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The Friday Buzz: What We Make for Lunch

Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this week: Easy Lunches! 

Friday is here, and for a lot of us that means we are planning our menus to get ready to go grocery shopping over the weekend. I’m pretty good about having breakfast foods on hand and planning out dinners, but I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy lunch ideas that take zero brainpower to make.

So, I thought I’d ask The Simply Team to share their go-to lunches, and here’s what they had to say!


  • It’s a Wrap! Andy’s go-to lunch is a chicken wrap made from a whole wheat tortilla, ranch dressing (he does a homemade non-dairy ranch, but you could do your own version), spinach, precooked chicken, and craisins.
  • Think Big! Emma loves to make big batches of something (anything, really!) that she can reheat throughout the week. Her two recent favorites are: Frittata made with chicken sausage and all the leftover vegetables from the weekend, and Beet and Barley Salad with a poached egg on top.
  • Oodles of Noodles: Summer likes to make our Thai Noodle Salad and eat it throughout the week. (It makes a lot!) She also likes sautéed peppers and onions with an egg on top.
  • Avo-Toast! Megan turns to avocado toast with an egg on top or some sort of egg scramble with a whole wheat tortilla.
  • Smash It! Cambria often smashes chickpeas on a piece of Ezekiel bread with some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Simple and delicious!

What are some of your go-to quick and easy lunches?


Our Orange Chicken is taking the Instagram world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why.


Man in the North left a comment that warmed our heart and souls on our Egg Drop Soup.

I followed the recipe, with a few substitutions that turned out great. My fiance is sick and when she tasted this soup, her whole day changed and lifted her spirits. We both agreed it’s the best egg drop soup we have ever had. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, it meant more than you can imagine.

Watch out, Chicken Noodle Soup. Looks like I’ll be making Egg Drop Soup the next time I get sick!

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The Friday Buzz: The Better Butter Edition

Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this week I dish about BUTTER. 

For the longest time, I thought margarine was butter. I grew up as a child in the 90s, which meant I was raised on margarine. It came in the little plastic tub, and I thought it was great! Fast-forward to my adult years: I was hanging out with some girlfriends who were all talking about the price of butter and how expensive it had become. I didn’t understand what they were talking about, because the butter I was buying was so cheap.

It turns out I was still buying margarine… in stick form. That’s right, because it was in stick form, I assumed I had made the switch! Nope. But you butter believe (haha) that from that day forward, I started buying real butter and haven’t looked back.

So I thought it’d be fun to focus on some butter-related products I’ve enjoyed lately, because my life motto now is butter is better!



Y’all know how to cook your rice! We asked for your preferred technique and so many of you chimed in. Here’s what some of you said about cooking rice:

“In the oven. 2 cups of rice 3 cups of water. Cover with foil. Cook 25 minutes.”

“We use the microwave! Add butter, salt, and lemon. My son (13) makes it all the time. He takes it to school for lunch.”

“An electric rice cooker…have had the same one for 30+ years.”

“1 cup of rice, 2 cups of water… Boil water add salt, put in rice, let it come to boil and lower to simmer. I double fold some paper towels and put between pot & cover. Let simmer 20 minutes then take off flame and put on side. Fluff before eating.”

“I actually prefer to make my white rice with chicken broth. Comes out amazing with that an onion. Best part? I make it in the microwave!! Super easy!”


The memories that come with food are so strong and tender. Rob left this sweet comment on our Texas Sheet Cake. We’re so glad he has the recipe again!

My Mama made this for years and I loved it. When my mama died someone took her cookbook where she had this written in the back cover. Now I have it again. It’s one of the best cakes and so easy to make. Thank you!

Cheers to the weekend, Simply Friends!

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The Friday Buzz: Epic Roadtrips, Quail Eggs, and Just Say Yes!

Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this fabulous week… Epic Roadtrips, Quail Eggs, Just Say Yes, and a few other things sprinkled in. 

Halloween is one of my most cherished times of the year. While some people bust out their Christmas playlists early, I’ve got my favorite Halloween playlist going on repeat. My house is decked out with all the fun potions, bats on the walls, creepy black drapes, black feathers in all my vases, and a black crow garland. All the pumpkins in the world line every last square inch of my home. I JUST LURVE IT SO MUCH!

Decorating for holidays has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing, and I’ve learned that what I love most is that just a few simple tweaks here and there can really turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. Ya feel me?

I think that’s one of the things I love most about working for this site. We strive continuously to bring simple yet extraordinary recipes into your homes. They all work so hard to produce high-quality recipes and I truly can say that I love every member of this team. We aren’t just co-workers… we’re all good friends!

And you know what? We consider each and every one of you to be friend, too. Seriously. So, this may be a little mushy-gushy, but thank you always for being here on our site and for making the Simply Recipes community such a lovely place to be.


  • Not Giving Up Today – Just in case you needed a quick pick-me-up to get you through the day, Summer’s got you covered with this fab song.
  • Just say YES! Andy shared this clip with us and it totally reminded me of this movie.
  • Road Trip! With the changing of the weather, maybe it’s time for a road trip! Perhaps a 13,235 mile road trip that’ll give you 70° every single day?
  • Egg-cellent – Emma’s just putting this out there, in case you had a need to shell some quail eggs. 
  • Ravishing Risotto – Megan downs this Riced Cauliflower and Butternut Squash Risotto morning, noon, and night. Enjoy on its own, or as a side with chicken, sausage, or fish for dinner!
  • Midwest Made – Carrie’s been making her way through this cookbook by Shauna Sever and wonders if she should have been born in the Midwest because the recipes just hit her in all the right places.


Busy nights call for easy dinners and our IG readers are loving our Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken Chili! The only prep work needed for this is to dice the celery and onion. That’s it. If that isn’t easy enough, I don’t know what is!


Brandon’s family went cray-cray over our Oatmeal Buttermilk Pancakes! Yay! Here’s what he told us:

These were even better than I expected. Sounds of “mmmmmmmm” accompanied each bite. Definitely have some fresh berries with these pancakes to add some acidity. Utterly delicious and quite filling.

Pancakes in da house! Love the suggestion of using fresh berries! Thanks, Brandon!

Cheers to the weekend, friends. Hope it’s a good one for you!

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The Friday Buzz! Disco Party Dishwashing and Granola Opinions

Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts!

I can’t believe it’s May already. WHAT IN THE WORLD. Cinco de Mayo is on Sunday, and then Mother’s Day is just around the corner… then it’s Memorial Day, then the 4th of July, then it’s practically Thanksgiving again. At the rate time is flying by, we should probably just start talking resolutions for 2020!

Just kidding. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and let’s dish about all the juicy gossip of what the Simply Recipes Team is loving this week.

Our Favorites from the Week

  • Music! Since we all work remotely from home, music is a constant for us. You’ll find Emma movin’ and groovin’ to Lizzo’s new album, The Civil Wars have Summer swaying to and fro, and I’m going to see Keith Urban for the 4th of July, so I’ve been listening to him 24/7.
  • Books! Emma just finished this book on why home cooking won’t solve our problems… and it’s given her a lot to think about. Meanwhile, Summer has been readingWhere the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. She’s only a few pages in, but totally digging it.
  • Disco Party Dishwashing: When my family cleans up dinner (yes, it’s a family affair), we pump up the jams and have a disco party! I just ordered these disco lights and they’ve been a huge hit. By the way, do you have a Google Home or an Alexa?
  • The Best Clumpy Granola: Want to know the best part of granola? The clumps. The chunky bits. Carrie doesn’t like granola that isn’t going to stand up to grabbing it by the handful or giving her a good crunch with yogurt. Amen, sistah. Amen.
  • Fan Girling on Bon Appetit: And speaking of granola… did you know you can make granola with ingredients made entirely from the BULK BIN SECTION?! Whoa. Game changer. Bon Appetit’s Carla Lalli Music shows us how in this video and we couldn’t love her more! PS Emma is a huge fan girl.
  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas! Need some gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Summer recommends a bench scraper, Emma recommends her favorite towels from Crate & Barrel (she’s searched high and low and these are now her towels for LIFE), and you simply can’t go wrong with jewelry! If your mom is on the creative side, I think she’d love this instant camera. It’s a little bit retro and a whole lot of fun! My husband and kids got me this robot vacuum last year, and I was less than amused. HOWEVER… it has actually become my favorite gift of all time!

Meanwhile on Instagram…

We asked our readers what brought a smiled to their face this week and here are some of their answers:

  • “Paying $0.50 for over a dozen ripe bananas.” SCORE.
  • “My newborn grandson; he looks like a miniature of his grandpa, my husband!” ISN’T THAT THE SWEETEST?
  • “My mom gave me a surprise visit.” THAT’S SIMPLY THE BEST.

Reader Comment of the Week!

Our comment of the week came from our reader, Audrey, who had this to say about our Pineapple Upside Down Cake:

“My mother always made pineapple upside down cake for Easter. So I wanted to start the tradition again and scoured the internet for a recipe candidate. Yours won for a test run because of the dark brown sugar. This was the best pineapple upside down cake I have ever had. The addition of almond flour gave the cake more body and denseness. Love the flavor it added also. The dark brown sugar definitely made the caramel portion have a great depth of flavor! It disappeared from the table in minutes!”

Knowing that she was able to continue the tradition of what her mother started was our little drop of sunshine this week!

Before I leave you for next time, I wanted to send you off with the most ADORABLE HEDGEHOG video! Admit it, you totally want one now!

What little bits of life have made you smile this week? We’re always looking for new and fun things to talk about. #gossipqueens I’d love for you to share and I may just add it to our next addition of The Friday Buzz.

Cheers to the weekend!

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