Day: October 18, 2018

Identify One Goal: The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose

I think a lot of young people will find this post very useful if they were to apply themselves to it.

Most often, I find people wondering what their purpose in life is. And before they discover it, they try a couple of things and make some mistakes. They are the lucky ones as some people don’t even find out their life’s purpose at all. So, they end up living someone else’s life — a fake life.

But discovering your purpose is not a hard thing — at least not as hard as some say it is.

As a motivational speaker and life coach, I encounter this question a lot and most often, usually asked by young people. Not too long ago (January 2017), someone asked me that same question.

This lady was in her early thirties, a banker, had a car and living in a really nice apartment. At that point, she was living better in most standards than me. As we got talking, she asked me how someone could identify one’s purpose. I was shocked because, in my own mind, I would think she’s living her dream life. However, I contained myself and gave her an answer.

Identify one goal

What do you want to spend your life doing? What is that one thing you want to be identified with? And what is that one thing you want to be known for?

Identify that one thing you can do forever and you don’t mind doing it for free. That is the question that can point you to where your passion lies.

identifying one goal

When you finally identify it, spend every day of your life learning about it, studying it, practicing it, and doing it. Practice until you are not afraid to do it in front of other people.

“Don’t think about money; don’t start by focusing on the money. Do it because it just makes you happy and satisfied.”

be happy

Like I don’t care if I get paid for writing or speaking, as far as there is one person who listens to me or reads what I write, I’m satisfied. That’s why on my website, I have a place to book a one-on-one time with me because I care about just you who’s reading this.

“Focus on what you love and when you are so good at it people will start paying you for it.”

Usain Bolt is a multi-millionaire for just running. Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova are worth millions of dollars for just playing tennis. Linda Ikeji is a millionaire for being a gossiper. But at first, they all started loving what they do and they were doing it whether money was involved or not.


If you want to be counted as one of the greats or one of the richest, identify that one thing you are passionate about and be the best at it. You’d be lost having fun and doing your thing that one day, you’ll just discover that you’re rich and you’re celebrated.

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Cryptocurrency wallet startup Cobo raises $13M Series A to enter the U.S. and Southeast Asia

Cobo, a cryptocurrency wallet startup headquartered in Beijing, has raised a $13 million Series A to enter new international markets. The round was led by DHVC and Wu Capital, a family office based in China. Cobo plans to expand in the United States and Southeast Asia, in particular Vietnam and Indonesia. Cobo is also now taking pre-orders for Cobo Vault, a hardware wallet (pictured above) that it claims is military grade. Cobo’s Series A brings its total funding to $20 million so far.

Cobo Wallet allows users to store both proof-of-stake and proof-of-work coins. One incentive for people to pick the app over its competitors is the ability to pool proof-of-stake assets with other users so they can increase their chances of mining and validating new blocks on the blockchain. Since launching earlier this year, Cobo says its digital wallet has gained more than 500,000 users.

The startup was founded last year by CEO Shixing Mao, who is known as Discus Fish in the crypto community, and CTO Changhao Jiang, a former platform engineer at Facebook and Google who co-founded Bihang, a cryptocurrency wallet acquired by OKCoin in 2013. Discus Fish, meanwhile, is known for launching F2Pool, China’s first mining pool.

Cobo Vault, which will retail for $479, meets the MIL-STD-810G U.S. military standard for equipment, Cobo’s head of hardware Lixin Liu said in an email, adding that it was built with proprietary firmware created especially for the device, a bank-grade encryption chip and military-grade aluminum.

Cobo Vault’s creation was prompted by an August 2017 incident in which F2Pool was hacked and more than 8,000 ETH was stolen from Discus Fish’s account. Fish also refunded customers’ lost ETH from his own assets. “As a result, Discus Fish was resolute on the fact that for crypto to gain mass market adoption, products had to be made to be hacker-resistant and truly safe,” said Liu.

Stop tattling on people smoking weed, Toronto police warn in cheeky tweets


Marijuana became legal in Canada on Wednesday, and authorities are still trying to get used to it.

Toronto’s police have been pretty blunt about the matter, telling people to stop tattling on their neighbours for smoking weed or possessing pot plants.

The directive came in a series of funny tweets, comparing the reporting of smoking or possession to trivial matters, like calling 911 to ask for directions or what one should do with frozen meat in the case of a power outage.

“Do not call police for this,” the tweets read. Read more…

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