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6 Interview Hacks That Are Sure To Land You The Job

Interviewing for jobs is a stressful but unavoidable part of most people’s lives. Whether you are looking for your first job or looking to move up the corporate ladder, it is important that you nail the interview so that you can land that coveted job.

When you ask someone for tips on how to make an impression during an interview, everyone will give you a different answer. They are all helpful, but we wanted to make a short and sweet list of the best hacks to focus on.

If you can get these right, you are sure to land the job!

Research The Company Before You Arrive

company research

Companies are more and more interested in making sure that you know the company you are joining. You don’t need to know everything about them, but you should know how long they have been in business, any key clients, and maybe even some of the directors. This will show them that you are geniunely interested and invested and are willing to do the extra few minutes of work to make a great impression.

It is also a great idea to do a little research on the company’s current projects and events. If you can walk in the door and tell them that you would be a great help with their current project because you have certain experience, they will eat it up.

Know Your Resume Like The Back Of Your Hand

Your resume is all that your interviewers know about you when you walk through the door. It is a safe bet that they are going to probe and question a good portion of what you have written in your resume. Make sure that you really know what you are talking about if you claim that you are an expert.

The company interviewing you is looking to make sure that you can speak intelligently on the topics you claim to know. Don’t take offense to that. They are just ensuring that you can come in and do the job that you applied for.

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Know What The Position Requires

Study the job description before you arrive so that you fully understand what they are looking for. Being armed with this knowledge is a huge benefit because you can tailor your answers to show that you are exactly what they are looking for. If they are looking for someone who can lead a team, make sure that you talk about leadership skills and examples of times when you led others to accomplish a goal in the past.

Aim To Show Up 30 Minutes Early

Remember that you are going somewhere you probably haven’t been before, so leave yourself time to get lost. You never know when you are going to make a wrong turn or find a closed road. You aren’t going to show up for a flight to the Bahamas right on time, so don’t do it during an interview. If you feel that you are way too early, you can always wait in the car!

Make A Great First Impression

good impression

I’m sure that everyone knows this by now, but first impressions are everything in an interview. Make sure that you start off with a firm handshake, eye contact, and a smile. A first impression starts the interview off on a good foundation that you can build on.

Be Yourself

Make sure that you be yourself throughout the interview. Don’t try and be someone else just to get the job because it will just bite you in the behind later. If you are not right for the position and team, you want to know that from the start. You don’t want to discover that four months into the position!

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How To Avoid A Content Crisis When Your Deadline Is Looming

Have you ever found yourself in front of your computer just staring at your screen? Worse, your calendar is showing a looming deadline. It could be for a project or proposal at school, or it may be for a business brief or marketing plan at work. Whatever the situation is, you need to write, and you have to do it fast. There’s only one problem: your mind decides to go blank right when you need it the most.

How do you write with the speed of light without sacrificing the level of quality you produce? Here are few tricks and tools that will help you do that.

Tips for Avoiding a Content Crisis: How to Write Faster and Better at the Same Time

The key to writing fast is getting your mind to work faster. You cannot force yourself to write the content ASAP, but you can inspire yourself to do so. There’s a huge difference between pressure and inspiration, and you’ll understand it as soon as you start working on your self-confidence.

Here are few tips to help you with that:

Get ready before you start writing

prepare writing equipments

What do you need to finish this writing project?

  • Your laptop/desktop computer
  • Pen and paper for taking notes
  • Tons of research
  • A fresh cup of coffee

Take everything you need and organize your desk. Then, start the research process. You need enough facts and data from relevant sources to support your arguments. That’s the only way towards a believable piece of content.

The research process may take a significant portion of your time, but it’s worth it. Once you have the information you need, you’ll go through the writing stages with ease.

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Don’t worry about making each sentence brilliant

When you try too hard to write perfect content, you block your ideas because you pay too much attention to every single sentence. Just let go! Set your ideas free. Try to connect them in a logical content flow and write away.

Remember all those grammar rules your English teachers taught you? You are already a natural so you don’t need to think about them as you write.

“Do I use passive in this sentence? Wait, I read an article that said passive was not okay. But it really works in this case. What do I do?” That’s the perfect recipe for getting stuck.

Many great writers will tell you they did their best work under pressuring deadlines. Why? – Because they didn’t think too much about polishing out the sentences.

Take some time to brainstorm and write as your ideas flow in your head. You’ll edit once you finish the first draft. That’s when you’re supposed to think about fixing the grammar and style.

Set expectations. Make them realistic!

How fast can you write? You can speed up the process, but you cannot go too far beyond your limits. You can’t write an entire Ph.D. dissertation in a day… that’s an unrealistic goal. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many days or hours do you have before the deadline?
  • How much of that time can you devote to research and writing?
  • What daily tasks can you sacrifice for the sake of this project?

When you have the answers, make a plan. Organize your time in a way that helps you write as much content as possible within the limited time you have. When you have the progressive steps marked in your calendar, the goal will seem achievable, and you’ll relieve yourself from a huge load of stress.

Don’t skip the outline

It doesn’t matter how close the deadline is; writing an outline is never a waste of time. Once you have a general idea about the project you’re supposed to submit, give it shape. Plan every single thing you’re going to write in the introduction, body, and conclusion of the content.

The outline will speed up the writing process because you’ll already be aware of the logical flow you want to achieve.


writing focus

When you have a deadline to meet, something inside is telling you to organize all your clothes by color, clean the entire kitchen, or polish the silver. Any task seems urgent, but don’t fall victim to the tricks your mind plays on you.

If you really want to write that content by the due date, you need to glue yourself to your seat and work on it. Leave your phone in another room. Block all distracting websites. Tell everyone you need to stay alone and focus on the task you have to complete.

You can give yourself short breaks after each milestone you achieve. For example, you can take a coffee or a healthy snack after two hours of devoted work.

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Tools that Help You Write Fast

When you think about the tools you need to write that piece ASAP, it may occur to you that you only need a computer and a notebook. Well, that’s not the case. There are great online tools that can help you work faster.

  1. Pinterest

You didn’t expect this one, did you? Although Pinterest looks like nothing more than a mainstream tool for trendsetters, it’s perfect for collecting online sources. Create a private board and collect all important online publications there. Then, you’ll easily access them and you’ll always know where your ideas came from.

  1. AdBlock or LeechBlock

These browser extensions (for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox respectively) will prevent you from wasting time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other distracting websites. Adjust the settings and make sure to block all social media sites and forums that usually tempt you.

3. Quora

Do you have any dilemmas about the issue you elaborate? Post a specific question on Quora. You’ll get answers by knowledgeable people, who will give you fresh ideas related to your topic.

4. Google Calendar

This is the ultimate organization tool for writing projects. When you plan all steps that drive you towards successful completion, the goal will seem achievable and you’ll start writing with greater self-confidence. Make sure to plan the stages of completion in your calendar and follow them as precisely as possible.

Are you ready to tackle the next writing challenge? Take a deep breath and start working on it!


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First Day at Work? How to Make a Good Impression

Your job interview is over and you are confidently getting ready for your first day at work. But now it’s time to make sure you can make a good impression on everyone – your management, co-workers, and other team members you are going to work with.

Why does it even matter, you might ask. Because every company expects to hire not just good professionals, but also good team players who will gladly acquire new skills, show enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate.

A good first impression is not just about being good in someone’s eyes. It will help you achieve the following:

– Undeniably successful trial period
– Friendly and easy-going relationship with other team members
– Easier conflict management in a team
– Faster promotion to higher positions and salary rise
– More trust from the management
– Better reputation at your workplace
– Higher job satisfaction

Now let’s see what you can do to make it happen.

Look Professional

Your clothes can tell a lot about you. No matter what job you have, too informal clothes might create an unfavorable impression about you. If you are going to deal with clients, you’d better wear some formal clothes. If not, it’s enough to find a good combination of formal and casual styles.

Try to remember what others were wearing when you came for a job interview. It will reduce your confusion a bit. Make sure that your makeup, accessories, and clothes reflect the image of a professional career person.

Be Open to New Knowledge

be open to new knowledge

Every employer expects to find candidates with the appetite for new skills and expertise. Don’t ever say that it’s not your job to do something.

Don’t leave the workplace as soon as your workday ends. Stay for a few minutes or even for an hour longer to show you are really interested in your new job.

Ask questions whenever you are unsure about something. Keeping yourself from asking questions may lead to misunderstandings later on and you might end up re-doing some of your work.

If your managers assign more materials for you to read in order for you to get to know your job and the company better, welcome this opportunity instead of complaining. You can even ask for more advice on honing your skills, or finding really useful literature and resources. Employers take note when they see employees making an effort.

Become a Part of the Company

Emergencies and deadlines are usual things. You might face them on the very first day at work. If you do, remember that it is not anyone else who has to deal with them. Show your willingness to help, especially if you have the necessary skills.

If you are asked to stay at work for a bit longer, don’t show your unwillingness and dissatisfaction. Your company’s success is your success and your company’s failure is your failure. You need to show that you care not just about job responsibilities, but also about the company as a whole.

If there is an opportunity, introduce your creative ideas into everything you are involved in, be it a project or upcoming entertainment event. As a new employee, there will be situations where you do not have the big picture yet but many employers will appreciate hearing fresh ideas and new takes.

Avoid Gossiping

avoid gossiping

You might notice that some of your coworkers spend a lot of time gossiping, browsing the web or simply chatting non-stop. It doesn’t mean it’s appropriate in this company and you should do the same. Just do your job as you have to. If this chatting distracts you, just put on headphones and concentrate on your work.

While some gossipers might consider you a nerd, your managers will appreciate your focus on your job. As you are a fresher, your progress will be strictly monitored. You might even be asked at the end of the day to show what you’ve done. Every minute of gossiping and chatting will make your results look poorer.

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That’s not to say you really have to be an antisocial nerd. Build a friendly relationship with other team members during lunchtime or short tea breaks. Engage them on “safe” and positive topics like leisure activities within the company, their job responsibilities, and the most interesting projects. Avoid speaking badly about your former job. Be friendly and optimistic.

Mind Your Time

Being late is a bad habit that says a lot about you. Make sure you get to your workplace on time, especially if the schedule is not flexible. Take traffic and other factors into account to make sure you are there when the workday starts. Otherwise, it might say a lot about your inability to meet deadlines or respect company rules.

Time is also important when you are given certain tasks during the day. Do your best to do all them in time. If you are falling behind on a task, inform your manager and ask for more time. Similarly, if you finish ahead of time, inform your manager that you are already finished and ready to move on to the next task. It will say a lot about how responsible you are and that you don’t feel comfortable wasting your time at work.

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Often, people’s first impressions depend largely on personality types. However, the rest is still in your hands. You already succeeded when your resume passed a stringent screening process and when you aced your job interview. The first days of work, however, is the time to prove that your employers made the right choice when they hired you. Just remember how easier it will be for you to build your career, deal with coworkers, and simply enjoy your new job if you make a positive impression.


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3 Steps To Effective Change Management

Have you ever watched the movie Moneyball?

The lead character Billy Beane, played by Brad Pitt, pressed forward in his plans to re-create the Oakland A’s baseball team. He pursued this goal with a single-minded determination, stating continuously, “It’s a process, It’s a process.”

Billy understood that in deconstructing the old way of doing things, you create the potential to build a new way. The story of Billy Beane is an example of how a systematic process can change the way you play the game. Following through from beginning to end is the key.

Research from Prosci indicates that “projects with excellent change management effectiveness are six times more likely to meet or exceed project objectives.” Completing the process improves not only the bottom line. It also builds trust and maintains continuity within the organization, thus reducing chaos within the organization.

Three Steps to Create an Effective Plan for Change

Use these steps as a template to create any new plan or goal. Change introduces the opportunity for an intentional plan that keeps the process moving forward.

These three steps may seem simple, but one misstep in any part of the process fractures the flow of the work. How many times have you seen a plan fall apart because there was no follow through on the goals?


The first step in any process for change begins with an awareness of the situation. Awareness can come in many forms: the awareness that something needs to change, an awareness that there is a problem, or even an awareness that something just does not feel right.

As Claire Hartman, President of First Community Title in Temple, TX stated, “There was something I needed to work on from a professional standpoint, but I wasn’t sure how to get there. It was also personal. I could tell something was a little broken, but I couldn’t figure out how or what it was or even conceive how to look for what it was. It was a gut feeling. I didn’t know where to go.”

Awareness generates an opening for change.

Once you have created an awareness for change, then you start to look at the broader view and the available options. I sometimes call this the fantasyland view because, now, all things are possible.

Fantasyland view equals brainstorming. You explore all the possibilities, even the ones outside of your comfort zone. If you don’t expand your awareness of opportunities and issues, then you may miss options that change the way you accomplish business for the better.

Categorize both facts, which are verifiable and expectations, which are personal/organizational beliefs of what one wishes were true. The activity of awareness moves you into the second part, which is words.


Words allows you to start putting form to fantasy. Words offer a place in the process where judgments of good or bad, or right or wrong do not exist. Talk about or write out all the possibilities that began to emerge with the first step of awareness. Confirm verifiable facts versus beliefs, which may differ from person to person within the group. With words, you create a plan for what you want to do and how you want to proceed.

management words

The second phase offers individuals the opportunity to discuss ideas and encourages creativity or innovation. If the words, “We have always done it that way” are uttered in this step, then you may need to take yourself or others in the group back to the awareness stage.

Fantasyland narrows into feasible options for what you want to accomplish and how you are going to achieve these changes. You may set goals and timelines so that there is a systematic approach to the changes. You also set rules for engagement to help keep the focus on the plan, not the problems.


The third and final step offers actions. When you ask the question, “Which tells the true nature of a person or an organization, their words or actions?” almost universally, the answer is actions.

By this step, you or individuals within the organization should see renewed awareness. The goals and objectives are written out with timelines. Until awareness and words become actions, effective change cannot occur, either personally or organizationally.

Remember, it’s a process, it’s a process. The process of change management takes time and forward momentum to be effective.

management action

A misstep of any of these three steps fractures the process. Without awareness, plans reduce to a narrower view, possibly missing key options that could benefit you or the organization. When you do not discuss possible options, then you may lose valuable information that identifies what regulations or limitations impede goals, and miss new emerging ideas. Without actions, the genuine nature of individuals and organizations diminishes due to inactivity and dissonance with the words.

As you forge through these steps toward your goals, it is important to remind yourself and others, “It’s a process. It’s a process.” The change you create by maintaining these three steps helps you and your team to become even more effective for a game-changing season.


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Dozens of companies in China have filed trademark claims on Ivanka Trump's name


The name “Ivanka” is quickly getting popular in China it seems. 

Chinese companies have submitted at least 65 applications to use Ivanka Trump’s name as a trademark for their products, reported the South China Morning Post

An additional 40 companies have registered their corporate identities under the name Ivanka, as listed by a search on the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System.

These firms belong to diverse industries, from selling undergarments to seafood.

A quick search on China’s largest e-commerce platform Taobao also reveals a raft of products already being sold under the “Ivanka” brand. Read more…

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Apple will launch 4 new iPads in March, report claims


Hold on to your seats, iPad fans: Apple might revamp its entire iPad lineup as soon as March 2017. 

According to a report from Macotakara (link partially in Japanese), Apple will launch a quartet of iPad Pro machines, in four sizes: 12.9, 10.5, 9.7 and 7.9 inches. 

The 12.9- and the 9.7-inch models will obviously be a continuation of the current iPad Pro lineup. The 10.5-inch tablet would be a new model, while the 7.9 would likely replace the iPad mini. 

This contradicts some earlier reports which never mentioned the iPad mini. However, Macotakara reported once before — in October 2016 — that an “iPad mini Pro” will be coming. Note that in that report, the outlet claimed the all-new iPad Pro will have a 10.9-inch screen, not a 10.5-inch one.  Read more…

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Facebook on course to be the WeChat of the West, says Gartner

whatsapp-messenger It’s the beginning of the end for smartphone apps as we have known and tapped on them, reckons Gartner. The analyst is calling the start of a “post-apps” era, based on changes in consumer interactions that appear driven, in large part, by the rise of dominant messaging platforms designed to consume more and more of mobile users’ time and attention. Read More

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India is getting an undersea bullet train


Drills for India’s first bullet train has begun, according to reports. Construction of the 7-kilometres (about 4.3 miles) undersea rail corridor between Mumbai and Ahmadabad in western India is slated to begin in 2018.

The drilling will help ascertain soil conditions under water. “Soil and rocks below the 70-meter-deep see are being tested as part of the geo-technical and geo-physical investigation undertaken for the entire project,” a senior Railway Ministry official reportedly said. 

Estimated to cost about Rs 97.6 billion ($14.5 billion), 80% of the project’s funding will come by way of a loan from Japan that operates the Shinkansen bullet train between Tokyo and Osaka. India will replicate that system. The project cost includes possible cost escalation, interest during construction and import duties.  Read more…

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Loaded dude crowdsources his Valentine's date, takes out 'best five girls' for lavish dinner


You can call it bizarre, funny, silly or simply sensational. 

A man from Gurgaon in India crowdsourced his Valentine dates via Facebook by showing off his wealth, his Audi car and a promise to gift an iPhone 7. 

Surprisingly, he was greeted with an overwhelming response from over 2,000 applicants, which he sifted through to arrive at the “best five”, whom he then took out in his car for a romantic dinner at a plush hotel and gifted them an iPhone 7 each.

Pause a moment to soak that in.

Shakul Gupta, who claims to be the “CEO and Founder at” (which incidentally Google couldn’t trace) put out a Facebook post on Feb.11. “Who want to be my Valentine?” (sic) it said. It included promises of “memorable moments” for the potential dates. Read more…

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The 'Humans of Payatas' features inspiring stories about people living in its slums


Trash is the first thing most people think of when you mention Payatas, home to the Philippines’ largest open dump site.

But one organisation is hoping to change that with its photo project, “Humans of Payatas.”

Inspired by “Humans of New York”, the project aims to show that Payatas, one of the country’s biggest and poorest slums, has a lot more to offer than just trash. 

Humans of Payatas
Roy, 27 years old

English version#HumansOfPayatas #Fairplay #Payatas #ShareHumanity #SocialGood #giveback

— Humans Of Payatas (@HumansOfPayatas) November 23, 2016 Read more…

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Alibaba’s Ant Financial expands to Korea with $200M investment in Kakao Pay

daum kakao Alibaba affiliate Ant Financial is making yet another M&A deal. The firm is investing $200 million into a fintech project belonging to Kakao, the $5 billion firm that runs Korea’s dominant messaging service.
Ant Financial, which manages payments service Alipay and Alibaba’s digital banking business, will invest the capital into Kakao Pay, a soon-to-launch Kakao fintech division. Read More

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