New Year S Eve

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To everyone arguing 2019 isn’t *really* the end of the decade: Please, shut up

To everyone arguing 2019 isn't *really* the end of the decade: Please, shut up

Out of all the hills you could choose to die on in these, the final days of 2019, please do not be one of the people currently yelling on the internet about how it’s not the end of the decade, actually.

In the words of the Dude, you’re not wrong. You’re just an asshole.

Well, asshole might be a bit strong. But this insistence is smug and unnecessary; its energy is half Scrooge, half reply guy. As a child, you probably thought “YOUR EPIDERMIS IS SHOWING” was the funniest joke in the world. As an adult, you probably correct other adults when they rejoice in the first day of a new season on the first of September instead of the 21st. (Either is fine.) Read more…

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