Muslim Travel Ban

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'Irresponsible and irrational:' Aussie startups speak out on Muslim ban


President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban caused chaos over the weekend, but the full reach of its impact is still emerging.

The executive order, which pauses travel to the U.S. for citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries, as well as indefinitely halting the Syrian refugee program, saw people turned away at the border and pulled off planes.

While not so immediately impacted, the ban will also have consequences for some Australian technology workers and their businesses.

The CEO of HotelsCombined, Hichame Assi, holds both British and Syrian passports and has lived in Australia since 2008. Read more…

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Actor Kal Penn raises thousands for Syrian refugees after vile social media comment


What Kal Penn calls turning bigotry into love is a powerful force indeed. 

The actor flipped a vile social media comment on its head Saturday, using the message of hate to rally support for Syrian refugees to the tune of $50,000. 

Penn shared a screenshot of what appeared to be an Instagram comment in which someone said “you don’t belong in this country you fucking joke.” He linked to a crowdfunding page entitled, appropriately enough, “Donating to Syrian Refugees in the Name of the Dude Who Said I Don’t Belong in America.” Read more…

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Thanks to Trump ties, #DeleteUber campaign grows on social media


Links to President Donald Trump are shaping up to be a liability for Silicon Valley’s golden boys. Case in point: Uber. 

The hashtag #DeleteUber has been spreading on social media amid protests against Trump’s Muslim travel ban. The ride hailing service was accused of “strike breaking” in New York Saturday, while others condemned remarks made by Uber CEO Travis Kalanick indicating he would work with the president. 

In a statement, Kalanick said the “ban will impact many innocent people.” He added that the company would compensate drivers stranded outside the country for the next three months. Read more…

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