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Hilarious video shows reporter getting surprised by a sprinkler

Hilarious video shows reporter getting surprised by a sprinkler

Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, and watch a hilarious news blooper.

If you’re searching for the perfect clip to laugh at on a loop, we’ve got you covered. This 11-second video of Global News New Brunswick’s Shelley Steeves reporting on crops thriving in fields with proper irrigation is just what you need.

The clip shows Steeves reporting from a field, blissfully unaware that the sprinkler system behind her oscillates. It wasn’t long before she realized, though, because she was quickly treated to an unexpected shower.

Global News shared a video of the hilarious moment on Facebook alongside the caption, “A reminder from Global News New Brunswick’s Shelley Steeves that reporters should always be aware of their surroundings.” Read more…

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5 Invaluable Tips To Help You Improve Your Self-Confidence

A good number of people go through life having doubts about who they are and what they can achieve. Many fail to believe in themselves, and in the long run, this affects their productivity and achievement.

One constant attribute of highly successful people is great self-confidence, and this article is going to give you simple tips on how to improve your self-confidence so you’ll become more successful and productive in what you do.

Understand your strengths

The first and most important thing to do if you want to grow your self confidence is to understand what you are good at. It may be a piece of cake for some, but for others it may be a great deal to figure that out.

I once asked someone what he was good and he told me he couldn’t think of anything. That made me realize it could be really hard for some people to find out what exactly they are good at. But, as hard as it may be for many, it’s still a very simple thing to do if you relax and take your time to do it.

You are a unique individual. The question is not whether you can fly a chopper, or read complex coordinates. The thing is; what is it you do effortlessly? Single it out! Those around you can also help you figure it out. It can even be things like the ability to make people laugh, or the ability to offer good counsel.

The reason we are not talking about the areas you are not good at is because focusing on them will be anti-productive. But, knowing the thing(s) you are good at gets you started in the self-confidence journey.

You know you’re important. You realize there is something you have, something you can contribute to your world, and something you can change.

When you get hold of what you are great at, it gives you a sense of identity and improves the way you feel about yourself and what you do.

Take your time; take yourself out. Ask yourself the things you have a flair for. Put down areas you’re passionate about, and areas friends have pointed out you do greatly. Those will help you decide about your strengths.

Accept yourself: Stop unnecessary comparison

self acceptance

Every person with great self-confidence has mastered the art of accepting themselves. After knowing who you are, and understanding your strengths, the next and most reasonable response is to accept who and what you are.

“I am a jazz singer,”, “I am a fiction writer,”, “I thrive at counseling people,”, “I am a stand-up comedian,”, “I am a serious-minded thinker,”, “I am an academic nerd.” These are just a few of those things people realize about themselves.

Many realize these things, but some never accept who they are. They are attracted to who they are not and want to be jacks of many trades. People who always think there is something better about what someone else is, often look down on themselves and, as a result, lose confidence in themselves.

Self-acceptance is indispensable in the school of self-confidence. It doesn’t mean to stop making progress at what you do. But it means to accept who you primarily are and allow it to create your mental, then physical identity.

Stay on your strengths

Your strengths are those areas you are expert at. They are those things you’re talented at, or have a flair for.

Focus on them. Invest in them! Become a pro in those areas. Let them define who you are. This way you become a pro at what you do and gain others’ respect.

When you become a pro at what you do, you naturally have a sense of responsibility and importance that adds a long chip to your self-confidence.

Take on new, tougher assignments

improve your self confidence

Sometimes, you need to prove yourself and achieve new things as a way of building your confidence. Go for new things. Try to reach new milestones that people think are difficult or impossible.

Stand up from where you’ve been, reach for something higher. Aim to break a record – to push beyond your limits. It will require a lot of sacrifice and commitment, but it will yield a fantastic result, building your confidence.

You can prepare to break a sports record, an academic record, or a health record. It may be finishing your first book as a writer or making your professional career debut.

New achievements create a level of fulfillment. When you are fulfilled on the inside, it makes you feel great about yourself and trust yourself. By doing so, you improve your self-confidence admirably.

Don’t bite yourself; know that you’re in a process

A lesson everyone should learn is that of not staying on and taking their mistakes too personally. It’s easier for many people to forgive others than to forgive themselves.

You are in a process, whatever you do. It’s okay to make mistakes, and everyone should make room for mistakes in their lives. That you realized you made a mistake means you are a smart person. Instead of staying where you fell, the wisest thing to do is stand up, dust the mistake off your mind and body, and head towards greatness.

For most people in the prime of their career, their greatest confidence sapper is their mistakes. The right mental attitude that should follow a mistake is, “I accept I’ve made this mistake; it’s just a blip in my career, I’m going to figure out how to make amends and perform better, and I move on, and refuse to stay my mind on my mistake.”

One must never allow a mistake to define them. Every great person you can think about once made a mistake somewhere along their career. What defined them was not their mistake, but the attitude they put on after such a mistake. A winner forges ahead, but a loser stays where he fell, and I’d rather you be a winner.

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Poco X3 NFC mocks your pricey flagship with quad camera, 120Hz display for $235

Poco X3 NFC mocks your pricey flagship with quad camera, 120Hz display for $235

Xiaomi’s once sub-brand, now separate brand Poco made a name for itself by producing no-nonsense phones with all the right features for a very reasonable price

Now, Poco’s back with a new phone, a sort-of-midrange Poco X3 NFC (why the NFC bit, which is near-ubiquitous on phones these days, was needed in the name eludes me), and it sounds pretty good on paper. 

Yes, the Poco X3 NFC makes quite a few compromises: it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G processor, an LCD display, there’s no 5G, and it starts at only 64GB storage. 

But the rest of the specs scream good value. The 6.67-inch FHD+ display has a 240Hz touch sampling rate and a 120Hz refresh rate, a feat typically seen on very expensive flagships. The battery is a massive 5,160mAh cell with 33W fast charging (and yes, you get a 33W charger in the box). On the back, there’s a quad camera with a 64-megapixel, Sony IMX682 main sensor, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide sensor, a 2-megapixel macro sensor and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. On the front, you’ll find a 20-megapixel selfie camera, located in a punch-hole in the top middle of the display.  Read more…

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