Day: March 8, 2017

Nevertheless, She Persisted:'s Women's Day flash fiction sf anthology

Celebrate International Women’s Day in stfnal style with Nevertheless She Persisted, a free anthology of original flash fiction by some of science fiction’s leading women voices, from Catherynne M. Valente to Amal El-Mohtar to Jo Walton to Nisi Shawl to Charlie Jane Anders to Seanan McGuire to Alyssa Wong to Kameron Hurley — and more!

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An intimate and poignant graphic novel portraying one family’s journey from war-torn Vietnam

Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. Thi Bui’s debut illustrated memoir, The Best We Could Do , is an exploration of family and identity, past and present. In the preface, Bui explains that the evolution of the work, from an oral history project turned handmade book 15 years ago to its current form as a graphic novel, meant she needed to learn to draw comics, an undertaking she describes as having a “steep learning curve.” Based on her stunningly narrative art which breathes and runs and wonders and mourns and serves as the perfect medium for the story of survival it tells, I’d say she made it over that learning curve just fine.

Though her own understanding of self — as a parent and a child — is inextricably tied to, and informed by, her specific experience as a Vietnamese American whose family fled to the US in the 1970s after the collapse of South Vietnam, the pressure, guilt, and confusion she feels as a mother and daughter are easily recognizable. Bui begins with her own labor and delivery, long and complicated. It yields, of course, the birth of her son but also a deeper empathy for her own mother. With the new found perspective of a parent trying to understand her role and relationships within her family of origin and that which she has now created, Bui takes readers back through her own childhood and her parents’. Through Cambodia, Vietnam, and the US, through the First Indochina War, to the Vietnam War, to the aftermath, in boats and bunkers and shared beds, through two generations of both unknowing and surety, of flight and fight, we come to know the Buis, Thi, Má, and Bố especially, as individuals within a family.

This book is beautiful. It is personally meditative while also deeply informative, telling the history that lives in one family’s bones while spanning multiple nations, borders, and generations.

The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir

by Thi Bui

Abrams ComicArts

2017, 336 pages, 7.0 x 1.6 x 9.3 inches, Hardcover

$15 Buy on Amazon

See sample pages from this book at Wink.

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Punctuation inflation has infected the tabloids!


Exclamation points have over-run the tabloids like Macaques monkeys swarming the streets of New Delhi – and with much the same effect.

Every story on the cover of the ‘Globe’ merits its own angry exclamation point: “Hillary Caught Taking Bribes!” “Barack okayed the shady deal!” “Scandal: Her ties to Russia exposed!” “Now they’ll both go to jail!” “Priscilla Elopes With Tom!” “Now they’re raising Lisa Marie’s twins, 8!” “Travolta secret sex swap!”

The ‘National Enquirer’ is no better: “Prez Trump Tell-All: How I’m Cleaning Up Obama’s Mess!” “Making Medicine Cheap Again!” “25 Million New High Paying Jobs!” “$3 Trillion Economic Jump-Start!” “Jackson’s Diary Proves He Was Murdered!” “Daughter Paris Is Right!”
So many exclamation points! It’s exhausting!

Exclamation marks are intended to emphasize something of major interest, but punctuation inflation has infected the tabloids, so that every story is screaming for attention, and as a result nothing seems shocking any more.

“Judy Garland Was Murdered!” screams the cover to the ‘National Examiner.’ Yawn. “Tom Selleck Secret Medical Crisis!” Okay – he reportedly has arthritis. Shocking. And the exclamation points keep coming: “Warren Beatty Turns 80! Inside His Amazing Life!” “Judge Judy’s $200 million Garage Sale!” “Cruise Ship Murders!”

Virtually every story in this week’s ‘Enquirer’ is cursed with an exclamation point, with only a handful of notable exceptions: the “Ask The Vet” column offering pet advice, the so-dubious-we-don’t-believe-it-for-a-minute headline about country singer Blake Shelton: “Blake Back On The Bottle?” and the photo of Caroline Kennedy in a swimsuit under the headline: “Camelot Comes to the Caribbean,” for which I assume a sub-editor will be fired for failing to add the obligatory exclamation point.

Otherwise, exclamation points are called upon to add urgency and importance to such dubious news stories as: “Caitlyn’s Crushing on Boy George!” “Judge Wapner’s Verdict on Judy: Overpaid!” “Hard Workouts Weaken Sex Drive!” and “Keeping A Cool Head!” (a story about the so-called “International Hair Freezing Contest” at Takhini Hot Springs spa.)

The celebrity glossy magazines are hardly immune to punctuation inflation.

“My Dream Baby!” screams the cover of ‘People’ magazine, reporting on ‘Today’ show host Hoda Kotb’s baby adoption. “Ben & Jen Divorce on Hold!” ‘Us’ magazine offers us “Ali’s Wedding Album!” with the assumption that we all know TV’s former ‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky, and are shocked – shocked!! – that she’s finally tied the knot.

The celebrity magazines appear to use exclamation points more as decorative touches than to mark an extraordinary story.

“Life’s a Beach!” screams the ‘People’ headline above a photo of ‘Dancing With The Stars’ alumnus Julianne Hough, who is intriguingly not pictured at a beach or even near a beach, but instead is seen aboard a luxury yacht in Mexico. “Harry And Meghan’s Date!” yells a ‘People’ headline above a blurry long-distance photo of Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle holding hands in Jamaica. “Brie Larson: She’s Also a Photographer!” Extraordinary – an actress who can take photos too! Whatever next?

‘Us’ magazine seems more enamored of the exclamation point, capping all its photo headlines in its “Hot Pics!” section: “Royal Island Romance!” “”J. Lo Shimmers!” “Olsens Under Cover!” “Taking Paws on the Go!” “A Girlfriends’ Getaway!” “Good Times, for Shore!” “Love’s Afloat for Dev!” “Smooth Political Moves!” “An Emerald Queen B!”

Enough already!

Fortunately, we have the crack investigative team at ‘Us’ mag to tell us that Kendall Jenner wore it best, Emily Deschanel loses her keys or phone “multiple times a day,” ‘The Catch’ star Sonya Walger carries lip gloss, anti-perspirant and her son’s model toy car in her Mansur Gavriel satchel, and that the stars are just like us: they share snacks, ride bikes, play soccer, and run errands. “Stars: They’re Just Like Us!” proclaims the headline. Because nothing could be more extraordinary than seeing a star eating or playing tennis.

The award for the most appropriate use of an exclamation point this week goes to the ‘Examiner,’ with its headline: “Jet Has A Near Miss – With A UFO!” This supposedly occurred before “hundreds of air show spectators” who saw a jet pass an unidentified object in the sky. A weather balloon? An orbiting satellite? “Nobody knows for sure what exactly the mysterious disk is . . . ” reports the ‘Examiner,’ ” . . . but it could be alien-based.”

Onwards and downwards . . .

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Rabbit hole in England leads to 700-year old Knights Templar cave

The BBC reports that an “ordinary rabbit’s hole in a farmer’s field leads to an underground sanctuary once said to be used by the Knights Templar.”

Michael Scott, from Birmingham, went to photograph the caves after seeing a video of them online. He said: “I traipsed over a field to find it, but if you didn’t know it was there you would just walk right past it. Considering how long it’s been there it’s in amazing condition, it’s like an underground temple.”
The tunnel leads to a network of walkways and arches carved out of sandstone, as well as a font.

The cave is evidently a hot place to hang out if you’re a witch. Be sure to ask the property owners nicely and clean up after the ritual is complete.

One year after Christmas, the labyrinth of intricately carved chambers was found to be filled with candles, sinister symbols scrawled on the walls and more besides.

The owners of the site, hidden in dense woodland ten miles from Wolverhampton, decided enough was enough when two warlocks knocked on the door – and asked for their robes back.

The red-faced pair had left the garments behind after a ritual.

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Quinoa, Arugula, and Feta Salad

Quinoa Arugula Feta Salad

Have you ever seen siblings who are almost identical but have different hair color? That’s what red and white quinoa are like!

The two are nearly identical in terms of flavor and texture — I think red quinoa is every so slightly chewier and nuttier — but one is pale and the other is a distinctive red brick color.

I like using red quinoa because it’s so striking, particularly tossed in a salad with baby arugula and creamy cubes of feta.

Continue reading “Quinoa, Arugula, and Feta Salad” »

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Effective Ways To Attract Web Traffic Even When On a Small SEO Budget

Search engine optimization is one of the most practical ways of generating new leads for sales conversions. Unfortunately, it can be pretty expensive for online businesses. This is one reason why some people choose to cut corners and engage in generating spam comments.

Such tactics have no chance of succeeding these days as search engines have become increasingly sophisticated and favor quality over quantity. This can leave most small online businesses in a tight spot since hiring experienced and skilled SEO practitioners can be quite costly and usually unaffordable.

If you are looking for ways to increase your web traffic while on a tight budget, here are some practical tips worth trying.

Publish Detailed and High-Quality Content

high quality content

A study that involved 20,000 keywords revealed that the average word count of the top 10 results was 2,000. The number one spot was taken by an article of 2416 words. This is a far cry from the short articles you can normally encounter on the web.

This reflects the idea that although users turn to search engines for quick answers, more than 10% of them are still interested in reading in-depth articles. This is why Google is also offering related search results to help users find more detailed information on their chosen subject.

The best way of achieving consistently high ranks in the SERPs is to create detailed and informative content that is relevant to what users need. However, you should never sacrifice quality to just to achieve a certain word count. Users can easily spot such tactics very easily.

Enhance On-Page SEO

Discussions on SEO are often dominated by topics such as link building, social signals, etc.

While they are indeed important, the function and importance of on-page SEO cannot be ignored. On-page SEO consists of optimizing the individual pages of the website so that they rank higher in search results. They are also needed to attract more user traffic.

For the meta description, pay attention to the readability, include the target keyword, and keep the word count to 70 characters or less. Even though the page description isn’t as important as before, creating proper description can still boost the click-through.

Keeping the URL short and easy-to-understand also counts. It gives users an idea of what the page contains even before the click. While keyword density is no longer a ranking factor, you can still include it twice or thrice in the body. Make sure it happens organically and naturally, as opposed to being forced.

Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is a process of referring links in one page to another page in the same domain. It is very useful for SEO because it can attract Google to a particular page of a site.

Internal linking also gives you visitors more options for reading. It also assists Google to index web pages more efficiently and boost your ranking for specified keywords. The fundamental benefit of internal linking is that it enables you to pass the authority of a particular page to another one.

Adopt Responsive Design

web design

Since more people do online searches using smaller devices, it’s a good idea to use a responsive design. Good examples include CSS style sheets, proportion-based grids, as well as adjustable images. These things enable the site’s layout and content to adjust to the devices’ requirements.

See Also: The Essential Elements of Modern Web Design


Although professional and sophisticated SEO is never cheap, it doesn’t mean that you always have to break the bank just to boost your traffic. The techniques outlined hardly cost anything, yet they are easy to implement. They can provide the basic building blocks for achieving superior SEO.

See Also: The Future of SEO – Predictions and Premonitions That Will Dominate 2017

The post Effective Ways To Attract Web Traffic Even When On a Small SEO Budget appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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Pebby makes long-distance pet relationships more fun

 I’m convinced that if humans could find fun in simple games as easily as pets, our world would be a healthier place. Watching footage of dogs playing with Hansen Goh’s Pebby pet toy, launched today, has only persuaded me of this further. The smartphone-controlled mechanized ball keeps pets active and in good spirits, letting owners remotely draw their companions from one room to… Read More

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StartX, the accelerator for Stanford-affiliated entrepreneurs, gets a new CEO

 StartX has grown a lot over the years, shifting from a program focused almost exclusively on helping Stanford students become founders to one that now also supports later-stage companies and serial entrepreneurs. As the accelerator looks to take the next step in its evolution, it has brought in alum Joseph Huang as its new CEO. Read More

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Endor emerges from MIT research with unique predictive analytics tech

Hands around finance data inside of crystal ball Endor, a stealth Israeli predictive analytics company, has its roots in some interesting research on human behavior conducted at MIT’s legendary Media Lab. The company has developed a predictive analytics cloud service based on a concept called ‘Social Physics‘, which purports to simplify big data analysis. The thinking is that people tend to behave in predictable ways,… Read More

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12 unstoppable women who are making tech a better place for everyone


On this International Women’s Day, women are striking to make clear their value in the workplace, at home and beyond. That includes the tech world. 

According to the Department of Labor, only 26 percent of people employed in computer and mathematics jobs are women. And a big chunk of that 26 percent comes from outside Silicon Valley. 

Despite the challenges facing any engineer who doesn’t fit in with the testosterone-fueled culture of Silicon Valley, many women have made their mark in the field — and fought to make it better. 

On International Women’s Day, it’s worth celebrating a few of the tech world’s badass women.  Read more…

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Getty launches new partnership to promote positive images of Muslim women online


Amani Al-Khatahtbeh often starts her public speaking gigs by asking the audience to whip out their phones, do an image search of “Muslim women” and see what pops up. They usually gasp at the results — pages and pages of one-dimensional stock photos showing women behind black veils, failing to capture the diversity of Muslim experiences. 

“It just occurred to me that I shouldn’t have to use that example anymore,” Al-Khatahtbeh said.

It’s a problem that Al-Khatahtbeh is ready to fix. As the founder and editor-in-chief of popular online platform, she’s teamed up with Getty Images to launch a new series of creative images and stock photos showing a range of modern Muslim women being their true, authentic selves. Read more…

More about Representation, Diversity, Islam, Muslim Women, and Media

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How the expanded Nemesis System will work in the ‘Shadow of Mordor’ sequel


The Nemesis System was arguably Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor’s best quality. It let you manipulate battles by working your way through the ranks of the orc army, systematically chopping it off at its head. Judging by a live demonstration of the series’ sequel, Shadow of War, at GDC last week, the team at Monolith Productions is working on an even more compelling Nemesis System.

Olog-hai Overlords and Conquering Fortresses 

In Shadow of War, instead of just taking down warchiefs, you’ll be taking on overlords reigning over their fortresses and strongholds, too, in what the developers are calling fort conquest missions. And while you’ll still be killing off uruk-hai forces, you’ll also be tackling a new enemy: the massive olog-hai trolls.  Read more…

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Rupert Grint keeps being mistaken for Ed Sheeran


Having starred in one of the best-known film franchises of all time, Rupert Grint probably gets approached quite a bit.

The problem? Apparently only 50% of those people actually know who he is. The other half think he’s Ed Sheeran.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show, Grint spoke about the fans — including some famous ones — who’ve confused him with the singer.

He’s not alone, at least. At the end of the clip, Sir Patrick Stewarts chips in to say people are forever confusing him with Sir Ben Kingsley. Read more…

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Bob Mankoff, New Yorker's cartoon editor, is retiring

Bob Mankoff, legendary cartoonist, is stepping down as The New Yorker‘s cartoon editor at the end of April. Here’s a playlist of great videos on the nature of comedy and on the form as practiced in the New Yorker.

PS: In B4 “Christ, what an asshole” comment.

Cartoon Stereotypes | The Cartoon Lounge (YouTube / The New Yorker)

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Watch NBA stars morph from rookies into vets in these mesmerizing GIFs


NBA stars: They grow up so fast, you know? 

One season, your favorite player is a young rookie full of promise. Then, what feels like a few months later, your guy is a grown-ass man with a bushy beard and the sneaky veteran’s bag of tricks to match. 

That’s why these 10 GIFs are so completely mesmerizing — they cram years of growth and evolution into just a couple seconds. 

A few months back, we showed you an eye-popping GIF that illustrates LeBron James’ progression from teenage rookie to NBA demigod. Now the folks behind that animation,, are back with more. Bless them for it.  Read more…

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Be a good guy hacker and keep WOPR from running amok

This is how it happens: the bad guys break into computers, steal all the information, and then Yahoo! sells for a whole lot less. (Comparatively.) After that, white hat hackers are called in to crack the same susceptible networks, evaluate their security, and plug the holes in the digital dam, all for a very cool wage. Ethical hackers are in constant demand these days as organizations seek to avoid becoming the next cautionary tale, and you can learn how to become one yourself with the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle.

This bundle includes 9 courses and 45 hours of hands-on learning on topics ranging from keylogging to DARKNET and wireless attacks. An extensive training in ethical hacking and penetration testing with a variety of tools and operating systems, this bundle will even go so far as to prepare you for the pinnacle of security certification exams, Certified Ethical Hacker.

Start working towards a career in netsec with the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle, on sale now for $49.

Explore other Best-Sellers in our store:

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Researchers critique security in messaging app Confide

 White House staffers have been drawn to Confide by its security features, which include messages that require a reader to run their finger over the text as they read and destruct after reading. But security researchers say Confide isn’t living up to its encryption guarantee.
Fred Reynal and Jean-Baptiste Bédrune of Quarkslab published a proof-of-concept paper and video today that… Read More

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Cognitiv+ is using AI for contract analysis and tracking

 Another legal tech startup coming out of the UK: Cognitiv+ is applying artificial intelligence to automate contract analysis and management, offering businesses a way to automate staying on top of legal risks, obligations and changing regulatory landscapes. Read More

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6 Best Fitness Tools To Help You Actually Achieve Your Goals

Keeping a resolution can be difficult. What’s even harder is attempting to achieve something when you don’t have the right tools.

If your goal is to improve your health and overall strength and flexibility, here are 7 great fitness tools that will make your goals a little easier to keep.

Gymnastic Rings

gymnastic rings

Gymnastic rings have been nearly forgotten, only remembered as a strange spectacle once every four years as we see them in the Olympic games. However, gymnastics rings are making a big comeback. You’ll find them in nearly every crossfit gym – and for good reasons.

You can do a hundred different bodyweight exercises on these things and work nearly every muscle in your body. They take up very little space, making them the perfect addition to your home gym.

See Also: 19 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise

Indo Boards

indo boards

Indo Boards were once popular among surfers and skate boarders as a way to practice balance. Now they’re showing up all over corporate gyms. Primarily, they are used to build balance and auxiliary stabilizing muscles; however, people are coming up with all kinds of great ways to turn them into exercise machines.

Much like using free weights, they provide more stabilizing opportunities in weight lifting than a machine. The balance board allows the use of more muscle groups while targeting specific areas.

Incline Treadmills

Incline treadmills are the latest and greatest in the treadmill market. A 10% max incline is good and quite available. A 15% is even better. But why not consider going all out with a 40 percent max incline? More incline means more calories burned.

An average 200-pound user walking at 2 mph for 20 minutes burns 87 calories. If you increase your incline to 40 percent, that same user burns a whopping 381 calories in just 20 minutes. Not only are you burning more calories in less time, you’re getting a ton more tone in your tush and increased options for use on one machine. If you were to pick just one machine to keep in your home, it should be the treadmill.

Foam rollers

foam rollers

You’ve seen them at the gym and, maybe, even in your friends home. Not only are they great for rehabilitating injured muscles, but foam rollers are a big part of a healthy runner’s warmup and cooldown routine.

They can be used to improve circulation and break up motion-limiting knots in muscles. They can also spare you the pain of delayed-onset muscle soreness. Using a foam roller to roll out your overworked muscles and break up the lactic acid created by exercising will allow you to keep working the day (and second day) after a solid workout.

Jump Rope

jump rope

Jump ropes aren’t just for the childhood playground. They are a serious, effective fitness tool, too. Jump roping puts you in the express lane of fitness.

They can be used to increase the fast-twitch muscle fibers in legs to level up your sprint game. They can increase your cardiovascular strength, too. It’s a very cheap and available means of exercise which is also good for the lymphatic system.

Fitness Apps for Android and iOS

There are countless programs online that can create and guide you through a tailored fitness plan. The C25K app is reaching new heights in popularity.

Use the official C25K app to go from sitting on the couch to your very first 5K. The app and website lay everything out in easy to understand, actionable goals. The way this program works helps even the laziest of runners feel like they’re capable of more.

Another highly rated program is iFit, created by ICON fitness. If you have a machine (treadmill, elliptical, etc.) made by ICON fitness, it’s likely you can pair your device to your machine for great data tracking. iFit provides customized exercise routines, training routes powered by Google Maps, a social network, goals and competitions, and coaching.

See Also: 8 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better

Goals are hard to keep when you don’t have the right tools to accomplish them. Before setting out to start on a new goal, gather up the right tools, write down your reasons for the goal you’ve set, and make a schedule for how you plan to achieve it.


The post 6 Best Fitness Tools To Help You Actually Achieve Your Goals appeared first on Dumb Little Man.

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While you were out striking on International Women's Day, China asked people to go shopping


As women around the world go on strike in celebration of International Women’s Day, retailers in China are jumping on the bandwagon too.

Malls and some of the country’s biggest shopping platforms have grabbed the chance to turn March 8 into the start of a week-long shopping sale.

The dominant shopping sites T-mall and Taobao, which are both run by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, have plastered this slogan on their sites: “Queen’s Day: Reveal your beauty.”

“Queen’s Day. Reveal your beauty”, read the Chinese words

Image: tmall Read more…

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Police decide man touching woman's thigh on a bus wasn't harassment, for a ridiculous reason



A man accused of harassing a young woman after touching her thigh on a bus, was eventually released from custody after police decided that he wasn’t guilty — because she was wearing long pants.

The incident occurred in Jatinegara, a suburb in Jakarta, Indonesia. The bus officer confirmed that the man even owned up to what he did, according to Coconuts Jakarta.  

But police don’t see it that way.

Bambang Edi, the head of criminal investigations for the Jatinegara police division, told Vivanews: “She was wearing long pants, and he happened to touch her thigh since they were sitting next to each other.” Read more…

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Gobi raises $500K to take on Snapchat

 Norwegian startup Gobi raised $500,000 at a $15 million valuation to take on Snapchat with its “Stories” communication tool. The platform enables users to create public and private groups where users can share photos and videos that stay around for three days before vanishing into digital pixel-dust. Read More

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With $37 million in funding, health startup Virta aims to cure type 2 diabetes by watching what you eat

 Type 2 diabetes is a disease affecting 415 million people globally and Virta, a Silicon Valley-based health startup, believes it has something unique to reverse it – remote monitoring of everything you eat.
Most people with the disease end up having to constantly monitor their blood sugar with the prick of a needle and diabetic pills or can “cure” it with bariatric surgery. Read More

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Snapchat adds famous women to its selfie lenses for International Women's Day


Snapchat is making its own contribution to International Women’s Day with, what else, a set of new animated lenses.

The app updated its lenses with three new offerings for the occasion: animated lenses celebrating Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo and Rosa Parks. 

A spokesperson for Snap said the lenses will be live in the app for 24 hours and are meant to celebrate women they represent.

The lens for Kahlo, for example, transforms your face into the artist’s iconic look complete with flower crown, red lipstick and, of course, unibrow. In a statement, the Frida Kahlo Corporation said the lens is meant to “capture the faces of all her followers around the world.” Read more…

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New Internationalist magazine turns to crowdfunding to secure independence

 There can be little doubt that journalism and media is under a bit of an onslaught at the moment. The desire to deliver independent, trustworthy news runs deep, but can often be at odds with pressures from owners and advertisers. To that end, 44-year-old magazine New Internationalist is turning to its readers in a “community share offer” in a bid for sustained independence. Read More

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Former Indian minister falls for online puppy scam


A former Indian minister has been duped in an online puppy sale. 

Salman Khurshid, who had served in the previous government, tried buying a pedigree Maltese puppy on a website that was offering them for cheap.

However, that was not to be. This came to light after Khurshid filed a police report against the ecommerce scammer, Press Trust of India reports.

“On February 13, I came across an advertisement on the internet for the sale of two Maltese puppies by one Tonny Wallace for Rs 12,000 ($180) per puppy,” Khurshid said in a complaint filed at a New Delhi police station. Read more…

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Looks like Manny Pacquiao won't fight Amir Khan after all because of a scam


It turns out that the Philippines’ Manny Pacquiao will not be fighting British pro Amir Khan, after all.

The two headlining boxers had initially agreed to a $38 million offer to fight in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in April.

The offer, which was made an unnamed group of investors in the UAE, has been revealed to be fake.

Pacquiao and Khan had earlier posted details of the fight on their Twitter feeds  last week, with Khan saying that his team had “agreed terms” with Pacquiao. 

My team an I have agreed terms with Manny Pacquiao and his team for a super fight #pacquiaokhan #April23rd

— Amir Khan (@amirkingkhan) February 26, 2017 Read more…

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Microsoft is closing the social network you forgot it ever launched, the little-known and probably much-forgotten social network project from Microsoft Research’s FUSE Labs division, is closing down. The service was launched in late 2011 as a social community where the objective was “collaborative consumption, not communication.” Initially for students, opened up to anyone once it had gotten going and subsequently added support… Read More

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KFit buys Groupon Singapore to continue its pivot to e-commerce

 Subscription gym startup KFit has continued to morph into Groupon after it acquired the third country business from the group-buying giant in Southeast Asia. Today it announced that Fave, KFit’s e-commerce offshoot, has acquired Groupon Singapore. KFit acquired Groupon Indonesia and Groupon Malaysia last year as part of a pivot to move from a business that sells fitness-based… Read More

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