Day: April 2, 2017

New Clerky tools help startups hire and raise funds without running into legal problems

 Clerky may not be a household name like TurboTax today, but the company’s business formation software has been called a “secret weapon” by startup founders in Silicon Valley for years. Many Y Combinator cofounders use it to get their companies started on paper. And now, Clerky is launching two new tools called Hiring and Fundraising to help startups move beyond… Read More

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Tina Fey has a message for all the college-educated white women that voted


Tina Fey isn’t one to mince words—and she had some very important things to say on Friday night. 

The comedian took part in the American Civil Liberties (ACLU) Facebook Live telethon, fundraising alongside Amy Poehler, Tom Hanks, and more for the organization. During the nearly four-hour-long broadcast, Fey took the opportunity to speak to Donald Trump supporters—and specifically, to the college-educated white women voters among them. 

“A lot of this election was turned by white, college-educated women who now would like to forget about this election and go back to watching HGTV,” the actress said during an interview with Donna Lieberman and Louise Melling of the ACLU.   Read more…

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Commission your own traffic and construction studies without ever leaving bed using SpaceKnow

 The number of things that can be done from the comfort of one’s own bed has increased in recent years — shopping, banking and now geospatial analytics. Ok, it doesn’t sound sexy but it might give you a leg up the next time your friend starts an arcane argument with you over whose neighborhood historically has more vehicles on the road. With SpaceKnow’s online… Read More

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Striking images capture black life on Chicago's South Side in 1941


Image: Library of Congress

In the early decades of the 20th century, millions of African-Americans began leaving the rural South for the urban North in a mass exodus known as the Great Migration.

For many fleeing the disenfranchisement, segregation, and racist violence of the Jim Crow South, the industrial hub of Chicago, with growing opportunities in the meatpacking and railroad businesses, offered the best prospects for self-determination.

New arrivals encountered territorial resistance from entrenched white ethnic groups, particularly Irish-Americans. That, combined with racist housing covenants, led to the de facto segregation of African-Americans into a narrow strip of run-down neighborhoods on the city’s South Side which came to be called the “Black Belt.” Read more…

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All the things 'Parks and Recreation' got right and wrong about 2017


It’s been more than two years since the last Parks and Recreation episode aired, but thanks to Netflix, the show is still as beloved as ever. If you believe hard enough, you can trick yourself into thinking the show is never over.

And thanks to Netflix, we were recently were engaging in our 40th watch-through of this great show (it’s kind of always just on loop) when we remembered something — the last season of the show was set in 2017.

For the entirety of Parks and Rec prior to the last season, the show took place concurrently with the present reality. However, in a bold twist, the very last episode of Season 6 ended with a fast-forward three years into not only Leslie and crew’s future, but our collective future as well. Read more…

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Why do developers who could work anywhere flock to the world’s most expensive cities?

 Politicians and economists lament that certain alpha regions — SF, LA, NYC, Boston, Toronto, London, Paris — attract all the best jobs while becoming repellently expensive, reducing economic mobility and contributing to further bifurcation between haves and have-nots. But why don’t the best jobs move elsewhere? Of course many of them can’t. The average financier in NYC… Read More

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Happy Socks make it cool to be a sock person

Working in an office with a straight-khaki dress code doesn’t mean that you have to eschew all forms of aesthetic expression. Even if the bossman won’t let you mock the liminal formality of work wear with your tuxedo t-shirt, you can still let your personality shine around the ankles. (Or in the secret place that coworkers don’t see unless you want to have a long meeting with HR.)

Happy Socks has a massive selection of unique socks and underwear for men, women, and unisex styles. From cartoon flamingos to pared-down dress patterns in a variety of colors, they have an enormous collection of fashionable socks and undergarments for anyone feeling like their outfits are missing that “it” factor. And they regularly partner with style icons like designer Iris Apfel and the Billionaire Boy’s Club for limited edition runs.

These Swedish darners definitely have something fun for everyone. You can get $40 of site-wide store credit for just $24.99.

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