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Apparently impressed by their appetite for mornings, company offers thieves a ‘job’


Theft is never fun, but thankfully some people see some humour in it.

A New Zealand business called Smith Crane & Construction put up a Facebook post on Tuesday to find the people who stole their tools on Saturday morning — so they can offer them a job.

“We thought you might like to come and work for us? Maybe make an honest living instead of thieving off us?” reads the post.

It appears the owners are more impressed at the thieves’ ability to get out of bed on time, have a working knowledge of power tools, and have a truck to drive around, than annoyed by the theft. Read more…

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Internet sleuth tracks down stolen trailer in less than 15 minutes with Facebook post


When Mike Schmidt got to his business on Tuesday, he realized his trailer was missing. 

It had been stolen. Like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, he sprung into action, setting in motion an epic investigation that would last almost 15 minutes.

His brilliant move? Posting a photo of his trailer on Facebook.

Here’s the riveting tale, courtesy of CTV News

That’s right, thieves of Cambridge, Ontario, there’s no where you can hide from people checking their News Feed. 

Schmidt called the cops, who found the trailer outside of an apartment complex with some mopeds and dirt bikes inside, some of which had been reported stolen.  Read more…

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