor description of sound. And yet, we can hear the echo of the children in the desert, “cleared out” of their school to make way for scientists and workers. In the paintings of the “faraway nearby” outside the laboratory, we see the light and colors of the natural landscape, hear the soft, slow sounds of a coyote howling, of a woman’s paintbrush on canvas, of a Hopi man’s knife carving wood. Life outside the laboratory continues to create and sustain more life, while inside the secret lab, “the shadowy figures” are hurriedly working, crowded together under dim light. The pace of both word and image is markedly different in the closed up world and work of the men inside the lab than in the desert outside. Even when they are outside, the scientists are separate. The men are shown only in the dark shadows of places of their own making — a car, a bunker.

I won’t ruin the end of this book for you. It was not what I expected, but, upon reaching the end the way you’re supposed to (that is, after reading and being transported by the beginning and the middle), it was exactly as it should be.

See sample pages from this book at Wink.

The Secret Project

by Jonah Winter, Jeanette Winter (Illustrator)

Beach Lane Books

2017, 40 pages, 8.0 x 0.3 x 11.0 inches, Hardcover

$18 Buy on Amazon

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10-year-old girl moves birthday party to nursing home to celebrate with her grandma


When 10-year-old Ellie realized that her grandmother Rita wouldn’t be able to attend her birthday party due to health concerns, she considered canceling it all together. But her mother Kimber (who asked Mashable to omit her last name) came up with a better solution: bring the party to granny’s nursing home.

In December, Kimber and Ellie brought their family and friends to the Tennessee nursing home to surprise Rita with an invite to the little girl’s Alice in Wonderland-themed party, ABC News reports.


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SpaceX targets February 18 for Dragon resupply mission to ISS

spacex-iridium-1 SpaceX has a new date for its next launch – February 18, when it’s hoping to make its first launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at pad LC-39A. The first launch from the Florida facility was originally set for January 29, and was set to be a mission to deliver a commercial EchoStar satellite into orbit,  but that was pushed back to a target of the end of February when… Read More

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Mandy Moore's parents offer unsolicited advice to her 'This Is Us' character


Your parents are never going to turn down an opportunity to tell you what you did wrong, even if you’re just following a script.

Mandy Moore‘s mom and dad are also very emotionally invested in the Pearson family’s ups and downs on This Is Us, but unlike you, they have her phone number. So they text her to figure out what’s going on with Rebecca. 

Mom and Dad know how to keep it real. Thanks guys? 😂 #thisisus

A photo posted by Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) on

Her parents aren’t cool with how Moore is conducting her fictional marriage to Milo Ventimiglia, and seem to really want him as an IRL son-in-law.  Read more…

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Gamers donated over $70,000 to get 'Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3' to Evo 2017


The fundraising war is over and the ninth game at the biggest fighting game tournament in the world is decided: Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Multi-title fighting game event Evo 2017 is hosting nine different fighting game tournaments in July — eight chosen by the Evo tournament organizers and one chosen by the community. Instead of holding a simple multiple choice vote, though, Evo asked players and fans to vote with their dollars, with all proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish International charityUltimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (UMVC3) came out on top, generating $71,690 in donations from 1,487 people over 15 days. Read more…

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'The OA' will return for a trippy Season 2


Netflix has renewed its latest bingeable thriller, The OA, for Season 2 — and it has the cryptic teaser trailer to prove it.

Created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, The OA stars Marling as Prairie Johnson, a blind girl who went missing for seven years and returned to her hometown with her sight restored. Prairie refuses to talk about her time away with anyone except four teenage boys whom she tells her story to in order to recruit them for a mission.

No release date has been announced for Season 2 yet but it’s a safe bet that the new installments will feature plenty more mind-bending mysteries to unravel.  Read more…

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Customizable, animated feminist “candy hearts” for an anti-trumpist v-day

Clair writes, “In light of all the coverage of Trump Valentines, I wanted to share a kickass content piece I helped create that is a feminist alternative. With the Women’s Marches and Trump’s complete disregard for the American people–especially women–it’s important to share positive, pro-female content too!”


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The secret love affair between Harry Potter and Voldemort


J.K. Rowling wrote a secret love story in the Harry Potter series and we did a little mischief management to get it from her! Don’t miss the newest franchise installment this Valentine’s Day.

Visit CineFix for more episodes and movie-related content.  Read more…

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Leak suggests Samsung is going after the Surface Pro with an impressive tablet PC


Samsung’s TabPro S did a good job modeling itself off the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro, but it was no Surface Pro killer.

With no Surface Pro 5 available (yet), Samsung might get its chance to leap ahead of the competition, assuming leaked product details from The Leaker turn out to be the real deal.

Samsung’s reportedly planning to announce a successor to the TabPro S in a few weeks at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the report claims.

The so-called Windows 10-powered TabPro S2 looks like it’ll keep the design aesthetic of the TabPro S, meaning it’ll be thin and light, but overhaul the internals. And from the looks of it, some models will run Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, and some will have 4G LTE: Read more…

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Beyond Science Fiction: the Alternative Realism of Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan’s artwork is some of the most instantly recognizable, and iconic in the world of science fiction and fantasy. He is practically his own genre. The Riverside Art Museum is featuring Whelan in a new show, opening this Friday, February 11th.

Whelan’s paintings have graced the covers of literally hundreds of record albums, books and magazines. Stephen King, Issac Asimov, Piers Anthony, Michael Moorcock, The Jacksons, and Meatloaf have all employed his imagery.

Please go and heck out this fantastic collection of his work, curated by my good friend Bob Self of Baby Tattoo. There will be an opening reception this Saturday, February 11th from 7-9pm.

Beyond Science Fiction: the Alternative Realism of Michael Whelan
Riverside Art Museum
Riverside, California
February 11th – May 25th, 2017

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Ted Cruz congratulated a woman on having multiple sclerosis. Seriously.


There are many appropriate responses to when someone is sharing a difficult situation his or her life. To congratulate that person is not one of them. 

Sen. Ted Cruz squared off against Sen. Bernie Sanders in a CNN debate over the future of the Affordable Care Act Tuesday night. And, unfortunately, when Cruz was asked a question by an audience member who suffers from multiple sclerosis, he chose the wrong response.

He said, “Congratulations.”

Multiple sclerosis patient on Medicaid asks @tedcruz what will happen to her coverage w/repeal
Cruz: “Congratulations on dealing with MS.”

— Omar Ghabra (@omarghabra) February 8, 2017 Read more…

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Browsing Pinterest is about to get as easy as snapping a pic


You can now browse Pinterest via your smartphone camera.

Pinterest introduced a new feature called Lens, which allows users to search for Pins with their smartphone camera.

Available “in the coming weeks” for iOS and Android (in beta), the feature lets you snap photos of objects you come across in the real world and browse Pinterest for related topics based on them. You don’t even have to tell the service what it’s a picture of.

First previewed last summer, Lens uses computer vision and machine learning “to understand the objects you’re looking at and how they could be useful to you,” the company saysRead more…

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Young snake catcher dies while attempting to kiss a cobra


It’s a tale of tragic ironies. 

A 21-year-old snake catcher in India died after attempting to kiss a cobra. He was admitted to a civic hospital with a venomous snakebite on his chest and succumbed to it three days later, the Times of India reported

Somnath Mhatre (Smith Mhatre on Facebook) had reportedly rescued the snake from under a car in Navi Mumbai, about 16 miles outside Mumbai. And he tried to pull off a stunt but it backfired. 

Mhatre’s Facebook profile is filled with photos of him pulling off many such stunts with snakes.  Read more…

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Simple relief from ever present carpal tunnel pain

Blue Emu’s Maximum Arthritis cream contains Trolamine Salicylate in addition to Emu oil, adding science to woo and offering some real relief from minor aches and pains.

Carpal tunnel syndrome. My hands started hurting in the first Dotcom boom. By Web 2.0 I was running on trackballs and ibuprofen. Now that we live in the Bro-pocalyptic era of internet development, my hands are a complete waste. This Blue Emu Maximum Arthritis helps me keep typing all day long.

Trolamine Salicylate is well understood to reduce inflammation when applied topically. Rub it in and 15-30 minutes later you’ll notice the aches have become more dull. I put it on pre-emtively, as studies have shown athletes benefit from this, and it allows them to have more productive workouts, reducing recovery times.

There is a lot of difficult to believe, but you want to, lore about Emu Oil and how it works with human skin. It certainly doesn’t seem to get in the way of anything. There is supposedly aloe vera in this as well…

Works well on my hands. Has helped with some sprains as well, and on a sore neck.

Blue Emu Maximum Arthritis Pain Relief Cream, 3 Ounce via Amazon

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Watch Cruise’s self-driving Bolt EV navigate smoothly to SF’s Dolores Park

self-dirving-cruise GM-owned Cruise Automation wants you to be able to see the progress it’s making with its self-driving car tests, in a way that’s more tangible than looking at boring lists of disengagement reports. That’s why it’s been publishing videos of its Cruise test cars navigating real city streets, and a new episode of that video series is available now, showing a Bolt EV… Read More

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Facebook Lite hits 200M users as low-bandwidth world revenue skyrockets

fblite Facebook’s stripped-down but speedy Lite app is growing fast and adding countries so it can keep connecting people and building the company’s business in the low-bandwidth world where revenue increased 52% this year.
Facebook Lite launched in June 2015, it rocketed to 100 million monthly users by March 2016, and now it’s doubled in size to 200 million users, Mark Zuckerberg says. Read More

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Faulty batteries caused a small fire at a Samsung plant in China

SAMSUNG CSC Samsung has seemingly put its on-going Galaxy Note 7 issues behind it, courtesy of a couple of recalls, an expensive investigation and promises to implement stricter standards. But the company’s battery woes aren’t yet fully behind it, as it was no doubt reminded earlier today when a small fire broke out in a plant located in Tianjin, China.
The company reported that the fire… Read More

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Pinterest users can now jump to other products within an image

pinterest shop the look Pinterest is looking to continually decrease the friction from finding something they’re interested in and drilling further into newer products and ideas, and it now has another product to try to close that gap. The company today said it’s launching a new feature that allows users to find and jump to additional products within a photo they’re currently viewing. So, for… Read More

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Have your devices and social media been invasively searched at the US border? EFF wants to know about it

After the chaos of the Muslim ban, EFF activists are worried that the TSA’s existing policy of invasive data-collection at the border may be getting even worse. They’re looking for stories from everyone, but especially citizens and green card holders.

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5 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Sobriety When Traveling

*This article is for recovering addicts and how you can stay sober while traveling.

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac

Traveling may bring a multitude of new sights, new experiences and new cultures. However, as a recovering addict, there is one very important fact you need to remember – you are still YOU. You still have your “triggers,” you still have your weaknesses and, ultimately, you still have your addiction. Therefore, it is essential that you prepare yourself prior to making your trip.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not dangerous for you to have travel as an integral part of your recovery; in fact, quite the opposite. It will broaden your mind and give you, hopefully, fresh perspectives on how you can best live the life you want and deserve.

However, for travel to impact upon you in the best possible way, preparation is the key. Remember the “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” edict? This is so relevant to you as a recovering addict for you will have much to lose. No-one is more aware of that than you.

This article will provide you with 5 essential tips for ensuring you maintain your hard-fought sobriety when confronted with new sights, experiences and cultures. These tips are designed to assist you make the right choices and decisions whilst traveling. As a recovering addict myself, and a guy who loves to travel as often as possible, what I wish to share has come about through good advice from others and positive experiences.

Recovery Relapse Plan

group travels

In the more secure and stable environment of your home and your local community, you have successfully created a life that keeps you sober, free of alcohol and/or drug use. Part of your success is this familiarity with your daily life, your daily routine and your local support; be that friends, sponsors, meetings, etc. When you are travelling, away on your vacation, these things are removed from you. Therefore, it is up to you to develop your own relapse prevention plan.

You should:

  • Tell your sponsor (if you have one) about your travel plans. As with everything else, it should not be a secret. Should you feel that you need to speak to your sponsor, let this person know that he or she will be the first person you call.
  • Tell your family and friends. Let them know that you may feel the need to call them too.

As part of your recovery, you will have identified your triggers, and physical and mental scenarios that have previously led you to addictive behaviour. Be introspective and analyze those triggers again. Remind yourself of them fully and be completely aware of the danger they pose to your sobriety.

Organize Activities

A vacation should be just that – time for you to rest and relax. However, as a recovering addict, you will know that boredom, inactivity and the compulsion to do something active always needs to be addressed.

So, in your travel plans, incorporate activities, tours, and other scheduled events to ensure this doesn’t happen. Whatever type of vacation you are planning, engage in activities as part of a group. Remember, for you, isolation is not your friend.

Keeping Your Routine

If you are able, incorporate as much of your normal daily routine into your days while on vacation. For example, attend meetings, maintain your healthy diet and exercise regime, and keep a journal of thoughts and feelings. Even waking at your usual time will help you maintain your equilibrium in your temporary new surroundings. Always endeavor to maintain whatever works as part of your usual recovery routine in this new one.

Sober Vacation Websites

Did you know that these even existed? Well, they do – for the sole needs of those like you and I that require assistance with our travel preparations. For example, Sober Vacations International offer a wide-ranging variety of vacations, from safaris to cruises to all-inclusive beach resorts. Sober Travelers offer vacations specifically based around the 12-Step Program. Even Expedia can provide a whole host of destinations designed for those wishing to keep their sobriety.

….and ENJOY!

have fun

By incorporating all of the above into your travel preparations, you will dramatically increase your chances of a relapse-free trip. So there’s only one thing left for you to do. Quite simply, enjoy yourself.

From my own experiences, traveling has given me a much clearer view on how I wish to lead my new life. Living sober (as I have done for a significant number of years now) has not stopped me from wanting to enjoy every moment of my travels. The people I have met, the new sober friends I have made, the cultures I have learned from – all of it is now an integral part of my personal recovery. It can be for you as well.

Happy, Safe & Sober

Let’s recap. Your 5 essential tips for keeping your sobriety when traveling are these: work out your personal relapse prevention plan, organize activities for your destination, keep as much of your daily routine as possible, make use of the available sober vacation websites, and, last but definitely not least, go and enjoy yourself. If you have any other advice for fellow recovering addicts with regard to ensuring their sobriety when traveling, please feel free to share in the comments below.

One last quote for you, one that I totally agree with.

“Hey, people who travel with their bed pillow. You look insane.” – Jim Gaffigan

Happy, safe and sober travels to you all.

See Also: 6 Steps to have a Stress Free Travel including Yoga


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Internal TSA files reveal that they have no evidence the $1B “behavioral detection” program works

In 2013, the TSA blew $1B on “behavioral detection,” which would allegedly train agents to spot potential terrorists by looking for a hilariously stupid list of “tells” including “a bobbing adam’s apple,” “arriving late,” “trembling,” “yawning,” “excessive throat clearing,” “improper attire,” “gazing down,” and “wide open staring eyes,” Also: “being in disguise.”

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Quick Chicken Pho

Quick Chicken Pho

A few years ago, I’d never even heard of pho, let alone tasted it. Now, giant bowls of this traditional Vietnamese noodle soup are a regular meal in our house.

There are three things I can thank for this change: 1) Moving to a part of the country where pho restaurants are as common as pizza joints. 2) Several months of gluten-free eating last year due to a health issue. 3) Meeting and becoming friends with Vietnamese cooking expert Andrea Nguyen.

Andrea has now published a new book entirely devoted to — what else?! — pho, and I’d like to share with you her recipe for Quick Chicken Pho.

This recipe is a great introduction to pho if you’ve never had it before. And for pho addicts like myself, it’s a good one to have around when a pho-craving strikes.

Continue reading “Quick Chicken Pho” »

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What Can Employers Do About The Student Loan Crisis?

There’s news about the student loan crisis just about every day. College tuition is going up at a greater rate than wages. Daycare costs more than college, leaving parents unable to save beforehand. The average student graduates with over $37,000 in student loan debt, often deferring payments and increasing their debt overall.

According to Florida Representative Dennis Ross, “Unfortunately, most students today are saddled with extraordinary debt and are entering one of the weakest economic recoveries in history. . . More than 43 million Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loans, with a repayment delinquency rate of 11.6 percent. That’s more than $150 billion in student loan delinquency, not including interest. This is a serious problem we cannot continue to ignore.”

An Educated Workforce Is Better For The Economy

college students

We all know that individuals who have achieved a higher level of education do better financially in the long run, but that principle also scales to the entire economy. Our economy actually does better when more people are better educated.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, investing in education is the single best thing we can do as a society to better the lives of individuals. In a recent study, they found:

  • States with the highest wages are also the best educated
  • Investing in education can lead to greater economic opportunity
  • States with more educated workers can attract higher wage jobs
  • Initial investment in education can return greater tax income to the state in the long run as wages grow

See Also: How a 529 Plan Can Help You Save for Your College Education

Why Employers Should Pitch In

working student

Even if some magical force rendered college tuition free tomorrow, we would still have an entire generation of students saddled with student loan debt. More and more companies are offering signing bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and other forms of help for students these days. Companies want to attract and retain top talent, and offering relief from student loans is certainly likely to help you keep your employees happy.

In one study, healthcare giant Cigna was able to achieve a 129% ROI on its tuition reimbursement program, mainly through retaining talent. In that same study, employees who took advantage of the program were able to gain promotions within the company, resulting in an average wage increase of 43%.

Even companies like Best Buy and Starbucks are investing in the education of their workforce, with Starbucks explaining, “College education is a priority for Starbucks partners, but for many, the rise in tuition costs has put college out of reach. We know that there is a clear and demonstrated value of having a college degree, both the opportunity it affords and the measurable impact on earning potential throughout a lifetime.”

One of the student loan repayment proposals on the table right now was proposed by U.S. Representative Dennis Ross. Under his plan employers would get tax credits for matching up to $500 a year in student loan repayment for up to 3 years, but only for students who have an associates degree or higher and who have more than $10,000 in student loan debt. Says Ross of the plan, “Overall, this bill is designed to help students become gainfully employed and pay off their loans while employers are benefited by hiring skilled and educated employees with a vested interest in long-term employment.”

Work Study Programs May Not Be Enough

Many students opt to take advantage of work study or resident advisor positions in order to lessen the burden of college costs, but that may not be enough. If employers can pitch in to make up the difference, there will be a better educated and less burdened talent pool to be attracted and retained, and there may even be some tax benefit to employers in the near future.

See Also: 7 Ways to Save Money while Earning a College Degree 

Student loans follow people around for the rest of their lives, unable to be bankrupted. In today’s economy with stagnating wages and greater competition over jobs, student loan debt is tantamount to a noose around your employees’ necks.

Preventing student loan debt before it starts is crucial to loosening those nooses. Learn more about the possible alternatives to student loan debt from this infographic. You might be surprised how many other options are out there!



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10 Amazing Business Ideas For Stay-At-Home Retirees

Retirement does not mean that a senior just has to sit at home and do nothing. Many seniors prefer to work even after they have crossed the retirement age. Some seniors actually perceive this as a golden opportunity to follow their long forgotten entrepreneurship dreams.

Listed below are 10 businesses that seniors can successfully run from home.



Knitting is an excellent activity to be pursued in the later years. It is known to reduce stress and boost self-esteem and cognitive functions.

Recently, 91-year-old Morrie Boogart became an inspiration for seniors when he didn’t let his limited mobility stand in the way of helping homeless and needy in Michigan.

Seniors who know how to knit or have learnt it as a new hobby in their golden years can knit beautiful pieces and then turn this hobby into a business. They can even create a blog and sell their products online along with donating some to a charity. They can even help the needy with the proceeds of the sales.


Just like knitting, crocheting is also an amazing activity for seniors who are skilled. They can make their crocheted goods and sell it in the market or to a reseller. They can even setup a small shop in their home and earn in their golden years. It will keep seniors busy and provide a sense of being resourceful and independent.

Freelance Writing

Seniors with good writing skills can also become freelance writers or become text brokers if they know people who can write and have great marketing skills. It allows them to keep on searching for new things and gaining knowledge about a variety of things, even in senior years, while providing a way to make money.

Writing is known to boost mental wellbeing as it keeps us engaged in reading, researching and finding new stuff to write about.



Blogging is a way of sharing ideas, professional and personal experiences with the world. Seniors can create their own blog and give space on their website to place advertisements so they can earn some extra money or by affiliate marketing. With so many years and experiences behind them, seniors have a lot they can share with their readers.


Another potential way of making money in one’s golden years is teaching. Seniors who are devoted to helping children and adults solve math problems, gain knowledge or learn new skills, like knitting, crocheting, sewing, pottery, painting, sketching, cooking, dancing, hairstyling, make up, and many others, can consider becoming a teacher.

Along these lines, a senior can set up a school and become a private teacher or an online teacher. It can be a part-time or full-time job entirely depending on how much time they have got to spend.


Seniors must focus on opportunities that can leverage their years of work and career experience, such as consulting. Consulting is a great business for retirees who have learned a lot from their life lessons and previous jobs. Such experiences make seniors well positioned to convey their opinions and share their knowledge.

It is not necessary to share knowledge through face-to-face meetings. Freelance writing and blogging can also be pursued as ways of engaging in an online community, hence, generating income.

Gardening Maintenance Services

Elderly who have sufficient knowledge in gardening can offer their skilled services even in their neighborhood so they don’t have to go to remote areas. This provides a source of income with an opportunity to make new friends and socialize.

Gardening is a relaxing activity, known to alleviate stress and help stay fresh in golden years.

Pet Sitting

pet sitting

Pet sitting is one of the best ways to earn while enjoying the time spent with a furry friend. This is not only a way to make money post-retirement. It is also an effective kind of therapy to find relaxation and a sense of purpose in one’s golden years.

Seniors who love spending time with animals can consider pet sitting. They can ask their neighbors to let them know if they need a pet sitter or even their family members so they can earn while enjoying some time with loving creatures.


Seniors who enjoy the company of children can make great babysitters as they have sufficient knowledge of handling little children and helping them with their concerns like home work, hair-dos, dressing, eating meals, dealing with a bully in school etc.

Spending time with children provides seniors with enthusiasm to help them pursue their goals and share thoughts to let their inner artist shine. In fact, children can make us learn a lot of new things as well.

Cooking – Takeaway Restaurant

Seniors who can cook amazingly delicious dishes can open a takeaway restaurant in their own homes. They can take orders via the phone or online.

Cooking will not only give seniors an opportunity to earn, but will also motivate to do more. This way, senior can also help the poor and needy people by giving food or some money that they have earned.

These are some of the amazing, fun and resourceful ways of making money after retirement. They provide the elderly with a sense of purpose, self-satisfaction, daily motivation, and a boost in one’s physical and mental being. Overall, this helps seniors enjoy an active and happy life in one’s golden years.

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Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 won't come with a 100 kWh battery


If you wondered just how big a battery will Tesla pack into its upcoming Model 3 electric car, we’ve got some bad news for you: It won’t have a 100 kWh capacity like some Model S and Model X models.

Elon Musk confirmed that in a reply on Twitter on Tuesday, explaining that the Model 3’s wheelbase just can’t fit such a big battery. 

@jovanik21 @Veidit No, will be lower. Wheelbase can’t fit 100.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 7, 2017

Musk did not say exactly how big a battery the Model 3 will have. The Model S is available with either a 60, 75, 90 or a 100 kWh battery, so it’s likely the Model 3 with come with one of the lower three options. In the car’s initial announcement in March 2016, Tesla said the car will have a minimum 215-mile range.  Read more…

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Tinder rival Paktor launches ‘Labs’ division to experiment with the future of social apps

bio-lab It turns out that Asian dating app Paktor’s quiet acquisition of Down was more than just a one night stand. The deal, which TechCrunch broke news of last week, was part of a number of acquisitions that has led to the creation of Paktor Labs, an experimental division that is led by Down founder Colin Hodge. Paktor, best known as a Tinder rival in Asia, has been pushing to diversify… Read More

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China wants to control what apps citizens use, but can Google play along?


Google is mulling a new way to finally get its official Play Store through the Great Firewall of China. But it faces an uphill battle, as the country tightens its grip on what apps its citizens have on their smartphones.

The Information reports that Netease, China’s second-largest games firm, has approached Google to form a joint venture, in order to launch the Play Store in the world’s largest smartphone market.

This follows rumours from 2015 that Google was working on a China-only version of its Play Store, in order to comply with regulators. Read more…

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LeEco says its acquisition of Vizio remains on track despite FTC charge

vizio Earlier this week smart TV maker Vizio settled an FTC charge for nefariously collecting of data from its customers, but that isn’t deterring China’s LeEco from completing a $2 billion acquisition of the company. Back in July 2016, LeEco announced a surprise $2 billion deal to buy Vizio and thus further expand its business empire, which already covers video streaming, mobile phones… Read More

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Sir David Attenborough is very stoked to get a new snail named after him


Sir David Attenborough has had numerous species named after him, but now he can add another one to his resumé. And it pleases him.

The legendary nature filmmaker has had a newly-discovered snail named after him, which is only found in a small area in the south-east of Tasmania, Australia. 

It’s called Attenborougharion rubicundus, which was discovered in Dec 2016 by scientists from the Australian Museum Research Institute. 

It measures 35-45 millimetres (1.3-1.7 inches) long, with a thin, reduced shell and a brightly coloured red and green body. Read more…

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Tesla to 'hopefully' launch the Model 3 in India this summer: Elon Musk


India’s wait to drive — and the world’s wait to see it ride —  Tesla’s autonomous and electric car Model 3 on its poorly maintained, and overly crowded roads will come to an end this year.

Addressing a person’s question, Elon Musk said Tuesday night the company plans to debut its car in India this summer (period between the latter part of June and beginning of September). 

@goel_ishan Hoping for summer this year

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 7, 2017

To much fanfare, Musk announced the Tesla Model 3 — the “affordable”, mass-market, $35,000 electric vehicle — last year.  Read more…

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Leaks from inside Trump's White House suggest staff are alarmed by his volatile and erratic conduct

The Huffington Post reports tonight that President Donald Trump recently phoned up General Mike Flynn at 3 AM to ask him whether a strong or weak dollar is good for the American economy. The question is one thing, as you’d expect someone who managed to scam his way in to the presidency might know basic economics and civics stuff. More alarming is the report that Trump called his Secretary of Defense nominee for the economic information.


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DARPA designed tech that can snag 1,100-pound drones right out of the air


The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on a way to launch drones into flight and then snag them right out of the air with a system that can be loaded onto a truck or ship.  

The agency recently released test footage of the next-gen drone tech, currently being developed under the callsign SideArm. It’s designed to give the military the ability to manage the flight of large unmanned aerial systems (UASs, aka drones) from just about anywhere.  

Using the current launch systems, putting these heavy-duty drones in the air requires the runway of a 90,000-ton aircraft carrier, along with a net to catch the aircraft when their flights come to an end. That setup obviously presents some logistical issues when there are no oceans around, so SideArm looks to make the launch pads more mobile.  Read more…

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Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other tech firms donated cash and services to Trump inauguration

Technology companies including Amazon, Google and Microsoft donated considerable amounts of both cash and technical services for the ceremonies and events around the inauguration and swearing in of President Donald Trump, according to reports making the internet rounds on Tuesday night.


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The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub invests $50 million in its first 47 research initiatives

chan-zuckerberg The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, a non-profit medical research organization started by Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg (and not to be confused with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a limited liability corporation to advance human potential) today announced it would be doling out a total of $50 million to its first cohort of disease investigators.
The Biohub brings together Bay Area… Read More

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Elizabeth Warren silenced by 100% of GOP Senate for reading Coretta Scott King's words on Jeff Sessions

On the Senate floor tonight, an extraordinary event. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) led a vote in which 49 GOP Senators chose to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for reading aloud the words of Coretta Scott King, civil rights activist and the wife of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Warren was reading King’s historic letter protesting the confirmation of noted white supremacist Jeff Sessions as a federal district court judge in the Southern District of Alabama.


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Crunch Report | Waze Carpool Grows in Bay Area

Twitter rolls out updates to combat abuse on its platform, YouTube launches mobile live stream and Super Chat exits beta, Waze Carpool grows in the Bay Area, Apple Beats are expected to drop February 10th and a recap from the 10th Annual Crunchies. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

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Deleted scenes from the best OG Battlestar Galactica 2-parter

While I enjoyed the first few seasons of the new Battlestar Galactica, nothing in it compares with the first run’s 2-part story arc “The Living Legend” about Commander Cain, played by Lloyd Bridges.

Cain and the super cool Battlestar Pegasus have miraculously survived the destruction of the “Fifth Fleet,” during the surprise Cylon attack. These badasses have been harrying the robots ever since. Unburdened by the responsibilities of keeping a rag-tag fleet of survivors safe, Cain and his crew are far more bloodthirsty, and out for revenge! Upon running into their old comrades-in-arms the Galactica, Cain and Pegasus have a hard time fitting into the new human society.

These 2 episodes were just wonderful. The side story of other survivors really expanded the Galactica universe for me, and Lloyd Bridges was such a contrast to Adama!

Today the Youtubes decided I needed to see these 12 minutes of deleted scenes. I am glad they did.

RIP Richard Hatch.

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