Day: February 28, 2020

Apple punishes facial recognition company Clearview AI for ignoring developer rules

Apple punishes facial recognition company Clearview AI for ignoring developer rules

Clearview AI’s week keeps getting worse. 

Apple has suspended the controversial facial recognition company’s iOS developer account following a report from Buzzfeed News that Clearview AI was in violation of Apple’s Enterprise Developer Program rules.

As a result, Apple has disabled Clearview AI’s iOS app, giving the company 14 days to respond to Apple’s claim. 

Specifically, Apple’s rules state that companies “may not use, distribute or otherwise make Your Internal Use Applications available to any third parties in any way.” 

Buzzfeed’s report found that Clearview AI was doing exactly that by “encouraging” its clients to download the iOS app in violation of that rule.  Read more…

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The Friday Buzz: What We Make for Lunch

Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this week: Easy Lunches! 

Friday is here, and for a lot of us that means we are planning our menus to get ready to go grocery shopping over the weekend. I’m pretty good about having breakfast foods on hand and planning out dinners, but I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy lunch ideas that take zero brainpower to make.

So, I thought I’d ask The Simply Team to share their go-to lunches, and here’s what they had to say!


  • It’s a Wrap! Andy’s go-to lunch is a chicken wrap made from a whole wheat tortilla, ranch dressing (he does a homemade non-dairy ranch, but you could do your own version), spinach, precooked chicken, and craisins.
  • Think Big! Emma loves to make big batches of something (anything, really!) that she can reheat throughout the week. Her two recent favorites are: Frittata made with chicken sausage and all the leftover vegetables from the weekend, and Beet and Barley Salad with a poached egg on top.
  • Oodles of Noodles: Summer likes to make our Thai Noodle Salad and eat it throughout the week. (It makes a lot!) She also likes sautéed peppers and onions with an egg on top.
  • Avo-Toast! Megan turns to avocado toast with an egg on top or some sort of egg scramble with a whole wheat tortilla.
  • Smash It! Cambria often smashes chickpeas on a piece of Ezekiel bread with some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Simple and delicious!

What are some of your go-to quick and easy lunches?


Our Orange Chicken is taking the Instagram world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why.


Man in the North left a comment that warmed our heart and souls on our Egg Drop Soup.

I followed the recipe, with a few substitutions that turned out great. My fiance is sick and when she tasted this soup, her whole day changed and lifted her spirits. We both agreed it’s the best egg drop soup we have ever had. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, it meant more than you can imagine.

Watch out, Chicken Noodle Soup. Looks like I’ll be making Egg Drop Soup the next time I get sick!

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Proper Gym Etiquette: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do At the Gym

With spring break and the summer approaching, many people will be joining the gym. If you’re new to it, you may struggle with how to behave there. You may even fear getting judged.

To help you be more comfortable with working out, here’s a guide on proper gym etiquette.

Do: Bring a change of clothes and indoor shoes

gym etiquette

Everyone hates when others track dirt and mud into their home and they have to clean it up, right?

A pair of indoor shoes can help keep the gym floor, machines, and other exercise stations clean. While some gyms have full-time cleaning staff, many do not. And for those who don’t, their jobs will be easier if they do not have to follow you around to clean up your mess.

Some gyms are stricter than others about this rule. They may not let you get past the sign-in area without removing outdoor shoes.

Don’t: Forget to wipe down your station

Most gyms provide disinfectant sprays as well as disposable paper towels. I personally avoid gyms which mandate using a reusable towel or don’t provide a way to clean the equipment.

Typically, I will wipe down the equipment if I notice someone leave without doing so. Using them can help keep you and your other gym goers healthy, as well as avoid sitting in one another’s stink. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t sweat that much, or just sat in an area to rest, wipe it down.

Some people work out with towels, but your fellow gym goers can’t know how clean your towel is. One thing I see many people do is to sit on their sweat towel (or even worse, their hoodie) without disinfecting the station. Another is people using their towel to wipe the equipment with disinfectant.

Some microbiologists have said these habits greatly increase the spread of germs in gyms, increasing the risk of getting yourself or others sick. Your towel will carry fewer germs if you disinfect every station prior to putting it down.

Do: Re-rack your weights properly

gym etiquette dumbbells

When using plates and free weights, make sure to put them back where you found them. Some people don’t mind if you re-rack to one 45lb plates depending on the exercise and the gym, but the safe bet is to re-rack all weights.

You don’t want the next person to struggle in removing your weights. Some gyms have labeled areas for plates, dumbbells, and barbells. It is always best to put them in the designated area even if it is not where you found them. Sometimes, I sort weights while waiting for equipment or during a rest period.

Do not abandon your barbells in the middle of the walking area or stack plates into a tower. It is annoying and may lead to injury to yourself or others. Do not mix weights when putting them away. No one wants to have to de-rack and immediately re-rack two 25lb plates to get to a 45lb plate.

Do: Be aware of your surroundings

Be respectful of the personal space of your fellow gym-goers. You don’t want someone to drop a dumbbell on your foot! Be aware of what others are doing. You wouldn’t want to trip over someone stretching or knock out others.

Personal space at the gym is important. Most people don’t like a stranger taking a phone call an inch from their face, let alone when they’re trying to deadlift.

Do not block others’ access to weights, mirrors or gym equipment. For example, moving away from the barbell rack before doing a barbell set will allow others access to the weights without having to wait for you to finish your set or move. Even if it’s crowded, try your best to not stand in between another person and a mirror. You may block their view of their form.

You can do yoga or biceps curls in a different area of the gym. Many gyms have free exercise areas for yoga and stretching so don’t do them in squat or dead-lift areas. Those exercises can only be done in a limited part of the gym.

Don’t: Hog the exercise equipment

Some gyms have strict rules on how long someone can use an area or exercise equipment. Others rely on an honor system.

It may be tempting to make a circuit for your personal use but remember that other people may want to use the equipment as well. Don’t kill your gains to socialize. Although most people at the gym are friendly, you have to remember that they are there to work out.

It’s not a big deal to have a conversation or check your music in your rest period. However, you need to try to avoid spending an hour talking and fifteen minutes exercising. Be aware of your noise level and listen to your music with headphones. If half the gym is looking at you during a conversation, it might be time to quiet down and observe proper gym etiquette.

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Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’ video is a joyous alien desert rave epic shot on iPhone 11

Lady Gaga's 'Stupid Love' video is a joyous alien desert rave epic shot on iPhone 11

In a galaxy far, far away from the shallow, there is finally a new Lady Gaga single that has nothing to do with Bradley Cooper. 

The clip for ‘Stupid Love’, a regulation rah-rah-mode Gaga banger with arpeggiated synths for days, was reportedly filmed on an iPhone 11, with the Lady herself repeatedly tagging #ShotOniPhone as she teased the simultaenous drop of both track and vision.

Watch Gaga and her “Kindness Punks” battle it out with some help from a lot of brightly coloured latex, chains, and joyous, surprisingly accessible choreography you could totally learn in the space of an evening. But a lot of it is just the kind of loose, instinctive jumping and flailing you’re going to be doing to it on dancefloors for the next year.  Read more…

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AWS partners with Kenya’s Safaricom on cloud and consulting services

Amazon Web Services has entered a partnership with Safaricom — Kenya’s largest telco, ISP and mobile payment provider — in a collaboration that could spell competition between American cloud providers in Africa.

In a statement to TechCrunch, the East African company framed the arrangement as a “strategic agreement” whereby Safaricom will sell AWS services (primarily cloud) to its East Africa customer network.

Safaricom — whose products include the famed M-Pesa mobile money product — will also become the first Advanced Consulting Partner for the AWS partner network in East Africa.

“The APN is…the program for technology…businesses who leverage AWS to build solutions and services for customers…and sell their AWS offerings by providing valuable business, technical, and marketing support,” Safaricom said.

“We chose to partner with AWS because it offers customers the broadest and deepest cloud platform…This agreement will allow us to accelerate our efforts to enable digital transformation in Kenya,” said Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph.

“Safaricom will be able to offer AWS services to East-African customers, allowing businesses of all sizes to quickly get started on AWS cloud,” the company statement continued.

For now, the information provided by Safaricom is a bit sparse on the why and how of the partnership between the American company and East African mobile, financial and ISP provider.

TechCrunch has an inquiry into Amazon and some additional questions posed to Safaricom, toward additional coverage.

An initial what-this-all-means take on the partnership points to an emerging competition between American cloud service providers to scale in Africa by leveraging networks of local partners.

The most obvious rival to the AWS-Safaricom strategic agreement is the Microsoft -Liquid Telecom collaboration. Since 2017, MS has partnered with the Southern African digital infrastructure company to grow Microsoft’s AWS competitor product — Azure — and offer cloud services to the continent’s startups and established businesses.

MS and Liquid Telecom have focused heavily on the continent’s young tech companies. “We believe startups will be key employers in Africa’s future economy. They’re also our future customers,” Liquid Telecom’s  Head of Innovation Partnerships Oswald Jumira told TechCrunch in 2018.

Amazon hasn’t gone fully live yet with e-commerce services in Africa, but it has aggressively positioned AWS and built a regional client list that includes startups — such as fintech venture Jumo — and large organizations, such Absa and Standard Bank.

Partnering with Safaricom plugs AWS into the network of one East Africa’s most prominent digital companies.

Safaricom, led primarily by its M-Pesa mobile money product, holds remarkable dominance in Kenya, Africa’s 6th largest economy. M-Pesa has 20.5 million customers across a network of 176,000 agents and generates around one-fourth ($531 million) of Safaricom’s ≈ $2.2 billion annual revenues (2018).

Compared to other players — such as Airtel  Money and Equitel Money — M-Pesa has 80% of Kenya’s mobile money agent network, 82% of the country’s active mobile-money subscribers and transfers 80% of Kenya’s mobile-money transactions, per the latest sector statistics.

A number of Safaricom’s clients (including those it provides payments and internet services to) are companies, SMEs and startups.

Extending AWS services to them will play out next to the building of Microsoft’s $100 million Africa Development Center, with an office in Nairobi, announced last year.