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Top 10 Money Saving Tips For College Students

When students are in college, there are several expenses that you have to meet. From tuition fees to food and living expenses, the cost of living is on the rise. But that does not mean that you have to starve; you can save your money in many ways as a college student.

Here are some quick tips:

Don’t Buy New Textbooks

Often, textbooks can be really expensive. So when you are about to begin a new semester, you can contact your seniors who have taken a similar course and borrow their textbooks instead. Many seniors do not have any use for their books and would be happy to give them away. An alternative could be downloading e-books online. Likewise, you can also sell your textbooks to somebody else or to stores who would accept them for a lower price and earn some money.

Use Your Student ID Card Wherever Possible

Nowadays, student discounts are available on almost everything. From electronics to technology and software, clothes and shoes, your college ID can help you save big. So always carry your student ID wherever you go and ask at the billing desk if they offer any type of student discount.

Food & Grocery

saving money as a college student

Eating out is expensive, so try to cook food at home as much as possible. This practice is not only beneficial to your health but to your finances too. Buying groceries in bulk also helps you get bigger discounts. You can team up with friends to go grocery shopping, buy big family packs, segregate the items, and split the costs. This gives everyone a great deal of savings.

Electronic Gadgets

Gadgets and technology have become an integral part of our lives, especially as college students. You can choose to borrow money online when you’re making a heavy investment like a phone or a laptop. Personal loan apps can help you borrow online loans easily with flexible repayment options. And for general accessories, you can choose cheaper brands instead of going for the top ones to help you save money.

Choose Your House Wisely

Dormitories and hostels are cheaper living options as compared to off-campus living. You can even choose to share accommodation and have flatmates to help you divide your rent and other expenses. Also, weigh the options you have at hand before making a decision.

Pay Your Fees Smartly

You can use various modes of payment for paying your tuition fees or housing fees. Choose the one that doesn’t levy an additional charge of process fees. For example, if you use a credit card to pay your university fees, you will be charged an additional 1.75% on the total amount. So if you have to pay $5,000, you will end up spending an additional $87.50. However, if you use cheques or banks transfers, you can save that amount every term, which is a significant saving overall.

Plan Your Meals

When you chart out a meal plan for the whole week, there are several benefits. For one, it helps you calculate the exact number of ingredients which you need through the week. It also enables you to avoid any impulsive purchases at the supermarket. Moreover, it reduces food wastage at the end of each week. Planning your meals can even help you observe your diet. You would know whenever there’s too much intake of unhealthy food for consecutive days, making you conscious of your eating habits.

Make Your Own Coffee

save money as a college student

Machine coffee can cost you $3 per cup on an average. Look at it from an annual perspective; you will be spending almost $600 on coffee at that rate. Instead, you can purchase coffee beans and make your own coffee. That way, you save a significant amount of money.

Don’t Purchase A Car, Rent It

As a student, having your own car is not a necessity. There are several options you can consider, like renting a car, renting Uber or Lyft, etc. Because a car is not just an expensive buy, it is also a heavy maintenance asset. Fuel, parking, maintenance, and unexpected repairs, among others, can burn a hole in your pocket as a student.

Be Wise And Prudent While Using Credit Cards

Credit cards are a boon when managed wisely. But they can prove to be a disaster if you have no self-control. Don’t set a very high limit on your card. If you do keep a card, use one with low limits and lowest interest rates. Ensure that you can pay the bill each month and not incur interest as much as possible.

Managing your studies along with expenses can be a little challenging. But being frugal, cutting down on unnecessary costs, and planning budgets well can help you manage your finances efficiently.

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LanzaJet inks deal with British Airways for 7500 tons of fuel low emission fuel additive per year

LanzaJet, the renewable jet fuel startup spun out from the longtime renewable and synthetic fuel manufacturer, LanzaTech, has inked a supply agreement with British Airways to supply the company with at least 7500 tons of fuel additive per yer.

The deal marks the second agreement between the UK-based airline and a renewable jet fuels manufacturer following an August 2019 agreement with the British company Velocys. It’s also LanzaJet’s second offtake agreement. The company announced itself with a partnership between the renewable fuels manufacturer and the Japanese airline ANA.

Through the deal, British Airways will invest an undisclosed amount in LanzaJet’s first commercial scale facility in Georgia. The fuel will being powering flights by the end of 2022 the companies said.

It’s part of a broader expansion effort that could see LanzaJet establish a commercial facility for the UK airline in its home country in the coming years.

Back in the U.S. the plan is to begin construction on the Georgia facility later this year which will convert ethanol into a jet fuel additive using a chemical process.

Fuel from the plant will reduce the overall greenhouse emissions by 70 percent versus traditional jet fuel. It’s the equivalent of taking almost 27,000 gasoline or diesel-powered cars of the orad each year, according to the company.

The deal is the culmination of years of research and development work between LanzaJet’s parent company, LanzaTech and Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Spun off in June 2020, LanzaJet was financed by an investment group including parent company LanzaTech, Mitsui, and Suncor Energy. British AIrways now joins the two other strategic investors as LanzaJet eyes an ambitious scale up program through 2025. The company plans to launch four large scale plants producing a pipeline of renewable fuels. 

“Low-cost, sustainable fuel options are critical for the future of the aviation sector  and the LanzaJet process offers the most flexible feedstock solution at scale, recycling wastes and  residues into SAF that allows us to keep fossil jet fuel in the ground. British Airways has long been a  champion of waste to fuels pathways especially with the UK Government,” said Jimmy Samartzis, the chief executive of LanzaJet. “With the right support for  waste-based fuels, the UK would be an ideal location for commercial scale LanzaJet plants. We look  forward to continuing the dialogue with BA and the UK Government in making this a reality, and to  continuing our support of bringing the Prime Minister’s Jet Zero vision to life.”  

The LanzaJet fuel is certified for commercial flight up to 50% blend with conventional kerosene. “Considering the aviation market is 90 billion gallons of jet fuel a year, having 50% or 45 billion of production capacity and reaching that max blend level will be a great problem to have,” said LanzaTech chief executive Jennifer Holmgren in an email.

LanzaJet’s manufacturing facility in Georgia is designed to produce zero-waste fuels, according to Holmgren, and British Airways will receive 7,500 tonnes of sustainable aviation fuel from LanzaJet’s biorefinery each year for the next 5 years.

The partnership between British Airways, Hangar 51, International Airlines Group’s accelerator and others.

In addition to its biofuel work, British Airways is also working with companies like ZeroAvia, the hydrogen fuels company that also received backing from Amazon, Shell, and Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

“For  the last 100 years we have connected Britain with the world and the world with Britain, and to  ensure our success for the next 100, we must do this sustainably,” said British Airways chief executive Sean Doyle. 

“Progressing the development and commercial deployment of sustainable aviation fuel is crucial to  decarbonising the aviation industry and this partnership with LanzaJet shows the progress British  Airways is making as we continue on our journey to net zero.”


Here’s how to watch the Australian Open for less than £2

Here's how to watch the Australian Open for less than £2

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