Day: February 9, 2017

Swiftype launches a new product to help companies search across Dropbox, Office, G Suite and more

Swiftype Swiftype started out helping publishers like TechCrunch offer better site search, but it’s been expanding into other areas like customer support and e-commerce. Now it’s making its biggest leap yet, with the launch of an enterprise search product. Basically, Swiftype is offering large and small businesses a place where they can search all their documents and files across a variety… Read More

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Steve Bannon sunk $60M of Goldman Sachs' money into a failed World of Warcraft goldfarming scheme

I missed this story when it was published last Labor Day, but hey: when Steve Bannon was you know, a regular joe working for a scrappy, much-loved, all-American firm called Goldman Sachs, he directed a $60m investment in a company called Internet Gaming Entertainment, which was a marketplace for buying and selling World of Warcraft gold, ground out of the game by botmasters and sweatshop gold-farmers.

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From teen mom to tech maven, Rita Henderson has broken the mold

img_7018 We all read the daunting statistics about single motherhood and teen pregnancy, but we don’t always get to read stories that humanize the individuals going through these experiences.  As we continue to highlight Black voices in the tech industry during Black History Month, we want to spotlight Rita Henderson. The proud mother of a 7-year-old activist and a #BlackGirlMagic… Read More

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Brain science startup NeuroQore hopes its magnets will cure depression

NueroQore team NeuroQore wants to shoot magnetic pulses into your brain to try to treat mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Most doctors will give patients a number of drugs to treat these disorders, and up to two-thirds of patients won’t respond to their first drug. Another 10 to 30 percent of these same patients will never respond to drugs as treatment. But NeuroQore (not to be… Read More

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Should you worry if you left your stove burner on?

Did you forget to turn off your stove burner before leaving the house this morning? Don’t worry about it. Easier said than done, but…

“A stove is designed to run indefinitely,” says John Drengenberg, the Consumer Safety Director at Underwriters Laboratories where they test such things. “Do we recommend that? Absolutely not.”

“If you leave it on, and there’s nothing on the stove or near the stove, it probably will stay running until you come back,” he tells DIGG.

UL tests just about every stove that hits the market. Part of that testing involves ensuring they hit thermal stability. In other words, they turn the stove on, and check the temperature of the burner, and keep checking the temperature until it stops increasing — just to make sure the burner doesn’t ultimately set the entire stove on fire.

That said, leaving something cooking unattended on the burner can absolutely cause a fire.

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NASA’s concept Europa lander belongs on the cover of a sci-fi pulp

pia21048_figb Long before any mission to another planet is undertaken, NASA and other space agencies commission reports on why and how we might want to go about it. The latest such report was issued this week regarding Jupiter’s moon Europa, one of the most interesting and mysterious bodies in the solar system — and among the most likely to show traces of life. Read More

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Review: Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo’s Yoga Book is the most striking personal computer I’ve seen in years. More than the original iPhone, or Sony’s X505, or the Messagepad, here’s technology that seems a few years ahead of schedule. It’s compact, attractive and thinner than anything else that might be called a laptop. Imagine two hinged pieces of black glass, one of which glows with the internet and the other with Okudagrams, and you have the Yoga Book. (more…)

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Neo-Nazis Attack Boing Boing Publisher

In a Boing Boing post last December, I wrote that some asshole anti-Semites were planning a march to chase the Jews out of Whitefish, Montana. Well, some asshole anti-Semites didn’t like the attention.

Look at how angry some Hitler enthusiasts got over my honest comments! I was sharing a quote from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) website!


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How Social Media Helps Students Study

Social media in education is a no-brainer and many studies and experiences have proven its efficiency.  Once you get serious about your education, you then realize that you must take the hand of as many resources as you can.  Studies reveal that more and more students like yourself believe that the technology they use to study should have the same format as social media.

We are social creatures.  Whatever we do good, we seem to do it better in a social context where there are more people around us.  It is no different with studying.  According to the Social Learning Theory, we learn best when we interact with people.

Social media can help you in many ways if you use it wisely.  For instance, let’s say you need help with picking a topic for your next essay.  Now, if you google essay topics, you will get tons of resources.  But if you go to social media, you will find suggestions by real people based on real experiences.

Let´s take a look at the specific ways that social media can help students study.

Connections and Community

social media education

When it comes to intensive and in-depth projects and group work, social media allows you to centralize all your knowledge to make communication more efficient.  For instance, you can create a hashtag such as #Economy101 to have people connect under the same topic. You now can build a community where everyone contributes with their piece of knowledge.

Think of all the interactions and connections that can take place on a Facebook page or group.  Forums are a great place to make questions and get answers.  You can even invite the professor to join this group or the chats.


Social media is all about sharing.  Most of our FB friends share everything from their location and activities to the one-hundred pictures of their weekend that nobody is going to see.  Now, you also get the opportunity of sharing resources to enrich a content.

Using the designated hashtag, you can share links to resources.  You can also share experiences, joys, and even frustrations.  This input will be available to everyone, at any time.

Some things that can be put into practice when sharing:

  • Stream a class through live video on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Hangouts, or YouTube. This will be saved and used later by those who were not able to attend a class.
  • Google Hangouts is a great resource for online study sessions.


Given the extent and reach of social media, a large number of resources can become overwhelming.  You need to curate this information.  Create topic boards on Pinterest or a blog service such as Tumblr.

For resources that have not been posted online yet, you can use cloud-storing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, or Box, to organize it.   If you are working on a team project, work on a Google Doc.  This will keep a neat organization and help take notes for all to see and share.

Meaningful Conversations

social media in education

There are hundreds of chats taking place on Twitter.  These are conversations that take place at a certain time where all participants use a particular hashtag.  This creates a timeline of people having a meaningful conversation about a particular topic.

You can plan your own Twitter chat to get the convo going.  This conversation can take place in a Facebook group as well.  The advantage of Twitter chats is that they are more open and universal.  Experts on a particular subject might participate too.  For instance, you could have an author discuss literary aspects of the novel you have to make a book report about.  That would be pretty neat!

Authors and experts are already on social media.  If Albert Einstein were alive, he’d probably be on Twitter.  Just imagine what his Instagram would look like!  You can ask direct questions to these influencers (not Einstein, he´s dead).  This will get you the best insight on a particular topic.

Supplemental Materials

You can use social media to find additional content that will reinforce what you have learned in class.  These materials are out there waiting for you.  The great part about it is that you also get honest opinions and ideas on how to make these contents work best.

Find YouTube videos for assistance with challenging topics.  Khan Academy is a widely used source that organizes YouTube videos into courses.

Follow already existing hashtags in a particular area.  You will find rich amounts of help there.  You can also look for keywords, experts, topics, etc., across all your social media channels.

See Also: 5 Tips to Use Social Media for eLearning Content 


When it comes to social media, not everything in the garden is rosy.  There are some downsides on the use of social media.  But since you are one responsible kid, you will take full advantage of the resources all the media offer you.  Use social media well and have meaningful and useful connections that will help you get through your education.


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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

Burglaries and other dangerous events happen everyday, and without a proper firearm, you may not be able to protect and defend yourself and your family. However, having guns laying around your home isn’t safe as well, which is why it is important to have a gun safe.

What is Gun Safe?

gun safe

Gun safes are a protective storage container that can carry firearms and any other types of ammunition for your guns. A gun safe is primarily used to help prevent access of unqualified and unauthorized people.

This safe will protect the contents from damage during any natural disaster, flood, or fire. Access prevention is a requirement by law in most places, as necessitating gun locks, metal gun cabinets, and gun safse can greatly benefit the owner. Gun safes have really replaced the old gun cabinet method made from just fine stained wood and etched glass fronts as they have become very outdated.

Gun safes are needed as well if you want to prolong the life span of your ammunition and guns as it does block out dust.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe


It is always important to purchase a gun safe that is of decent size. You want it to at least be capable of fitting two guns so that it can accommodate ammunition as well. There are, however, gun safes that are small but have extra spaces for the ammunition. This is a cheaper way to receive a gun safe’s benefits, but it is always better to invest in the bigger ones. Also make sure that your safe fits in your closet or room as you don’t want it eating up too much space.

Locking Mechanisms

Look for a gun safe with superior and high tech locking mechanisms. The last thing you want is for your children or burglar to have easy access to the guns in the safe. Some gun safes can be accessed via password, thumb print, and even via voice activation. Choose a gun safe that can’t be opened by anyone but you and other trusted personnel.

Fire Protection

You also want a gun safe that has a fire protection feature so that no matter what may happen to the property, your guns and ammunition will not be damaged. If ever the gun safe does experience a natural disaster, fire, or flood, the gun safe will not be easily damaged. This is a very beneficial feature especially if you will add other valuables inside of your gun safe.


There are many expensive gun safes that don’t even provide the same features and durability as other safes with cheaper prices. This is why the price of the gun safe doesn’t really have an impact on the quality of the gun safe. Basically, instead of looking at the price of the product, consider looking at its safety and protection features. Many people forget that buying one is an investment that will benefit your life tremendously.


As with any purchase, be sure to look at the warranty closely. Read the fine print. A regular warranty would have a year’s duration as this may be the period that any malfunction may occur. Some gun safe manufacturers also offer special plans that let you extend the warranty period. If there is an option for a lifetime warranty, consider it very well as it will keep you from having any future headaches.

How to Select a Gun Safe That Your Gun Needs

online shopping

When buying online, the only thing you can do is read gun safe reviews. As strange as it may sound, reading reviews can help you find the right gun safe even if you may not see it physically before purchase. There is no need to worry about reading biased reviews as they are written by actual customers who have used the item.

If the product receives more negative reviews than positive, than it’s obvious that you shouldn’t get one for yourself. When buying at an actual gun safe store, simply ask the sales clerk a ton of questions regarding its features and specs so that you have a broader understanding on how it all works.


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How To Overcome Negative Emotions Using 5 Writing Techniques

Having a positive attitude is important when it comes to improving your mental heath, but it can be difficult to push through negative thoughts. No one is immune to negative emotions – they can occur very suddenly, and in the most inappropriate situations. These emotions can also have an impact on work, studying, and our relationships with colleagues, friends, family, and loved ones. To keep these from becoming a problem, it’s useful to spend some time learning how you can get a handle on your negative emotions.

Luckily, there are plenty of tricks and techniques out there that you can use to overcome unpleasant thoughts. Writing has proven to be especially effective because it provides you with a way to release your emotions and deal with them in a more positive, efficient way. Since writing is a way of visualizing our thoughts, this tool can be useful in overcoming negative emotions and even helping us work out potential solutions to any problems.

Make a double list

make a list

Write down a list of things that make you upset/angry in one column, and opposite each of them write down things that make you feel happy.

There’s probably a lot more in your life for you to feel happy about, and seeing it presented in a list like this can help your brain move past the negativity to see what else there is. Focus on those positive things and pick a couple of them to experience today – go for a walk with a friend, spend some time with a hobby you enjoy, or just take a long, hot bath. Once you can see how the positive outweighs the negative, it’s easier to move on.

Write and revise

Write down what you’re anxious or furious about, go outside and take a deep breath, then look at your list again and write how your feelings have changed.

Once you’ve been able to express your feelings, it’s a good idea to put it aside for a while and do something else. Now that you’ve put it down on paper, your brain can let go of some of the negativity surrounding the situation, and you can come back in to look at it again with a fresh perspective. Often, you’ll find that whatever was upsetting you before isn’t upsetting you anymore. If you do still feel upset, you might discover that expressing yourself and then revisiting your problem gives you some ideas on how you might want to tackle it.

Describe emotions

Try to describe your emotions in writing in a detailed manner. Put as much description into your writing as you can to really purge yourself of those negative emotions. Be as clear and concise as possible, and don’t leave anything out. You want this exercise to give you a feeling of release, so don’t cut it edit yourself or cut it short. Write what you feel, and mean it.

The next time you feel upset, look at this description and see if you’re feeling the same way. Maybe you can see some consistencies and look at making changes in your life to avoid experiencing further negative emotions.

See Also: 7 Simple Ways To Overcome Negative Thinking & Set Yourself Up To Win This Year

Write a story

write a story

After a day at work, write a brief story and use yourself and your problem as a basis to construct the main character. Then build a plot in which this character will solve a problem; this story must have a happy ending.

Visualization is a great way to get you moving forward on the right path. By creatively plotting a positive solution to a problem for your main character, you can give yourself a bit of inspiration to apply some of the same techniques in your own life. See the fictionalized version of yourself enjoy a happy ending, and then you can take steps to achieve the same thing for real. It’s a nice bit of encouragement to get you working towards making some positive, healthy changes.

Let out frustrations

Vent your frustrations on paper, then tear it up, throw it away, or burn it. This follows some of the same principles as the third step – except that instead of revisiting this description later, you’ll never see it again. Be detailed and specific, get to the heart of whatever is causing you grief, and then watch it disappear forever. It’s a great exercise in learning to let go, and will help you move past whatever situation was causing you negative feelings in the first place. Get rid of it and move on. You’ll feel a lot better.

The important thing with any of these techniques is to get writing as soon as possible, so you can deal with your negative emotions before you spend too much time dwelling on them. The longer you let these unpleasant thoughts control your feelings, the more difficult it is to overcome them – and the longer you wait, the greater the risk of having these emotions negatively impact the important relationships in your life.

See Also: How to Control Your Emotions in Any Situation 

Throughout history, great writers have used their own negative thoughts and experiences to influence beautiful poetry and classic novels – giving these authors a feeling of relief and self-satisfaction and sharing brilliant pieces of literature with the world. Why not apply that same principle to your own life, and experience some of that relief for yourself? The next time you feel a negative thought or emotion creep in, grab a pen and a piece of paper and get writing.


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Madonna confirms adoption of twins with heartwarming Instagram post


Madonna’s happy brood of four will soon be a brood of six. The pop star recently announced that she’s adopted twin sisters from Malawi named Estere and Stelle.

Madonna posted a photograph of her and her daughters to Instagram with this message:

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

Madonna has previously adopted children from Malawi — her son David Banda in 2006 and her daughter Mercy James in 2009. She also has two biological children, Lourdes Leon and Rocco Ritchie.

She artist posted a second photograph to Instagram, thanking the orphanage Home of Hope and the organization Raising Malawi for caring for her daughters for the last five years.  Read more…

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Around the world in 3,305 Google Maps screenshots


Forget that around-the-world ticket, instead sit back and see the world in hyperlapse in just over two minutes. 

Graphic designer and video maker Matteo Archondis used only Google Maps and Earth screenshots — 3,305 of them to be exact — to smoothly take the viewer on a long-distance trip. 

The journey starts from his country of Italy to Big Ben in London to Christ the Redeemer in Brazil to the fog-enshrined Golden Gate Bridge and other American landmarks, like Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and more.  Read more…

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There's a chocolate manhole cover in Japan and we don't know why


It’s a weird shape to mold chocolate into.

@38beem, a Japanese Twitter user — in an effort to make a chocolatey gift for Valentine’s Day — created what seems to be a manhole cover set into a sidewalk out of chocolate.

He documented the process on Twitter: 


— おでこし(金谷)Berryzデスロード (@38beem) February 6, 2017

First, he produced a silicone mold for the manhole cover, then filled it with chocolate. 


— おでこし(金谷)Berryzデスロード (@38beem) February 2, 2017 Read more…

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Lucky woman wins lottery days after quitting her job


We hear stories all the time about people quitting their jobs after winning the lottery.

Less common are people who quit their jobs before winning the lottery. However, this is exactly what ended up happening to Colorado resident Yahnique S.

She quit her certified nursing assistant job in mid-January. A couple weeks later, she was clutching a giant check for $3.3 million.

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Google is bringing a rainforest right to your smartphone


Most of us have never stepped anywhere near a rainforest, much less had a chance to explore it — something Google hopes to change with its new augmented reality experience.

The “Into the Wild” exhibit sees some 1,000 square meters turned into a virtual rainforest, home to orangutans, Malayan tapirs and tiny mouse deer. 

In order to view the sights, visitors pick up a Lenovo smartphone enabled with Tango, an augmented reality platform developed by Google.

The exhibition, the first of its kind to launch in Asia, is held at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum. Read more…

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Get your house fully connected with a smart light switch


Out of all the home appliances you’d expect could be smart-ified as part of the connected home, the classic light switch might be last on the list. It’s basic, with no apparent need for bells and whistles in smart homes where lights are controlled by smartphone — but when you add some connectivity and a color display (who doesn’t love touch screens?) it can become a smart light switch system that controls the whole house.

Brilliant Control looks to replace plain old-fashioned light switches with mini smart hubs, complete with 5-inch LCD touch displays, Wi-Fi, motion and Amazon Alexa voice control built-in. Instead of just turning on and off the lights, the system can act as a control panel for an entire connected home, bringing security, music, lighting and climate tech all under one domain.  Read more…

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Fancy a Facebook Live at 17,000 ft? It might soon be possible at the Everest base camp


Soon you will have internet access in the Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. Visitors will be able to tweet, chat, email and share  from the Lukla-Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Base Camp with the help of free Wi-Fi offered by Nepal.

Its state-run regulator, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), announced on Wednesday that it plans to set up free W-Fi zones along the Everest base camp, a hugely popular destination for trekkers and mountaineers. 

The service will operate on the “Okumura Model,” which uses low-cost optical fiber cables for high-speed internet. Special cold-and-ice-resistant optical fibers will be used, and if they don’t work in the high altitudes, other technologies such as micro-wave will be used.   Read more…

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Google Station is coming to an Indian city before anywhere else in the world


Moving beyond railway stations in India, Google will soon begin working on its Station project to bring fast Wi-Fi at other public places.

About 150km south-east of Mumbai, the city of Pune will soon become the first place in the world to see Google deploy fast-internet hotspots at public places as part of its Station project, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The move comes as IT giant Larsen & Toubro (L&T), in association with Google, state-run internet service provider RailTel, and IBM form a consortium to bag a Rs 1,500 million ($22.2 million) with local authority Pune Smart City Development Corporation to turn Pune into a smart city.  Read more…

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Trump to meet aviation leaders to discuss aging airports and whatever else pops into his head

Executives from the U.S. aviation industry will meet with so-called President Donald Trump on Thursday to talk about the declining infrastructure at airports around the country, maybe reforming our air traffic control system, how to destroy labor unions, trade agreements with foreign-owned airlines, and whatever other crazy shit pops into Trump’s head while his lips are moving.


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Nokia to buy Comptel for $370M as it pushes deeper into carrier software

Nokia Shutterstock Nokia, once the world’s biggest handset maker, really wants the world to know that it’s a software company now. And today it made a big acquisition to that end: it is buying Comptel, a company that specialises in building software-based mobile data communications solutions for carriers. Comptel’s software is today in use by more than 300 operators, covering 1.2 customers in… Read More

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Nobody can agree on exactly how Samsung's battery factory fire started


Samsung definitely doesn’t need this right now. 

Accounts of what started yesterday’s fire at a Samsung SDI factory have been conflicting, with Samsung and Tianjin’s fire department giving differing accounts of exactly how the fire was started. 

While fire personnel said batteries on the production line were behind the incident, Samsung says it was caused by already-discarded faulty batteries.

The factory, which produced for the Note7, is set to supply batteries for the Korean conglomerate’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8.

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Alibaba’s Ant Financial is raising $3B in debt to finance a global M&A spree

Jack Ma of Alibaba Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial announced a surprise deal to acquire international payment service MoneyGram for $880 million last month, but that looks like being just the start of its M&A activities. A source at the company confirmed to TechCrunch that it is close to raising nearly $3 billion in debt financing in order to bankroll further acquisitions, as The Information and… Read More

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Indian vehicle listing service CarTrade raises $55M led by Temasek

money cash Singapore sovereign wealth fund Temasek has led a $55 million investment in India’s CarTrade, a listings site for selling automobiles in the country. CarTrade didn’t confirm the identity of other investors that partook in the round, other than that it included a contribution from “a large US family office.” CarTrade acquired rival Carwale in late 2015 to grab… Read More

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Facebook snaps up ex-MTV executive in latest hint it's chasing original TV


Time to be worried TV execs: Facebook seems to be getting serious about original programming.

On Facebook (where else?), Mina Lefevre announced Wednesday she would be joining the company as its new head of development. Formerly executive vice president and head of scripted at MTV, Lefevre said she was excited to embark on the “new adventure.”

“I have always been drawn to the idea of building something and the idea of being part of the team that helps build Facebook’s original content ecosystem…well, that just seems like a dream!” she wrote.

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Star Trek fans will finally get a 'Deep Space 9' sequel, but there's a catch


It’s finally time to go deep on Deep Space Nine.

In the Star Trek universe, Deep Space Nine is not necessarily one of its brightest stars. Not because the show wasn’t as good, interesting or long-lived as the others (it ran seven seasons from 1993-1999), but because it was unlike any Star Trek property that’s come before or since.

Darker, moodier and, perhaps, more static than the rest, DS9 placed its crew in a space station that never moved. It has enjoyed less acclaim and nostalgia than the original series or Star Trek: Next Generation and sits somewhere above the short-lived Enterprise series and just below Voyager on the Star Trek interest scale. Read more…

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Trump starring in weird ads for socks and pizza? Feels like a long time ago.


Remember when Donald Trump was just a rich dude who was the host of The Apprentice, and got paid lots of money to appear on TV commercials in Australia? Feels like a lifetime ago, but it happened.

Take this 2004 ad for socks, which journalist Amy Remeikis brought back to light on Twitter recently.

It features Trump, in his own private jet, complaining about his stocks “always going down” and wanting recommendations on other companies to invest in. 

An offsider with an Australian accent remarks about his Holeproof-branded computer socks — an oddly fascinating name for hosiery — never going down. Trump mistakes what he said as “computer stocks.” Read more…

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'Legion' episode 1 recap: We all go a little mad sometimes


If you’ve suffered through enough mediocre X-Men movies to feel a general fatigue for any live action incarnations of Professor X and his lovable gang — comics fan or not — Legion is capable of changing your mind.

Legion has all the ingredients for greatness: A promising cast, a wealth of well-regarded source source material from the X-Men comics, Fargo TV series creator Noah Hawley pulling the strings as showrunner, and a home on FX, which struck creative gold with Fargo and is looking to repeat that success with a similar formula here.

The premiere episode, “Chapter 1,” signals that Fargo’s special sauce goes well on other dishes. An hour in and Legion already feels like its own little universe, one in which you might find true love on the worst day of your life and suitcases are lime green as a matter of course. Read more…

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Crunch Report | HBO NOW Passes 2 Million Subscribers

HBO NOW passes 2 million subscribers, Trident Capital Cybersecurity raises a $300 million fund, Pinterest adds new visual search features and Y Combinator now takes recommendations from anyone. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

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Leak: Trump will allow US companies to buy “conflict minerals” that fund terrorist warlords in the DRC

A leaked draft presidential memo from the Trump administration would suspend the provisions in Dodd-Frank that limit US firms in sourcing their “conflict minerals” from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the trade in these minerals provides funding to warlords who target civilian populations for campaigns of terror.

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