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The Secret To Learning Any Skill Insanely Fast

Some say your brain is your most powerful asset, so why not learn as much as you can? There are many benefits of being a jack of all trades, such as being able to adapt to unanticipated changes. For example, a lifelong learner will take a job loss, change in work responsibilities, and/or technological advances much easier than their underskilled counterparts. However, the benefits of lifelong learning extend far beyond being adaptable.

Today, seventy-three percent of American adults consider themselves to be lifelong learners, and eighty percent have pursued learning about an interest to make their lives fuller. Furthermore, eighty-seven percent of learners feel their new skills make them more well-rounded and capable. Overall, continuous learning can lead to personal improvements, gained confidence, and a new perspective in life. With so much to learn in such little time, what’s the most effective way to learn new skills?

Set a Goal & Break it Down: Pareto’s Principle

setting goals

Singapore’s National Institute of Education concludes that people who solely attempt to solve math problems don’t come up with the accurate answer; however, it is in this process that leads to the generation of ideas concerning the nature of practicable solutions. In summation, this leads to improved potential to solve kindred-natured problems in the future.

To achieve this, it’s best to set goals. Consider modeling your goals after Pareto’s Principle, saying that 20% of your efforts will lead to 80% of your desired results. Understanding your ultimate goal is the first and most important step toward learn