Day: February 18, 2021

6 Mistakes To Avoid During Spring Home Cleaning Session

Home cleaning ventures have been propagating on different social media channels. Be it Instagram or Facebook, everyone has their share of home cleaning hacks. As it should be, cleaning is an essential requirement if we want to live a healthy and long life. Frequent visits to a physician would also be avoided with a clean living space.

The last several months have given people plenty of time to discover some amazing cleaning hacks, which motivated them to make notable changes in their home and share the improvements on their social media channels.

Needless to say, regular cleaning sessions make the home a healthier and safe place to live, giving you a chance to stay more organized. However, it gets a bit more complicated when it comes to spring cleaning since it can lead to hazardous incidents at times.

Living in a healthy and safe home environment is a must, but so is ensuring your safety while working around the house. So, we’ve listed some of the cleaning mistakes that many people make in order to avoid accidents while doing spring cleaning.


Spring cleaning does not only involve dusting and mopping, it’s certainly more than that. Most of the dirt is collected under or at the corners of furniture. In order to clean or remove it, lifting is required, and heavy lifting can cause back pain or spinal cord injuries.

That’s why it’s important to be careful when lifting or moving around furniture. Do some stretches and use the right technique before proceeding. And, don’t jump on the cleaning adventures alone. It’s better to have an extra pair of hands to do the necessary job.


common cleaning mistake

Window, roof shingles, or gutters are on your cleaning to-do list, so be extra cautious. Firstly, you need a ladder to climb up, which is why you have to be extra careful. One wrong step can have unpleasant consequences. Falling off a ladder leads to body pains and several other injuries. Ladder injuries can even go beyond broken bones.

Ladder falls are quite common during cleaning or renovation ventures and any fall can bring out fatal outcomes. Be it an extension ladder or step ladder, both can equally pose a danger. So, regardless of the type of ladder you are using, get the help and supervision you need to reduce the chances of accidents.

Cleaning Gear

A cleaning session does not work without gear. So, before you jump on to your spring-cleaning work, you need to have cleaning detergent that will make the area dust-free, cleaning gloves that will protect your hands from harmful chemicals, and brushes to reach the impossible ends easily.

Based on the areas you are about to clean, you need to wear protective gear like masks, goggles, and heat shield. These will help to prevent chemicals from getting directly absorbed into your skin and exasperating your respiratory tract. With the right protective gear, you’re also protecting your eyes from harmful fumes.

Unclean Humidifier

One of the things that most people forget is a humidifier. Dirty humidifiers are home to several bacteria, germs, mold, and viruses that can make you or your family sick. Thus, if you have a humidifier, clean it regularly to stay away from any ailments.

Dust, grime, and dirt carry pathogens, and these airborne pathogens can transmit several illnesses, allergies, and even asthma. Therefore, cleaning session or not, it is essential to clean your humidifier regularly.

Miscellaneous Cleaners

what are common cleaning mistakes

Several people try to use more than two cleaners for mopping. However, sometimes, this can cause a chemical reaction that produces toxic fumes, leading to severe consequences. This is why mixing different chemicals without the best knowledge is never a sound solution.

The chemical reaction not only occurs when two solutions are mixed, subsequent use of different chemicals can also produce fumes in some instances. So if you’re not satisfied with a cleaning product you just used, don’t instantly apply a different one. Wipe out the area first with soapy water and then use the other cleansers.

Proper Ventilation

Regardless of the product or cleanser you are using, the first thing to do is keep ventilators on. Opening up windows, doors or using fans to keep the air circulating to and fro will help you and your family steer clear of any harmful fumes.

Most people are attracted to fragrance-based cleansers, but these fragrances can also be harmful. In fact, products with fragrances can aggravate the condition of those with asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory illnesses. Thus, it is crucial to choose a cleanser with no fragrance to avoid irritating your respiratory system.

Final Thoughts

Home cleaning is a major necessity in today’s life. With the pandemic still posing a threat in our day to day, it is essential for everyone to conduct timely cleaning sessions. Remember, your biggest wealth is your health and a clean environment is one of the things that can ensure that.

When done together, home cleaning can be fun too. Bring everyone in the family on board and assign each member with some tasks to make spring-cleaning an interesting session. With the above-mentioned hacks, not only can you have a clean home but also the safest spring home cleaning session.

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Glassdoor now lets you filter company ratings by demographics

Despite efforts from companies to create equitable environments, it’s clear that employees of a certain demographics, like Black women, sometimes have very different experiences from their counterparts. Glassdoor aims to better surface those experiences through a new feature that allows folks to filter ratings by demographics.

Up until now, Glassdoor only presented an overall ranking for a specific company, so there was no way to easily determine if, for example, Black women feel the same as white men, or if Latino men feel similarly to Asian men. In addition to race, Glassdoor now allows people to filter by gender identity, parental or caregiver status, disability, sexual orientation and veteran status.

Overall, Black employees are less satisfied at work in comparison to all employees, according to new preliminary research from Glassdoor. The research is based on the more than 187,000 employees across more than 3,300 companies who have provided demographic data.

Image Credits: Glassdoor

That same research showed Apple had the highest overall company rating among Black employees, with an average rating of 4.2 out of five. Apple’s overall company rating from that sample size is 3.9.

“Because these data are so new — having been collected within just the last four months — it’s important to resist the urge to make sweeping claims based on early data,” Glassdoor Data Scientist Amanda Stansell and Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain said in the report. “The averages we’ve reported above are not derived from representative probability samples of company workforces — they represent data shared anonymously by Glassdoor users at this time. Readers should therefore take some caution in making conclusive, company-wide inferences about the state of race and employee satisfaction.”