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5 of the best indoor garden systems for growing herbs and veggies

5 of the best indoor garden systems for growing herbs and veggies

Gardening at home is not limited to people with large gardens — or even to people with sunny windowsills. With the right tools, anyone who wants to grow their own vegetables or fresh herbs indoors can find a way to do it.

Indoor gardening kits range from high tech to very simple. Your needs will vary based on your budget, the plants you want to grow, and the space you have available, but you’ll likely be able to pull something off, even if you have to hang your garden on the wall. We believe in you.

What should I grow?

If you just want to start your plants indoors, then move them to an outdoor garden, your crop options are pretty much endless. If you must grow your garden entirely indoors, though, there are a few plants that have the best chance of thriving. Read more…

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IMAGE: Amazon


AeroGarden Harvest Elite

This smart, six-pod AeroGarden allows you to grow herbs, salad leaves, and other veggies pretty much anywhere.

  • Self-watering feature: No
  • Built-in grow light: Yes
  • Best for: Herbs, tomatoes, salad greens

£149 from Amazon

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IMAGE: Amazon


Click and Grow Smart Garden 3

This smart garden has all the features you could want — if you’re cool with using its pods.

  • Self-watering feature: Yes
  • Built-in grow light: Yes
  • Best for: Herbs, vegetables, microgreens

£95 from Amazon

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IMAGE: Amazon


Chef’n Microgreen Grower

This affordable microgreen starter kit comes with a growing tray, soil, and a starter pack of seeds.

  • Self-watering feature: No
  • Built-in grow light: No
  • Best for: Microgreens

£25.95 from Amazon

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IMAGE: Amazon


Ogrmar Vertical Wall Garden Planter

This space-saving hanging garden has plenty of pockets and attaches to the wall.

  • Self-watering feature: No
  • Built-in grow light: No
  • Best for: Herbs

£18.12 from Amazon

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IMAGE: Amazon


BIGHAVE Mini Aquaponic Ecosystem

A garden that’s also a fish tank? It’s fun and functional.

  • Self-watering feature: Yes
  • Built-in grow light: No
  • Best for: Microgreens, herbs, flowers

£69.98 from Amazon

The best indoor plants for people who suck at taking care of plants

The best indoor plants for people who suck at taking care of plants

If you don’t have a green thumb and plants seem to wilt when you glance in their general direction, then this is the list for you. Whether you tend to forget that they’re there (that twig in a pot was once a flower, you know) or kill them with too much love, we promise that there is a plant out there that is right for you.

Simply breaking up with a high-maintenance plant and opting for a retro-tastic spider plant or trendy Swiss cheese plant could even lead to a new passion. Plus, plants help to make your space a bit more cheery and serve as a great backdrop to your Instagram shots.

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IMAGE: Amazon


Spider Plant (Chlorophyum Comosum)

Fast-growing, sun-loving, and easy to propagate plant that will grow just as well hanging as it will on a tabletop.

    £9.99 from Amazon

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    IMAGE: Amazon


    Swiss cheese plant (Monstera Deliciosa)

    Have some patience — those distinctive holes will develop as the plant matures over time.

      £16.99 from Amazon

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      IMAGE: Amazon


      Snake Plant (Sansevieria)

      Super fast growing and almost impossible to kill.

        £14.99 from Amazon

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        IMAGE: Amazon


        String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii)

        A unique and intriguing option that’s perfect for a hanging planter, plus it’ll even flower if you treat it right.

          £20.98 from Amazon

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          IMAGE: Amazon

          BEST FOR KIDS

          Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peppermoides)

          A great plant for anyone with kids, as you can quickly and easily propagate new plants from its many offshoots.

            £15.48 from Amazon

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            IMAGE: Amazon


            Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

            Keep a spray bottle handy and give it a spritz every so often — it’ll love you for it.

              £14.99 from Amazon

              Apeel partners with Nature’s Pride to bring spoilage resistant fruits and veggies to Europe

              Apeel Sciences, the developer of a new technology that makes fruits and vegetables more resistant to spoilage, and Nature’s Pride, one of the largest vendors of avocados and mangos in Europe, are partnering to bring longer-lived avocados to market.

              Subject to regulatory approval in the EU, Nature’s Pride said it will integrate Apeel’s plant-based preservation technology into its avocado supply chain — bringing avocados with double the edible shelf life to European homes.

              Apeel’s technology takes the naturally occurring chemicals found in the skins and peels of plants and applies it to fresh produce, providing what the company calls “a little extra peel” that slows the rate of water loss and oxidation — which cause vegetables and fruits to spil.

              The company says that its produce will stay fresh two to three times longer than untreated produce. Apeel touts that its technology can lead to more sustainable growing practices and less food waste.

              Across Europe, 88 million tons of food is thrown out every year, at a cost of 143 billion euros (or roughly $163 billion dollars).

              As part of the agreement with Nature’s Pride, Apeel Sciences is introducing a co-branded label with the European fruit supplier.

              Founded in 2012 with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help reduce post-harvest food loss in developing countries that lack access to refrigeration, Apeel Sciences is backed by a slew of marquee investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Viking Global Investors, Upfront Ventures, S2G Ventures, Powerplant Ventures, DBL Partners, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UK Department for International Development, and The Rockefeller Foundation .

              This AR app lets you ‘try before you buy’ plants for your home


              Having more plants in your home can absorb airborne pollutants and improve your air quality, which can in turn affect your general wellbeingNASA knows it, we all know it. But what’ll work in your space, aesthetically?

              New Australian app Plant Life Balance uses AR to help you “try before you buy,” and create a tangible shopping list of plants to take to your local nursery.

              You can assess your current “plant-life balance” (how many rooms you have, how many plants), then use AR to drop in over 90 plant recommendations, and get an analysis of their benefits. Read more…

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              'Irreplaceable' plant specimens destroyed by customs officials with no chill


              Fun fact: Australia’s custom officials are known for procedures teetering on the absurdly overzealous, thanks to the continent’s unique natural environment.

              But those procedures are under investigation, after officials destroyed “irreplaceable” rare flowering plants sent from France. “They were the first type specimens collected of a species,” Michelle Waycott, chair at the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria, told ABC News

              “That would be the equivalent of material collected in the Flinders expedition, going and then destroying those. So literally irreplaceable collections and of high historic and scientific value.” Read more…

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