Day: March 15, 2017

Haddon Hall: When David Invented Bowie — a graphic novel about the creativity struggle in the late 60s

It’s hard not to use a word like “groovy” when it comes to describing Haddon Hall: When David Invented Bowie. There’s the setting: a crumbling estate in swinging London, where David Bowie, his wife Angie, and assorted others are living and creating in the late ‘60s. There’s the loose, freewheeling quality to both the lettering and drawings, which use simple outlines and pops of color. And there’s the sly humor, which comes through in both the dialogue and breaks from the main story (which show us how to be a music snob, how to be a fashionista, etc.)

One of the joys of this book is seeing the time period come to life. People like producer Tony Visconti, T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan, original Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett, and dissatisfied Beatle John Lennon pass through these pages. They worry about their music, experiment with sexual identities, and try to fend off feelings of creative envy. And, if they’re Bowie, they develop their most iconic persona (Ziggy Stardust) while dealing with poignant family issues (the hospitalization of his schizophrenic brother Terry).

This book is a delight. I learned plenty about Bowie despite having already read a biography, but Haddon Hall doesn’t feel educational. It shows in its not-too-serious way that creativity can be a grind, and that none of us — not even David Bowie — was born a fully formed artist.

Haddon Hall: When David Invented Bowie

by Néjib


2017, 144 pages, 7.5 x 0.8 x 10 inches, Hardcover

$16 Buy on Amazon

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Charlie Kelly's legendary mailroom conspiracy gets an intense and impressive drum score


The “Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack” episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is best remembered for character Charlie Kelly’s amazing mailroom conspiracy theory

Charlie Day is, in a word, unhinged. It’s spectacular. 

David Dockery decided to give a spot-on drum score to the Pepe Silvia speech, and oh my god, I didn’t realize this scene could get more intense than it already was. 

Can we get a whole episode like this? A movie, perhaps? Whiplash got great reviews! Crowd funders, you seeing this?  Read more…

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LimeBike raises $12 million to roll out bike sharing without kiosks in the US

 A startup called LimeBike has raised $12 million in venture funding to make Chinese-style bike sharing mainstream in the US. Andreessen Horowitz led the round joined by IDG Ventures, DCM Ventures and other investors who declined to be named. In China, companies like MoBike and Ofo have raised massive amounts of venture capital and distributed tens of thousands of their GPS-enabled bikes in… Read More

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Roasted Cabbage with Bacon Gremolata

Roasted Cabbage with Bacon Gremolata

Cabbage doubters, prepare to be seduced.

Here we have thick slices of cabbage roasted until the edges are crispy and golden, and then served with a crunchy, salty, nutty, bacon-y gremolata scattered over top. Plus Parmesan cheese. Helloooo, gorgeous.

This recipe comes from a new cookbook from my friend Andrea Bemis, the farmer and co-owner of Tumbleweed Farm up in Oregon. She lives and breathes vegetables every day, so if anyone knows how to give veggies some serious curb-appeal, it’s her.

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Retirement Made Easy: Tips To Make The Transition Simple

At some point in your life, you may have to retire. This phase can be challenging, intimidating, and even overwhelming, especially if you’re not really sure how to make the necessary adjustments.

To make your transition more simple, here are some of the best retirement planning tips you can try.

Ease Into Things

retirement hobby

Suddenly stopping working after so many years can be incredibly tough so avoid rushing the process.

If working part-time for your employer is an option, consider it. If not, you might want to do some freelance work in your field for a while.

You can also use your hobbies to get more involved in work and find ways to stay busy. It might be teaching piano, sharing your love of painting, or crafting and selling your items online.

At your retirement party, network with other coworkers who’ve already retired to see what jobs they’ve taken up. There are a lot of options, so find something that can keep you busy and your mind occupied.

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Make Sure You Are Financially Prepared

Just because you feel like you have saved enough money does not mean you are already financially prepared for retirement. You need to have a plan for how you will tap your retirement savings for living expenses, including taxes.

There are strategies you can use to minimize taxes. Talk to your bank and check your employer’s retirement policy to find out where you are at before retiring. Know how you can make the transition and keep all your money.

Think About Where You Will Live

Many retirees want to stay in their homes but others may want to move to places that are warm or have lower taxes.

Before you actually retire, make sure to map out a plan for your living situation. Talk to your family and see if they have an opinion on where it might be best for you to live. If you have health issues, it might be a good option to also look for institutions that can help you with mobility or medications.

Take Steps to Stay Healthy

retirement health benefits

Numerous studies suggest that healthcare spending takes a large bite out of people’s retirement funds. These expenses can easily hit the six-figure level for many retirees.

To stay in good health, you’ll need regular checkups, especially if you have existing health issues. Make sure you talk to your healthcare provider to keep a plan in place for your future.

Find Things to Do

Boredom and loneliness can be real issues for retirees. Apart from making the transition harder, they can be bad both for physical and mental health, too. That’s why it’s important to find things to do.

Many retirees like to travel. However, since that can be expensive, it may not be an option for all people. If this sounds like your case, you can try volunteering, going to shows and concerts at your local event center, or playing sports. You can try bowling and golf.

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Retirement is an exciting but scary experience. However, by following these retirement planning tips, you’ll be able to experience a smoother and easier transition. Just be sure to keep your options open and be prepared beforehand so you can have a great start in your retirement years.

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A British store is launching cafes where people can chat about mental health


Finding somewhere safe to talk about your mental health without judgement can be tough

But, comedian Ruby Wax is trying to do something about that. Wax has teamed up with Marks & Spencer to launch “talk-in” sessions where people can share their thoughts in a safe, anonymous environment.

“Frazzled Cafe” meetings will be hosted fortnightly at M&S Cafes after hours and led by trained volunteers. The retailer says people who are feeling ‘frazzled'” can meet to talk and share their personal stories in a “non-judgemental” space. 

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Prominent Twitter accounts compromised after third-party app Twitter Counter hacked

 A number of prominent Twitter accounts were hacked to tweet Nazi messages after Twitter Counter, a popular tool for analyzing Twitter followers, was hacked. Official Twitter accounts belonging to Amnesty International, Forbes and other prominent organizations, not to mention many regular users, were accessed to post swastikas and other Nazi-related messages in a move thought to be… Read More

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Volvo's Tesla killer to arrive in 2019 with a 250-mile range


Volvo is building an electric vehicle, and, somewhat surprisingly, it’s not going to cost a ton of money. 

According to Automotive News, Lex Kerssemakers, CEO of the luxury car maker’s USA arm, told journalists at the Geneva auto show that the company aims to launch the car in 2019 with a $35,000 – $40,000 price. 

Very few details are known about the car at this point — not even its size has been decided — but Kerssemakers claimed it will have a range of at least 250 miles. 

Volvo already offers hybrid variants of several of its models, including the XC90 SUV and the V60, but it doesn’t have a purely electric car.  Read more…

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Apple is opening new stores in Downtown Miami, Cologne and Nanjing

 While Apple’s retail team is currently remodeling all its stores, the company is also opening brand new stores around the world. Apple is opening a flagship store in Downtown Miami, a new store in a historic building in Cologne and a third store in Nanjing.
Last weekend, Apple reopened the 35th remodeled store across 18 different states. “Almost 50 percent of the stores in the U.S. Read More

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Cultural Divide Due To Languages: Is It Possible?

Countries around the world experience division in so many ways. They can be divided by religion, caste systems, and even educational background. In some places, socio-economic standings count, too.

This particular article, however, will focus on language.

A cultural divide due to languages restricts people from socializing with each other. Take, for example, a person from a British-English speaking background. When he socializes with an American-English person, he may feel alienated due to their differences in accent and lifestyle.

For a person who is a non-native in an English-speaking country, embracing the region’s culture can be difficult. Since the person can’t easily mingle with the natives, he’ll feel left out and insecure. Because of these feelings, he’ll likely withdraw more.

mandarin chinese
Via pinterest

A cultural division due to languages doesn’t only happen in English-speaking countries.

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Despite this, not everyone in the world knows how to speak it.

For a first time traveler, surviving a trip to China alone is near to impossible. He needs to bring along someone who knows a thing or two about Chinese culture. If not, he’ll feel very much unwelcome.

One good reason is misconception. For people who know how to speak Mandarin Chinese, it’s easy to downplay others who can’t even understand its basic words and phrases.

Because it’s a widely spoken language, they expect other people to know it, too. And when foreign people can’t engage in small talks with the natives, they’ll consider them unfriendly and a snob.

However, what those natives don’t know is that the foreign people are just experiencing difficulty understanding their language and communicating.

People aren’t always expressive with these misconceptions. In fact, they are implied most of the time and it is what makes things a lot more complicated.

In many South Asian nations, being fluent in English means being successful. They think that English speakers are smart, witty and intelligent.

The ability to speak in a foreign language gives one an edge in the corporate world. Because of this, a lot of people try to learn the most influential languages in the world to get better career opportunities and experience professional growth. Some of these people even travel abroad just to master the languages.

When they get home, however, natives consider them as too good for their community. This, as a result, leads to isolation and the gap becomes even wider.

french language

The Solution

To bridge this gap, we must learn to appreciate diversity. People are different and so are the languages they speak.

Despite these differences, we should still learn more about other people’s languages. Being a native of one country doesn’t mean that you don’t have any right to learn another country’s language.

Think of it as a way to connect with other people.

Natives think that foreign people aren’t friendly because they are not talking to them. Foreign people, on the other hand, feel isolated and unwelcomed because natives aren’t reaching out to them.

By taking the time to learn a foreign language, we will be able to avoid these misconceptions. And the lesser these misconceptions are, the more we can prevent cultural divide due to languages.

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Burda brings its global investment fund to Southeast Asia

 German media giant Hubert Burda is diving into Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem after its investment arm opened an office in Singapore. Burda, founded in 1898, is anchored in print media. Despite publishing more than 250 titles across the world, it has forayed into digital with some success through acquisitions and new business units. Unlike other print giants, its digital… Read More

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Tourist-friendly Indonesian city bans all ride-sharing services, including Uber


Ride-hailing services might soon be a thing of the past in one Indonesian city.

Tourist-friendly Yogyakarta said all ride-hailing services including Uber, Grab, Go-Jek and Go-Car would soon be banned across the city.

The ban is expected to kick in as soon as this week.

“The regulation is being processed and will be done within a week. We will take action in accordance with the regulation,” Yogyakarta Transportation Agency (Kopetayo) Head Gatot Saptadi told the Jakarta Globe on Friday.

The announcement comes following a riot in Yogyakarta earlier last month, with some 300 taxi drivers calling for the ride-sharing apps to be banned. Read more…

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Uber rival Grab expands its engineering team with new offices in India and Vietnam

 Grab, the main rival to Uber in Southeast Asia, is expanding its engineering footprint after announcing new development centers in India and Vietnam.
The company last month announced plans to open an engineering center in Jakarta, Indonesia, so the addition of bases in Bangalore, India and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, will take it to six R&D locations worldwide. The others are Singapore… Read More

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Justin Bieber does a mean impression of Jonah from 'Summer Heights High'


Like many celebrities who’ve passed through Australia, Justin Bieber has been hounded by paparazzi.

Bieber tried to get away from it all by staying on the private Makepeace Island, located in Queensland. But it wasn’t far enough. 

Luckily, the ennui-filled pop star knows how to make light of a crappy situation — just do impressions of well-loved Australian TV characters.

One cameraman captured the Canadian singer angrily reacting to him being filmed, yelling “F*ck off” and flipping the finger at cameras. “Welcome to the Sunshine Coast, hey?” the cameraman responded. “F*ck you,” Bieber shot back.  Read more…

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