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I moved a robotic hand using (basically) my mind


In the nether regions of the “NEXTech” area of Fira Gran Via, the enormous venue in Barcelona where Mobile World Congress is taking place, I’ve learned that graphene is important. 

Among the several startups and research projects that heavily rely on the use of graphene, a carbon allotrope that’s thin, durable and conducts electricity well, the most interesting was Italian Institute of Technology’s initiative Rehab Technologies, which showed me how graphene could be used to improve the life of people with disabilities. 

They showed me a robotic hand prototype which I controlled remotely by contracting and relaxing the muscles on my hand. All it took is two graphene-based electrodes strapped to my arm, which conduct the neurological signals sent from my brain to my muscles.  Read more…

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LG claims the battery on its X Power2 phone lasts the whole weekend


Frustrated with smartphone batteries that last only half a day? LG’s new smartphone, the company claims, is a whole-weekend piece of hardware. 

The LG X Power2 — a new product in the company’s “specialist” line — has a monstrous 4,500 mAh battery, which allows for 15 hours of video playback or 18 hours of web surfing, per LG’s claims. 

The battery is more generous than that of the phone’s predecessor, the LG X Power, which had a 4,100 mAh battery, but it’s not the largest battery around. Then again, the LG X Power2 is not as fat as some other phones, coming in at 154.7 x 78.1 x 8.4mm. Plus, it apparently takes only two hours to fully charge. Read more…

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LG G6 will have dual 13-megapixel cameras on the back


LG is feeding us a steady diet of leaks and specs for its upcoming G6 flagship, scheduled to launch Feb. 26, a day ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

The company already told us about the phone’s elongated screen and UI, and now, in a blog post on the company’s Korean site, we’ve learned that the G6 will have dual, 13-megapixel rear cameras. 

It appears that the phone will have a similar setup as last year’s G5 — a regular camera sensor on the back will be coupled with a wide-angle sensor. But there’s a big difference — while the G5’s wide-angle sensor only had an 8-megapixel resolution (in contrast to the main, 16-megapixel sensor), now both sensors will have the same resolution, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice photo quality to go wide-angle.  Read more…

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ZTE's next phone will have gigabit download speeds


China’s ZTE has announced the launch of the Gigabit Phone, a device that offers extremely fast connectivity at 1Gbps, as well as a few other nifty features. 

Besides the amazing download speeds — ZTE did not share details of how the phone will achieve such fast connectivity — the Gigabit Phone will also have the ability to create panoramic, 360-degree video, and it will come with “instant cloud storage.”

While it’s unlikely that you’ll see support for gigabit LTE on your carrier anytime soon, you have to start somewhere. Qualcomm launched a gigabit LTE-capable chip last year, and a first gigabit LTE network went live earlier this month in Australia, but we’re not aware of any commercially available phone that can actually achieve gigabit speeds right now. Read more…

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Samsung to launch something on Feb. 26, but it probably won't be a phone


If it were any other February, we’d probably be waiting for Samsung to launch a new version of its flagship smartphone. But after the Note7 fiasco and the subsequent long investigation into what happened, the Galaxy S8 launch got pushed to a later, yet-unannounced date. 

However, judging by this invite I’ve just received, Samsung will be launching something this February — and it’s probably going to be a tablet. 

The invite itself has no info beyond the date and place, and frankly, the image could be a stylized representation of anything. But the Galaxy Tab S3 has recently been certified by the FCC, which means it should be ready for a February launch.  Read more…

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Samsung teases new tablet launching at Mobile World Congress

mwc-2017-pc_main Samsung isn’t launching its upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone at Mobile World Congress, but it looks like the Korean firm will unveil a new tablet at the Barcelona show.
Today, Samsung teased an upcoming device through invites to a press event on February 26, the eve of MWC. This looks like being the Galaxy Tab S3, which just cleared the FCC hinting at an imminent arrival. Its… Read More

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Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be launched next month in Barcelona


Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, will be late — if you compare it to its predecessors, that is. 

The chief of Samsung’s mobile division, Koh Dong-jin, confirmed to Reuters on Monday that the company would not unveil the Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which starts Feb. 27. 

Koh did not share any information about a future launch date. 

Although MWC was never officially confirmed as the launch date for the Galaxy S8, many of its predecessors — including the S7, S6 and S5 — were launched at the annual event.  Read more…

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