CES 2017

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Unboxing six gadgets from CES 2017

I had a great time out here at CES 2017 in Las Vegas — every once in a while I got to sneak away and walk around a little bit and check out the goodies. A little walking here, a little checking stuff out there. Sometimes I fell asleep under tables… it’s just the nature of the beast. Sometimes people wanted me to check out their product, but I couldn’t do it right away… Read More

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The coolest health-tech products we saw at CES 2017



LAS VEGAS — At CES 2017, we previewed some of the coolest health tech set to hit the market.

From a brand new take on the electric breast pump to a discreet way to check sobriety during a night on the town, trust us, there’s a lot of neat stuff on the horizon.

1. Proof

Image: Brian koerber/mashable

The Proof wearable wants to help drinkers keep an eye on their BAC levels. 

The company behind this wristband claims it can measure alcohol molecules through your skin and send data to its corresponding app on your smartphone. And with $100,000 in funding from the National Institutes of Health, plus extensive third-party testing, the company says it stands up against other breathalyzers on the market.  Read more…

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August’s CEO on lock hacking and releasing hardware before it’s ready

august-mortis-3-4-viewoutdoor-urban-for-magazine August launched a new device this week at CES. “That’s five products shipped within 24 months,” explained CEO Jason Johnson during an on stage interview with TechCrunch earlier today. “I don’t know if you’re going to find too many companies that have our retail presence and a customer base that ships that many products in that time.” It’s a lot for… Read More

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And the winner of Hardware Battlefield 2017 is… Siren Care

ces2017_battlefieldwinner-1070028 These companies had a very special CES experience as they all pitched in front of multiple groups of judges on stage at the Sands Expo. The startups were competing for $50,000 and being named the winner of the Hardware Battlefield. After many deliberations, our judges narrowed the list down to four finalists: wearable device for pregnant mothers Bloomlife, smart sensors for construction… Read More

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TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield finalists are BloomLife, Pillar Technologies, Siren Care and Stratio

metalman Over the past two days, 13 startups have taken the stage at TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield. Now our editorial team has finished deliberating with the expert judges (seriously, expert) and chosen four finalists who will be competing for the big prize of $50,000, as well as a trophy that we like to call the Metal Man.
You can watch the presentations live on TechCrunch tomorrow… Read More

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Crunch Report | DJI Opens its Wallet for Hasselblad

CES 2017 day two, Campbell Brown to help Facebook News Publishers, DJI opens its wallet for Hasselblad, and Indiegogo goes equity and goods. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

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Send hugs over the internet through these cute stuffed animals



LAS VEGAS — Sometimes, you just need a damn hug. 

Human interaction and affection is important, but when you’re physically away from your loved one, it’s impossible to receive the admiration and love you may desperately need. But thanks to this cute and cuddly stuffed animal called the Parihug, you’ll be able to send a hug to a friend anywhere in the world.

The connected plushes, which are actually a made-up animal optimized for hugging, are best used in pairs. So, when you hug one of them, it senses the duration and intensity of the hug and sends a message to your loved one’s Pari, which delivers a  vibration ranging from gentle to intense to its owner. The stuffed animals can also be connected to an app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so you can tell your loved one you’re thinking of them from anywhere. The app also enables you to choose from multiple Parihugs, so you can send a hug to all of your loved ones. Read more…

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Polaroid’s Pop returns the brand to its iconic instant format

img_5089 Polaroid had a hit on its hands with the Snap. The device marked the perfect marriage between an iconic brand and new technologies, re-developing the once novel phenomenon of instant film for an early 21 century millennial crowd. According to a rep I spoke with, the brand can’t keep the thing on the shelves. Unveiled this week at CES, the Pop is essentially a scaled up version of… Read More

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AOL’s Kanvas launches an SDK: now any app can use its photo and video effects

kanvas-sdk-ces The rise of apps like Instagram and Snapchat has put photo effects front and center in the world of picture messaging, giving users not only the ability to send images to each other, but to personalise them with little doodles, lurid colors, bunny ears. Now, an app maker that has built a bunch of these is launching an SDK that will let any app add these kinds of effects to their… Read More

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Peloton launches fitness bikes aimed at gyms

peloton-logo Peloton has seen great success with its exercise bikes for home use. Today, the company is doubling its product range (to two), with a bike aimed at commercial users. It’s more rugged to stand up to the “don’t be gentle, it’s a rental” hotel and gym crowd, and comes with software that’s more suitable for gym use. Read More

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Touch Surgery brings surgery training to Augmented Reality

ts Training surgeons on specific surgical procedures is expensive and hard. London-based Touch Surgery has created more than 200 training programs for surgical procedures to be completed on a mobile phone or tablet. At CES, it announces support for a new type of deeply immersive surgery training — and potentially assistance in an operating room — on DAQRI and HoloLens. Read More

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What it's like to show a sex toy at CES



LAS VEGAS — Amid the chaos of International CES, a small sex tech company called OhMiBod is working to shine a light on the sometimes forgotten space of female-oriented sex tech.

One of the first companies to build a connected sex toy, the brand offers app-controlled vibrators and sexual health devices. 

At the 2016 CES, OhMiBod won Engadget‘s Best of CES Award in Health and Wellness for its Lovelife Krush, a connected device for kegel exercises that doubles as a vibrator. For Suki and Brian Dunham, the husband-and-wife duo behind the company, the award was more than just a marker of success. It was also a sign that the tech industry was finally taking women-oriented sex tech seriously.  Read more…

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Segway’s first robot launches to developer partners

4928 Segway’s doing moving along with its plan to develop its robotics capability, with the launch of its developer edition Loomo robot, the first robot it created and demoed last year at CES. The robot combines a domestic bot with a Segway personal transport, tackling last-mile transportation as well as addressing a host of other in- and around-home uses. Loomo has autonomous capabilities… Read More

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Enlaps is a solar-powered, always-connected timelapse camera

tikee Timelapse photography is fun, but complicated. For long-term projects, you need to feed power to the camera, and if you want your photos back, you need to rig up a data gathering solution. That changed when Enlaps came along. The company just finished a successful IndieGoGo campaign, raising $250k for its Tikee camera. Read More

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