Day: March 17, 2017

Spinach Risotto

Spinach Risotto

When spring finally makes an appearance around here, it does so with an explosion of green. Trees that have stood gloomily bare for months begin to leaf out all at once, beckoning us to wake up(!) and get ready for the warmer days to come.

Thus the inspiration for this lovely green spinach risotto.

It’s a simple risotto—made in the classic way with risotto rice, stock, wine, and Parmesan—with the addition at the end of a half pound of chopped baby spinach with a little lemon zest and juice to brighten the flavors.

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A Map Of Mythical Creatures And Where To Find Them

Have you always dreamed of seeing a yeti? Maybe you’d love to have a beer with ol’ Bigfoot? Or sight a Sasquatch? Have a natter with Nessie?

If mythical beasts from folklore are totally your thing, why not ditch that planned all-inclusive holiday to Greece and head off to a fantastic creature-spotting adventure instead?

We’ve sourced five of the best mythical creatures and assembled a handy guide to these wonderful beasts. With our monster map, you’ll finally know where they live, what they do, and where they are from.

The Kelpie

the kelpie

Go to: Rural Scotland

This mythical creature is one of the most well-known in Scottish folklore. The first recorded usage of ‘kelpie’ goes back to 1759. Thought to haunt the waterways of Scotland, the kelpie is a shape-shifter that usually appears as a horse.

Nearly all rivers, streams and lochs in Scotland have some kind of kelpie story behind them. It’s thought that the kelpies’ ability to shape-shift (they can also appear as beautiful young women, children, and other forms) comes from its bridle.

So, if you’re strong enough to get hold of it, you could well find yourself in the rare position of having the upper hand over one of the most monstrous creatures from all folklore.

Black Shuck

black shuck

Go to: Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex, UK

Black Shuck was the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles, but the black spectral dog which hides in bushes goes further back than that. It terrorized parts of East Anglia in the 16th century as it stalked coastlines, graveyards, hidey-holes, and hedgerows.

Despite looking like it could cause serious harm, Black Shuck was not necessarily a violent creature. Rather, it was a harbinger, usually of bad luck.

The Loch Ness Monster

loch ness monster

Go to: Loch Ness, Inverness, Scotland

Nessie is perhaps the most infamous of all mythical creatures, so it should be right at the top of your must-see list. Travel firm Expedia, who have put together a fantastic online map showing you places around the world where mythical creatures are said to live, explains that early sightings of the Loch Ness Monster compared the aquatic creature to a dragon.

The Nessie phenomenon started back in 1933 when the local paper Inverness Courier reported a sighting of the beast. The rest is history as Nessie cemented itself as a sensation. Expedia’s resource recommends going on a cruise to the ruins of Urquhart Castle, with live sonar on board, to maximize your chances of finding the creature.



Go to: Manaus, Brazil

The Yacumama is a giant anaconda-like snake that has been frightening Brazilians for many years. This immensely strong serpent, capable of sucking up everything around it, has the power to cause mudslides and general chaos.

The mythical creature resource shows that explorers were reporting seeing the snake as far back as 1906. A report from Percy H. Fawcett reads: “We stepped ashore and approached the reptile with caution. It was out of action, but shivers ran up and down the body like puffs of wind on a mountain tarn. As far as it was possible to measure, a length of 45 feet lay out of the water, and 17 feet in it, making a total length of 62 feet.”



Go to: The forests of North America

Another big beast of popular folklore, Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as it’s also known, is thought to stand at least 9 feet tall and with dark fur and skin. The gorilla-like creature is thought to be a vegetarian, so it’s unlikely he’d see you as his dinner.

Where to start with a colossus like Bigfoot?

He’s practically the king of all the mythological beasts out there. The Bigfoot legend relates back to stories of ‘wild men’ that were prevalent in indigenous communities of the Pacific Northwest. The number of apparent sightings and close encounters concerning Sasquatch are legion, but he’s never been proven to exist. Most think Bigfoot is a hoax, albeit an elaborately crafted one.

So, if you’re planning an intrepid holiday to catch sight of your favorite mythical beast, we hope this monster map comes in handy. If you need to make a quick getaway, it’s great if you can take a car with you.

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The Minnesotan left-wing economic miracle continues, while neighboring Republican states slowly collapse

Last fall, I wrote about the strange case of Minnesota governor Mark Dayton, a left-wing billionaire heir to the Target fortune who came to power and reversed his Republican predecessors’ Reagonomic idiocy, instead raising taxes on rich people, increasing public spending, and creating shared prosperity for the people of Minnesota.

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Equity podcast: The return of IPOs and Tesla’s billion-dollar bet

 One down, many more to go! The first episode of TechCrunch’s latest podcast, Equity, our venture capital-focused podcast is out.
This week, TechCrunch’s Matthew Lynley, CrunchBase editor-in-chief Alex Wilhelm and I sat down with investor and SaaStr founder Jason Lemkin to talk about Tesla’s $1 billion raise, the return of IPOs and recent acquisitions in the technology… Read More

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A UK politician just became editor of a newspaper and Twitter is flipping out


You might think being a Member of Parliament in the UK would be a full-time job, but apparently you’d be wrong about that.

On Friday morning, it was confirmed that former Chancellor of the Exchequer — and current MP for Tatton — George Osborne will be the new Editor of the London Evening Standard.


— Amol Rajan (@amolrajanBBC) March 17, 2017

Yep, that’s right: “Will continue as MP”.

Apparently, Osborne will edit the paper “an average of four days a week”, giving him time to continue with his duties as MP. Read more…

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5 Ways To Sharpen Up Your Would You Rather Game Questions

Would you rather is a classical social game that has stood the test of time and is among the most popular gather-around games in the world. Whoever says you can’t learn a lot about your friends over this game has probably never played it right.

In reality, the game is hilarious, engaging and informative. However, for you to reveal your friend’s deepest secrets with this game, you’ll need sharper questions that promise better answers.

Just as articles are required for a blog to rank high on Google, you need to have good Would You Rather questions to have a fun time. While some people are born with the natural ability of asking good questions without any preparations, others have to develop it through practice.

If you belong to the last group, here are 5 easy, simple and effective ways to help sharpen up your Would You Rather questions.

Find the Right Attitude

One way to improve your Would You Rather questions is to find the right attitude. Without the right mindset and attitude, a lot of people will avoid playing with you.

To start, you must first determine what makes a bad player. For one, they don’t take responsibility for their rude or inappropriate behaviors. They offend other players with big no-no questions and they curse and blame others for their own mistakes.

If you think you don’t have these traits, then you’re on the right path to improving your game.

Be Versatile

We, humans, have a tendency to keep hitting someone’s weak spot as soon as we find it. However, for the sake of fun, you should refrain from asking Would You Rathers from one category only.

The key to making the most out of the game is to be diverse and ask both serious and funny questions from as many categories as possible. As long as your intentions are friendly, you can ask any sort of question you want.

Think Twice Before You Pose a Question

think twice

Although you can ask any question you like, that doesn’t give you the right to be impolite, rude, and make others feel uncomfortable. To avoid an awkward situation, make sure you know enough things about the players, like their age, education level and personal preferences.

If you take the risk of asking a Would You Rather question without considering your friend, you may not only offend them and kill the mood, but you may lose them from your life for good. Before you start, make sure you know which questions are good to ask and to which players.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any other games, practice is a crucial part of becoming a good player in a game of Would You Rather. There are a plenty of questions online that are conveniently sorted into different categories. You can just look them up if you want to get inspired or improve your skills.

It may be obvious that reading questions online can help you sharpen up your questions. However, it won’t be able to help you get better at creating your own. Crafting your own questions require more effort, but it is a much more effective way of getting better questions.

Prepare Yourself by Making a List Beforehand


Last, but certainly not the least, is to prepare a list of Would You Rather questions before you even set a game date. This is a better strategy than throwing random questions when you’re already in the middle of the game. Apart from letting you know more about your opponents, it will also give you more time to analyze them carefully.

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K-pop girl group celebrates their plastic surgery with before-and-after music videos


Here’s one dramatic way to reveal your plastic surgery results.

One K-pop girl group decided to show the “before” and “after” results of their surgery through two music videos.

In the aptly named first video titled “Becoming Prettier (Before),” all four members of Korean group Six Bomb are seen receiving plastic surgery consultation.

The video was first released in February.

The follow up video, named — you guessed it — “Becoming Prettier (After),” which shows the girls walking out of the hospital with their post surgery results, was released a month later in March. Read more…

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Singapore’s Homage, a service for in-home care for the elderly, raises $1.2M

aging, elderly hands clasped Homage, a Singapore-based startup that connects caregivers with elderly people seeking assistance, has closed a $1.2 million seed round. The money comes from 500 Startups’ Southeast Asia fund, Golden Gate Ventures, and SeedPlus, a fund affiliated with Jungle Ventures. Launched in May 2016, Homage was founded by Gillian Tee, a Singaporean who has spent time working in the U.S. where,… Read More

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Netflix is replacing five-star ratings with thumbs up or down

 Netflix announced today that it would ditch its standard five-star rating scheme in favor of a much more simple thumbs up or down option. The streaming service said it had been testing thumbs up and down ratings “with hundreds of thousands of members” in 2016 – and it led to 200% more ratings being given. This makes sense – giving a five-star rating takes some… Read More

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These delicious cakes are actually disgusting vegetables in disguise


You don’t win friends with salad. But maybe salad disguised as cake will buy you some time before social ostracisation kicks in.

Behold: The salad cake. It’s basically a bunch of vegetables that are smashed together to look like a delicious, sugary dessert — but is actually very good for you. How disappointing. 

Misuki Moriyasu is the genius creator of this cruel trick of the eye. Her Vegedeco Salad Cafe located in Nagoya, Japan, will serve you healthy cake that’s “fun to look at, fun to eat and full of joy using a new shape of salad.” Read more…

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