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14 texts to not send your ex on Valentine's Day



Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means it’s everyone’s least favorite time of the year: reminiscing on V-Days past.

With memories of former flames making their annual resurgence, it is essential to remember one thing: do. not. text. your. exes.

Don’t text these people. It isn’t good for you, it isn’t good for them and it definitely isn’t good for the new person in your life wondering why you’re texting “Sal from camp.”

We get it, the temptation is real — but really, it’s almost definitely not going to be worth it.

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How to use iMessage special effects



Over the years the iPhone’s Messages app has evolved from a relatively simple messaging program to a sophisticated tool complete with special effects. 

A lot of this is due to iMessage, Apple’s proprietary messaging platform (a term many iPhone users erroneously apply to the Messages app itself). We’re taking a look at how you can use the special effects in Messages, which go way beyond simple SMS and MMS communication. Since the release of iOS 10, iPhone users have been able to spice up their texting with handwritten doodles, shooting star animations and a lot more.

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