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I can't believe how much I love this Samsung stylus that looks like a Staedtler pencil


I never thought I’d say this in a million years, but Samsung made a stylus I actually want.

Alongside announcements for its new Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book tablets that come with the most advanced S Pen Samsung’s ever made, the company surprised everyone with a special edition Staedtler-branded S Pen that resembles the iconic black and yellow pencil.

Pencil-like design aside, the Staedtler S Pen works almost exactly like the S Pen that comes included with the new tablets. Hover the 0.7mm tip near the screen and the familiar Samsung Air Command bubble will pop up with a variety of features like Smart Select, Translate and Magnify. Read more…

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Samsung to launch something on Feb. 26, but it probably won't be a phone


If it were any other February, we’d probably be waiting for Samsung to launch a new version of its flagship smartphone. But after the Note7 fiasco and the subsequent long investigation into what happened, the Galaxy S8 launch got pushed to a later, yet-unannounced date. 

However, judging by this invite I’ve just received, Samsung will be launching something this February — and it’s probably going to be a tablet. 

The invite itself has no info beyond the date and place, and frankly, the image could be a stylized representation of anything. But the Galaxy Tab S3 has recently been certified by the FCC, which means it should be ready for a February launch.  Read more…

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