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Save £5 on your first Baby Wishlist purchase with this handy code

Save £5 on your first Baby Wishlist purchase with this handy code

SAVE £5: New customers who spend £20 on their first Baby Wishlist purchase can save £5 by using the promo code BABY5. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this Baby Wishlist deal, we should probably explain what Amazon’s Baby Wishlist actually is. 

Basically, you can add items from any website in one easy to manage wishlist using the Amazon Assistant, and save up to 20% on baby items. You can check out curated lists of popular products for inspiration, and your list can be shared with family and friends.

You can now save £5 on your first Baby Wishlist purchase with the promo code BABY5. To access this deal, you need to create a Baby Wishlist (if you don’t already have one), add at least £20 worth of eligible baby products, add your selected products to your shopping basket, and enter the code BABY5 at the checkout. It’s not complicated, guys. Read more…

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6 of the best exercise bikes for keeping fit at home

6 of the best exercise bikes for keeping fit at home

Working out and staying fit is difficult at the best of times, even with constant access to the gym and other health and fitness facilities. Nowadays, we’re all having to get a lot more creative when it comes to exercise, so things are even tougher.

There are obviously a few tried and tested methods of keeping fit that don’t involve loads of equipment, like walking or running, but this sort of activity can become a little boring if it’s all you’re doing. Even the most dedicated of athletes need to switch things up from time to time.

An effective workout schedule relies on variety, and fortunately there are plenty of products that can provide this. You can now purchase pretty much everything you find in your local gym, with everything from dumbbells to treadmills up for grabs online. There really aren’t any excuses anymore, unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your outlook. Read more…

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IMAGE: Argos


Reebok GB40s Exercise Bike

This bike’s comprehensive set of features is easy to control and keeps you motivated at every workout.

    £299.99 from Argos

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    IMAGE: Argos


    Roger Black Folding Exercise Bike

    This bike is great if you want to exercise at home but don’t have much storage space.

      £99.99 from Argos

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      IMAGE: Argos


      Opti Aerobic Exercise Bike

      This bike also comes with transportation wheels so you can switch up your workout location.

        £179.99 from Argos

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        IMAGE: John Lewis


        NordicTrack GX4.4 Pro Exercise Bike

        The adjustable cushion seat and oversize handlebars make sure you’re comfortable when working out.

          £499 from John Lewis

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          IMAGE: Peloton


          Peloton Bike

          The Peloton bike lets you feel the energy of instructor-led studio rides at home.

            £1,990 from Peloton

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            IMAGE: Amazon


            JLL JF100 Exercise Bike

            This exercise bike is affordable, compact, and smooth to pedal.

              £125.99 from Amazon

              Send something special to your special someone

              Send something special to your special someone

              TL;DR: Save 10% on everything from Getting Personal using the code GIFT10.

              We can’t all be physically close to loved ones at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show them that you care. 

              You could take this opportunity to send something special to your special someone. You could play it safe and get them something generic, like chocolates or flowers, or you could seriously impress and find a personalised gift on Getting Personal.

              This popular site offers gifts, cards, and unique ideas you won’t find elsewhere. You can personalise your gift with over 5,000 exclusive ideas and designs to consider. There really is something for everyone.  Read more…

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              NYC issues iconic guide to banging during coronavirus

              NYC issues iconic guide to banging during coronavirus

              It’s reasonable to assume that the spread of coronavirus is likely causing a spike in horniness (just look at all these free sex toy offers). We’re scared. We’re trapped inside. We’re lonely. We miss human touch. We need sweet, sexual release.

              So in an act of true due diligence, the New York City government released a guide to fucking during the pandemic. And it comes bearing some truly iconic lines, while also delivering extremely pertinent safety information. 

              Shortly after it caught the attention of Twitter, though, the guidelines were removed from the government’s website. At the time, NYC Department of Health Press Secretary Patrick Gallahue offered only that, “Our guidance is updated regularly and we are working on having it back up soon.” As of 5:45 p.m. ET on Saturday, the document had returned, unchanged. Read more…

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              8 of the best running shoes in the UK

              8 of the best running shoes in the UK

              Running is really difficult, and we wouldn’t recommend trying it. Seriously, we think you’re much better off staying inside in the warmth and comfort of your own home. 

              We know about the health benefits of exercise, but is it really worth all that discomfort? We’re not convinced, but the fact that running has been found to significantly reduce stress, improve heart health, and alleviate symptoms of depression does make you think. 

              Some researchers even think that running may be beneficial because it’s something we’re evolved to do. The human body might be designed for endurance running, but the last time we checked we’re not facing a significant threat from predators, nor do we have to run for hours to chase down tonight’s dinner.  Read more…

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              IMAGE: Nike

              BEST FOR STYLE

              Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

              The iconic Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 ticks a lot of essential running shoe boxes.

                £104.95 from Nike

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                IMAGE: Amazon

                BEST FOR CUSHION

                Hoka One One Mach

                Hoka One One Mach running shoes ensure that you’re comfortable thanks to the fabric lining, synthetic insole, and plenty of cushion.

                  £132.60 from Amazon

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                  IMAGE: Nike

                  BEST FOR SPEED

                  Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%

                  The shoe that hit the headlines for all the right reasons.

                    £239.95 from Nike

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                    IMAGE: Amazon

                    BEST FOR COMFORT

                    New Balance 1080v10

                    Running for miles and miles is hard work, so comfort comes first with New Balance 1080v10 running shoes.

                      £121.49 from Amazon

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                      IMAGE: Amazon

                      BEST FOR DURABILITY

                      Asics Gel Contend 5

                      Engineered to maintain the durability, flexibility, comfort, and adaptability that runners crave.

                        £85 from Amazon

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                        IMAGE: Amazon

                        BEST FOR FLEXIBILITY

                        Brooks Levitate 2

                        Popular model from a brand that’s loved by long-distance runners.

                          £69.99 from Amazon

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                          IMAGE: Amazon

                          BEST FOR BEGINNERS

                          Saucony Guide 13

                          Beginners looking for some extra support from their shoe should consider Saucony.

                            £102.49 from Amazon

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                            IMAGE: Amazon

                            BEST FOR THE GYM

                            Adidas Ultraboost 19

                            Plush running shoes that are best suited to the gym.

                              £111.15 from Amazon

                              6 of the best light masks for acne, according to reviews


                              According to the American Academy of Dermatology, adult acne is on the rise, affecting up to 15 percent of women. (As if adulting wasn’t already stressful enough!) 

                              Though topical creams may get the job done for some, there’s a new kind of acne treatment that’s becoming increasingly popular: acne light therapy. Basically, this high-tech solution aims to kill the bacteria that causes acne and prolongs the vicious breakout cycle. It also targets age spots, acne scars, discoloration, and other blemishes. Light treatments work by shining different types of LED light (either red or blue light) onto your skin at a close distance. The red light treatment takes aim at inflammation while the blue light treatment targets the acne-causing bacteria at the source. Read more…

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                              IMAGE: Amazon

                              BEST FOR MORE THAN JUST ACNE

                              Lacomri 7 Color LED Light Therapy Acne Mask

                              Designed to treat acne, reduce wrinkles, remove rashes, and more, this is one of the more comprehensive light therapy masks out there.

                              • Power: Standard wall plug-in

                              $124 from Amazon

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                              IMAGE: Amazon

                              BEST LIGHTWEIGHT MASK

                              Hangsun Light Therapy Acne Treatment LED Mask

                              It can be reused for over a month before it needs a new charge and reviewers found it to be surprisingly comfortable.

                              • Power: USB or portable battery power bank

                              $33.99 from Amazon

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                              IMAGE: Amazon

                              BEST FOR ACNE SCARS

                              NEWKEY LED Face Light Therapy Mask

                              A professional-style treatment that targets multiple issues, including those dreaded acne scars.

                              • Power: USB charging

                              $118.89 from Amazon

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                              IMAGE: Amazon

                              BEST FOR SEVERE ADULT ACNE


                              Also targets wrinkles and other aging properties in addition to acne.

                              • Power: Requires 4 AA batteries

                              $23 from Amazon

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                              IMAGE: Amazon

                              BEST FOR NECK BREAKOUTS

                              Project E Beauty LED Photon Therapy Treatment Mask

                              A cordless design means you won’t be tethered to one spot during your treatments.

                              • Power: Wireless, uses 110V-220V to charge

                              $199.99 from Amazon

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                              IMAGE: Amazon

                              BEST FOR CUSTOMIZATION

                              Dermashine Pro 7 Color LED Face Mask

                              Since it comes with a wide range of treatment options, you can really get your money’s worth.

                              • Power: USB charging

                              $149.99 from Amazon

                              7 of the most hard-to-reach Snapchat geofilters around the world


                              Putting a snazzy geofilter on your Snapchats is something many of us don’t think twice about. But, have you ever swiped right in some of the world’s most far-flung and hard-to-reach places? 

                              Even in remote spots like waterfalls, caves and forests, there are snazzy geofilters for you to spruce up your travel snaps. 

                              Never mind the ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ rule. The new rule is: geofilter or you weren’t there. Here are seven of the most remote geofilters around the world: 

                              Jozani Forest, Zanzibar, Tanzania 

                              This geofilter appears in a forest in the only national park in Zanzibar, on an island off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. The forest also happens to be home to the Zanzibar red colubus monkey — a species that only exists on that island. While you’re snapping monkeys, be sure to search for the forest’s geofilter.  Read more…

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                              Hey tech bros, we don't want your gimmicky dating apps


                              Dating apps are totally out of control. And, we only have tech bros to blame. As an online dater, I’ve had enough of the never-ending barrage of new, gimmicky dating apps from the tech world. For the love of all that is swipe-able, please make it stop. 

                              Currently, not a single week goes by without the launch of a supposedly quirky dating app claiming to offer something revolutionary and never-before-achieved by the world of online daters. 

                              In the past few months alone, we’ve seen the release of a “slow” dating app which makes you seduce matches through the art of conversation before you get to see their profile pic.  Read more…

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                              'Glitter booty' is the latest bizarre beauty trend you've secretly always wanted


                              Glitter is all the rage. We’ve seen beards, roots, eyebrows and even armpits transformed into sparkly creations thanks to a series of glitter trends. 

                              But, the latest glitter trend involves rubbing glitter all over your derrière. Right…

                              The “glitter booty” is the brainchild of artist Mia Kennington, who was inspired by the sandy-butt look that goes hand in hand with spending too much time on the beach. Kennington is part of The Gypsy Shrine, a group of glitter artists who host body art pop-ups at festivals

                              Kennington has been posting photos of her glittery experiments on Instagram

                              There’s the classic gold glitter look… Read more…

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                              This resistance group is sending Trump notes on toilet paper


                              If Trump toilet paper isn’t enough for you, sending the new president a pertinent message on TP and other bathroom items might do the trick.

                              A group of activist friends based out of New York City frustrated with the results of November’s election are facilitating a sh*tshow of sorts straight to Donald Trump’s mailbox at the White House.

                              If you write a message on toilet paper, a pad or a tampon, the group will mail it to D.C. as part of their “Million Mile Message” campaign. For $10, it’s act of resistance that’s a bit different to sending a postcard or letter.  

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                              These delicious cakes are actually disgusting vegetables in disguise


                              You don’t win friends with salad. But maybe salad disguised as cake will buy you some time before social ostracisation kicks in.

                              Behold: The salad cake. It’s basically a bunch of vegetables that are smashed together to look like a delicious, sugary dessert — but is actually very good for you. How disappointing. 

                              Misuki Moriyasu is the genius creator of this cruel trick of the eye. Her Vegedeco Salad Cafe located in Nagoya, Japan, will serve you healthy cake that’s “fun to look at, fun to eat and full of joy using a new shape of salad.” Read more…

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                              A British store is launching cafes where people can chat about mental health


                              Finding somewhere safe to talk about your mental health without judgement can be tough

                              But, comedian Ruby Wax is trying to do something about that. Wax has teamed up with Marks & Spencer to launch “talk-in” sessions where people can share their thoughts in a safe, anonymous environment.

                              “Frazzled Cafe” meetings will be hosted fortnightly at M&S Cafes after hours and led by trained volunteers. The retailer says people who are feeling ‘frazzled'” can meet to talk and share their personal stories in a “non-judgemental” space. 

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                              Sleep in a spherical capsule hotel that floats over to a desert island by morning


                              Imagine going to sleep in a floating capsule hotel, and waking up on a desert island in the morning.

                              Amazingly, that’s an experience a theme park in Japan plans to offer.

                              Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch-themed park in Japan, is building spherical capsules which float on the sea. 

                              海上ぷかぷか、球体ホテル ハウステンボスが開発中 | 2017/3/6 – 共同通信 47NEWS

                              — 惰眠 (@Damin_EN500) March 6, 2017

                              The two-storey capsules are left to float slowly overnight to an island, which houses numerous attractions that tourists can explore the following day. Read more…

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                              Zara's confusing 'love your curves' advert has seriously annoyed the internet


                              A Zara advert is getting called out on Twitter for telling women to love their bodies while featuring an image of two models in skinny jeans.  

                              The campaign is emblazoned with the words “Love your curves” but the absence of curvaceous models has left many customers pretty bewildered. 

                              The ads have been in stores since early February, but a tweet by Irish radio personality Muireann O’Connell has prompted others to call out the retailer for its confusing ad. 

                              You have got to be shitting me,

                              — Muireann O’Connell (@MuireannO_C) February 28, 2017 Read more…

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                              Zara's confusing 'love your curves' advert has seriously annoyed the internet


                              A Zara advert is getting called out on Twitter for telling women to love their bodies while featuring an image of two models in skinny jeans.  

                              The campaign is emblazoned with the words “Love your curves” but the absence of curvaceous models has left many customers pretty bewildered. 

                              The ads have been in stores since early February, but a tweet by Irish radio personality Muireann O’Connell has prompted others to call out the retailer for its confusing ad. 

                              You have got to be shitting me,

                              — Muireann O’Connell (@MuireannO_C) February 28, 2017 Read more…

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                              Why I'm celebrating female friendship this Valentine's Day


                              I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been in love. Those occasions have brought great joy, and even greater heartbreak. But the one form of love that’s been a constant in my life is platonic love. This Valentine’s Day I’ll be celebrating the constancy of that particular love. It might sound sad to some people, but I couldn’t be happier about it.   

                              I won’t be lamenting my lack of a boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be celebrating the women in my life who’ve laughed with me (and at me); who’ve listened to my rants without judgement; and who’ve given me words of support and encouragement when things were really shit. Female friendship has been more meaningful than all of my toe-dips in romantic love.  Read more…

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                              Body-positive blogger compares 2 photos to make an important point



                              LONDON — Instagram is awash with posts about fitness and dieting, with many showing an unrealistic and doctored view of women’s bodies.

                              But, one body-positive blogger posted two photos taken at the same time to make a stand against the body pressures women and girls face on Instagram.

                              Milly Smith posted a side-by-side photo on Instagram. The photo on the left shows Smith wearing waist-controlling tights pulled up “as high as possible”, while the other shows Smith posing with her tights pulled down.

                              “Same girl, same day, same time,” wrote Smith on Instagram.  Read more…

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                              India has spoken! Scotch comes second place in a round up of #GiftsMenLove



                              Did you know that scotch is the second most popular gift for men?

                              Buying gifts for your loved ones can be stressful, and picking something special year after year is tough. How do you know just what they want? If you have ever wondered just what to gift your man on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, then look no further – the verdict is in on the top five #GiftsMenLove, and you might find one or two of them a little surprising. 

                              The struggle of finding the perfect #GiftsMenLove has been played out in this hilarious video below:

                              “TVF set out to find the #GiftsMenLove via a public poll. Deloitte acted as the process advisors and validator of votes, authenticating the results. The poll was played out in two stages – stage one asked the public to nominate a gift men would like to receive, and at stage two the public voted for the top 10 from the nominations.” Read more…

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                              Male-specific fake tan is a thing now because of, um, reasons



                              It was inevitable, really. Being a society in which every product is pointlessly gendered, sooner or later some company was going to release a male-specific fake tan.

                              That company is Australia’s Bondi Sands, successful sellers of fake tan products. Their new “everyday gradual tanning foam” is marketed straight at guys, despite all fake tan being unisex insofar as it’s lotion in a bottle.

                              But according to Bondi Sands, this self tanner is all man. It comes it a functional can with blue on it, you see. It’s so masculine that even a mere glance at its packaging will make you want to punch tigers, eat gravel, or do whatever other manly stuff men do. Read more…

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                              Breast cancer survivor gets tattoo over scars, ends up falling in love with the artist



                              When Nina Cristinacce was diagnosed with cancer, her life was turned on its head. After successful treatment and a mastectomy, she decided to celebrate her life with a beautiful floral tattoo. 

                              But when Cristinacce went along to get her tattoo, little did she know that she’d end up falling in love. 

                              Cristinacce wanted to get a tattoo to hide some of the scars she’d gained after her surgery. 

                              “A logical thought was to tattoo the parts of my body I didn’t like to look at, and developed the idea of sunflowers and poppies running up one side from my thigh, over my ribs, up to my reconstructed breast and spilling over onto my back,” said Cristinacce.  Read more…

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                              Yup, bartenders are putting ants in your cocktails



                              Just when you thought cocktails couldn’t get more offbeat, now they’re putting ants in your drink.

                              One new bar in Singapore is taking the edible insect trend to gourmet proportions. At Native, the S$23 ($16) “Antz” cocktail comes with local ants blended into the yoghurt-based drink.

                              On top of the cup, larger crunchy black Thai ants rest in a liquid nitrogen-frozen leaf with basil cubes that melt in your mouth.

                              You’re supposed to pop the entire leaf in your mouth and crunch on the ants before you sip on the drink.

                              Image: VICTORIA HO/MASHABLE Read more…

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                              Britain has a courgette shortage and people are losing their damn minds



                              LONDON — Just as Britain recovers from its national biscuit crisis, the nation has been hit with yet another cruel blow. 

                              Britain is currently in the throes of a courgette crisis and it’s all down to cold weather in Italy and Spain and the increasing demand for spiralised courgetti, the Guardian reports

                              So bad is the apparent courgette crisis, that clean-eating Brits are finding it nigh-on impossible to get hold of courgettes, also known as zucchini, and packs of courgetti.  

                              “There has been severe weather in Southern Europe but we are working with our suppliers to maintain supply for our customers,” a spokesperson for supermarket Sainsbury’s said in a statement

                              Brits are tweeting photos of tragic-looking empty shelves in supermarkets across the country, which are dashing their clean-living aspirations.  Read more…

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                              Guys show us their best poses for Tinder profile photos



                              LONDON — Online dating is a dog-eat-dog world. And, when the competition is this tough, the strength of your profile photo is more important than ever before. 

                              Your mirror selfies and those shots of you and your mates on holiday aren’t gonna do you any favours in finding a match. That said, it’s not all that easy selecting an alluring photo that shows off your personality and good looks. 

                              Do you show off your fun side, or should you try to be enigmatic? Should you show off your chiseled features or simply smile for the camera?  Read more…

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