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Google lets you create a sticker version of yourself with selfies


With tools like Apple’s Memoji and Snapchat’s Bitmoji, you’re missing out if you don’t have an animated version of yourself on your phone.

Google is making that process easier on its iOS and Android keyboard extension, Gboard, with the addition of “Minis.” The feature will let you convert your selfies into stickers that are based on your likeness.

As per Engadget, the feature uses a combination of machine learning, neural networks, and artist illustrations to come up with cartoon emoji. 

Meet Minis! Easy to create and share right from #Gboard, these AI-powered personal stickers are made with just a snap of a selfie → https://t.co/d5BBLdt8As pic.twitter.com/39l4vZNjIS

— Google (@Google) August 27, 2018 Read more…

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Looks like Google is changing Android’s gun emoji into a water gun

Back in 2016, Apple swapped out the graphic used for its gun emoji, replacing the realistically drawn handgun with a bright green water gun.

Just a few days ago, Twitter followed suit.

And now, it seems, so will Google . The gun emoji on Android will likely soon appear as a bright orange and yellow super soaker lookalike.

As first noted by Emojipedia, Google has just swapped the graphics in its open Noto Emoji library on GitHub. These are the Emoji that Android uses by default, so the same change will presumably start to roll out there before too long.

At this point, Google making this change seemed inevitable. It seemed likely to happen as soon Apple made the jump; once others started following suit (Twitter earlier this week, and Samsung with the release of the Galaxy S9) it became a certainty.

It’s a matter of clarity in communication. If a massive chunk of people (iOS users) can send a cartoony water toy in a message that another massive chunk of people (Android users) receive as a realistically drawn handgun, there’s room for all sorts of trouble and confusion. Apple wasn’t going to reverse course on this one — and now that others have made the change, Google would’ve been the odd one out.

A Trump aide perfectly captured the FBI disaster by texting 2 emoji


It looks like White House was in total chaos following the news that Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

How bad was it? Too crazy for words. 

“When asked Tuesday night for an update on the unfolding situation, one top White House aide simply texted a reporter two fireworks emoji,” according to a juicy story from Washington Post. The piece claims the White House was totally unprepared for the fallout and had to scramble to put together a response. 

The president was “irate” as he watched coverage of the firing on TV, the Post reported. Here’s a “West Wing official” on how it went down: Read more…

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We asked complete strangers to design their own unique emoji


😇🐥👄` 👻🌵 😂 💙🐟 👑 🐢 🐵✌️🐶 🐍🍑 🍒🎁🍋👯 💗 💔 😜 👀 💃🍔🍭🚨 ⛄️😷  💜😡 😱 🔥🍓👠🔮📕😶 🐼

When words fail us, emoji are always there to fill in the blanks

But there are times when finding that perfect emoji for a situation or story is almost impossible.  

To scope out people’s emoji requirements, Mashable took to the streets of London during fashion week to ask strangers to design their very own unique emoji

And, their designs were very revealing…

Whiskey-drinking girl emoji 

Image: Marco Kesseler

“A try-hard French girl with a glass of whiskey in her hand.” — Bianca De Zilva, designer at TJC.

Two-faced emoji

Image: Marco Kesseler Read more…

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