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Government recruitment video is yeah, pretty cringeworthy


Government advertisements usually fall into two different categories: They’re either forgettable, or they’re really, really bad.

This ad for Australia’s Department of Finance falls into the latter category. It’s to promote its graduate program, but we can’t help feel that some people might delete their applications after watching the video.

It features staffers from the organisation, hampered by a terribly awkward script and acting that’s more wooden than Queen Anne’s Revenge. You’ll just have to see it for yourself. Read more…

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Trump starring in weird ads for socks and pizza? Feels like a long time ago.


Remember when Donald Trump was just a rich dude who was the host of The Apprentice, and got paid lots of money to appear on TV commercials in Australia? Feels like a lifetime ago, but it happened.

Take this 2004 ad for socks, which journalist Amy Remeikis brought back to light on Twitter recently.

It features Trump, in his own private jet, complaining about his stocks “always going down” and wanting recommendations on other companies to invest in. 

An offsider with an Australian accent remarks about his Holeproof-branded computer socks — an oddly fascinating name for hosiery — never going down. Trump mistakes what he said as “computer stocks.” Read more…

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Weird Yellow Tail wine Super Bowl ad embarrasses a nation of Twitter users


The Kangaroo Jack of wine, Yellow Tail, has managed to do something not even Fosters beer or pseudo-Aussie restaurant chain Outback Steakhouse has achieved: Embarrass the hell out of actual Australians. Why? The brand’s 30-second Super Bowl Sunday advertisement. 

It features some dude in a bright yellow suit, running his mouth about how drinking Yellow Tail wine equals a fun time, hanging with an animated kangaroo DJ and a thinly-veiled dick joke aimed at bikini-clad model, Ellie Gonsalves. It’s a mess.

Just watch.

After Australia’s Prime Minister was recently yelled at by Trump, the last thing the land Down Under needs is an additional battering from a terrible ad for even more terrible wine.  Read more…

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Conservative decries Volleys ad for being “all about rooting” and Twitter is obsessed


When the folks over at Volley Australia dreamt up their 2016 #Grassroots campaign, it’s likely they were mostly just trying to sell shoes.

But according to Wendy Francis, a prominent member of the Australian Christian Lobby, they had something much more insidious on their mind: A bit of good ol’ fashioned rooting. That’s “doing the sex” in Australian speak.

Naturally, Twitter’s response to the Helen Lovejoy-style concerns over a campaign “all about rooting” was swift.

While it’s not clear which images in particular Francis was responding to, some have guessed the staunchly anti-marriage equality campaigner might be taking issue with the campaign’s inclusion of non-heteronormative affection. Read more…

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