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6 of the best strimmers for tidying up your garden

6 of the best strimmers for tidying up your garden

Beautiful gardens are not created without the blood, sweat, and tears of busy gardeners. The best gardens are the direct result of hours of hard work, and it’s a constant battle to make sure things continue to look neat and tidy.

Gardeners are continuously faced with pests, weeds, and plants that simply refuse to grow. To win this fight, gardeners must equip themselves with the best gear on offer. That means investing in tools like lawn mowers and strimmers.

The lawn mower is probably the most important purchase a gardener will make, but the strimmer is a close second. These devices keep your lawn edges and borders tidy by cutting back weeds and long patches of grass. Basically, these products handle everything that your lawn mower can’t reach. They are essential tools for keeping your garden looking its best. Read more…

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Bosch ART 30

The lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, and you can adjust the handle height with a click.

    £62.99 from Amazon

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    IMAGE: Amazon


    Flymo SimpliTrim Li

    This lightweight strimmer utilises a powerful integrated 14.4 V battery with a run time of 40 minutes.

      £79.99 from Amazon

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      IMAGE: Amazon


      VonHaus 20V Max

      The 180 degree adjustable trimmer head helps you get accurate border edges by tackling the trickiest spots.

        £59.99 from Amazon

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        IMAGE: Amazon


        Greenworks Tools G40LT

        The electronic speed control helps when you’re navigating the edge of a patio, sensitive plants, or tree trunks.

          £90.99 from Amazon

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          IMAGE: Amazon


          WORX WG157E.9

          Not the most powerful or adaptable, but it’s easy to handle and gets the job done effectively.

            £39.99 from Amazon

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            IMAGE: Amazon

            BEST FOR POWER

            McCulloch TRIMMAC

            With a power output of 0.6 kW, this petrol strimmer easily cuts through dense grass.

              £129.99 from Amazon

              6 of the best cordless lawn mowers for your garden

              6 of the best cordless lawn mowers for your garden

              You can fill your garden with a wide range of beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees, but it’s still going to look tired if your lawn is out of control. There is no amount of water features and hanging baskets that can make up for an ugly lawn.

              The first step towards creating an oasis in your garden is to cut the grass. A neat and tidy lawn looks great, and it’s actually pretty easy to achieve. Once you deal with any bare or patchy sections, you just need to make sure that it doesn’t grow too long. For this, all you need is a lawn mower.

              There are absolutely loads of options out there for every type of garden and gardener. You can take your pick from a long list of electric, cordless, manual, and petrol devices, and the best model for you will really depend on the size and shape of your lawn (and how often you are going to use it). If you are working with a smaller space, you should probably opt for a cordless lawn mower. Read more…

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              IMAGE: Amazon

              BEST FOR POWER

              WORX WG743E.1

              This popular lawn mower uses two 4.0Ah batteries simultaneously for extra power and runtime.

                £244.03 from Amazon

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                IMAGE: Amazon


                Yard Force LM G32

                A powerful, lightweight, and manoeuvrable lawn mower that takes the strain out of cutting the grass.

                  £159.99 from Amazon

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                  IMAGE: Amazon

                  BEST FOR NOISE

                  Makita DLM460Z

                  The brushless motor drive system, soft start technology, and constant speed control keeps noise down.

                    £399 from Amazon

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                    IMAGE: Amazon

                    BEST FOR ADJUSTING

                    Flymo Mighti-Mo

                    Five different cutting heights let you make adjustments throughout the year.

                      £234.99 from Amazon

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                      IMAGE: Amazon

                      BEST FOR STORAGE

                      Einhell GE-CM 33

                      This lawn mower offers space saving storage thanks to the foldable handlebar with quick release fastener.

                        £249.95 from Amazon

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                        IMAGE: Amazon

                        BEST FOR LAWN HEALTH

                        Greenworks Tools G40LM35K2

                        A versatile lawn mower that also mulches your grass, enriching your soil with valuable nutrients.

                          £199.98 from Amazon

                          5 of the best indoor garden systems for growing herbs and veggies

                          5 of the best indoor garden systems for growing herbs and veggies

                          Gardening at home is not limited to people with large gardens — or even to people with sunny windowsills. With the right tools, anyone who wants to grow their own vegetables or fresh herbs indoors can find a way to do it.

                          Indoor gardening kits range from high tech to very simple. Your needs will vary based on your budget, the plants you want to grow, and the space you have available, but you’ll likely be able to pull something off, even if you have to hang your garden on the wall. We believe in you.

                          What should I grow?

                          If you just want to start your plants indoors, then move them to an outdoor garden, your crop options are pretty much endless. If you must grow your garden entirely indoors, though, there are a few plants that have the best chance of thriving. Read more…

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                          IMAGE: Amazon

                          BEST FOR FEATURES

                          AeroGarden Harvest Elite

                          This smart, six-pod AeroGarden allows you to grow herbs, salad leaves, and other veggies pretty much anywhere.

                          • Self-watering feature: No
                          • Built-in grow light: Yes
                          • Best for: Herbs, tomatoes, salad greens

                          £149 from Amazon

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                          IMAGE: Amazon

                          BEST FOR TRANSPLANTING

                          Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

                          This smart garden has all the features you could want — if you’re cool with using its pods.

                          • Self-watering feature: Yes
                          • Built-in grow light: Yes
                          • Best for: Herbs, vegetables, microgreens

                          £95 from Amazon

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                          IMAGE: Amazon

                          BEST FOR MICROGREENS

                          Chef’n Microgreen Grower

                          This affordable microgreen starter kit comes with a growing tray, soil, and a starter pack of seeds.

                          • Self-watering feature: No
                          • Built-in grow light: No
                          • Best for: Microgreens

                          £25.95 from Amazon

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                          IMAGE: Amazon

                          BEST FOR WALLS

                          Ogrmar Vertical Wall Garden Planter

                          This space-saving hanging garden has plenty of pockets and attaches to the wall.

                          • Self-watering feature: No
                          • Built-in grow light: No
                          • Best for: Herbs

                          £18.12 from Amazon

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                          IMAGE: Amazon

                          BEST FOR KIDS

                          BIGHAVE Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem

                          A garden that’s also a fish tank? It’s fun and functional.

                          • Self-watering feature: Yes
                          • Built-in grow light: No
                          • Best for: Microgreens, herbs, flowers

                          £69.98 from Amazon