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Leather Jackets: 6 Styles That Will Never Fail You

Leather jackets are popularly known as the winter’s most worn outerwear. But there’s another thing that has made it an essential apparel for both men and women, and that is its style. Although leather speaks volumes about luxury and elegance, it becomes more classy when shaped with detail to be outerwear. To unleash the dapper in you, we suggest you check out men’s biker jackets, as they’re designed in a way that boost your panache.

Leather jackets and their styling can come in handy, but is that styling doing justice to your real leather biker jacket? What if it isn’t? Following trend is one thing and keeping up with your personal style is another. If you want to be a trendsetter, you need to be well aware of both. Having a better insight into what makes good fashion means having a keen sense of what goes well with what.

So, we’ll be sorting out styles that not only will get you noticed, but will also help you develop your sense of fashion. This foolproof style guide can do the trick.

Try Leather On Leather

tips on wearing a leather jacket

Although it comes in the category of warmth-giving material, leather is an exquisite textile material, including cotton and wool. But the place leather has managed to score in people’s wardrobe cannot be compared with that of other materials. Leather is all about class and refinement, and if it is a part of your wardrobe, you must wear it with the same style.

Moreover, leather on leather is the most pragmatic approach towards styling. If you are au courant with the trend, you must have seen bloggers and influencers donning this attire. This outfit approach can be seen in two ways: to style it with a leather button-down shirt or to style it with finely shaped leather pants. Either way, it will look exquisite.

Denim With Leather Is A Beguiling Combination

Everyone loves denim. Be it men or women, denim has been used and enjoyed by all ages. To style the two of the most sought-after textiles, you’ll need a perfect-fit denim shirt because obviously, denim jeans are usual.

You’ll need men’s leather motorcycle jackets and a blue denim shirt with brown textured buttons and black khakis to complete the whole vibe. Finalize this look with a flair of grace by adding black shoes to the mix.

Get Your Favorite Hoodie

Layering is one of the most common ways to make the most out of winter clothes. Men’s designer leather jackets are the most sought-after category to pull off this look. To give this look an upgrade, you just need to grab your favorite hoodie, but make sure it is plain.

Pair your go-to hoodie with a blingy leather jacket to bring the most out of this attire. Add a dash of swag to your overall jaunty look with black denim and you’re all set.

We’re Back On Sweaters

If you love old school fashion, then this attire can become your go-to outfit for years to come. To style this look, get your hands on some finely knitted sweaters; also, make sure you choose your sweater’s color wisely. If you’re pairing this sweater with a classic black leather jacket, you must go for dark tones, preferably bottle green and navy blue.

Pair this sweater with your trendy black hooded jacket while your bottom sports some knee ripped black jeans. Wrap this look with flair by adding a pair of black sneakers.

A Vest Is A Never-Ending Style

Have you ever thought about styling a vest with a leather jacket? If you haven’t, then it is high time to do it now because you’re missing out on many trendy styles. Although vests and jackets have been both used and displayed by many people in a single attire, it doesn’t work at all times. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that you need to be open to changes when upgrading your style. It’ll always bring out the best in your personal style.

Complete this look by wearing a plaid sweater vest over a plain white shirt and dark brown chinos. Don’t forget to include the main highlight of the whole thing – a leather jacket. Although it might not be easy to get your hands on the best affordable leather jackets, once you find the one that fits your needs and preference, there’s no going back.

Be A True Dapper With High Neck

how to wear leather jacket

Pairing a high neck and leather jacket is one of the most elegant combinations that you can wear. If you are the kind of person who prefers to be unique in terms of style, then this look is exclusively for you. Despite the inner class it exudes, this look hasn’t been exhibited by a lot of people. You can also choose to pair a dark grey high neck with a classic black leather jacket. Talk about dressing to impress!

No matter what your preference is, you can pull off any look as long as you remember to wear your confidence as well. Leather already gives off a vibe of masculinity, so it won’t be hard to pair it with other items of clothing that’ll make you a sight for sore eyes.

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Singapore-based Raena gets $9M Series A for its pivot to skincare and beauty-focused social commerce

A photo of social commerce startup Raena’s team. From left to right: chief operating officer Guo Xing Lim, chief executive officer Sreejita Deb and chief commercial officer Widelia Liu

Raena’s team, from left to right: chief operating officer Guo Xing Lim, chief executive officer Sreejita Deb and chief commercial officer Widelia Liu

Raena was founded in 2019 to create personal care brands with top social media influencers. After several launches, however, the Singapore-based startup quickly noticed an interesting trend: customers were ordering batches of products from Raena every week and reselling them on social media and e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Tokopedia. Last year, the company decided to focus on those sellers, and pivoted to social commerce.

Today Raena announced it has raised a Series A of $9 million, co-led by Alpha Wave Incubation and Alpha JWC Ventures, with participation from AC Ventures and returning investors Beenext, Beenos and Strive. Its last funding announcement was a $1.82 million seed round announced in July 2019.

After interviewing people who were setting up online stores with products from Raena, the company’s team realized that sellers’ earnings potential was capped because they were paying retail prices for their inventory.

They also saw that the even though new C2C retail models, like social commerce, are gaining popularity, the beauty industry’s supply chain hasn’t kept up. Sellers usually need to order minimum quantities, which makes it harder for people to start their own businesses, Raena co-founder Sreejita Deb told TechCrunch,

“Basically, you have to block your capital upfront. It’s difficult for individual sellers or micro-enterpreneurs to work with the old supply chain and categories like beauty,” she said.

Raena decided to pivot to serve those entrepreneurs. The company provides a catalog that includes mostly Japanese and Korean skincare and beauty brands. For those brands, Raena represents a way to enter new markets like Indonesia, which the startup estimates has $20 billion market opportunity.

Raena resellers, who are mostly women between 18 to 34-years-old in Indonesia and Malaysia, pick what items they want to feature on their social media accounts. Most use TikTok or Instagram for promotion, and set up online stores on Shopee or Tokopedia. But they don’t have to carry inventory. When somebody buys a product from a Raena reseller, the reseller orders it from Raena, which ships it directly to the customer.

This drop-shipping model means resellers make higher margins. Since they don’t have to carry inventory, it also dramatically lowers the barrier to launching a small business. Even though Raena’s pivot to social commerce coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, Deb said it grew its revenue 50 times between January and December 2020. The platform now has more than 1,500 resellers, and claims a 60% seller retention rate after six months on the platform.

She attributes Raena’s growth to several factors, including the increase in online shopping during lockdowns and people looking for ways to earn additional income during the pandemic. While forced to stay at home, many people also began spending more time online, especially on the social media platforms that Raena resellers use.

Raena also benefited from its focus on skincare. Even though many retail categories, including color cosmetics, took a hit, skincare products proved resilient.

“We saw skincare had higher margins, and there are certain markets that are experts at formulating and producing skincare products, and demand for those products in other parts of the world,” she said, adding, “we’ve continued being a skincare company and because that is a category we had insight into, it was our first entry point into this social selling model as well. 90% of our sales are skincare. Our top-selling products are serums, toners, essences, which makes a lot of sense because people are in their homes and have more time to dedicate to their skincare routines.”

Social commerce, which allows people to earn a side income (or even a full-time income), by promoting products through social media, has taken off in several Asian markets. In China, for example, Pinduoduo has become a formidable rival to Alibaba through its group-selling model and focus on fresh produce. In India, Meesho resellers promote products through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Social commerce is also gaining traction in Southeast Asia, with gross merchandise value growing threefold during the first half of 2020, according to iKala.

Deb said one of the ways Raena is different from other social commerce companies is that most of its resellers are selling to customers they don’t know, instead of focusing on family and friends. Many already had TikTok or Instagram profiles focused on beauty and skincare, and had developed reputations for being knowledgeable about products.

As Raena develops, it plans to hire a tech team to build tools that will simplify the process of managing orders and also strike deals directly with manufacturers to increase profit margins for resellers. The funding will be used to increase its team from 15 to over 100 over the next three months, and it plans to enter more Southeast Asian markets.

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Take back your online privacy with a subscription to TunnelBear

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