Day: February 14, 2017

Cannabis bouquet delivery service

In Los Angeles, Lowell Farms offered a limited number of lovely cannabis floral bouquets for delivery today, Valentine’s Day. The price was $400/ounce. The Lowell Farms site still shows the bouquet on their front page with an email address to place your order so perhaps this fine gift will continue to be available!

(via LA Weekly)

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Harrison Ford has near miss with passenger plane

Movie star and aviation buff Harrison Ford had another close call in one of his private planes. Landing his Husky at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA he mistakenly landed on a taxi way, and nearly missed a passenger plane.

Via NBC:

Ford, 74, was captured on air traffic control recordings asking, “Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?”

Air traffic controllers then informed Ford that he had landed on a taxiway rather than the runway.

Landing on a taxiway is a violation of Federal Aviation Administration safety rules.

The FAA told NBC News that controllers gave Ford the proper landing instructions and that he read them back.

The incident has prompted an FAA investigation — which could result in anything from a simple warning letter to a suspension of Ford’s pilot’s license.

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How To Find Inspiration After A Big Failure

I am sure that you have heard the saying that if you have never failed at anything, then you never tried anything. This saying is quite true. Ask the big captains of industry and the inventors of things that changed the face of humanity, and they will tell you how they kept moving from failure to failure. I certainly agree with those who say that the real challenge is not in falling, rather it is in your ability to rise up after every failure.

Learning to deal with failure is not something you start learning when you are an adult. It is actually something you have to learn especially while you are still going to college. This is the reason why I am starting this article by looking at the common instances of failure while you are still in school and college. I have also looked at rejection when you apply for a place in college or a job. You will certainly be glad to hear that when you fail, you are not the first and you will certainly not be the last.

Failure In College

failure in college

I still remember when I arrived in college for the first time. It had not yet dawned on me that college was a lot different from high school. No one had told me that essay-writing in college is something which requires research and diligence. I just thought that I would use my natural intelligence and everything would be fine.

I was in for a rude awakening. For the first time in my life, I got a mark below 50%. However, this never happened again as one of my professors took the time to give me pointers. As you can see, it was through failure that I discovered a very important lesson.


Another big failure for many students in college is being expelled. While I was in college, two of my friends were expelled; one for failing to hand over the minimum number of assignments for a given semester and another one for presenting work of another student as his own. My friend actually thought that since the assignments were going to be marked by different professors, they would not see that the work was the same.

He was wrong. The college was now using a new system where all assignments were checked for plagiarism. In the event that another assignment had already been submitted to this system, if you attempted to submit another one which is the same, the system would flag it. His biggest problem was that even when he had been caught, he refused to accept that he had done something wrong. So he was put before a disciplinary committee which found him guilty.

Rejected College Application

Another big source of disappointment for many college students is when they fail to get space in a college that they want to go to. There is usually more competition when it comes to getting into really good colleges. Many more people are rejected at such colleges than are accepted. I do not think that this should be viewed as a failure at all. It is not about the college you go to but rather your character and what you can do with your degree. I would rather work with someone who went to a lesser known college but has a great work ethic than someone who has been to the Ivy League with a wrong attitude.

A Job Taken By Someone Else

job interview

Only after leaving college do you see that it is a jungle out there. Sooner rather than later, those expectations of a corner office with air conditioning start to fade away with each regret letter you get from the employers of your choice. It is easy to start thinking that maybe something is wrong with you. Well, nothing is wrong with you, there are millions of other graduates competing for the same job and the very same corner office you have in your imagination.

Sometimes, you know that the job was going to be yours if it had not been stolen by someone who already knows someone else in the company. You feel hurt because you know you could do a great job if you had been given the chance.

Tips On Finding Inspiration After Failing

The good thing about failure is that it is actually not the end. You can use the following tips to find inspiration after failure.

Accept Your Weaknesses. Every human being has weaknesses. The first thing you need to do after failing is to accept that it has happened to you because failure happens to human beings. Accepting this helps you to accept that this is not a reflection of your life as a whole. It is just a temporary setback.

Accept That Everyone Fails. Show me anyone who has never failed in their lives and I will show you someone who has never lifted a finger. Everybody has had experience of failure before. This should comfort you.

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Accept That You Are In Control. When you are expelled from college, when your application is rejected, or when someone else takes a job you thought was yours, it is easy to blame others for it. When you stop the blame game and take responsibility, you are growing. It helps you to address any deficiencies you may have.

See The Lesson. The biggest thing you can take from failure is the lesson it has taught you. This gives you a chance to examine your life. It gives you a chance to introspect. If there are any weaknesses you need to address, you will only be able to see them after doing this soul searching. There are many lessons I would never have learned if I had not failed.

Pain Helps You Grow. You will find inspiration if you accept that the pain you get from failure helps you to grow. There are certain things you will not understand until you have had a chance to live them. For example, you would not know what it feels like to lose a job unless you had lost one before. We only learn the feeling of losing a loved one after we have lost a loved one. That is the essence of life.

It Gives Material For Stories. If you have ever listened to a story about how someone succeeded against the odds, you are essentially listening to a story about failure. The reason why the story is moving you is because someone has learned from the failures of their lives.

See Also: Why The Road to Success is Always Full of Failures 

Failure should never be considered as something permanent. It only becomes permanent if you allow it to defeat you. It’s something that happens to all human beings who have ambitions. If we look at the lessons we can learn from our failure, we will soon realize that in order to succeed, we have to be prepared to fail. It should never be seen as the end, but rather the beginning of a new way of looking at life.


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5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Swift

Swift, as many of you would know, is the programming language for iOS developed by Apple after Objective-C. Swift was launched approximately two years back and it was an instant hit among the iPhone app development services. With a few new releases and version updates, Swift has been able to swiftly and effortlessly replace its predecessor—the Objective-C. Due to the ease of use, it is the first choice made by professionals who offer iPhone app development services.

When I personally started using Swift, it took some time before I got accustomed to it. But then, the more I worked on it, the more I grew fond of it.

In this blog, I will focus on the top 5 reasons why I fell in love with Swift:



Swift has a lot of features that provide ease, flexibility, and liberty to be creative. In terms of ease and flexibility, Swift offers short and adept syntax and community support. In terms of liberty, Swift lets you create your own extensions and share them across the community for all associated members. Swift lets you learn by making use of the integrated playground that is your medium to experiment and create new things.

Easy to Learn

Another feature why I fell in love with Swift is its adaptability and easy-to-learn feature. Basic knowledge and working module can be learnt through online videos posted by advance developers.

These posted videos provide some specific ideas on how to go about Swift. The learning is also easy because of Apple’s stringent procedure of approving its product therefore the videos which are posted on Apple’s official eBook can be truly relied on. Swift users are also givers — givers in the sense that they provide details about their hard work and process. By sharing, they make life easier for amateur Swift users.


swift playground

The best part of Swift is that it is futuristic. This feature makes Swift the most used language by developers because it of its ability to solve any task. Swift is in-built with ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) which allows Swift to give proper results by guessing the searched words similar to Google’s auto-complete feature for word searches. It is perhaps the only language which can be used simultaneously with Objective-C.

Swift Development

Swift is really swift. It is perhaps the fastest among all the programming languages. However, it requires iOS 7 or macOS10.9 versions. With the use of Swift, you receive fast results which enable you to overcome any problem in the development stage. It is a huge time-saver.


Many programming languages struggle in debugging during development. iPhone app development services providers take utmost precaution to overcome such instances. In contrast, Swift has the ability to debug in the process of development. With use of real eval print loop (REPL), it is easily to debug scripts. Swift is therefore considered to be ideal for quality system programming language.


With Swift, there are immense opportunities and a lot of those rely on your skills. If you are a Swift fan, share your knowledge and the reasons you prefer Swift as your programming language.


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3 Tips to Build Perfect Relationship with your Spouse

Falling deep in love is a feeling similar to soaring with eagles. However, an unhealthy relationship can bring you straight to the ground. Initially, two people love each other deeply and they are so much in love that the entire world glows and glimmers. But this perfection might soon give way to ups and downs even if you are having a healthy relationship.

Marriage seems to be the eventual bond between two people. It is a vow made to love each other for better or for worse. But there comes a point in your marriage where you feel that you have to improve your relationship with your spouse.

Relationships require commitment and work. By putting in some understanding, patience and effort, you can definitely build the perfect relationship with your spouse.

Here are 3 marriage advice to help you through rough patches.

Work on Communication

relationship communication

Couples who have been together for a very long time tend to take various things for granted. There are times when you have your spouse telling you that he or she is getting bothered about something that you have been doing. However, you might not see it as a very big deal since you have been living together for a very long time.

You must understand that little things do add up. When you have your partner feeling unheard or invalidated, this can result in bigger intimacy and trust problems in the near future. Try listening to your spouse and take his or her statements seriously.

You must work on solving relationship problems either together or alone. But at the same time, you need to ensure that you take the concerns of your partner seriously. Address the requirements of your partner. Know what your partner wants and put in good effort in working together on finding a compromise.

Spend Time with your Partner

Quality time is the time that you unconditionally reserve for your partner. No matter what the circumstances are, it is your duty to reserve quality time for your better half. Try listening to each other and make him or her feel special by not answering calls from other people while spending time together.

Watch each other, sit together, and enjoy the time that you spend together. You must do this at least once during the week for thirty to sixty minutes.

Also, it is important that you do not yell at your partner even if you are at your emotional high during an argument. Yelling will do nothing but spoil your relationship. You will either have your partner yelling at you or becoming fearful of you.

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Be Honest and Open with Each Other

honest relationship

Honesty is one of the most important elements of a healthy relationship and this is especially true for marriage couples. It is important for you to feel that your spouse is trustworthy and your better half should also feel the same way.

Openness and honesty extend beyond being truthful. It also means addressing something frankly and not withholding any kind of information. You should never lie to your spouse. Even small lies can result in arguments and resentment.

Try opening up and allow yourself to be vulnerable with your better half. Your spouse must know your secret dreams and hopes, your fears and various other things that are kept hidden in your heart.

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Building the perfect relationship with your partner is all about building trust and fostering a very strong sense of affection and intimacy.

Remember, every step does count in trying to build a healthy relationship.


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John Oliver is so over Obama after those kitesurfing pictures


John Oliver doesn’t pull metaphorical punches, even when it comes to former U.S. President Barack Obama. 

The late night comedian, who was the main guest on Seth Meyers’ Late Night show, reacted to Meyers’ mockery that during his two months off he was disengaging from the news and “kicking back” on a beach sipping on piña coladas while President Donald Trump brought wreckage to the country. 

“I’m not sure I’ve ever ‘kicked back’ in my life,” Oliver laughed, before launching an unexpected tirade against Obama for living his best life on holiday with Virgin billionaire Richard Branson on his private island.  Read more…

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Finally, funeral wreaths get a chance to be V-Day flowers too


This is for the one you can’t live without.

A florist in Manila has released an odd set of Valentine’s Day funeral wreaths. Naturally, they’re meant to be sent with declarations of love, peppered with puns about death:

Two of Saint Jo Flowers' offerings.

Two of Saint Jo Flowers’ offerings.

Image: Saint Jo Flowers/Facebook

Puns like “I’m dying to see you” and “You have a killer smile.”

The line of “bouquets” is sold by Saint Jo’s Flowers, which is calling them “Pamatay na Valentine’s Flowers” (or roughly, Cutthroat Valentine’s Flowers). 

They carry witty lines in Tagalog and English and are shaped like mini funeral wreaths, at 1 foot (30cm) tall.  Read more…

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Tom Hardy reading a bedtime story is about to break the internet


LONDON — If you like bedtime stories, dogs, and Tom Hardy — and let’s be honest, what kind of monster doesn’t like all of those things? — then you’re going to want to keep 6:50 p.m. GMT on Tuesday free.

Basically, Hardy is going to be reading a bedtime story on British kids’ TV network CBeebies.

Here’s the trailer, in all its glory:

“Cloud spotting with a best friend is definitely more enjoyable,” smiles Hardy in the clip, sat on a blanket and surrounding by stuffed bears. “Especially if your best friend is a dog.” Read more…

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Here's how to get certified as an Amazon Web Services administrator

Managing servers is complex and expensive—that’s why countless businesses have switched to Amazon Web Services over in-house infrastructure. With so much demand for this cloud platform, mastery of AWS administration has become a valuable skill set. This Certification Training course can be your first step towards proficiency.

This extensive course packs everything you need to know about the AWS Management Console in just 7 hours of instructional video. You’ll learn all the necessary terminology and capabilities of Amazon’s Storage and Computing options to help make the right hosting choices for applications and organizations. As you progress, you’ll deploy two actual projects with managed services like the Amazon Relational Database, and test your accumulated knowledge with simulated certification exams.

AWS expertise will continue to be a critical need for any cloud-embracing businesses for the foreseeable future, and for a limited time, you can get the Amazon Web Services Technical Certification Training for 86% off—just $39 for 12 months of access.

Explore other Best-Sellers in our store:

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Why I'm celebrating female friendship this Valentine's Day


I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been in love. Those occasions have brought great joy, and even greater heartbreak. But the one form of love that’s been a constant in my life is platonic love. This Valentine’s Day I’ll be celebrating the constancy of that particular love. It might sound sad to some people, but I couldn’t be happier about it.   

I won’t be lamenting my lack of a boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be celebrating the women in my life who’ve laughed with me (and at me); who’ve listened to my rants without judgement; and who’ve given me words of support and encouragement when things were really shit. Female friendship has been more meaningful than all of my toe-dips in romantic love.  Read more…

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India just can't make enough rules about playing the national anthem at the movies


India continues to scramble for ways to use the national anthem to instil a “sense of committed patriotism and nationalism” in its citizens.

In November, the Supreme Court of India ordered movie theaters to play the national anthem before each screening. People are also required to stand up when the national anthem is being played. 

As one would expect, the ruling wasn’t received with open arms by many Indians. The move came after Narayan Chouksey, 78, filed a petition, saying that watching people not respect the national anthem hurt him “very badly”. Read more…

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Facebook message this chatbot to know how to hit on a woman with respect


Valentine’s Day can certainly be empowering too.

A woman in Singapore has created a feminist wingman in the form of a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Message the Feminist Wingbot and it’ll deliver a stream of pick-up lines for that lady you’d like to deliver a pick-up line to — in a respectful way.

The bot aims to help people “impress that feminist in your life” by providing these empowering pick-up lines, complete with relevant gifs:

The chatbot was created by Dillah Zakbah, resident creative technologist at Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s Singapore office. Read more…

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How I, Bridget Trump, became a Valentine's Day sex goddess


Note from the Editor: You may already heard of the v, v important political parody Bridget Trump? The love child of Donald Trump and Bridget Jones has been gathering fans around the world with her hilarious tweets that are remarkably similar to a certain businessman turned POTUS. 

The brainchild of British comic Tiff Stevenson, Bridget Trump, is obviously very, very busy. Miraculously she found the time to share a Valentine’s diary entry with us. Here’s how it went:

February 13th

Gah! Another year of Valentine’s Day humiliation. No way will I get any cards. Toy with the idea of flirting energetically with anyone I think might be induced into sending me one, but dismiss as immoral. Instead I put the phone down on Malcolm Turnbull, fire off a couple of executive orders and listen to Elton John.  Read more…

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Model Asian toddler knows to take off her Barbie's shoes before they go into the house


This has got to be a shoe-in for cutest, most Asian thing ever.

4-year-old Korra Lam who lives in California has been taking off her Barbie and Ken’s shoes before they get to go into the Barbie Dream House.

Her half-sister, 16-year-old Ivy Ho, tweeted pictures of the well-disciplined toddler when she realised what she was doing: 


— ivy (@ivaayz) February 12, 2017

Ivy told Buzzfeed that she thought it was funny to point it out, because she noticed that most of her Asian friends habitually take their shoes off when they’re home, but “not many of (her) non-Asian friends do.” Read more…

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Yes, Hillary Clinton tweeted about the end of Michael Flynn. Yes, it was glorious.


Hillary Clinton only puts down the cheese platter and logs off Netflix for special occasions these days (she deserves a break). And today was special.

White House national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned late Monday after reports emerged that he mislead the administration about his talks with Russia before Donald Trump even took office. We won’t got into it here, but it’s juicy.

Needless to day, Twitter enjoyed itself. After all, Flynn was trotted out regularly on the campaign trail to harangue Clinton about her email scandal, accusing the Democratic candidate of thinking she was above the law. And now, well. Read more…

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Make rules, not love? Pakistan bans Valentine's Day for being un-Islamic


All is fair in love and war. Or may be not. 

A Pakistan court on Monday banned Valentine’s Day celebrations across the country “with immediate effect,” the Press Trust of India reported.

The order was issued by the Islamabad High Court on hearing a petition submitted by a citizen who claimed that Valentine’s Day was not a part of Muslim tradition and its promotions on mainstream and social media should be banned.

A circular was also doing the rounds on social media. 

Pakistan’s High Court not only bans Valentine’s Day but tells media to not publish anything about

— Natasha Fatah (@NatashaFatah) February 14, 2017 Read more…

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Disney cuts ties with PewDiePie, YouTube’s top star, over anti-Semitic clips

PewDiePie Disney has cut ties with YouTube’s most popular star after he posted a series of videos featuring anti-Semitic clips and messages. PewDiePie has 53 million subscribers on YouTube, is part of original content network YouTube Red, and is affiliated with Disney’s MakerStudios brand, where he has his own network. But that latter relationship is now over after the Wall Street… Read More

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Amazon launches Chime, a video conferencing and communications service for business

Amazon corporate office building in Sunnyvale, California (Photo: Lisa Werner/Moment Mobile/Getty Images) Amazon has taken the wraps off of its own Skype competitor. Chime is a new video conferencing and communications from AWS that’s focused on business users. Beyond VoIP calling and video messaging, Chime includes virtual meetings, allowing users to host or join a remote meeting through the service. Pricing starts at $2.50 per user per month on the lowest end, with a higher tier plan… Read More

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Despite Trump's vow to kill ACA, the American Cancer Society held annual fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago

Jonathan Peltz at the Miami New Times: “’Donald Trump’ and ‘protecting patients’ access to health care’ are two phrases that aren’t generally associated with each other. But that fact didn’t seem to bother the American Cancer Society (ACS), which hosted its fundraiser Rock Palm Beach at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago [on February 10].”


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Amazon hints at Prime sales in latest filing

amzn-feature Amazon Prime has driven growth for the e-commerce company for years now. But Amazon has traditionally been cagey about disclosing too many details regarding the popular service. In a 10-K filing summarizing performance throughout 2016, the business did something that drew the attention of Wall Street analysts. It designated a category entitled “retail subscription services”… Read More

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The day the infotainment died

Infiniti Q60 infotainment I wanted to review the 2017 Infiniti Q60 Red sports coupe, in particular its technology, because Infiniti is usually ahead of the curve when it comes to tech. This was my second test of the Q60; I’d had it in November 2016 for a few days but felt I hadn’t had the chance to explore all of its connected services. So I got another full week with it in February 2017.
The Q60 drove great. Read More

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Trump team warned by Justice Dept. 'weeks ago' Flynn was vulnerable to Russia blackmail

Sally Q. Yates is looking more like a hero each day. Before she was fired by Donald Trump, the then-acting attorney general told the incoming administration in late January that she believed then-NatSec-advisor General Michael Flynn “had misled senior administration officials about the nature of his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States, and warned that the national security adviser was potentially vulnerable to Russian blackmail.”

The Washington Post reported the story just hours before Flynn resigned in disgrace.


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Blood Orange French 75 Cocktail

Blood Orange French 75 Cocktail

Valentine’s Day just begs to be celebrated with something red and bubbly, right?

Enter one of my favorite cocktails—the classic French 75—but instead of using lemon juice, we infuse the drink with something to make it brilliant pinkish red—blood orange.

So pretty! And just as lovely to drink as the original, if not more so.

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