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Best Personal Development Goals To Add Productivity To Life

Personal development goals are mainly aimed at making your life better. These goals may help you to improve yourself as a person and will also make you aware of your talents and skills. They also have a role to play in making you productive and happy. Personal development goals will impact both personal and professional life. So, here we are with a few important personal development goals that will make your life super productive and efficient.

Focus on your time management skills

Life is all about meeting deadlines. So, you must be extremely focused on accomplishing your daily tasks on time. Proper time management skills will increase your efficiency and productivity. You must maintain a specific schedule so that you never lose track of time. Before going to sleep at night, you should prepare a to-do list for the following day. A variety of apps are also available to help you manage time effectively. Also, your schedule must be a realistic one so that you do not go too hard on yourself.

Try to be an optimist

You must always try to develop an optimistic mindset and get rid of all your negativities. An optimistic approach will help you to overcome all your difficulties and lead your life in a much better way. It will also help you to accept new challenges in life. An optimistic person is also loved by the people around them. They are more confident about themselves and they also find it easier to progress in their work life.


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Meditation plays a great role in increasing your concentration level. You will be able to put more focus on your work and achieve a lot of success in your work life. Meditation also has a huge role to play in improving your life. Regular meditation acts as a source of inspiration in your life. You will find an overall improvement in your health and your general habits. Moreover, meditation will help you to overcome all your anxieties and your negative thoughts. You will be able to make your days productive and lead a stress-free life.

Always speak up

If you are someone who likes to hide in the crowd, then the time has come for you to think of ways to increase your visibility. This is especially important for people who have to attend meetings. You must plan your agenda well in advance. Think about the topics that you wish to speak about in the meeting. Until and unless you speak out, you will never get noticed and your work will also not get appreciated.

Improve your listening skills

Another very important personality development goal is to improve your listening skills. A lot of lessons can be learned in life simply by listening carefully. You will be able to see things from another’s point of view and also consider their ideas. Most of us are always so eager to place our own point that we stop listening to what others have to say. This should not be the case. Listening to someone carefully will make him/her feel important and that person will immediately start liking you.

Start networking

Networking is extremely important, especially for a successful career. It is needed for both career development, as well as personal development. Always try to meet new people and start a conversation with them. Another great place to enhance your network is to take the help of social networking platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Besides, networking helps to create long-term relationships which might be of great importance to you in your work life. It even makes you noticeable and creates new opportunities for you.

Set up new challenges for yourself

Every single day must be a challenge for you. This will make your life more interesting and you will become a happier individual. Challenges will make you more ambitious. Set up both long-term and short-term goals for yourself and try to accomplish them to the best of your abilities. Setting up new challenges will also enhance your leadership skills. The challenge might not always be an elaborate one. A simple resolution to wake up early in the morning can also be a challenge for you.

Maintain a proper work-life balance

If you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then a proper work-life balance is a must for you. It will help you to lead a happy life and stimulate your mental growth. A proper work-life balance will have a positive effect on your life. It will also improve your performance at work. There must be a distinct boundary between your personal life and your professional life. Make sure that your work life does not leave a bad effect on your personal life. Otherwise, it will impact both your personal and professional life.

Work on your weaknesses

Most of us are unaware of our weaknesses. If you wish to succeed in life, then you must work on your weaknesses and convert them to your strengths. The best way to know your weaknesses is to involve yourself in self-awareness activities. This will not only boost your self-confidence, but will also give you an idea about your weaknesses. Also, you can ask for help from someone you trust. That person might be able to provide you with ideas about those segments of your life that require improvement.

Reserve some time for self-care

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We must all indulge ourselves in self-care activities. Most of us are so busy that we tend to ignore our basic needs. This can have a negative impact in the quality of our lives. You must at least keep 30 minutes each day for self-care practices. Until and unless you learn to take care of yourself, you will never be able to take care of people around you. Manage time for your hobbies and create a personal space. This will definitely add productivity to your life.

So, these are some of the best personal development goals for you. Try to implement them in your life and you will be surprised to see the impact they have on your career and your personality.

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Apple alum’s jobs app for India’s workers secures $8 million

Javed, a middle-aged man, worked as a driver before losing that job earlier this year as coronavirus spread across India, prompting New Delhi to enforce a nationwide lockdown and temporarily curb several business activities.

There are millions of people like Javed in India today who have lost their livelihood in recent months. They are low-skilled workers and are currently struggling to secure another job.

An Apple alum thinks he can help. Through his app startup Apna, Nirmit Parikh is helping India’s workers learn new skills, connect with one another, and find jobs.

Parikh’s app is already changing lives. Javed, who could barely speak a few words in English before, recently posted a video on Apna app where he talked about his new job — processing raisins — in English.

In less than one year of its existence, Apna app — available on Android — has amassed over 1.2 million users.

The startup announced on Tuesday it has raised $8 million in its Series A financing round led by Lightspeed India and Sequoia Capital India . Greenoaks Capital and Rocketship VC also participated in the round.

In an interview with TechCrunch last week, Parikh said that these workers lack an organized community. “They are daily-wage workers. They rely on their friends to find jobs. This makes the prospects of them finding a job very difficult,” he said.

Apna app comprises of vertical communities for skilled professionals like carpenters, painters, field sales agents and many others.

“The most powerful thing for me about Apna is its communities — I’ve seen people help each other start a business, learn a new language or find a gig! Communities harbinger trust and make the model infinitely scalable,” said Vaibhav Agrawal, a Partner at Lightspeed India, in a statement.

The other issue they struggle with is their skillset. “An electrician would end up working decades doing the same job. If only they had access to upskilling courses — and just knew how beneficial it could be to them — they would stand to broaden their scope of work and significantly increase their earnings,” said Parikh.

Apna is addressing this gap in multiple ways. In addition to establishing a community, and rolling out upskilling courses, the startup allows users — most of whom are first time internet users — easily generate a virtual business card. The startup then shares these profiles with prospective employers. (Some of the firms that have hired from Apna app in recent weeks include Amazon, Big Basket, and HDFC Bank.)

In the last one month, Parikh said Apna has facilitated more than 1 million job interviews — up more than 3X month-on-month. During the same period, more than 3 million professional conversations occurred on the platform.

Parikh said he plans to use the fresh capital to expand Apna’s offerings, and help users launch their own businesses. He also plans to expand Apna, currently available in five Indian cities, outside of India in the future.

There are over 250 million blue and grey collar workers in India and providing them meaningful employment opportunities is one of the biggest challenges in our country, said Harshjit Sethi, Principal at Sequoia Capital India, in a statement.

“With internet usage in this demographic growing rapidly, further catalysed by the Jio effect, apps such as Apna can play a meaningful role in democratizing access to employment and skilling. Apna has built a unique product where users quickly come together in professional communities, an unmet need so far,” he added.

A handful of other players are also looking for ways to help. Last month, Google rolled out a feature in its search engine in India that allows users to create their virtual business card. The Android-maker also launched its jobs app Kormo in the country.

Twitter’s ‘Quote Tweet’ changes make sussing out online drama easier

Twitter's 'Quote Tweet' changes make sussing out online drama easier

Twitter’s incredibly handy “Retweets with comments” feature is getting a rebranding, as well as becoming a tiny bit more convenient to use.

Earlier this year, Twitter added the option to see retweets that include a comment without having to use an automated account such as @QuotedReplies. Now the feature has been renamed, ditching the descriptive but clunky “Retweets with comments” for the cleaner “Quote Tweets.” 

Quote Tweets also appear between the Retweets and Likes on a tweet now, making the feature slightly less annoying to access. Previously, you had to click to see the Retweets, then click “Retweets with comments” from there. Now, you can just jump straight to the drama. Read more…

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