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Yes, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer hiding in the bushes on 'SNL' is perfection


The wonderful thing about Melissa McCarthy hosting SNL this week is we knew she was going to bless us with another turn as White House Press Secretary Sean “Spicy” Spicer. But things got a little… weird. 

The sketch began with Aidy Bryant as deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders greeting the press in lieu of Spicer, who she said was fulfilling some Naval Reserve duties (but who was totally hiding in the bushes outside the press room).

The press took the opportunity to beg Sanders to take over briefing duties full time. 

“You are clearly articulate and charming, whereas Sean is bullish—” and will spray you with a fire extinguisher, apparently.  Read more…

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LOL Melissa McCarthy just destroyed Sean Spicer again on 'SNL'


Melissa McCarthy made another surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live
tonight, delivering a special message from the White House Easter Bunny

But hey! That’s not the Easter Bunny! It’s Sean “Spicy” Spicer — and he’s very, very sorry.

“You all got your wish: Spicy finally made a mistake,” McCarthy said, offering a mea culpa for the time the White House Press Secretary actually, really, in real life said Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is worse than Hitler

But that was just the tip of the slip-up iceberg

“Yeah, I know they’re not really called Holocaust centers,” McCarthy said.

“I clearly meant to say concentration clubs,” she added. Read more…

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Donald Trump has his day in 'The People's Court' on 'SNL'


On Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump made good on his — and his press secretary’s — promise to see the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges in court. 

More specifically, The People’s Court of television fame.

Melissa McCarthy as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer assured the gathered press corps in SNL’s cold open that the president would be taking the fight over his seven-nation travel ban to the most reputable televised court in the land, and the show did not disappoint. 

“Mr. Trump, you understand this is a TV court, right?” asked Cecily Strong as The People’s Court judge.  Read more…

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Melissa McCarthy makes a better Sean Spicer than Sean Spicer on 'SNL'


If there’s one (small) good thing about Donald Trump’s presidency, it’s giving America’s best comedians a smorgasbord of weirdness to tuck into.

On Saturday Night Live, Melissa McCarthy took a turn as Press Secretary Sean Spicer and it was brutally good. Ill-fitting suit? Check. Alternative facts? CheckInsane gum addition? Check and check.

Parodying Spicer’s infamously testy relationship with the press, Spicer/McCarthy used his bully pulpit Saturday to physically bully journalists. 

He booed the New York Times, tried to explain why Steve Bannon is on the National Security Council using a giant key and visor as props, and deployed a super soaker filled with soapy water to harass journalists when they asked annoying questions.  Read more…

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