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This is why you should opt for the Echo Dot for Clock

TL;DR: The Echo Dot with Clock is on sale for £34.99 on Amazon, saving you 42% on list price.

We know it’s the weekend and you’ve probably got big plans to spend time with friends or family, but we’re only asking for a minute of your time.

There’s this thing called Black Friday, and it’s kind of a big deal. There are absolutely loads of great deals out there right now, waiting to be snapped up. So we know you’re busy, but this really won’t take long.

The Echo Dot with Clock works exactly like the Echo Dot, except that it now comes with an LED display that can show the time, outdoor temperature, and timers. It’s perfect for your bedside table, as you can ask Alexa to set an alarm and tap the top to snooze. The light sensor even adjusts the display’s brightness automatically depending on the light level in the room. Read more…

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This might be the best deal from the start of Amazon’s Black Friday Sale

TL;DR: The Echo Dot is on sale for £22 on Amazon, saving you 56% on list price.

Deals are subjective, and what might seem like an amazing deal to someone could be completely worthless to someone else. That’s just the way it is.

Now even though there’s no such thing as a deal that appeals to everyone, this must be as close as it gets. You can now pick up the Echo Dot for just £22 in the Amazon Black Friday Sale, which is ridiculously cheap and surely a winner with shoppers everywhere.

This clever device is usually listed at £49.99, meaning you could save a massive 56% with this deal. That is a big drop, and something that happens so rarely with Amazon’s own devices. You can basically only ever get a price like this during Prime Day or Black Friday, so this is your last chance in 2019. Read more…

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The Amazon Echo now doubles as a home intercom system

 Amazon will officially release the Show in a few days, but in the meantime, the company is introducing a long-awaited intercom feature for existing Echo devices. The addition uses Drop-In, a teleconferencing feature introduced on the Show that lets close friends and family members call into one another’s device with little warning. I really didn’t like the feature when I tested… Read More

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