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Woman filmed on CCTV putting hair in her meal before writing angry TripAdvisor review


Among the worst dining experiences is to find a hair in the meal — but nothing is what it seems in this case of an Italian restaurant in Brisbane, Australia. 

A disgruntled customer left an angry review of Casa Nostra Ristorante on TripAdvisor, claiming she found hair in her food and the owners refused to take the meal off the bill. 

Image: screengrab/tripadvisor

But Casa Nostra owners, Sarah Biuso and her husband, hit back by posting a CCTV camera video on Instagram showing a woman who appears to grab a piece of hair from her head and put it on the half-eaten plate.  Read more…

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How a law prof got a judge to rule that speeding cam tickets are unenforceable

Adam MacLeod is an associate law prof at Faulkner Christian University in Montgomery, Alabama: when he received a speeding ticket generated by a traffic camera for a time when he knew he hadn’t been driving his car (he’d been lecturing at the moment when the picture was snapped), he decided he would fight it to the bitter end.


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