Day: February 10, 2017

Russia may turn Snowden over to U.S. as 'gift' to 'curry favor' with Trump (who wants to kill the NSA leaker)

U.S. intelligence officials say Russia ‘is considering’ sending Edward Snowden back to the United States as a “gift” to President Donald Trump, who has consistently referred to the NSA leaker as a “spy” and a “traitor” for whom the death penalty would be appropriate punishment.


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Payback’s a gift

Gold Gifts On the surface, many internet businesses might not have much in common; internally, we’ve converged around one single metric that’s applicable to almost all consumer and/or marketplace businesses that use paid customer acquisition. We’re sharing this metric here in the hope that founders can use it as one useful benchmark when evaluating the health and progress of their… Read More

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Stumble, Success, Stumble, Success – 11 Simple Steps to Improve Your Life

In its simplicity, life can be difficult. Then we make it more tortuous by the way we treat ourselves — feeding our minds with thoughts that reinforce the negatives.

So what can you do to focus on the positives?

Get off Facebook

Comparing your life with others’ is a sure-fire recipe for depression. Stop looking over the “neighbour’s” fence and looking at what they’ve got and you haven’t.

If you are tempted to peek, look at all the things you’ve got that they haven’t.
Our assumptions about other people are often wrong. We only see a small sliver of their lives. Their public one. The one they want to project. It’s not a complete picture.

Get on with managing your own life. Analyze the things that have gone wrong. Think about why they went wrong. Find the real reason (that’s the answer to the 5th why) and not just a good reason (the off-the-cuff answer to the 1st why).

Is there a pattern? Is there a real cause that you can tackle?

Get outside

get outside

Take a deep breath of fresh air, see the trees, and listen to the birds and insects. Relate to this world. Smell the flowers, the damp earth or the rain. Look up and marvel at the sky and the clouds.

Soak in the ever changing world you have the opportunity and privilege of experiencing.

It will have an immediate and positive effect on your mood.

Use a loving voice with yourself

Talk to yourself like you love yourself. Like a new found romance when you only see the good and positive.

Consider your life. Concede that you are in the best place you could be. Accept your failures and weaknesses as challenges and hurdles to overcome.

Admit that without pain, there would be no ultimate pleasure.

Exercise, exercise, exercise

So simple to do … so difficult to do.

Exercise releases feel good endorphins. It lowers stress and positively channels negative energy.

Be careful what you eat

Don’t diet. Eat less and less often. Be aware about what you unconsciously shovel down your throat.

Having a healthy diet can impact your mood much more profoundly than most people realize.

Talk to people who care about you

Build a positive community either in person or online.

Speak to empathetic people who listen. Hear what they say. Think about it and digest it.

Having someone who just listens often has an encouraging effect.

Volunteer-help those who are less fortunate

There’s always someone less fortunate. Often much less fortunate.

Helping others not only benefits them. It can help us feel thankful and more in touch with our positive feelings.

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Think happy

The old adage of “fake it till you make it” is filled with wisdom. Breathe deeply, pull your shoulders back, put a big smile on your face and stand proud.

Greet a stranger with a kind word or smile. Their positive response will boost your happiness.

Make sure you get enough sleep

get enough sleep

Sleeping gives your brain time to do its daily housekeeping like cleaning up the past day’s dust and residue.

If you can’t sleep, then lie quietly. Your body needs rest to repair and rejuvenate.

See Also: Get Strong, Sleep, Repeat: The Importance Of Sleeping 

Be grateful for all the simple things in life

See your glass half full. Look for opportunities.

Don’t believe the news

… unless you see it as a reality show … with loads of interpreted facts, fake news and lots of spin!!

Take life on in small steps. Improve slowly. Don’t be impatient. Most overnight success takes many years!

Enjoy the unfolding wandering … with the inevitable stumbles and the stimulating wins.


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7 Tips to Happy Coworking with Your Pets

It may surprise you to know a few facts:

There are about 80 million dogs and more than 90 million cats nice and comfy in U.S.A. homes.

According to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, 45% of people telecommute for at least part of their work week.

Now that’s a lot of mega numbers and stats to throw at you – but it only means one thing to pet parents who are trying to get work done from a home office: that one of your closest coworkers has four paws and may need a walk at lunchtime or perhaps some tuna!

If you are working from home but are having a challenging time with your pet, hopefully these tips will help you. Probably the most important “take away” to understand is that your four-footed colleagues have needs and priorities, just as anyone who is trying to reach a work deadline or land a big client does too. If you are tempted to work from home then it is important for you to understand that getting along with your pets is part of the equation.

Tip #1: Your pet belongs in the home just as you do.

If you are frustrated at your pet’s actions while you are working, realize that in some ways you have “invaded” their space. You have been the one who has been working outside of the home, going to school or who has had another routine. In other words, they are the alpha dog and you are the beta.

coworking desk with pet

Tip #2: Understand that your dog or cat has a “job” just as you do.

Now drinking out of the toilet in the middle of the day or watching traffic go by from the biggest window in the living room may not seem like the toughest job you’ve ever seen – and we certainly aren’t going to disagree with you. But your pet is doing what they’ve always done and what you love them for – being a pet and an animal! Most pets have a sense of a routine to their day and will regularly do things in the morning, mid-day and then the afternoon just as you do for your job. Now that you are working from home – your job and their “job” may have conflicts, as your pet is trying to do what they’ve always done and you, my friend, are trying to do something new. Again, you are the beta.

Tip #3: If their actions disrupt yours, how can you work with them?

You may need to help them modify behavior – or you may need to slightly modify yours if you can. Now this is one of the most helpful tips to getting along with your pet. I’ll give you an example from working from home with my cat Sammy.

Sammy was part Russian Blue, a cat breed that is known for being very social, super friendly and also extremely vocal (big meows!). I would be on the telephone with clients and they would say, “Do you need to check on that crying baby?” Most of my clients are pretty understanding about a cat, but if I was making an important call or calling a new client – I would put Sammy outside or try to call when he was going outside for awhile.

I have a new cat now, Penguin. He has a very sweet personality but I’ll admit I’m finding it frustrating that he is absolutely determined to walk straight across my keyboard when I’m typing! To modify his behavior, I’m picking him up when he starts to walk by and then patting him. It seems to me that he wants my attention because the computer and keyboard have all of my focus in that moment – and smart lil’ kitty has figured that out! So again, modifying behavior can be possible too sometimes.

Other ways to modify behavior include giving them toys to play with as a distraction, treats for a reward for good behavior, and sending them outside (like with Sammy).

Tip #4: Be proactive about phone time.

After chatting with work-at-home friends, I discovered that this is one of the top challenges they’ve faced with working with a pet. The pet is either noisy or simply wants them to be with them instead of the phone. Realize that you have made the choice to work from home and it may come with some benefits – no commute other than from your morning cup of coffee to your laptop and you can wear yoga pants all day. But your phone calls to your boss should not be interrupted by you saying every 2 minutes “Not now Pickles, walk time later! Sorry…what was that again?” Otherwise you’ll likely find yourself back in the cubicle farm and someone on the other end of Pickles’ leash!

morning routine

Tip #5: Protect your computer.

Anyone who has not dropped out of the sky from a time machine sent from 1982 or who is not a complete luddite knows that you need to have antivirus software. But that’s not at all what this is about. I’m talking about protecting it from your four-footed coworker.

Yes, there is actually software to prevent what is called “cat like typing!” So when your pet jumps up and types RFTRFTRFTRFT all over your report and then puts a hind leg on the Enter key, this lovely document will not be sent to the Corporate Office where they will wonder what you are putting in your morning coffee.

Tip #6: Listen to what your pet is saying to you when they act up.

One of the true gifts of working at home with pets is you have the opportunity to really bond with your pet, spending time with them during the day you might not have otherwise. And the two of you may need to adjust to this, as I’ve mentioned, with you needing to help them modify a bit and you doing that as well.

But if you’ve tried this in a gentle way and your dog keeps barking or your cat keeps being disruptive, it may be time to take them to the vet. It is better to have a quick vet visit to rule out other conditions, like an illness that is causing them pain or discomfort so they are acting in this way because they are uncomfortable and upset.

No one wants their pet to suffer and if there is nothing else going on, your vet may have other tips to suggest for you, ways to modify your home environment, or routine to help them as they know your specific pet.

Tip #7: Be glad you can cowork with your pet.

All joking aside, one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most about working from home is spending time with my cats. You can remind me of that in case Penguin does manage to send a funny document to a client as I help him “modify” his behavior!

Two years ago, my cat Steinbeck was diagnosed with cancer and given a month to live, if that. I was devastated but took comfort in the fact that I would be at home with him as much as possible. Stienbeck lived for four and a half months, in comfort, active and with a hearty appetite, all things that surprised his vet. “He lived to be with you,” one of my friends told me. Enjoy every day with your pets!

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Five Ways of Overcoming the Problem of Getting Sleep

Sleep. An important and inevitable physiological body function. An effortless activity in past years but an increasingly difficult one in the present day.

Many people in our contemporary society are struggling with sleep — correctly termed insomnia — in their daily lives. The lack of it has been shown by scientist to have a ripple effect on the overall productivity and health outcomes of individuals.

Sleep has increasingly become elusive partly due to tremendous changes in sleep-wake patterns and technology that has infiltrated in every human living space including bedrooms. A change in work operations has taken a more white-collar approach with the same technology making work easier through mechanization of work. The result is often people who sit behind computers and devices the whole day with minimum physical activities.

Worse still, the mobile technological gadgets evolution has hooked people onto their laptops, mobile phones, and tablets while they are traveling, dining, and even when they retire to bed. The lack of physical exhaustion and the addiction to mobile devices at bedtime has led to the steadily increasing problem of inadequate sleep.

This article will present rather unempirical solutions that will sure help in getting over the trouble of going to sleep.

Make yourself tired

get physically tired

Lack of adequate physical activity may in the long run affect your sleep pattern. Increasing your physical activity ensures your body is literally tired and leaves it craving for rest.

Ways of increasing your physical activity may include taking a jog, walking to work (for considerable distances), standing in the office (if that is allowed) and hitting the gym. Indeed, the gym is the most effective way of ensuring you crawl right home and to bed after gym. The intense exercises ensure you are exhausted, and you will find yourself falling asleep even on the couch too sleepy even to walk to bed. But hey, we want to sleep, don’t we? A shower after a physically exhausting day will ensure you sleep even before you know it.

Think about sleep

The second solution has something to do with the mind. Whenever you retire to bed and have trouble falling asleep, think about sleep. Yes, tuck warm, pull on your blankets and think about nothing else than sleep. Allow yourself to drift and fall into that pitless abyss of darkness that is sleep. Think of nothing but the darkness, the good feeling of finally relaxing and letting go of all worries. Drift in the wave of calmness and think how amazing it is to sleep. You will be in deep sleep before you know it.

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Do not sleep hungry

Hunger is no friend of sleep. From the rumbling of one’s stomach to the body’s physiological response of craving for food, a person will be preoccupied with nothing but thoughts on how they should wake up and grab something to eat.

Thus, ensure you eat your fill two hours before bed time. It also helps to have hot meals and a hot non-caffeine drink. Being full has something to do with blood pulling to the stomach to meet the demanding needs of digestion that will often leave you drowsy. This explains why many people will be sleepy in the afternoon after having a hot meal over lunch. The same is applicable during supper and may greatly help in getting sleep.

Sleep-wake pattern

Any changes in the sleep-wake pattern have also been shown to impact a person’s sleep. An unhealthy sleep pattern, such as sleeping too late into the night, may lead to the problem of insomnia.

Revisit your recent sleeping and waking hours and pinpoint any deviations. In case there are any changes, work on normalizing them by ascribing to your usual hours. This may not be instantaneous, but it works over time.

Avoid staying up late and ensure you get at least the recommended 7 hours of sleep well within the night. Put your phone in silent mode, disconnect from the Internet, and disable notification alerts that may ultimately interrupt your sleep.

See Also: Sleep Adjustment: Why the Early Bird Gets the Worm 

Let yourself get bored in bed

get bored in bed

Lastly, wild as it may sound, allow yourself to get bored in bed. By this, I mean do not use your phone at the first sign of insomnia. Once you take your phone and start chatting or simply surfing the internet, sleep becomes even more elusive. This also means staying away from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Instead, allow yourself to drift into your thoughts, fantasize about things, and also allow yourself to drift in your imaginings. Reminiscing and trying to recall childhood memories in surreal states also helps. This is one of the most effortless yet very effective ways of finding sleep when insomnia strikes.

In conclusion, the methods presented in this paper may not be scientific or empirical, but they sure do work great. Having ascribed to them personally, I can assure you that you will be asleep sooner than you expect.

Ensure you get physically exhausted by doing simple things like taking a walk in the evening or going to the gym. Once you get to bed, think about sleep and allow yourself to drift into space. Avoid going to bed hungry and lastly, do not be afraid of getting bored in bed. This will mean ditching your gadgets including mobile phones and laptops and embracing the serenity of the night calm.

Using these methods will ensure that insomnia becomes a thing of the past and staying up at night will become your new challenge. That is what we want, don’t we? Go ahead and fall asleep.


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Even Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter shared this Facebook post about how to resist Trump


“Don’t use his name.”

That’s the first bit of advice given in a viral Facebook post listing 11 tips on how to resist the new president.

It has a hopeful, positive tone, advising people to challenge Donald Trump as peacefully as possible, enlisting a powerful John Lennon quote to get the point across: “When it gets down to using violence, then you are playing the system’s game.” 

On Wednesday, the mysterious post — which has no publicly identified author (yet) —got a major boost from Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Read more…

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Wow, this gang of squirrel monkey babies is very adorable


Babies are usually adorable, but these infant squirrel monkeys are absolutely going to steal your heart.

Four of these cute little guys have recently been born at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, with the youngest born only as recently as Jan. 10 and the eldest was born on Dec. 20.

“It’s a very exciting time for the family group of 17 Squirrel Monkeys. We are starting to see the older babies venturing off mum’s back and exploring the trees and ropes, and being very playful together,” primate keeper Janet Lackey said in a statement. Read more…

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Stop everything and look at this Instagrammer's incredibly surreal ocean snaps


God bless Instagram. 

Case in point — the work of photographer Warren Keelan, a master of the still image whose snaps will have you looking at the ocean in a whole new light.

Keelan is based in Wollongong, Australia, and has been a photographer for years, chalking up a number of awards. To take the snaps, Keelan paddles out into the ocean on a surfboard, often at unfriendly times of the day and in inhospitable temperatures.

“The hardest bit is getting out of bed knowing I have got a wet wetsuit to put on in freezing cold winter and then swimming out in the dark by myself off the beach waiting for the sun to come up,” he said in an interview with the Illawarra Mercury. Read more…

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Like Steph Curry, The Rock isn't happy Under Armour's CEO praised Trump


First NBA star Steph Curry. Then badass ballerina Misty Copeland. Now … The Rock. 

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank started quite a fire with some of his company’s most prominent business partners by praising Donald Trump

After Plank called Trump a “real asset to the country” on Tuesday, backlash from consumers online was vehement

Then it got worse for Plank. 

On Wednesday, Curry said he agreed with Plank — “if you remove the et.” He also said he wouldn’t be afraid to walk away from his major Under Armour endorsement contract if he felt he had no other moral option. On Thursday, Copeland — the first black principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre — posted her own powerful rebuttal of Plank’s praise.  Read more…

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Artist fights street harassment through photos depicting Goddesses


It’s ironic that men who worship female deities would harass women. But that’s exactly what one Malaysian artist is fighting against through a photo series depicting Hindu Goddesses. 

Ruby Subramaniam created the photo series in response to a Facebook group that was set up to threaten Hindu women with spray paint, should they be “inappropriately dressed” during Thaipusam. 

Thaipusam is a festival of devotion, where Hindus commemorate the occasion when the Hindu Goddess Parvati gives the Hindu God of war Murugan a spear, to vanquish an evil demon. The festival is celebrated in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and Sri Lanka on the full moon day of the Tamil month of Thai. Read more…

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Crunch Report: Twitter’s Ad Revenue Stalls

Today’s Stories 

Twitter’s advertising business is stalling
Zenefits is laying off 45% of its workforce
Airbnb is buying Luxury Retreats for around $200M
Facebook can now replace your weather app
The Analogue Nt Mini is the perfect NES console for video game lovers

Written and hosted by: Anthony Ha
Edited by: Joe Zolnoski
Filmed by: Matthew Mauro
Teleprompter: Tomas… Read More

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