Day: May 11, 2017

WTF is Apple doing with a secret, car-focused office in Berlin?


Hey Apple: WTF is going on in Germany?

The Cupertino company might be up to something on the down low in Deutschland, according to Business Insider‘s Sam Shead. The reporter investigated rumors of a secret Apple office focused on automotive development in Berlin, following an initial leak last year that Apple was snatching up German engineering talent in the wake of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia.  

It took almost half a year, but Shead’s tenacity appears to have paid off. He claims to have found the office smack dab in the middle of Berlin, in a nondescript building overlooking the city’s famous Gendarmenmarkt square area. Read more…

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Apple might reveal a new iPad next month


A redesigned iPad Pro might be announced next month.

9to5Mac has obtained an image of what it claims is an inventory listing for cases for an iPad Pro with a 10.5-inch screen — an iPad that doesn’t exist yet.

According to the listing, Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is preparing to ship folio cases made for a 10.5-inch iPad Pro in June. 

Case leaks are a dime a dozen and nothing new when it comes to revealing unannounced products, but the fact that UAG, a major case maker, is throwing its weight behind what is only a rumored iPad Pro suggests Apple might not wait until the fall to revamp its most powerful tablet. Read more…

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Improbable grabs $502M led by Softbank at a $1B+ valuation for its virtual world Spatial OS

 Improbable, the London startup that has developed a platform for third parties to build vast virtual and simulated worlds, has landed a stratospheric round of funding to double down on its product and expanding its ecosystem of developers. The company, which also has offices in San Francisco, has raised $502 million in funding led by SoftBank, with previous investors Andreessen Horowitz and… Read More

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How to deal with a narcissist at work

In University of Pennsylvania psychiatrist Jody Foster’s new book The Schmuck in My Office: How to Deal Effectively with Difficult People at Work, she shares sound advice on dealing with narcissistic co-workers. From an excerpt at Quartz:

On a day-to-day basis, appealing to this person’s egocentricity can be very effective. The occasional recognition of the person’s achievement, strengths, or values may go a long way in avoiding anger or demeaning comments; in some instances, you may simply want to remark upon a person’s good efforts. Fanning the embers of narcissism is particularly effective in avoiding unwanted conflict. Particularly if the Narcissus is your boss, you have to let them think that you perceive them as important. No matter how difficult it may be to do this, the Narcissus boss can make the workplace a living hell for anyone who they think is not on board with their success. Give them compliments, and try to do so without mocking them.

Remember that the only commentary that the Narcissus will be able to actually hear will contain some degree of praise in it. So when asking for a favor or for some type of change that could be perceived as an insult, definitely attempt the route of first praising him in some way. Even a simple statement like a reminder about a deadline might need some positive reinforcement embedded in it: “I can’t wait to see your draft of the proposal on Friday.” Remember that the Narcissus has special techniques for avoiding hearing criticism and can interpret even a simple suggestion or reminder as an insult if it doesn’t contain anything positive.

Another strategy is paying attention to the Narcissus. If enough attention is not paid, he will perceive criticism. Even simple moves, like stopping by to say, “Have a good weekend” on the way out the door, can have positive effects on your workplace relationship.

The Schmuck in My Office: How to Deal Effectively with Difficult People at Work (Amazon)

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No Shame In Dumpster Diving

A majority of people might feel funny about second-hand recycling or, as it’s more commonly referred to, dumpster diving. The truth, however, is that it’s filled with lots of rewards.

Of course, I’m not talking about just any old dumpster in town. The gold mine comes around this time of year, particularly in college campuses. Those college kids love to throw shit out.

Printers, mini-refrigerators, cameras and even computers. You can find all kinds of gears simply by looking in and around college campus dumpsters. And not just that. You can also find things, like totes, bags, racks, and furniture of all kinds, in that same place.

Now, I’m not advocating one to grab a shovel and start digging to the bottom of any industrial dumpster. Heck, you can, but that’s not what I’m suggesting. Most kids leave their useful “trash” to the side of the dumpster that you won’t need to dig deep. In fact, you can get a good view of things just right on the top.

And to hell with feeling uncomfortable. There’s nothing to be ashamed of collecting perfectly useful items once used by other people. You shouldn’t feel ashamed to be seen near a dumpster just because you’re too afraid that girls or guys won’t go out with you anymore.

There’s plenty of reasonably clean gears within easy reach inside college dumpsters. That is to assume that they haven’t been sitting long and haven’t endured harsh weather conditions. Of course, plenty of things can withstand these elements for a short period and be okay, but there are also those that degrade quickly. Textbooks, for example, can provide easy cash, assuming the condition is adequate.

I like to think that most people recycle daily, though I’m probably wrong. Those who do toss their La Croix cans, beer bottles and milk jugs in those environment-friendly blue bins to be picked up and taken off to recycling factories. There, they are repurposed and transformed into other much useful things. Without a doubt, it’s a very positive thing to do for the environment.

So, why not recycle like this?

The benefits and possibilities with dumpster driving are abundant. You could start a little pawn style business with the treasures you find or even put on a dumpster art show. Nobody will stop you from using “trash” to be your creative outlet.

Food is another, though far more questionable, commodity you can retrieve from dumpsters. It’s relatively common in dumpsters you can find in grocery chains and markets, but not so much on college campuses. While I gravitate more towards household items, there certainly are people who look for perfectly fine packaged food out back.

In fact, I recently saw an American Ninja Warrior episode (I was in a Chicago hotel room with limited channels) and the dude who won the challenge was an avid dumpster diver from California, primarily for food. If an American Ninja Warrior advocates it, you know it’s legit.

Not only can dumpster diving save you money on daily products, you can also get a lot of things that work perfectly fine from the dumps and landfills. If you’re creative and willing, you could even salvage and utilize broken items for other purposes.

Knowing so much working “trash” is tossed out by tons of people is a shame. But there’s no shame in being in the thick of the recycling hustle and doing good for you and for your environment.

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German insurance ad slammed for its 'cheap ripoff' of a Maori haka


Unfortunate that it has to be said in 2017, but please don’t appropriate other peoples’ culture.

A German insurance company, ARAG, is facing online backlash for a TV spot that features a dance imitating a traditional Maōri haka, a culturally important dance performed on significant occasions and imbued with reverence. 

The ad features actors performing the haka, or at least a dance inspired by it, in the middle of a street, chanting in German.

ARAG said in a Facebook comment that the haka is “ideally suited to bring our messages across,” due to its “rhythm, impressive gestures and facial expressions and determination.”  Read more…

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New York starts accepting applications for autonomous vehicle testing

 Soon enough, self-driving car companies will have the opportunity to see how their cars deal with sitting in the occasionally snowy bumper-to-bumper New York traffic. Today, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state will begin accepting applications from companies interested in testing out their self-driving car vehicles on public roads. “With this action, we are taking a… Read More

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A Trump aide perfectly captured the FBI disaster by texting 2 emoji


It looks like White House was in total chaos following the news that Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

How bad was it? Too crazy for words. 

“When asked Tuesday night for an update on the unfolding situation, one top White House aide simply texted a reporter two fireworks emoji,” according to a juicy story from Washington Post. The piece claims the White House was totally unprepared for the fallout and had to scramble to put together a response. 

The president was “irate” as he watched coverage of the firing on TV, the Post reported. Here’s a “West Wing official” on how it went down: Read more…

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Trump 'Crazy': President described by fired FBI director Comey as 'outside realm of normal'

When President Donald Trump accused outgoing President Barack Obama in March of ‘wiretapping’ him, James B. Comey, then the FBI director, was “flabbergasted,” reports the New York Times in a breakdown of Comey’s thuggish dismissal that includes jawdropping detail. The president, Comey told his FBI associates, was “outside the realm of normal,” even “crazy.”

Those are the words he used, reports the Times.


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