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5 Places in New Zealand for a Thrilling Casino Trip

Even though it may be one of the more remote countries in the world, New Zealand is also one of the most highly visited. In fact, tourism is its biggest industry by a considerable margin, bringing in a total revenue of over $40 billion a year and employing over 14% of the population. Every year around 4 million people visit – that’s quite an achievement in a country whose population is only 4.8 million.

There are many aspects that bring the visitors flocking to New Zealand, from the stunning scenery to the cosmopolitan cities. The two islands also have so much to explore that tourists tend to travel around visiting many different places on the trip – a sensible idea given that so many have traveled so far to visit.

A considerable number of these travelers also want to include a visit to a casino or two during their stay and they’re in luck here as well. Ever since the Gambling Act of 2003, casinos have been permitted, provided that they are authorized by the government.
This means that you’ll find them in or near all of the major population centres as you travel around, and they are just as popular and welcoming when it comes to catering for New Zealanders who want to visit.

The online casinos option is also available

There’s more good news for visitors who would prefer to play from the comfort of their holiday accommodation – there’s also a wide choice of online casinos to choose from. In the recent years there have a plethora of them, so it can be helpful to visit trusted online casino sites in New Zealand. In such a platform, you’ll be able to find the best online casinos making the most generous offers for new players. The site also includes plenty of other useful information for New Zealand players.

But, for those who can’t resist the allure of the “bricks and mortar” experience, there are some great options available in New Zealand too.

SkyCity Auckland

skycity auckland

As the country’s largest and most diverse city, Auckland is somewhere most visitors want to spend a lot of time. With places to visit like the National Maritime Museum and the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, which holds the country’s most extensive collection of national and international art, it offers plenty for culture vultures. Thrill-seekers are also catered for with bungee-jumping from the landmark Sky Tower which is also part of the complex housing the Sky City Auckland Casino. Opened in 1996, this is a very popular venue offering a full range of games and superb hospitality.

Christchurch Casino

The biggest city on the South Island has earned itself the nickname “The Garden City”, thanks to the many parks and wide-open spaces to explore and welcomes many tourists. These include Hagley Park and the Christchurch Botanic Gardens which are especially spectacular in the Spring. Christchurch has also always been a base for Antarctic explorations, and you’ll find many artefacts from these at the International Antarctic Centre. The city’s casino is a huge 44,000 sq. ft. gaming space with over 500 slots to play and 34 gaming tables. It’s also gained quite a reputation as a leading poker venue hosting regular, weekly tournaments.

Dunedin Casino

dunedin casino

As you might expect from a university city, Dunedin is lively, creative and more than a little quirky. For example, walk around and you can’t help but be amazed at the amount of street art. There’s also a very lively food scene and, for nature lovers, a visit to the nearby Otago Peninsular is a must. The Dunedin Casino may not be the biggest in the country, but it’s certainly one of the friendliest and most welcoming. It opened in 1999 and today, also offers a great rewards programme for all players with discounts on food and drink and the chance to collect points that you can convert into casino chips.

SkyCity Hamilton

Situated in the heart of the North Island, Hamilton is New Zealand’s biggest inland city and is famous for a thriving cultural scene, as well as its stunning outdoor spaces. A big favourite amongst all visitors is taking a river trip along the Waikato. The Hobbiton Movie Set is also nearby so you can even take an evening dinner tour. The casino is large, employing over 350 staff and is part of an even bigger leisure centre with a 10 pin bowling and a golf simulator.

SkyCity Queenstown

Right in the heart of Lord of the Rings country, the scenery around Queenstown is just as amazing as you might imagine. It also means that it’s a real honeypot destination for lovers of the big outdoors, whether that means mountain biking, hiking or looking for the rich local wildlife. Queenstown casino is another in the Sky City family and, with just 12 gaming tables and 150 slots, it’s also the most intimate, but none the worse for that.

So there you have them, 5 great casinos, and many more tourist experiences in “the Land of the Long White Cloud” – plus all you need to know if you want to enjoy a first rate online casino experience as well.

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How You Can Help The Environment When Planning Your Next Holiday

By now, most of us will be aware that air pollution has dropped as a result of the pandemic. Imposed travel bans and reduced traffic means that the world is on track to see the largest ever annual fall in CO2 emissions. Despite this, there’s still a lot more to be done for us to avoid catastrophic global warming. You might find yourself thinking ‘what can I do?’, but rest assured, there are some easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint over summer.

Choose staycations instead of going abroad

If there’s one thing the drop in emissions over the last couple of months has shown us, it’s that flying abroad is harmful to the environment. Studies show that the average citizen exceeds climate change recommendations by a staggering 7.8 tonnes each year. Limiting international trips is a great way to lower our overall carbon footprint. Staycations are an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious holidaymakers looking to see their country in a new light and contribute to their local economy, too.

Buy local produce and sustainable products

eco friendly holidays buy local produce

Whether on a staycation or travelling abroad, choosing to buy locally produced food and drinks will reduce the overall carbon emissions from transporting ingredients across the world. It’s also best to limit your meat intake both at home and abroad as that requires a large amount of energy for production and impacts deforestation. Buying from local suppliers also encourages independent businesses who often produce a far lower carbon footprint than big brands.

Recycle and use renewable energy

Wherever you visit, make sure that you know what the local recycling options are and use them whenever you can. If you know that you’re staying somewhere with limited options, try to open and discard packaging before you set off and bring your own reusable drinking bottles and shopping bags. If you can, you should try and prioritize hotels with renewable energy sources and keep appliances off when they’re not in use.

Walk or cycle to and from attractions

do eco friendly holidays

Although it can be environmentally friendly to carpool or use electric taxis, it’s always best to walk or cycle to local attractions if you can. Keep an eye out for local bike hire services and be sure to walk with a friend if travelling late at night. If you do need to travel somewhere by public transport, try to choose a sustainable option and carry out a portion of the journey on foot. Some destinations should also offer electric vehicles to rent, which can be a good option for families.

Buy eco-friendly toiletries and clothing

Most people stock up on toiletries and clothing items in preparation for going away. If you can, try to choose eco-friendly alternatives to reduce your overall carbon footprint. For example, some sunscreens contain microbeads which don’t decompose and some shampoos are sold in non-recyclable plastic bottles. Try to buy recyclable products with eco-friendly ingredients and clothing items that you won’t throw away after wearing once.

Before you leave for your holiday, make sure that all appliances are turned off in your home to avoid your carbon footprint climbing up and only leave lights on if it’s essential for security. There may be a lot of planning involved but prioritizing the environment whenever you can is always the right thing to do.

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To All Those Who Love Nature And The Ones Who Don’t

I think it is pretty amazing how nature alone can teach us so many things and can make us realise the real beauty and meaning of life. For some, it may be boring and for some it is the answer they have been longing for.

Whether it is an old tree or a clear blue sky, a mountain top or a dark hidden cave, a clear blue ocean or a blooming flower, each one of these show what life really is.

The sky will show all its colors over the course of the day. It always begins with the cool bluish hue of the morning, its shades somewhat transitioning to red orange with the arrival of sunrise, and finally welcoming the coolness of the afternoon with its blazing golden colors. The sky’s beauty is then further highlighted with its pinkish glow as sunset approaches and basks us in its splendor.

That’s exactly how human emotions are — totally different from one another. All we need to do is express each one of them. And we must not forget about the somber vibe of the night, too! If we expect a bright morning, then we must also anticipate for the coming of the dark, deep blue, night sky. If we are open to happiness then why shun bad times? Everything has its time in our life, nothing is forever and we must understand that.

nature teach us

Diving deep into the beauty of nature, a tree is the best companion you can ever have! Who says a person is alone? Nature is something that never ever leaves you. It’s always there, keeping its ears attentive for all that you have been piling up inside. Its arms are wide open to give you a warm bear hug, leaving a smile on your face.

Sitting under a tree, listening to the rustling of leaves, observing the new and young ones, which are soft to touch and, at the same time looking at the old ones that have fallen beside you, closing your eyes for a few minutes and just letting the cool breeze touch you, is the best feeling you can feel!

Speak your heart out because a tree is never going to judge you. It will tell you something and listen to your somethings. It will teach you how to stand tall in spite of the heavy rain even though it knows that, at some point, the rain will do some damage; but it never stops trying to stay strong! It teaches you to be fearless, to believe in the power of perseverance, and to accept the changes happening around you.

Take out some time from your busy life, and just experience it for once. I am not saying do it daily! But trust me it’s going to be much better than the amazing party happening in the city. It’s going to be worth it! No therapy, counselling sessions, and exercises can work in maintaining your mental and physical stability until the time you give nature a chance to do  its part.

what nature teach us

For those who adore the beach, looking at the sea and releasing all your tensions right there and then actually gives you a feeling of lightness. Those sunburns have their own fun; tasting the salt from your face when you’re in the sea and trying to open your eyes when looking towards the sun are the small things which we often forget to try.

That is exactly what is called living the moment! Going on a vacation abroad just to be close to nature, but ending up clicking thousands of selfies is not living the moment and is an unfortunate waste of time. No one is telling you to stop taking pictures. In fact, photos are the best way to capture beautiful memories.

Snapping photos to have something to remember your experience by is one thing, being oblivious to the beauty around you because you’re too busy clicking and applying filters is another. And to be close to nature doesn’t mean that you need to plan a vacation in the Himalayas! It can be a park near your home, or any place where you can walk through the lane of emotions while you try to figure out life will do.

Thank you
Ridhi Panwar

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The best eco-friendly travel products in the UK

The best eco-friendly travel products in the UK

Flying is looked down upon in Sweden as much as plastic bags are in the UK.

Seriously, if you tell someone you plan on taking a plane for a journey that can definitely be done on the ground, like going from Stockholm to Oslo, you’ll probably experience some flygskam — that’s a now-popular Swedish word that loosely translates to “flight shame.” 

Air travel is responsible for about 2.5% of global carbon dioxide emissions and the United Nations expects this to triple by 2050. 

Why are carbon dioxide emissions increasing?

Well, if you ask Joaquin Phoenix he might mention a slight addiction that some of his peers in Hollywood seem to have to taking private jets everywhere. Those quick flights to and from Palm Springs definitely account for some emissions.  Read more…

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pH Hydrate Alkaline Water Bottle

This glass bottle stands out from the rest by not only taking out the bad but also putting in some good.

  • Replaces: Single-use plastic bottles

£37.97 from Amazon

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American Tourister Eco Wanderer

Built using recycled materials, this is a worthy investment if it’s time to upgrade your luggage.

  • Replaces: Plastic luggage, unfriendly materials

£99 from Amazon

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Hirundo Reusable Snack Bags

These reusable and durable bags will make eco-friendly snacking a whole lot easier.

  • Replaces: Single-use Ziplock bags, disposable snack bags

£14.99 from Amazon

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Body & Earth Solid Toiletries

Ditch the plastic bottle with this eco-friendly solution.

  • Replaces: Plastic toiletry bottles, travel-size products

£9.99 from Amazon

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Gotoob+ Silicone Travel Bottle

If you need to bring travel bottles, go BPA free with this set.

  • Replaces: Disposable travel toiletries

£22.99 from Amazon

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Scrubba Wash Bag

Think of this as a modern day portable washboard that’ll save water and energy.

  • Replaces: Chemical-laden dry cleaning, washers that require electricity

£42 from Amazon

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Sun Bum Reef Friendly Sunscreen

Think twice about your sunscreen and opt for this reef-friendly option that won’t contribute to coral bleaching.

  • Replaces: Sunscreen that damages coral reefs

£25 from Amazon

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THEYE Plant-Based Insect Repellent

Keep mosquitos away without negatively impacting other wildlife.

  • Replaces: Bug spray with harmful chemicals

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Wild & Stone Organic Bamboo Toothbrushes

You can’t take up precious luggage space with your electric toothbrush, so pack these bamboo ones instead.

  • Replaces: Disposable plastic toothbrushes

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Best Family Beaches In the USA You Can Visit With Your Kids

Summer is the perfect time to be on beach vacations. They offer a great way to bond with the family and create lifelong memories. But not every beach destinations can cater to the unique needs of travelers with kids.

As we plan our family beach trip, we should ensure that the beach offers amenities like kid-friendly attractions, spacious accommodations, food stores/restaurants, easy access to clean showers and restrooms, and of course, the lifeguards.

To save you the time of doing your research for best family beaches in USA, use this list to help you plan your next family trip.

Boca Raton, South Florida

Originally designed to be one of Florida’s premier resort towns, Boca Raton is known for its beautiful beaches and parks.

The Red Reef Park, a 67-acre park, wildlife conservation, and education center is the famous destination in the area where the family can do land and water activities. The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center offers educational programs about sea wildlife, nature, ecology and conservation.

These programs make the area one of the best family beaches in the USA.

Kailua Beach Park, Hawaii

kailua beach park hawaii

Vacationers will love the turquoise blue water of Kailua Beach Park. The life-guarded beach offers plenty of free parking and a variety of family-friendly water activities. The fine and soft white sand is great for kids and their beach play.

With its gentle waves, this spot is ideal for kids who are just learning to swim. Kids who are also learning how to surf will likely have a good chance to practice there as well.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater may not be as big as Miami, but the place offers plenty of ways to enjoy the summer family vacation.

Stroll down at the Sunsets at Pier 60 and enjoy the mini-carnival atmosphere. Kids will enjoy the playground and inflatable amusements. They’ll find the street performers and musicians at Pier 60 amusing.

Children over 14 years old are allowed to drive a rented jet ski with a parent. You should also add the dolphin cruise and the half-day fishing expedition on your itinerary.

Gulf State Park, Alabama

waterville usa

Families are flocking to the incredible beach town in Alabama every summer since it is the perfect place for fun and memorable family beach vacation.

There are plenty of family activities to do in Gulf Shores both on the beach and land. There is a small entrance fee but you’ll be rewarded with sugar-white sand and gently crashing waves.

Kids can do swimming, kayaking, and crabbing along the 2-mile stretch of beach. The Waterville USA is a popular destination for its water slides, a lazy river, and a miniature golf course.

Coronado Beach, California

Tons of activities and sparkling clean ocean water await every family at Coronado Beach. The beach is home to resorts, parks, and a lighthouse that will cater to the whole family including your dog.

You read it right. Yes, the North Beach is a go-to destination for families with their beloved pooch. From dog-friendly beaches to the views, and picnic spots, Coronado has become a top family beach destination in Southern California.

Hope this quick list helped you plan your next family beach vacation. These great beaches have a combination of nice shoreline, swimmable waters, delicious food choices, and a variety of activities. All of which make your family beach vacation comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable.

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Internet Access While Traveling: Tips for Keeping Your Data Safe

Are you tired of unreliable and painfully slow internet when traveling? Do you worry about your security?

It does feel like an endless battle waiting for apps to respond and pages to load. Imagine spending your precious traveling time looking at a blank screen instead of enjoying the beautiful environment.

To ensure you enjoy your internet access without worrying about your security while traveling, we have put together some really helpful tips.

Ensure you stick to secure sites

First, check the website if it’s secure. You can check if a site is secure by going through the security information using a trusted browser like Firefox or Chrome. You’ll know a site’s connection is safe when there’s a green lock on the left side of the URL.

It is important that you try avoiding entering sensitive information on non-secured sites, especially when using a public network. This includes entering credit card numbers, passwords, and other personal details.

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Avoid using apps

internet connection while tracvelling

App security is less stringent when compared to browser security. In case you are using apps from popular brands like Paypal, you will definitely be okay.

However, it is important that you try avoiding entering sensitive information into apps from not so popular companies. This is crucial, especially when using a similar password for various websites.

Switch off file sharing

Ensure that your files are secure.

In most cases, when you are using your laptop on the home network, you normally share folders with your parents, siblings or friends. This is okay as long as you remember to turn it off when connecting to a public Wi-Fi.

If you forget to turn off file sharing, every person who connects to the same Wi-Fi can view your files.

The most recent computers are smart and capable of automatically turning off file sharing when you connect to public Wi-Fi. However, it is advisable that you always double check.

Update your anti-virus

It is important that you never connect your devices to any free Wi-Fi network without an updated antivirus. Most smartphones and laptops these days come with built-in software like the Windows Defender. However, you are still advised to step up and download software like Avast, which is capable of giving you an extra layer of protection.


traveling with internet access

You can consider using a VPN, which will act as your private internet bodyguard. VPN will hide your IP address and encrypt your connection to ensure everything you send over the internet is hidden.

VPN is cheap and accessible. You should never have an excuse for failing to use one.

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The above measures will not make you bulletproof. However, they will help in reducing your chance of being targeted and improve your internet access while traveling.

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Alien Landscapes: Places on Earth You Should Totally See

Planet Earth has more than its share of magnificent spectacles, many of which tourists queue to see. Earthly wonders like the Niagara Falls and spectacular man-made miracles such as Egypt’s pyramids are fascinating for sure, but they keep our feet and imaginations planted firmly on the familiar ground. Postcards, textbooks, and holiday brochures make us feel we’ve seen these sights before even when we haven’t.

But we needn’t venture too far off the beaten track to encounter some truly alien landscapes right here on Earth. Our planet is home to bizarre and magical sights which would seem perfectly at home in a sci-fi movie or gothic fairy tale. Jagged mountain ranges shrouded in fog, gaping holes churning with molten lava — these are mysterious places that can stir your soul.

Marble Caves, Chile

via The Times

The hypnotic swirling patterns which adorn the walls of the Marble Caves have been formed over thousands of years as wind and water chiseled away at the rock face.

Known locally as ‘The Marble Cathedral’, its space has an ethereal quality caused by the plunging shards of rock, which looks like it’s been painted with a cosmic paintbrush. Experience the glorious cavern on a boat trip with winds beneath the voluptuous blue rock.

The Singing Sands of Liwa, UAE

via Expedia

As wind and heat combine, the desolate sand dunes of Liwa in the United Arab Emirates vibrate. And with their frantic movement, it creates a haunting song. The low-pitched wail seems to emanate from the entire desert.

To be surrounded by this choral hum is to be transported to another place and time. With the dunes undulating before you in shades of peach and gold, the roar of the sands is a rousing soundscape that will make the scorching desert impossible to forget.

Abraham Lake, Canada

via Feel The Planet

Nestled snugly in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Abraham Lake might look stunning, but it can be as dangerous as it is bewitching. With frozen bubbles suspended just below the water’s surface, the Lake appears like a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

The icy orbs, however, are actually pockets of trapped methane gas which is highly flammable. At a distance, these bubbles resemble frosty lily pads or jellyfish frozen in time beneath the lake’s glassy surface.

Tianzi Mountain, China

via World Atlas

These ragged peaks of rock are often wrapped in a dense grey fog, so the shards stick up like cacti on some faraway misty planet. Sedimentary rock was eroded over millions of years, leaving craggy formations of quartz sandstone towering in the gloom.

It created an alien landscape that was otherworldly enough to inspire the floating Hallelujah mountains on the planet ‘Pandora’ in James Cameron’s blockbuster movie, Avatar. The giant mountains reach a peak of more than 1,200 metres and are considered sacred by local communities.

The ‘Gates of Hell’, Turkmenistan

via The Times

The churning Darvaza gas crater, found in the Karakum Desert of Turkmenistan, is a fiery field of natural gas. A Soviet drilling operation opened an underground cavern in the 1970s. It has been known locally as the ‘Gates of Hell’ ever since.

When the rig collapsed, engineers set fire to the gas lake. They hoped that it would burn off in a few months. Almost 50 years later and it’s still going strong. Filled with scalding gases and glowing orange embers, the crater certainly looks like the fiery entrance to Hades and must be seen to be believed.

Grand Prismatic Springs, USA

via Independent

The third largest hot spring in the world has rainbow-striped layers of color. It’s caused by layers of microbial organisms around the edges of the mineral-rich pool.

Ranging from a spellbinding turquoise to a deep, hypnotic green, the central pool is wrapped in rings of yellow and red, depending on what time of year you visit. Surrounded by lush alpine forests, the spring is an unexpected drop of otherworldly color against a picture postcard backdrop.

Cappadocia, Turkey

via Wikipedia

The pastel skies and peculiar clusters of rock in Turkey’s Cappadocia make it a mesmerizing spot like no other. With tall spires of rock known to locals as the ‘Chimneys of Fairies’, the landscape will set your imagination free and you can see how the area has inspired myths and folklore passed from one generation to the next.

If the unfamiliar landscapes weren’t enough, a gentle shoal of hot-air balloons floating across the sky at sunset should do the trick. The mounds of autumnal colored earth and stone are actually home to a huge community of around 10,000 people. They have built underground dwellings in this magical terrain.

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6 International Travel Tips You’ll Find Handy

Exploring world-class destinations, learning about unique cultures, and treating your taste buds with delicious foods is what traveling is about. And the fun of traveling multiplies if you are flying to a foreign destination, more if that’s your first international trip.

To help you prepare, here are some international travel tips you’ll find useful on your first vacation abroad.

Know Your Travel Budget

Are you traveling as a backpacker or want to bask in the luxury your hotel and airline may offer you? Knowing how much your vacation may cost you can help you budget your trip. It’s great if you already have the money in your bank. If not, take the time to prepare your budget and allocate your funds wisely.

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Create an Itinerary

create itinerary

This includes everything from the length of your trip to the attractions and landmarks you wish to explore. You don’t have to know the exact dates and time but a rough idea of when, where and for how long you’ll be staying there can greatly help you. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to be wondering what to do next with three or four more days in your hand, do you?

Book Flights and Hotels

With the internet at your disposal, once you know where you are going, booking your international flights, hotels, and activities are perhaps the easiest part of planning your trip. However, you must not be impatient to book whatever you find through your travel agent. Browse the internet and find out some great deals for yourself to make the most of your budget.

Pack Light and Right

pack light

No one likes to pay for extra bags unnecessarily! If you don’t wish to be levied with additional charges, knowing a little about the weather in your destination and packing accordingly may help you. Pack as less as possible.

Pack woolen clothes if you think it’ll be cold where you land and pack light clothes if it’s summer there. Don’t forget to pack a few waterproof jackets, a poncho, and a light sweater if your destination tends to experience rain a lot. This practice will also allow some space for you to bring home some keepsakes for your loved ones.

Buy travel insurance

We all want our vacations to be full of happy moments and great experiences, but that’s not always the case. For not-so-pleasant situations while traveling, such as lost baggage, health issues or trip interruption, you must buy travel insurance. Speak with your travel agent or ask people you know for recommendations and have an insurance that provides great services.

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Automate Your Bills

A missed credit card payment or mortgage repayment may be the last thing you would like to discover after you are back from your vacation. You can automate your personal finances to ensure that your dues are paid on time while you are on a flight, sleeping in your hotel room or clicking pictures of a breathtaking sight before you. Do it and save yourself from incurring late charges.

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7 Reasons to Head Over to Seoul Right Now

You might have heard the saying: Go to Seoul to refresh your soul.

It is one of those emerging tourist spots where the new meets the old. If you haven’t visited this South Korean capital as of yet, then you should totally do it at least once in your lifetime.

Why visit Seoul?

Here are 7 great reasons why Seoul should be on your must-travel list.

Exciting Nightlife

seoul nightlife

The Seoul scene does not die with the sun. Instead, it comes alive with the darkening skies.

After a hard day’s worth of work, the South Korean population tends to get out of their houses and become a part of the vibrant nightlife culture. Amidst the dazzling neon lights and the echoes of laughter, you’ll find people clubbing to vivacious music in the Gangnam district and relaxing in the mini-pools of Club Bugatti Syndrome.

Other than that, you’ll see them heading to the famous Dongdaemun Market to get their hands on the latest fashionable items and to shop till they drop. Karaoke in Noraebang is also one hot nightlife activity which you should add to your list.

Historically Rich

seoul historical places

Seoul has a tale as old as time which is inscribed on the artifacts in its museums and embedded in its famous historic sites. One such site is the revered Changdeokgung which is a grand royal palace of the times of Joseon dynasty. It has a neat architecture and sprawling gardens.

Similar in the theme is the Gyeongbokgung Palace. It’s a large 14th-century wonder, having an attached museum and a peaceful landscape.

Free guided tours are offered for these sites.

Seoul is quite rich when it comes to museums, covering both antiquity and modernity. This includes the 1946-built National Folk Museum of Korea, which highlights the customs and culture of the Korean people. There’s the 2005-built National Museum of Korea as well which displays recent military artworks.

You can visit these, in addition to the famous War Memorial, traditional neighborhoods of the Bukchon Hanok Village, and the rehabilitated historical city gates of Namdaemun and Heunginjimun.

Technologically Savvy

Even though Seoul’s feet are dipped in its traditions, it continues to soar through the clouds of digitization. Just take a look at last year’s Olympics that Seoul hosted.

There were multi-lingual robot greeters, virtual reality ski-jumping simulators, ‘ghost skier’ technology and holograms, 5G speeds, and integrated AI to blow the mind of the internationally visiting crowds.

Other than this, Seoul’s passion for technology shows in its architectural wonders, too. Just look at the Lotte World Tower which was constructed in 2016 and opened to the public in early 2017.

It is a major recreational complex which hosts the world’s largest indoor theme park, movie theaters, and shopping facilities. But its most advanced and highlighting feature is its super-fast elevator which covers ten meters per second. It’s covered with animating screens on all sides.

Spiritually Enlightened

Even though the people of Seoul are becoming more religious, they still value their old traditions at heart. They continue to respectfully visit their Buddhist temples of yore.

These quaint places are full of spiritual energy and you can be a part of it by going for the so-called Templestay Programs. It’ll allow you to live like the Buddhist monks for more than one night. You can observe their rituals and even go on a lengthy discussion with the resident scholars. The 7-story pagoda temple of Jogyesa with vast halls should be on your list.

Low-Budget Options

Though it is true that the average cost of living in Seoul is going on the rise, there are still some pocket-friendly options which will not bore a hole through your budget.

The accommodation is pretty cheap. It’s around US $10 a night if you go to an Airbnb. You can also easily book a dormitory or rent a room in a guesthouse online.

Not only that, if you go around Seoul on public transportation instead of hiring a private cab, you’ll save a lot. Food is also quite budget-friendly and tasty.

So, it is possible to have fun in Seoul without going too much out of your way- money-wise.

Hiking & Mountaineering Possibilities

seoul bukhansan

Seoul is a confirmed metropolis but that does not mean that it lacks natural wonders. There are mountain ranges interspersed throughout the land, offering many hiking opportunities for the locals and the tourists.

Bukhansan is one such range. Having a triple-peaked face, it’s located near Seoul. It’s around 2744 feet in height and is a part of a wider Bukhansan National Park.

Other than that, there is a mountain fortress city to the southeast named Namhansanseong. It’s one of the ideal places to hike through. Inwangsan which means ‘mountain of generous king’ and Gwanaksan are other famous mountain ranges which you should look into.

Culinary Varieties

seoul culinary varieties

If meat-based dishes are for you, then you need to visit the famous Korean BBQ spots.

Imagine carving through the tender marbled cuts of meat lightly seasoned to suit your taste. Brings water to your mouth, doesn’t it?

Head over to Wang Bi Jib to savor such high-quality cuisine. If you’re a vegetarian, then there are Buddhist food options for you, too. One of them is located at the tranquil Sanchon. If you’re a fan of the weird and the extravagant, then Seoul’s themed cafes are waiting for you. Cartooned Hello Kitty or Kakao Friends cafes are some of the most popular sites.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make South Korea’s Seoul your travel destination ASAP.

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Best Rewards Cards For Funding Your Family’s Next Vacation

Family vacation costs can add up quickly, especially when the number of mouths to feed seem to grow with each big trip. Sooner than you realize, the cost of a big family trip can seem like a vacation experience straight from the movies. With that, you have to know how you can start planning a family vacation on a budget.

Whether your family is big or small, saving up for vacation and saving while on vacation can help bear the financial burden of your next big trip while maximizing fun for the whole family. Here are some tips you can use.

Saving Up For Vacation

saving up for vacation

Cashing In On Cash Back

A great way to save for your family’s next vacation is by squirreling away all that cash back earned on everyday purchases. If you don’t own a cash back card already, you may want to consider opening one. Your savings can only be accomplished if you pay off your balance before the close of each billing cycle though.

The best cash back cards to look for are those in which the cash back doesn’t expire, ones that have the highest cashback rates, and those that don’t limit cash back to certain categories.

Also, be on the lookout for special incentives, like bonuses if a certain amount is spent in a certain period of time. For example, Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express is offering a $200 credit if you spend $1,000 within the first three months.

Let Your Work Travel Pay For Your Vacation Travel

If you find yourself traveling more and more for work and you’re booking much of the travel yourself, you might as well use a travel rewards card that allows you to rack up miles. Since vacation destinations for your family may require a different airline than what you use for your work destinations, a sure bet is to use a card that will give you universal rewards points redeemable for most airlines, such as Chase Sapphire or Capital One Venture cards.

Many cards will give you double the points for a variety of travel-related purchases in addition to 1:1 points on regular purchases. Plus, if you don’t already have a travel rewards card, you can take advantage of bonus incentives by opening a new one.

Saving While On Vacation

saving while on vacation

Making The Choice

While you may not want to have one card for cash back, one for airline miles, one for hotels, and one for resorts; by choosing the best cards for your family, you’ll be giving yourself more opportunity to save up for vacation and continue the savings while on vacation. Take your time, look at your current cards, and decide which points or miles card is right for you.

Hotel Rewards Cards

Another option worth considering is a hotel rewards card, especially if you’ve grown a preference for one particular hotel brand chain accommodations and decor over others. If you’re already a loyal customer to Hilton brand hotels for example, then you may be able to rack up some free stays quickly with the Hilton Honors American Express Card.

You can earn 50,000 Hilton Honors points by spending $1,000 in the first three months, and 7x the points with every dollar spent at a Hilton brand accommodation. If you’re more of a Marriott kind of family, take a look at the Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Card. They’ll give you 100,000 bonus points after you make $5,000 of purchases within the first three months (which isn’t hard to do for a big family on vacation).

Resort Rewards

One of the most popular resort destinations for families is Disney. Whether it be Disney theme parks such as Disney World, Disneyland, or a Disney Cruise, if your family is seriously Disney, then you may want to consider opening a Disney Premier Visa Card.

Not only will you be able to receive extra savings at these attractions, you can earn rewards points to use at Disney movies and on any Disney merchandise.

International Travel

If you’re planning on taking off to see the world with family in tow, don’t forget to consider which rewards card you’ll be using. Some card companies actually charge a 3% fee for any international transaction. This includes any transaction outside of the U.S. even though you may be making the purchase from your living room couch.

The best rewards card companies, like Chase Sapphire or Capital One Venture, will give you rewards for spending money on your international vacation. Consider them when planning a family vacation on a budget.

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A Quick List of Adventure Activities You Must Try

Whenever you find that you are losing focus on your mundane activities and daily chores, it merely implies that you need to relax and take it easy. There is no better way to break free from the monotony of everyday life than to set off on a short holiday. Whatever the case may be, make sure you enjoy each moment to the fullest. In this write-up, we’ll share with you a list of adventure activities you’ll definitely find appealing.

Let’s take a look at them:


skiing vacation

With dusty mountains and soft snow around, you will undoubtedly be lured to try out the skiing facilities available at the resorts. Few of the best destinations for this sport include Austria, Switzerland, France, Quebec, Japan, and Dubai.

White shark cage diving

Some places in South Africa offer tourists the opportunity to dive with sharks. Yes, that is right!

Gansbaai, located on the southern side of Cape Town, is the place. You can also try and explore Mossel Bay. In fact, Cape Town is often referred to as the capital for white sharks.


Can you imagine jumping out of a plane and allowing yourself to fall freely while gradually embracing gravity? Usually meant for the strong hearted, skydiving will put even the bravest to the test.

Of course, you can always enjoy seeing someone else perform this stance. You will find spots in almost every country including Israel, Egypt, Malaysia, France, Spain, Norway, and Germany to name a few.


Some exotic places where you can explore or try surfing are the Hawaiian Islands, South Africa, the Indonesian Archipelago, and French Polynesia.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is perhaps one adventurous activity you can indulge in. There are many places around the globe where horse riding is offered.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of Gulf stream horse track races or you want to just try out for your leisure, the most prominent places that you will find this sport include Western Riding (USA), South Africa, Iceland, Andalucía in Spain, Macedonia, Botswana, and Machu Picchu in Peru.

Paddle Boarding

paddle boarding vacation

There are many reasons for indulging in this sport. It not only relaxes you, but it is an excellent form of exercise as well.

So, if you are not able to hit the gym while you are on holiday, this activity will perhaps keep you on your toes and keep your weight in check.


Regardless of the type of adventure sports you indulge in, just make sure that you ponder over a few critical points to ensure your safety and that you make your trip a memorable one.

These include the following:

  • Make sure you are ready to take on the sport as far as health is concerned
  • Find out the rules and get acquainted with the guidelines
  • Seek assistance from a professional
  • Keep your medical kit handy

If your thrill-seeking heart is craving for a vacation, you can consider this list of adventurous activities that’ll give you the experience of a lifetime!

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YouTube star Ryker Gamble dies after falling from waterfall


YouTube star Ryker Gamble died after falling from a waterfall in British Columbia, Canada. He was 30 years old. 

A travel vlogger for popular channel High On Life, Gamble was one of three people who were confirmed dead on Thursday by federal police, the Associated Press reports.

According to AP, search and rescue teams found Gamble and the two yet-to-be-named victims, who had gone over Shannon Falls, the third-tallest waterfall in British Colombia.

After swimming in a pool at the top, the trio had walked along a ledge at the top of the falls before falling approximately 100 feet over the edge. Read more…

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How To Work And Travel The World: 10 Helpful Tools

The difference between office and remote jobs is not in the place of work but in the freedom and responsibility. There is no boss who forces you to work and pays the salary at the end of the month. On the contrary, remote workers get paid only for what they actually do. The competition is harsh: there are millions of orders and potential executors so you have to fight for your client.

Three years ago, I left my office job and after a few attempts, I decided to stick to online marketing. Over this period of time, I tried a lot of useful digital tools that helped me to deal with the freelancing duties more efficiently.

In this article, I decided to present you the 10 most productive online tools that can improve the capabilities of any remote worker.

10 Tools to make you a Super-Efficient Remote Worker

It doesn’t matter if you are a copywriter, content manager, blogger, translator, marketer, online teacher, or even a website developer – all these tools can make you better at what you do. Let’s check them out one by one.

Learning Tools:

  • Udemy


Udemy is a global learning and tutoring platform which offers more than 55 thousand courses. It allows you to gain new knowledge from anywhere in the world with expert help from professional instructors. This is extremely practical if you want the opportunity to obtain new freelance occupation and become eligible for more job openings. Using one of Udemy’s courses three years ago, I got acquainted with alternative ways to prepare and implement social media campaigns.

  • Duolingo

Learning languages while traveling around the world is the best combination to meet different cultures. Duolingo is a digital language learning source that guides you through the basic elements of foreign languages with its friendly user interface and simple functions. I used Duolingo successfully to strengthen my Italian before going to Rome for a few months. It is based on amusing gamification elements and learning through visualization. The navigation is easy and takes you directly to the in-app grammar and vocabulary practices.

Planning Tools:

  • Trello


Planning and time management play an essential role in the life of every remote worker. In that regards, you can use Trello as the best agile management solution. Using this software, you can manage projects through the card board and get acquainted with each new phase of the working process. Trello is an excellent planning tool. When I started using it, it helped to see the big picture of all important processes in my life and helped me to determine the direction in which I want to grow

  • Rescue Time

Rescue Time is an online tool that improves your everyday habits and makes you more productive in general. I wasn’t even aware of my daily activities and behavior patterns before I started using Rescue Time. It helped me to eliminate distractions such as social networks and other features on my computer. In that regard, Rescue Time monitors your progress over time and you can improve even further once you get used to this way of thinking.

Financial Management Tools:

  • On the Job

Remote workers usually can’t keep an eye on their finances easily – or at least I know I can’t. That’s why I suggest you use an app like On the Job, which can assist you in time tracking and invoicing. It makes your personal finances simpler and you won’t struggle with multiple currencies or hourly rates. All you have to do is to set your preferences in On the Job and it will do all of the necessary calculations related to your work.

  • Invoice Ninja

invoice ninja

Recently I had something like five or six different clients at the same time and it was hard to manage all those bills and payments. Invoice Ninja is a high-quality open-source platform with elements like online invoices, payment alerts, due dates, and other valuable features. I must admit that it set me free from everyday accounting work. It doesn’t only make your financial transactions a lot easier but also a lot faster than traditional payment services.

Presentation tools:

  • 24 Slides

24 slides


Presentations are one of the basic models of communication for many professionals, especially marketers. 24 Slides is the presentation design tool with all of the essential graphic design elements. The developers of this app created it to avoid seeing boring slides all over the Internet. To be honest, I also exploited many of these standard templates regularly. However, 24 Slides offered me some fresh and creative template solutions, images, and visuals to make presentations much more attractive than usual.

  • Superior Papers

Superior Papers is a group of professionals from various fields of expertise who can help you to create a concept for the presentation and eventually execute the project on their own successfully. From marketing, over finances, all the way to science and IT industry, Best Dissertations offers you a full set of ideas that can make your presentation look perfect. Once I had to deal with the unknown topic of mobile app branding and these guys made sure that I don’t embarrass myself.

Web Development Tools:

  • Coda

Coda is the web development application for macOS. As an amateur in this field, I still managed to handle this tool for coding, testing, and reference, which means that it’s really simple. With its six units, web developers get an efficient text editing tool. Coda allows you to open and handle your files both locally and remotely. It has a simple user interface – a very convenient feature for remote workers who travel a lot.

  • Espresso

espresso app

Espresso is the Mac web editor. It has numerous interesting website development features and gives you the opportunity to get creative at work. You can design and combine various elements, while Espresso makes real-time saves and updates. With this app, it is easy to customize the toolbar and make several changes at once.


Remote work gives you a lot of freedom but also the responsibility to manage your time successfully. In order to get the job done, you often need some kind of help. Fortunately, you can find it in some of many online tools. In this article, I presented you the 10 most fruitful tools that can help you to work and travel at the same time. Give them a try and let me know in the comments which ones you liked the most.

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Top Reasons to Take The King’s Cross Walking Tour

King’s Cross used to be a grotty red-light district. Now, after a multi-million-pound regeneration project, the area is one of the coolest spots in the capital. It’s a destination in itself, with plenty of fun and exciting things to eat, see and do.

While London is famed for its rich history, much of which is housed in its marble-floored museums, there has been plenty of work done over recent years.

The King’s Cross revamp included the creation of new schools, homes, a university, a sports pitch, and a community garden. Some historic buildings have been restored, too.

Acres of previously unloved open space now gleam with life. King’s Cross has seen a true turnaround over the last decade, making it fully deserving of a spot on your to-visit checklist.

Now, if you are still thinking twice about that, below are some great reasons to take a King’s Cross walking tour.

For remarkable architecture

st pancras old church

It’s not just the elegant King’s Cross railway station that will catch your eye in your tour. St Pancras Old Church is said by many to be the oldest worship spot for Christians in the whole of England. In its grounds stands an ash tree planted by poet and novelist Thomas Hardy.

To eat like royalty

dishoom kings cross
Via dishoom

In the past, your standard King’s Cross fare would have been a 3 am kebab. Lately, however, the area has posher items on the menu.

For veggie and vegan feasting, try Mildred’s Kitchen. Their brunches are second to none. Get your taste of its inescapable avocado toast, beans and tofu or waffles with southern fried ‘chicken’.

Then, there’s the trendy-for-good-reason Caravan where you’ll find bread, cheese, meats and fancier bits, too. Dishoom, which presents a modern twist on the traditional Irani cafes of Mumbai, does a dreamy bacon naan roll.

For a blast from the past (and a glimpse of the future)

charles dickens museum
Via dickensmuseum

Though it’s cool to explore newly dolled up London localities, you will need to get your history fix, too.

King’s Cross is home to the Charles Dickens museum which is set to give you an insight into the famed novelist’s life and works. The London Canal Museum also offers a fresh perspective on a city we often stereotype as a cluster of towers competing to reach the sky.

Head along to discover the secret histories of London’s waterways. If you want to see more of the future, remember that Google HQ and the YouTube Space are just around the corner.

For art and culture

the harry potter store
Via kingscross

Another reason to make a beeline for King’s Cross is its thriving arts scene. The House of Illustration is a public gallery set up by iconic artist Quentin Blake. Then, there’s the interactive art space known as Market Road Gallery.

You can’t go wrong with the British Library on Euston Road, too.

Fans of JK Rowling’s world-famous series will love The Harry Potter store. For music lovers, the Vinyl Cafe at Tileyard Studios is something to look forward to. It is a sleek coffee shop and eatery which hosts live music performances.

It has also served as a platform for some of the city’s hippest new musicians, including Brit Award nominee Izzy Bizu.

To go out on the tiles

big chill house

No recently-refreshed slice of London could very well function without a twinkling nightlife to match its new image.

Back in the day, the area’s most tempting after-dark offering would have been a sleazy, sweat-drenched club. These days, your King’s Cross all-nighter will be more polished.

Exhale with a cocktail in hand under the neon glow of the Big Chill House or dance to disco or hip-hop at the shiny Simmons bar. If a cozy boozer is more your thing, The Queen’s Head does a frothy pint and a cracking cheese board.

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Top 5 Things To Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered the entertainment capital of the world and it’s easy to see why. The city literally has something for nature enthusiasts to nightlife lovers. This is why there were and over 42 million the year before.

If you are thinking of visiting the place, here are the best things to do in Las Vegas to help you plan your trip.

Concert Residencies

concert residences celine dion

Las Vegas is famous for its concert residencies from the world’s biggest superstars. Elvis Presley, Cher, and Prince have all headlined there in the past.

Nowadays, Sin City revelers have the chance to see stars like Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears perform sellout shows along the Las Vegas Strip at famous venues, like the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood Resort.

Lady Gaga recently sealed a deal that will earn her an impressive $1 million per show. It’s set with 74 dates in MGM’s Park Theater beginning late 2018.

One act that has been going strong for many years now is David Copperfield’s residency at the MGM Grand Casino. There, he captivates his audience with spectacular illusions.

The magician performs 15 incredible shows per week in a residency that has lasted 18 years to date.


mgm grand hakkasan

The nightlife in Las Vegas is one of the biggest attractions for young and old tourists. It has a wide range of bars and clubs that play host to the world’s most reputable music acts and DJs.

Venues like Hakkasan at the MGM Grand are the epitome of what nightlife is all about there. With a capacity of around 6,000 people, a mindblowing sound system, and the likes of Calvin Harris and Tiesto regularly headlining, it’s no wonder why tons of people gather there.

XS at the Wynn Encore has hosted EDM superstars like Skrillex and Diplo and features an outdoor pool which is perfect for cooling off from the stifling heat.

Fremont Street Experience

fremont street experience

Fremont Street Experience is an outdoor entertainment district that spans five blocks in downtown Las Vegas. It has countless free concerts people can enjoy all year.

It also has the world’s largest screen. It’s made up of 12.5 million energy-efficient LED lamps and accompanied by a 550,000-watt sound system.

You can find a number of bars and restaurants in the area. There are also a lot of games and various visual experiences. You can find a huge zipline, too!

17 million visitors per year see the free Viva Vision Light Show.  This makes the place a must-see for any tourist.

Grand Canyon

grand canyon las vegas

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. A day trip is definitely one of the best things to do in Las Vegas.

More than 5 million people come each year to see the magnificent views filled with different types of terrain and inhabited by diverse wildlife. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is perched up over 4,000 feet above the surface, offering visitors the chance to dine in style with views of the Arizona sunset.

Spanning 446 kilometers in length and stretching 29 kilometers at its widest point, the Grand Canyon isn’t the deepest canyon in the world. It’s a title that goes to Peru’s Cotahuasi Canyon or Kali Gendaki Gorge in Nepal, depending on who you ask.

However, because of the spectacular view it offers, the place is definitely one of the most popular attractions in the United States. The Grand Canyon is located 200 km from the Strip, with multiple coaches and helicopter tours available daily.

Hoover Dam

hoover dam las vegas

Built in 1935, the Hoover Dam is a National Historic Landmark. It has enough water to irrigate up to 2 million acres of land. It’s a hugely popular tourist destination which you can find just over 30 miles away from Las Vegas.

There is a selection of tours that allow you to explore deep into the depths of the dam where you can marvel at the incredible engineering work. While you’re in the area, you can also take a relaxing boat tour to Lake Mead or the Colorado River.

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5 Best Wine Regions To Visit Before You Die

When the weather starts to get warmer and the vines begin to grow, a trip to one of the best wine regions can be a really fruitful experience. Not only do you get the opportunity to sample and learn about some of the finest wines in the world, but you also get to explore the beautiful regions they exist in.

Here are 5 of the best wine regions that you simply must visit before you die.


The Champagne-Ardenne region is located in the northeast of France and- you guessed it- it’s the birthplace of champagne, the most celebrated of sparkling wines. Because of its close proximity to Paris, you could easily make a day trip to the region.

However, if you really want to make the best of your trip, try to spend at least two nights there. This way, you can fit in a visit to the towns of Reims and Epernay.

In Reims, you can choose from a variety of wine production and cellar tours. Those tours include the world-famous houses of Taittinger, Ruinart, Veuve Clicquot, Pommery, and G.H. Mumm. While you’re there, be sure to pay a visit to Notre-Dame de Reims and the glorious basilica, Saint Remi de Reims.

In Epernay, the tourism is solely centered around champagne. It includes tours to the prestigious houses of Moet & Chandon, Perrier-Jouet, Martel and De Castellane.


Just like France, Italy is famed for its wine regions and Lombardy in northern Italy is one of the largest in the country. Lombardy also produces some of the finest sparkling wines around: Franciacorta and Lambrusco.

The region is known as the industrial capital of Italy but it has this really beautiful view.

Take a tour of the gorgeous Tenuta Montelio, a monastery estate where vines have been cultivated since the 13th century. While you’re in the region, you can also visit the many attractions that nearby Milan has to offer. Great examples include the Duomo cathedral and the Royal Palace of Milan.

Or why not hit the shops for a spot of upmarket retail therapy?


Catalonia is one of 17 autonomous regions in Spain and is home to more than 850 wineries. Because of the region’s warm weather, the wines of Catalonia are full-bodied and are generally high in alcohol content, particularly the red wines.

Red wine lovers should take a trip to Priorat, just south of Barcelona. It has a history of wine-making dating back to 1163.

There are a number of tours there that allow you to explore two to three cellars per day and sample many fine wines. Make sure you take the time to appreciate the incredible mountainous views the region has to offer before the wine gets to your head!

No trip to Catalonia would be complete without spending some time in Barcelona. There, you can enjoy beautiful architecture, culture, and art. Don’t miss the Sagrada Familia, the Casa Mila, and Park Guell. They are all designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. Book your flights to Europe and start exploring!


Santiago is considered to be one of the best wine destinations in the whole of South America. Some of the most acclaimed wineries and vineyards can be found in areas such as Maipo Valley, Casablanca Valley, and Colchagua Valley. They are only a short drive away from the city.

Maipo Valley is perhaps the most popular choice for tourists, renowned for its cabernet sauvignon.

The best time to visit?

Harvest season in April.

Wine tours and tastings are very bespoke here and need to be arranged beforehand.

While you’re in Santiago, trek up the San Cristobál Hill for a panoramic view of the city. You should also pay a visit to the Parque Forestal, which is dotted with famous landmarks and sculptures.


Melbourne provides the perfect climate for winemaking, allowing the region to produce chardonnay, pinot noir, and shiraz.

Yering Station Winery, a 43,000-acre vineyard, is only an hour away from the city, making it the ideal place to sample some fine red wines. You can also have a delicious meal at the restaurants there.

Yarra Valley, Sunbury, and Mornington Peninsula are just some of the other celebrated wine regions near Melbourne. They all deliver varying results due to their unique geographical characteristics.

Aside from the wine tourism, spending time along Melbourne’s sunny shores will surely make you understand why it’s often considered the most “liveable city” in the world.

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How To Enjoy Traveling Solo

“But, don’t you get lonely traveling solo?”

This is a very common question for a lot of people who have jumped on a plane or a train and set off on their own little adventures. After all, spending anything from a week to a month away from a familiar environment and without the people you know can be a little more than nerve-wracking.

Even on our best days, the thought of traveling solo either for a break or to start a life elsewhere can be daunting. However, traveling alone has some significant benefits, like pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

Now, before you go ahead and fulfill your dreams, take a look at our tips on how to enjoy traveling solo. This list can help make sure you get the most out of your next trip.

Stay In A Suitable Place

If you’re new and nervous about traveling solo, booking in at the best hotel you can comfortably afford is probably the best bet. While you may want to save money on accommodation and put your hard-earned money towards unforgettable experiences, in order to enjoy traveling solo, you need to prioritize your comfort.

If you can, try and find a hotel with a bar on site or close enough to walk to and restaurants you’ll be happy to go alone. This way, you won’t feel disconnected from the world.

The Room

Once you have found a suitable place to stay, politely request a room that suits your needs. For some, a room away from the noise of the elevator is the best while others prefer staying in a room with a magnificent view. No matter what your needs might be, don’t be afraid to ask for them.

And if you’re unhappy with the room you have been given when you arrive, speak up and politely request to move to another one. After all, this is your traveling experience. You should do what you need to do to be comfortable and enjoy yourself.

Splurge On One Adventure

solo travelling adventures

If you don’t have the budget to do everything you want to do when traveling solo, then try and make sure to splurge on at least one adventure.

For example, if bungee jumping off the Air Boingo Tower in Dallas, Texas doesn’t appeal to you, why not try dining in a fancy restaurant with a glass of bubbly instead?

Don’t feel embarrassed about experiencing things alone. That’s exactly one of the great things about traveling solo.

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Plan Your Days In Advance

Plan your days in advance to avoid spending unnecessary time wondering where you should go or what you’ll do on your vacation. Now, although planning everything can help make your trip go smoother, you should still be open to other opportunities.

Spontaneity can help make traveling solo a lot more exciting. Don’t forget to indulge yourself in all the glorious treats your destination has to offer.

Ask People To Take Photographs

solo travelling tips

One of the big downsides to traveling alone is that you have no one to take pictures of you. Photographs can serve as reminders of your adventures so don’t be afraid to ask other people to take your pictures. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a collection of awkwardly-angled selfies!

Remember that there is always the risk of strangers fleeing with your camera. Consider your safety first so you don’t end up with regrets.

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5 Really Useful Tips For Renting A Car Abroad

Often, the best way to go traveling is to rent a car and just head on out there. In that way, you can get off the beaten trail and see the world beyond the hotel in your own time and at your own speed. That’s way better than getting stuck in one of those tourist bus groups or trying to see everything with public transportation.

Of course, if you’re going to rent a car while you’re abroad, then you want to make sure that you do so correctly. After all, to get into an accident or get into a bunch of trouble can really put a crick on your vacation. In our experience, a lot of holidays can be ruined by a serious mishap as it throws a wrench in the group cohesion.

For that reason, here are the best tips you can use when renting a car abroad.

Make sure your driving license and insurance work where you’re going

You might think that one country’s driving license is as good as another’s, but that isn’t necessarily true. In some countries, they don’t accept driving licenses from other places.

Before you head off, check that your driving license will be accepted where you’re going. For example, US licenses aren’t accepted in a lot of countries, like Italy and Germany. So, check first with the embassy of your target destination.

Even better, get an international driving permit. These pieces of paper will let you drive nearly everywhere without any trouble.

While you’re at it, make sure you check if your car insurance also applies abroad and to other vehicles. If not, then it might be a good idea to get insurance from a company in the country that you’ll be in.

Note that a lot of car rental companies will insist that you have insurance. So, if you do have an insurance policy that will protect you while you’re abroad, take a copy of it so that you can prove you’re insured.

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Is it safe to drive there?

You’d be amazed what some drivers in other countries get up to.

In many countries, for example, they don’t pay any attention to the dividing lines between lanes. They’ll just drive where there is space. In other places, the rule isn’t that you have right of way based on signage or some kind of agreement, but based on the size of the vehicle you’re driving.

Then, there are countries where there are more potholes than road, where chickens and pigs regularly cross the road and where the people use the road surface to dry their beans or crops.

Driving in these countries can really elevate your heartbeat and stain the enjoyment of everybody in the car. For that reason, make sure to check first what other people have to say about the country you’re going. You can get a lot of ideas online.

Before you get behind the wheel, take pictures of everything

take car pictures

This has saved me so much money over the years. Before I go out, I take pictures of everything inside and out. Every scratch, dent or mark I can find, I photograph. I also photograph the rental agent with the car somewhere in the sequence, as well as the fuel gauge and the seats.


Because the pictures will serve as proof of the car’s condition before you hit the road.

If they say that a dent wasn’t there in the morning, you can show that it most certainly was. You’d be surprised how often they’ll try to get different tourists to pay for the same tactic. Don’t be one of those people. Take pictures of everything. It will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

Also, make sure that you know how much fuel you had when you started out and that you bring it back with just as much. This can be annoying, but they’ll often give you the car with an empty tank and not give you any kind of compensation when you return it with a full one.

You need navigation

navigational map

Have you tried navigating with a paper map lately?

Back before the days of GPS and mapping technology, that was a major reason people broke up, you know. Don’t put your relationship under that kind of strain.

There are a lot of mapping apps that you can download straight to your phone. There are even apps which don’t require to be connected online but just work with your GPS.

Take your device with you when you go out. It will mean less time in the car and less chances for you and your partner to yell at each other.

It’s a holiday, not a fantasy

And finally, remember that it’s a holiday and not a fantasy. Just because you’re not back home doesn’t mean you’re suddenly invulnerable.

So many people seem to forget that. The result?

People’s chances of getting into accidents are much higher when they’re in foreign countries.

Don’t end up as a part of that statistic.

Drive safe. Pay attention to how the people in the country drive and try to drive safely like them.

For example, a friend of mine got into an accident because he stopped in front of a zebra crossing to let a person pass in Turkey. The cars behind him hadn’t expected that (they don’t stop for crossings there) and crashed fully into the back of his car.

Obviously, that left for a sticky situation where the Turkish guy was yelling and so was my friend. What’s the point of zebra crossings, if you’re not going to stop for them anyway?

And though he had insurance and it was covered, his vacation was still not as much fun as it could have been.

Don’t let that happen to you. Understand how the people drive and know what to expect.

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Ford the river with kombucha and craft beer in the millennial version of ‘The Oregon Trail’


Played The Oregon Trail in school? The classic classroom frontier game has had a modern day makeover.

An ambitious promotional tool from Travel Oregon, a “semi-independent” agency created by the Oregon Legislature, Travel Oregon: The Game is an homage to the educational staple, allowing you to explore all seven regions of the state. 

The game isn’t produced by the original team, according to Munchies, but it has the same 8-bit look and addictive nature. The game’s goal, as tradition stipulates, is to keep morale high, while playing different activities — or you’ll be writing tombstones.  Read more…

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TripAdvisor will mark pages for businesses where violent incidents, including rape, have been reported

 TripAdvisor will place warning badges on the pages of businesses where safety issues, including violent incidents like assault and rape, have been reported. The travel review and booking site was criticized earlier this month for removing a 2010 review of Iberosar Paraiso Maya in which the writer, Kristie Love, described being raped by a security guard at the Mexican resort. Read More

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Top Destinations In Europe for a Long Weekend on a Budget

Romantic break for two? Long weekend with the guys?

Europe offers so many different and interesting destinations. Whether you want to embrace your inner foodie in France, run with the bulls in Spain or traverse Italian city canals, there is something for everyone in Europe.

For those on a budget, long weekend trips can mean exciting experiences. You can get away for a few days, explore a new destination, and save more money than you would if you go on a longer holiday.

Looking to make your break as affordable as possible?

Try avoiding the main European hubs and venture a little off the beaten path. There are so many hidden gems in Europe and by choosing the right destination and going on a long weekend, getting a break doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are the top destinations in Europe you should definitely add to your list:

For Foodies

Lyon, France

vieux lyon
Via thousandwonders

If you are looking for an alternative to the gastronomic glamour of Paris, try Lyon. Nestled in the Rhone Alps region, Lyon is hailed as the gastronomic capital of France. One of France’s oldest cities, its roots go back to the Roman period.

The city’s old town, Vieux Lyon, is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can meander through quaint passageways, cobbled streets, and stunning old world architecture. Foodies can try one of the charming ‘bouchon lyonnaises’ that serve traditional lyonnaise fare.

Take note that Paris can be notoriously overpriced, so if you are looking for the perfect base to explore the French culture and cuisine a bit deeper, then Lyon is the perfect budget destination for you.

For Culture Lovers

Toledo, Spain

toledo spain
Via toledosistercities

Just over an hour from Madrid, Toledo is a cultural center in Spain. With its ancient hills and medieval architecture, the historic city is a lively hub for history buffs and travelers. There, they can experience the buzz of the old European culture without the drama or fanfare of Spain’s capital city.

Visit the 13th Century Toledo cathedral in the center of town or the Moorish Bisagra Gate and the Sol Gate, which opens up into the old quarter. Visiting Toledo is like taking a step back in time. You’ll get an unforgettable experience to soak up distinctly Spanish culture here.

Moreover, the savings one can get when traveling to this top destination make it perfect for visitors on a budget. You can save over 66% on a weekend trip when staying in Toledo over Madrid. Fees typically include accommodation, a meal, drinks, and ground transport into the city.

For Trips with Friends

Vilnius, Lithuania

vilnius lithuania
Via cctv

For the more adventurous travelers, Vilnius is the perfect destination. It offers a little more action alongside history and culture. The walkable capital city is nestled in the heart of Lithuania and is becoming one of the more increasingly popular destinations for city breaks in Europe.

Vilnius houses the oldest medieval town in central and eastern Europe and is popular for its stunning baroque architecture. Visit the Palace of the Grand Dukes in Lithuania or the gripping Museum of Genocide victims, housed at the former headquarters of the KGB.

You can expect a little more lightness and fun in the evening as the continental town is one of the cheapest destinations for food and drink in Europe. This makes it a spirited town with a burgeoning nightlife scene, perfect for those stag-dos and weekend trips with friends.

For Romantics

Klosterneuburg, Austria

klosterneuburg austria romance

Getting away for the weekend with the one you love should never be off of your list. You can impress your partner with a romantic holiday to Austria. Although Vienna is known to be expensive, it doesn’t make Austria off limits for budget travelers.

Nearby city Klosterneuburg is only 12 miles away from the Austrian capital and has a whole lot to offer travelers who want to experience the Viennese culture without its price tag.

For starters, you can visit the huge castle built by Salian Emperor Henry IV that sits near the Danube river. You can also go see the Klosterneuburg Monastery, which is home to one of the oldest vineyards in Austria.

With such a short travel time, you can fly into the capital and find an elegant and romantic bed and breakfast out of the tourist trap, saving money on accommodation and food. This way, you get to experience the best of both worlds.

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Top 10 Cheap European Car Hire Destinations

If you’re planning a European getaway sometime soon, you need to start considering arranging a cheap car hire for your trip. It will give you the freedom to explore, save you time on your trip and you won’t have to worry about your own car being stolen or damaged.

But, as you’ve no doubt discovered, car hires can sometimes prove to be a confusing process. Some cities are more suited to be explored in a car than others and that will depend on what time of the year you are traveling. There are, however, some staple cities across Europe that always offer an enjoyable holiday and hidden gems to discover by car on a budget.

Here are the top ten wallet-friendly European car hire destinations – plus some top tips on saving money while you’re there.


the colosseum rome

Total Cost: £178.09 | Car Hire Cost: £10.21

Three places to go: You must visit the historical masterpieces while you are here. Great choices include the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Vatican.

Money-saving tip: Entry to lots of Rome’s museums is free on the first Sunday of each month.


Total Cost: £176.26 | Car Hire Cost: £10.86

Three places to go: The architectural delights of Antoni Gaudí (you’ll see his work all over the city), unparalleled views from Montjuïc mountain and Raval, Barcelona’s literary quarter, are some of the places you shouldn’t miss here.

Money-saving tip: Avoid the overly-touristy areas and explore a side street. You’ll find quality food at good prices.


tower of pisa italy

Total Cost: £165.18 | Car Hire Cost: £10.32

Three places to go: Head to the world’s most famous architectural mistake, the Leaning Tower, the beautiful Duomo (cathedral) and enjoy some quality natural gelato at Gelateria De’ Coltelli.

Money-saving tip: Book your trip to the tower online. You’ll be able to skip the lengthy queues.


gran vía madrid

Total Cost: £157.16 | Car Hire Cost: £9.14

Three places to go: Enjoy cheap tapas from street vendors, visit the expansive 19th-century park Buen Retiro and take a stroll along the Gran Vía, Madrid’s main thoroughfare.

Money-saving tip: Save money on food, gifts and lots more by taking a trip to one of Madrid’s flea markets. El Rastro and Rave are two of the most popular.


Torre de Belém

Total Cost: £150.58 | Car Hire Cost: £15.28

Three places to go: Don’t forget to visit Torre de Belém (Lisbon’s Gothic tower and a UNESCO world heritage site), Ler Devagar (the city’s cultural centre) and São Jorge Castle (11th-century castle with an archaeological museum).

Money-saving tip: The Lisboa Card gives you free entry to 28 museums, monuments and places of interest. It will also get you discounts on local services and shops.


manchester united stadium

Total Cost: £148.12 | Car Hire Cost: £7.87

Three places to go: Be sure to visit one or both of those world famous football stadiums, Manchester Art Gallery and John Rylands Library, a late-Victorian architectural wonder.

Money-saving tip: Free walking tours taking in the best of Manchester run every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Be sure not to miss them.


gibralfaro castle
Via travelguidemalaga

Total Cost: £131.96 | Car Hire Cost: £5.02

Three places to go: The Picasso Museum, Gibralfaro Castle and Tivoli World, a family-friendly theme park, should never be out of your list while you’re in Malaga.

Money-saving tip: Avoid the Costa del Sol’s toll roads by downloading a sat nav app that helps you steer clear of the hassles.


birmingham oratory
Via birminghamheritage

Total Cost: £130.39 | Car Hire Cost: £9.01

Three places to go: Visit the Bullring for shopping and Birmingham Oratory and St Paul’s Church for a taste of the city’s architectural past.

Money-saving tip: Download the Bullring’s PLUS app to get free parking at the retail center.


la laguna tenerife
Via holaislascanarias

Total Cost: £129.29 | Car Hire Cost: £13.10

Three places to go: Take a cable car to the summit of Mount Teide, Spain’s highest mountain, visit La Laguna, the former capital of Tenerife and enjoy a couple of hours in Malpaís de Güímar, a natural park.

Money-saving tip: Many of Tenerife’s best museums are free to enter all day on Fridays and Saturday afternoons.


santa barbara castle alicante
Via Expedia

Total Cost: £110.93 | Car Hire Cost: £7.83

Three places to go: Climb up to Santa Barbara Castle, browse the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art and do some snorkeling on Tabarca Island, just off the coast of Alicante.

Money-saving tip: Mercado Central is Alicante’s most popular food market, offering cheap meat, vegetables, bread, dairy and sweets.

Now that you know where to go, how can you ensure you get a cheap car hire deal no matter where you go?

Here are some tips you can use:

  • Book early

As with most things, booking ahead can save you some serious cash. If next year’s holiday is booked and your dates are locked down in your diary, why wait to sort the car hire? Do it now while you’re thinking about it and save some money in the process.

  • Do you really need a luxury vehicle?

When booking a car hire, it can be tempting to take out a high-end vehicle and imagine yourself zooming around picturesque mountain roads in the latest high-performance car. Unfortunately, such vehicles are often more expensive than their rather more run-of-the-mill brothers and sisters.

Ask yourself if you really need something swish. When you’re on a holiday, what probably matters most is space. There should be enough for your stuff and for the people coming with you. Opting for a standard vehicle that suits your needs could be a much more affordable and practical option.

  • Understand the extras

Some car hire deals look cheap but once you look under the bonnet, they are actually a little more expensive. To avoid getting tricked, make sure you know exactly what your deal will cover before you book.

  • Get your arrival time right

Give your car rental provider an accurate idea of when you’ll be picking up the car. If your flight is delayed, your reservation could be cancellled, especially if it’s at a busy time. This is annoying but it could also incur additional costs. If you can get in touch with the car hire check-in desk to let them know you’re running late, do so.

  • Make sure any pre-existing damaged is logged

When you hire a car, you’ll usually get an inspection form before you drive away with it. This form will detail any damage that’s already on the car. If you spot some damage but it’s not on the form, make sure it gets logged immediately. Otherwise, you could end up paying for damage you didn’t cause. And, of course, make sure you take care of the car when you’re exploring the city.

Hiring a car can transform a holiday. Giving you the freedom of the open road, it allows you to get out and explore. Next time you choose a car hire, do your research, follow some top tips and you’ll be well on your way to bagging a great deal that won’t break the bank.

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How to Cover your Unexpected Round-the-World Travel Expenses

No matter where you go, how you go or how many days your stay will be, you can easily spend more cash than you thought you would when traveling. Unexpected travel expenses can cost you more than you would spend if you just stay at home.

Expenses for airplane tickets and hotel rooms are obvious. But, what if you end up losing your baggage? Or someone gets sick?

There are several unexpected travel expenses that can fast spike the total price of your trip to an uncomfortable height. Thankfully, there are some effective and easy ways to cover them. Below are great tips you can use when planning your next trip.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is not really common among people. But, it only takes a bad fall on your trip or a motorbike accident to make you regret your decision of not getting a travel insurance.

Policies are available for a cost as low as a night’s lodging. If you have more money, you can consider increasing your deductible and just use your insurance for real calamities.

Unplanned Upgrades

travel expense

There will be times when the train you expect to take you from one spot to another gets delayed for 12 hours. There will be times when you miss your bus and have to buy a nicer class ticket so you can stay on your schedule. In some cases, getting tour buses will be so difficult that you’ll need to spend your last $50 to buy a one-way flight back instead of waiting.

The best way to cover such unexpected travel expenses is to find reasonable offers online for cab or taxi services or get cash advance online.

Baggage problems

A lot of travelers just do not pay attention to their free checked baggage allowance once they find tickets with amazing prices. They’ll only realize the problem when they are hit with excess baggage fees.

To avoid this, always double check your airline’s website before packing your suitcase. This will keep you away from extra charges.

Lost luggage problems are a very common scenario today, too. If your baggage doesn’t show up, go to the airline counter to file a report. They may provide you a bag of essentials and ask you to share your contact details. Remember that the longer your luggage is lost, the more compensation the airline will provide. A payday loan could cover this travel problem.

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Medicine and doctors

doctor consultation

When traveling, your routine changes tremendously. You’ll eat and drink a lot of new things, too. So, you have to go see your attending physician and consult him about your travel plans. If you don’t, you can end up spending tons of cash for expensive medicines, like antiseptics, sunscreen, and allergy pills.

To cover these expenses, you can pack a few medicines in your baggage. If your airline won’t allow it, look for discounts and buy extra packs whenever you see a good deal on your way. A small town without any drugstore can sell these essentials at a high price.

Lodging Fees

And finally, you should be ready for certain fees connected with lodging that are frequently hidden and unexpected for many travelers. Before signing your final payment, ensure that you have a clear understanding of how much you are going to pay for the whole stay.

Ask the hotel management to provide the list of extra payments that are not included in your stay rate. Also, be ready to cover extra charges, like open bar, internet, and room service fees.

To avoid all those inconveniences and prevent awkward situations during the arrival, include those expenses in your travel budget.


Every time we plan a trip, we often forget the smaller, less pressing stuff. Just keep the above-mentioned points in mind next time you are planning or saving for an overseas trip.

When taking a trip anywhere in the world, you must be prepared for unexpected travel expenses. This way, if something comes up, you won’t end up feeling stressed, frustrated and broke.

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6 Ways Traveling Alone Makes You Stronger

Solo travel is growing in popularity. In fact, the number of first-time travelers who choose to go solo has more than doubled in recent years. Despite that, solo travelers are still a niche minority as most travelers prefer to go in couples or groups.

Traveling alone is a whole different experience. There are certain benefits you can only get from waking up alone in a totally unfamiliar place and charting your own course deeper into the unknown.

Even if you’re not traveling long-term, venturing out for a solo vacation once in awhile can help you build skills and competencies that you can bring back and apply to all areas of your life.

Here are six benefits you can get  from traveling alone:

You Learn to Rely on Yourself


You’ll get organized. Nobody else will be there to fold your laundry for you. You either do it yourself and take pride in the process or you stuff it in your backpack and content yourself with wearing wrinkled clothes.

You’ll learn to organize your finances. Without proper handling, your cash can easily slip away in a matter of days. You have to pay attention and track your spending.

Watch your own back because you’re the only one responsible for your safety. In fact, you might be the only person on the continent who cares whether you live or die! Learn to exercise caution and self-care and you’ll start becoming empowered.

You Deal With Some Big Emotions

You fall and pick yourself back up. You get extremely frustrated. You miss your family back home. You wonder where you went wrong and what the hell you are doing all the way out there anyway.

And you deal with those emotions while getting overwhelmed with joy and excitement, too.

Ultimately, you’ll learn that the world isn’t causing your emotions. You are. And, unfortunately, the world can’t solve them for you.

Traveling alone will help you learn to experience immense moments without being clumsily demonstrative. It’ll help you go through your emotions and deal with what’s really causing them.

You Build People Skills

You’ll encounter different kinds of people and build social-emotional intelligence along the way. This is a powerful tool you can use anywhere you go.

You’ll soon learn how to have a calm and pleasant conversation with the bank officials even when you’re panicking because you can’t access your account. Calmness and sweetness are more likely to win their assistance.

If you’re only in town for the weekend, you can make friends fast. You can even find a relationship quickly, too. You’ll have someone to bring to a festival or that local restaurant you’ve been wanting to visit. Even when traveling solo, you don’t really have to be alone all that much if you don’t want to.

You’ll also learn cross-linguistic communication. Even if you’re not planning to learn the language by immersion, you can always pick up the basics. The rest, you can do with body language, visual aids and a lot of patience. This is a delicate process as you’ll have to overcome your fear of looking foolish.

Traveling solo can increase your awareness of the body signals you’ve been unintentionally sending. And, because of that, you’ll be able to work on your posture and how you approach other people so that they will be more willing to engage.

You Chart Your Own Course

charting own course

As a solo traveler, you can watch your decisions become plans, train tickets and then memories. You don’t have to wait for anyone, hurry up the experience or postpone your trip just because someone doesn’t want to go with you. Your destiny lies in your own hands.

You Come Face to Face With Your Smallness in the World

The world is big. It’s not just its geographical size but the magnitude of the people and their willingness to help you when you are a vulnerable stranger.

It’s one thing to say it and another thing to encounter it.

There is no humility and openness like that of a well-traveled person. When you see how big the world is and the magnanimity of its people, it’ll make you realize how diverse the world is. Strangely, this makes you both more humble and confident.

You Gain a Sense of Confidence

Traveling makes you more aware of how powerful you are than the first time you strapped on that backpack and walked out the door. You have seen yourself in dynamic, dangerous and unimaginably foreign situations and you’ve handled it.

You’ve tested yourself. You know your power and you know your limits. And you know that whatever you were so worried about in your life before you ventured out, you can handle that now, too. It’s not a problem anymore.

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Traveling solo isn’t a requirement for leading a good life. You can build a lot of these skills elsewhere.

But, traveling alone accelerates your emotional and mental growth in a way that no other activity can. It makes you more open, agreeable and stable. It gives you a story and it makes you wise.

So, the next time you’re feeling that travel bug, take the extra leap and do it alone. You might surprise yourself with what you can handle.

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7 of the most hard-to-reach Snapchat geofilters around the world


Putting a snazzy geofilter on your Snapchats is something many of us don’t think twice about. But, have you ever swiped right in some of the world’s most far-flung and hard-to-reach places? 

Even in remote spots like waterfalls, caves and forests, there are snazzy geofilters for you to spruce up your travel snaps. 

Never mind the ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ rule. The new rule is: geofilter or you weren’t there. Here are seven of the most remote geofilters around the world: 

Jozani Forest, Zanzibar, Tanzania 

This geofilter appears in a forest in the only national park in Zanzibar, on an island off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. The forest also happens to be home to the Zanzibar red colubus monkey — a species that only exists on that island. While you’re snapping monkeys, be sure to search for the forest’s geofilter.  Read more…

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5 Movie Locations To Visit This Year

If you liked our previous article on movie locations, then you’ll enjoy this one too.

The best movies have the power to transport you to exciting places or faraway worlds. They can put you in the moment and make you feel like you’re part of the action. What could be more exciting than that?

Well, how about really being there?

We’re not talking about virtual reality tours or amusement park knockoffs. We’re talking about setting your feet on the same places that set the stage for some of Hollywood’s most iconic moments — or at least their real-world counterparts.

You can pretend you’re in the middle of your favorite scenes, so recite some lines if you feel like it or take a few Instagram-worthy snaps.

Bring Hollywood to life by visiting these five inspiring movie locations.

The castle from “Harry Potter”

First of all, there’s the famous Harry Potter series.

You’re a J.K. Rowling fan and you’ve got a wand and a Ravenclaw scarf to prove it. If only you could step inside Hogwarts and get a glimpse of Harry and his wizarding pals’ world.

Well, you can! And we’re not talking about the Universal Studios look-alike in Florida.

Although this movie used plenty of cool special effects to transport you to an ageless time, its makers chose a 500-year-old school as Hogwarts’ inspiration. Hop across the pond and visit Christ Church College in Oxford, United Kingdom. Guided trots around campus cost £13 (or about $17) per person and they’ll give you all the insights you can handle. Even a Slytherin would feel a little giddy about that.

“The Sound of Music” scenery

Unfortunately, you won’t be reenacting Julie Andrew’s iconic opening scene because the meadow where the scene was shot is privately owned. The owner isn’t welcoming to visitors, too.

Fortunately, the other scenes from this classic were filmed on location in Salzburg, Austria. More than 300,000 fans journey each year to this picturesque part of Europe, looking for their own chance to climb every mountain and spot Edelweiss in bloom.

Not sure you’re comfortable exploring alone? No problem. Tours abound for “Sound of Music” aficionados like you.

The Rebel base from “Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope”

If you’ve got the skills to bull’s eye a womp rat in a T-16, then you’ll definitely want to check out Tikal in Guatemala.

This archeological site served as the Rebel Alliance base on Yavin 4. You won’t find any X-wings in the site’s temples. However, you can learn all about a civilization from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Tikal was one of the Mayan civilization’s largest cities during the Classic Era — more than 1,000 years ago.

Entry into the park will only set you back $20, but make sure you give yourself plenty of time. The central part of this ancient city covers almost 10 square miles.

The bridge from James Bond’s “Skyfall” thriller

Got a sweet spot for engineering marvels from the big screen? Then, you’ll want to check out the Varda Viaduct. This is where James Bond fell to his apparent doom in the opening of “Skyfall,” the Bond series’ 50th-anniversary offering.

Although train service prohibits tourists from walking the bridge, you can head to the surrounding cliffs in Istanbul and take in its 102-year-old glory. And if you’re going to Turkey anyway, you might as well absorb the culture.

The grate where Marilyn Monroe’s dress went viral

Finally, there’s that iconic white cocktail dress blowing in the air.

Although Marily Monroe is no longer with us, she’s cemented her place in American history and so has the location of her dress “slip-up” during the filming of “The Seven Year Itch.”

Monroe’s husband at the time, baseball slugger Joe DiMaggio, didn’t appreciate the publicity stunt. Fortunately, you can still appreciate one of the most famous subway grates in movie history. It’s in New York City, on the corner of Lexington Avenue and 52nd Street.

While there are plenty of places we can’t visit (the Death Star comes to mind), there are tons of fantastic movie locations we can still visit. Next time you watch an awesome flick, take note of the scenery and do a little research after. You might be able to see a movie magic come to life.

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Top 10 Travel Destinations for Movie Geeks

There’s something quite magical about seeing filming locations with your very own eyes. The celebrities and cameras may have gone, but a story’s physical setting stays just where it is. You can consider it as a star in its own right.

Here are 10 travel destinations that should absolutely be on every film lover’s bucket list:

New Zealand

Starred in: The Lord of the Rings trilogy (1999–2001)

lord of the rings

“A rite of passage” is how a visit to New Zealand is described in this interactive map of the world’s top filming locations.One of the most beautiful places on the planet, New Zealand is the Lord of the Rings’ main filming location. The trilogy made full use of the location’s gorgeous natural landscapes and rolling green hills which any fan can recognize.  

London, UK

Starred in: Jason Bourne (2016)

jason bourne

The latest adventure of the titular spy-on-the-run brought plenty of white-knuckle, high-stakes thrills to the streets of the English capital. Eagle-eyed fans will quickly recognize the Woolwich Arsenal train station and its surroundings. These are the areas that were transformed into Athens in the film. They also wouldn’t miss the areas around Paddington Station and Paddington Basin, where Jason Bourne made a particularly tense phone call.     

New York City, US

Starred in: Ghostbusters (1984)


We could have gone with any of the countless films shot in the Big Apple, but the original Ghostbusters is the one that truly captured New York City in its ’80s-glory heyday. Streets, plazas, skyscrapers, bridges- you name it.

Looking around as you walk through the city will instantly open up a floodgate of pure nostalgia and Bill Murray hero-worship. There are even guided tours available to match the location to the scene!

Toronto, Canada

Starred in: Suicide Squad (2016)

suicide squad

Toronto has ‘stood in’ for many other cities in movies, but Suicide Squad’s Midway City may be its best fictional incarnation yet. Visitors can check out the spots where some of the film’s most iconic scenes happened. Just by walking along Downtown Toronto’s main thoroughfares, you can check out Yonge Street, Front Street West and Bay Street.

Visitors can check out the spots where some of the film’s most iconic scenes happened just by walking along Downtown Toronto’s main thoroughfares. When in the location, you should check out Yonge Street (car chases), Front Street West (Deadshot’s rooftop rappelling scene) and Bay Street (the helicopter crash).

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Starred in: City of God (2002)

city of god

Considered one of the finest films ever made by fans and critics alike, City of God—and by extension, Rio de Janeiro—is a true assault on the senses.

A walk around the city’s famous favelas will give visitors an authentic taste of Brazil. It will also give them an idea of how life must have been like for Rocket, Li’l Zé, Knockout Ned and company. Reminisce and venture into the Cidade de Deus suburb from which the film takes its name.


Starred in: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

mad max

Speaking of an assault on the senses, how about a visit to the deserts of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast? It’s the setting of the latest (and brilliantly madcap) Mad Max film.

It’s only a four-hour drive from the Namibian capital, Windhoek. It’s  far more accessible than Max and Furiosa would have you think.

Tokyo, Japan

Starred in: Kill Bill (2003–2004)

kill bill

Although much of the two films were shot in Los Angeles and Beijing, Tokyo is the place to go if you really want to get a feel of the locations and inspirations behind this Tarantino classic.

Navigating this vast, sprawling city can sometimes be tough, but not for committed fans. They can easily find themselves crossing the stunning Rainbow Bridge where the motorcycle chase took place. They can stop by for a bite at the exact restaurant where the infamous all-against-one fight scene was set in Volume 1.

Paris, France

Starred in: Midnight in Paris (2011)

midnight in paris

The City of Light is just as spellbinding in reality as it is on screen. It’s one of the best filming locations and it was brought to life especially well in Midnight in Paris. It’s so great that it even helped Woody Allen win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

A walk along the southern bank of the river Seine will bring fans to the exact magical spot where Gil time-travelled back to the 1920s where the story really began.

Los Angeles, US

Starred in: Back to the Future trilogy (1985–1990)

back to the future

More of a cultural milestone than a movie, the three Back to the Future films continue to leave a massive impression on film lovers worldwide. A trip to LA is like a pilgrimage for any fan.

The Lone Pine/Twin Pines Mall (aka Puente Hills Mall on S Azusa Ave), the suburb of Hill Valley (which still exists as a set in Universal Studios) and Hill Valley High School (aka Whittier High School, East Philadelphia Street) are just some of the locations you can visit while you’re there. You won’t even need a flux-capacitated DeLorean to do it.  

Sydney, Australia

Starred in: Finding Nemo (2003)

finding nemo

While most of the story was set underwater (in the Great Barrier Reef, in fact), Sydney is where most of the action happened for those without the fins. Fans will remember Sydney Harbour as the location where Marlin and Dory went in search of Nemo.

With rows of white sails on pure blue waters, you’ll definitely enjoy Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The real-life version of the film is just as spectacular as you saw it on screen and you’ll find the local seagulls just as loony.

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7 Of The Most Haunted Places In The World

Yes, spirits and ghosts do exist. While some may be friendly, others may give you spooky and spine-chilling experiences. If these experiences don’t frighten you, then here are 7 of the most haunted places in the world to feed your wanderlust.

Take a trip or stay the night to experience the eerie presence of the ghosts and spirits in these places.

Borgvattnet (The Haunted Vicarage), Sweden

haunted vicarage

Witness the ghost of the lady in gray wandering through the rooms, or the apparition of the three women staring without a flicker of the eye. You can also experience cold touches at midnight here.

If the mere ideas of these events brought a chill down the spine, imagine how scary the real encounter would be. These ghost encounters are so creepy that the keepers are even offering certificates to those who would dare stay the night.

Surprise Guests

Built in 1876, this vicarage has had a fair share of ghost encounters since 1927. You would be visited by the spirit of the old vicar and crying women at night.

Castle Of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

castle of good hope

Having a rich history attracts tons of visitors. Unfortunately, the first guests in this place are spirits.

The gruesome history of torturous punishments inflicted on the soldiers has made this place a dwelling ground for their souls. The Castle of Good Hope or the Goede Hoop houses a number of haunted places within its precincts. This includes the battlements, bastion grounds, bell tower, and even the parapets.

You can find the spirits’ presence everywhere.

Surprise Guests

Built in 1666, this castle has a number of eerie spirits wandering through the grounds.

You will be visited by the ghosts of a tall man, a sad woman, and the ghost of Lady Anne Barnard. You can also encounter the Lady in Grey and even the strange apparition of the black hound.

Stanley Hotel-Estes Park, USA

stanley hotel estes park

Room no. 217, which is infamous for its eerie happenings and supernatural events, would definitely send chills down the spine. Like every other haunted place, this hotel also has tons of mysterious stories as to how the chambermaid’s spirit started wandering there.

We dare you to stay the night in the same room if you are an unmarried couple.

Surprise Guests

Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, the head chambermaid, who was injured in the gas blast that took place in the infamous room no. 217 would visit you at night and do her routine work. Sometimes, she’d do way more than that!

Ancient Ram Inn-Gloucestershire, England

ancient ram inn

Built over an ancient burial ground, Ancient Ram Inn is one of the most haunted houses in the world. The countless tales of devil worshiping and a gruesome history of murders and deaths impart a spooky presence.

Take a tour of this place to witness ancient graves, stuffed animal heads, and other unnatural things that would haunt your dreams for nights to come.

Surprise Guests

Being a thousand-year-old house, the Ancient Ram has a number of evil spirits and spooky entities that would make their presence felt from time to time. You can experience the presence of a witch, a bishop, and several other child ghosts there.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium-Kentucky, United States

waverly hills sanatorium

This place is an old tuberculosis sanatorium where thousands of patients were exposed to brutal experiments. With more than 6,000 people killed there, it is believed to be filled with spirits.

While this story creeps us, the story of room no. 502, where a nurse committed suicide, is way more spooky. Footsteps thumping, screaming voices, and flickering lights are common there. Some people even experienced hearing balls rolling, muffled conversations, and other paranormal activities in the place.

Surprise Guests

With the death of over 6,000 people, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one of their souls decides to visit you while you’re there. Add to that number is the nurse’s spirit in 502.

Banff Springs Hotel-Alberta, Canada

banff springs hotel

Seeing an apparition of a bride dancing with her gown in flames can give goosebumps to any visitor. Located amidst a picturesque surrounding, hotel Banff Springs is one of the most haunted places in Canada. These uncanny and hair-raising presences can scare even the bravest of hearts.

Surprise Guests

Be prepared to be accompanied by several ghosts. While the spirit of the bellman would serve you in a friendly manner, the family of room no. 873 would haunt with their presence. And do not to forget the dancing bride!

Bhangarh Fort-Rajasthan, India

bhangarh fort

A warning signboard denying the permission to stay after sunset and before sunrise would welcome you to this fort. Legends say that the eerie state of the fort is because of a black magician’s spell (or curse). This curse lives on and no spirit has ever lived here in peace.

Surprise Guest

While some can feel a strange presence watching them throughout the trip, others have seen the apparition of a small boy locked inside a dark room.

Are you ready to take a trip to these haunted places and see for yourself?

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US authorities ban electronics larger than a phone from flights from 13 countries

 According to numerous reports, US authorities today alerted a number of Middle Eastern and African airlines that starting soon, their passengers will have to check any electronic items larger than a cell phone. That means passengers on these flights will have to put their laptops, tablets, Kindles and portable game consoles into their checked baggage for the foreseeable future. There is still… Read More

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A Map Of Mythical Creatures And Where To Find Them

Have you always dreamed of seeing a yeti? Maybe you’d love to have a beer with ol’ Bigfoot? Or sight a Sasquatch? Have a natter with Nessie?

If mythical beasts from folklore are totally your thing, why not ditch that planned all-inclusive holiday to Greece and head off to a fantastic creature-spotting adventure instead?

We’ve sourced five of the best mythical creatures and assembled a handy guide to these wonderful beasts. With our monster map, you’ll finally know where they live, what they do, and where they are from.

The Kelpie

the kelpie

Go to: Rural Scotland

This mythical creature is one of the most well-known in Scottish folklore. The first recorded usage of ‘kelpie’ goes back to 1759. Thought to haunt the waterways of Scotland, the kelpie is a shape-shifter that usually appears as a horse.

Nearly all rivers, streams and lochs in Scotland have some kind of kelpie story behind them. It’s thought that the kelpies’ ability to shape-shift (they can also appear as beautiful young women, children, and other forms) comes from its bridle.

So, if you’re strong enough to get hold of it, you could well find yourself in the rare position of having the upper hand over one of the most monstrous creatures from all folklore.

Black Shuck

black shuck

Go to: Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex, UK

Black Shuck was the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles, but the black spectral dog which hides in bushes goes further back than that. It terrorized parts of East Anglia in the 16th century as it stalked coastlines, graveyards, hidey-holes, and hedgerows.

Despite looking like it could cause serious harm, Black Shuck was not necessarily a violent creature. Rather, it was a harbinger, usually of bad luck.

The Loch Ness Monster

loch ness monster

Go to: Loch Ness, Inverness, Scotland

Nessie is perhaps the most infamous of all mythical creatures, so it should be right at the top of your must-see list. Travel firm Expedia, who have put together a fantastic online map showing you places around the world where mythical creatures are said to live, explains that early sightings of the Loch Ness Monster compared the aquatic creature to a dragon.

The Nessie phenomenon started back in 1933 when the local paper Inverness Courier reported a sighting of the beast. The rest is history as Nessie cemented itself as a sensation. Expedia’s resource recommends going on a cruise to the ruins of Urquhart Castle, with live sonar on board, to maximize your chances of finding the creature.



Go to: Manaus, Brazil

The Yacumama is a giant anaconda-like snake that has been frightening Brazilians for many years. This immensely strong serpent, capable of sucking up everything around it, has the power to cause mudslides and general chaos.

The mythical creature resource shows that explorers were reporting seeing the snake as far back as 1906. A report from Percy H. Fawcett reads: “We stepped ashore and approached the reptile with caution. It was out of action, but shivers ran up and down the body like puffs of wind on a mountain tarn. As far as it was possible to measure, a length of 45 feet lay out of the water, and 17 feet in it, making a total length of 62 feet.”



Go to: The forests of North America

Another big beast of popular folklore, Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as it’s also known, is thought to stand at least 9 feet tall and with dark fur and skin. The gorilla-like creature is thought to be a vegetarian, so it’s unlikely he’d see you as his dinner.

Where to start with a colossus like Bigfoot?

He’s practically the king of all the mythological beasts out there. The Bigfoot legend relates back to stories of ‘wild men’ that were prevalent in indigenous communities of the Pacific Northwest. The number of apparent sightings and close encounters concerning Sasquatch are legion, but he’s never been proven to exist. Most think Bigfoot is a hoax, albeit an elaborately crafted one.

So, if you’re planning an intrepid holiday to catch sight of your favorite mythical beast, we hope this monster map comes in handy. If you need to make a quick getaway, it’s great if you can take a car with you.

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Cultural Divide Due To Languages: Is It Possible?

Countries around the world experience division in so many ways. They can be divided by religion, caste systems, and even educational background. In some places, socio-economic standings count, too.

This particular article, however, will focus on language.

A cultural divide due to languages restricts people from socializing with each other. Take, for example, a person from a British-English speaking background. When he socializes with an American-English person, he may feel alienated due to their differences in accent and lifestyle.

For a person who is a non-native in an English-speaking country, embracing the region’s culture can be difficult. Since the person can’t easily mingle with the natives, he’ll feel left out and insecure. Because of these feelings, he’ll likely withdraw more.

mandarin chinese
Via pinterest

A cultural division due to languages doesn’t only happen in English-speaking countries.

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Despite this, not everyone in the world knows how to speak it.

For a first time traveler, surviving a trip to China alone is near to impossible. He needs to bring along someone who knows a thing or two about Chinese culture. If not, he’ll feel very much unwelcome.

One good reason is misconception. For people who know how to speak Mandarin Chinese, it’s easy to downplay others who can’t even understand its basic words and phrases.

Because it’s a widely spoken language, they expect other people to know it, too. And when foreign people can’t engage in small talks with the natives, they’ll consider them unfriendly and a snob.

However, what those natives don’t know is that the foreign people are just experiencing difficulty understanding their language and communicating.

People aren’t always expressive with these misconceptions. In fact, they are implied most of the time and it is what makes things a lot more complicated.

In many South Asian nations, being fluent in English means being successful. They think that English speakers are smart, witty and intelligent.

The ability to speak in a foreign language gives one an edge in the corporate world. Because of this, a lot of people try to learn the most influential languages in the world to get better career opportunities and experience professional growth. Some of these people even travel abroad just to master the languages.

When they get home, however, natives consider them as too good for their community. This, as a result, leads to isolation and the gap becomes even wider.

french language

The Solution

To bridge this gap, we must learn to appreciate diversity. People are different and so are the languages they speak.

Despite these differences, we should still learn more about other people’s languages. Being a native of one country doesn’t mean that you don’t have any right to learn another country’s language.

Think of it as a way to connect with other people.

Natives think that foreign people aren’t friendly because they are not talking to them. Foreign people, on the other hand, feel isolated and unwelcomed because natives aren’t reaching out to them.

By taking the time to learn a foreign language, we will be able to avoid these misconceptions. And the lesser these misconceptions are, the more we can prevent cultural divide due to languages.

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Qatar Airways is launching in one of the biggest aviation markets in the world


Qatar Airways, which was running for the title of the world’s longest flight operator last year, is soon launching an airline in India — one of the top ten aviation markets in the world.

QA chief Akbar Al Baker announced at the ITB Berlin Travel Show on Wednesday that the carrier would be making an application to the India government soon, Times of India reports.

The Doha-based airline is owned by the state of Qatar and its operations in India would be in partnership with the investment arm of the Qatar government. Read more…

More about Travel, India, Qatar Airways, Aviation, and World

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How to Pick Best Villa Holidays for Families

When it comes to choosing accommodations, you want to make sure that you locate the best property for your family and budget. With some careful planning, you will be able to find the perfect place to make those memories that will last a lifetime.

Here’s how you can ensure the best villa holidays for families no matter where you choose to vacation.

Read about local safety

No matter if you prefer to find a place inside a city or one that’s a bit more remote, you will want to keep your family safe and happy while on holiday. Most cities or regions will publish past crime reports on the internet so you can research the quantity and types of crimes that occurred in the area in which you’re hoping to stay. That information might be scary to consider, but your knowledge will help you find a place where you can focus on fun instead of danger during your visit.

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Investigate the location

If you’re hoping for a beachfront villa, it will be a major disappointment to arrive at your holiday house to find your villa’s views obstructed by hotels. Avoid any surprises by pulling the address up on Google Maps and doing a quick walkthrough on Street View, noting what types of restaurants, traffic, and shops are in the immediate vicinity.

Map out nearby kid-friendly attractions

nearby playground

While on a family vacation, you’ll want to have plenty of options for your kids’ entertainment. Take note of which villas are close to the beach or the neighborhood pool and which will require you to haul a load of chairs and snacks to the beach every time want to play in the sand. See where the closest playground is to your villa, as this is always a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon.

It’s also helpful to see how far your holiday home is from indoor activities (like a movie theatre or indoor play park) in case one of your vacation days gets rained out.

Consider the number of bedrooms versus the number of kids

Depending on the ages of the children going on holiday with you, you might need to get separate rooms for them. Younger kids usually don’t mind sharing a room of bunk beds with other kids since they see it as an adventure.

Tweens and teens might need their own space, so consider allowing them to have their own rooms, or, if the budget won’t stretch to include that, allow your older children to share a room separate from any younger kids on the trip.

Ask about the amenities

private pool

Since this property will be your home away from home during your vacation, you’ll want to make sure it is as comfortable as possible. Ask your contact if there is an available villa with a private pool (which is always a hit when traveling with kids!) or enclosed yard so your kids can play safely.

You might also want to see if the villa comes with a grill for outdoor barbecues, linens and blankets (which will reduce the amount of luggage you’ll have to carry), and kitchen accessories. Other popular amenities include free Wifi, cable, and local telephone service.

Read previous reviews

When finding the best value villa holidays, you’ll need to find the perfect balance between reasonably priced accommodations and luxury amenities for a complete vacation experience. Make sure you’re getting exactly what you want by reading the honest reviews from previous visitors. See what they liked and disliked and if you can deal with any issues that came up.

Particularly note if there are multiple complaints about nearby construction, check-in or check-out, hidden fees, or uncleanliness of the property. If more than three or four people point out the same negatives, you’ll want to ask yourself if you can live with that issue during your stay.

See Also: Use Pinterest to Plan Your Next Vacation — Here’s How

Ask for additional photos

Choosing between luxury private villas can be a difficult decision especially if you’re planning to visit a location you’ve never visited before. If you are having trouble deciding if a property is right for you, reach out to the villa’s listing agent and ask if he or she can take or provide more recent photos for you. These updated pictures can help you see how the villa’s upkeep and decor has changed since the listing was first made.

Choose a family friendly floor plan

When you’re traveling with your family, you want plenty of space for everyone but you also want to be close enough to your kids if they need help. A floor plan with adjacent bedrooms can be quite helpful if your children are young and need reassurance during the night when they’re away from home.

Find out how baby and child friendly the villa is

If you’re traveling with smaller kids, it’s important to know what types of dangers you’ll be dealing with. If there is a pool, ask if there’s a safety fence around it. Ask the property manager if the house has baby-proof locks on doors and windows.

With these tips and advices, you should be able to find the best villa holidays for families wherever your destination. Have fun!


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Breeze through 32 locations in Asia in this breathtaking hyperlapse video


Ever wanted to see more of Asia?

Now you can live vicariously through two backpackers, who spent six months travelling through 32 locations in Asia.

Swiss couple Sylvain Botter and Jenny Gehrig of Lytchee TV visited Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Myanmar to make this hyperlapse video. 

Watch as these nine countries whiz by in a blur, and dream about your next trip in the region. Read more…

More about Hyperlapse, Travel, Watercooler, Travel Leisure, and Videos

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America doesn't care anymore, detains beloved children's book author


Imagine how America would react if Australia was mean to the late Maurice Sendak or even Eric Carle, author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

That’s how the latter feels now, after hearing that beloved children’s book author Mem Fox was apparently left in tears after being detained for hours at Los Angeles Airport and accused of having the wrong visa in early February. 

Author of such subversive texts as Possum Magic and Ten Little Fingers, Fox told the Advertiser the experience was traumatic and humiliating.  Read more…

More about Children S Books, Travel, Mem Fox, Australia, and Watercooler

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The True Staycation: How to Holiday in your Home Town

With the fluctuating currency market and uncertain climate, more holidaymakers are choosing to ‘staycation’ – taking a holiday in their home country. This can be a fantastic thing to do, after all, there are amazing places to visit and fun things to do all across the UK that are often forgotten about.

But how about taking your staycation one step further and actually taking a holiday in your home town? Take a week to get to know the surrounding area like a tourist would and you might find some amazing gems hidden close to home. It could even lead to some fun new activities for you when you return to normal life.

Here’s the best way to take a true staycation and see another side to the place you live.

Check into a hotel

staycation hotel

If you want to feel like a tourist, you should do what tourists need to do and the first step is to check into a hotel. Of course you might be able to enjoy your staycation from your own home but a hotel gives you a week of freedom from making your bed, cleaning and completing household chores – the stuff we take for granted on holiday.

Choose a small boutique hotel rather than a chain where possible, and remember to take any recommendations from staff on things to do.

Pick up a tourist guide

It’s likely that you’ll be able to pick up a tourist guide to your city – if there’s a tourist information office or something similar, they’ll probably be giving away free guides. Otherwise, buy a guide book or get articles online.

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find plenty of fun things to do that you had never really considered doing before. And don’t dismiss things outright; if they are popular but you have never done them, it’s worth giving them a try.

Try restaurants and bars you’ve never visited

Eating out is a must on your staycation; this is a holiday after all. You might be tempted to head out to all of your favourite restaurants, and there’s nothing wrong with doing this for a couple of nights. But save most of your meals for places that you’ve never experienced before.

It’s even worth going a little further afield to find brilliant restaurants and bars nearby. Scour sites like TripAdvisor to find some of the most popular places that you haven’t tried yet.

Visit a museum

visit a museum

When people go abroad they always search out the local museums to have a look round – but how often do you do this is on your home town? Well, when you’re on staycation, it’s the perfect time to do it.

Find a list of local museums and art galleries. You might be surprised by just how many there are that are close to you. Take the time to visit a couple during your staycation to sample the arts culture in your local community.

Watch a sports team

Another popular activity when on holiday is to go and watch a local sports team. So now is the perfect time to do the same thing in your home town.

Find out what sports teams play near you. There’s likely to be a hugely diversity of everything from lower league football, basketball, roller derby, polo and more. See which teams are currently playing and see if you can’t get along to a game. Once again, it’s a good idea to choose a sport you wouldn’t usually watch.

Enjoy a spa day

You don’t have to go to Sweden to get a Swedish massage. There are plenty of places where you can relax and enjoy a spa day. Check whether the hotel you’re checking into has a spa. If not, you can always find a local spa where you’ll find a huge variety of treatment options.

Take a class

Another great idea is to take a class in something. Whether it’s drawing, baking, photography or wine tasting, it’s fun to learn something new while you are on holiday. If you can, try to choose something that brings together local elements. This can be a brilliant way to gain a new perspective on the place that you live.

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5 Ways To Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home From Your Vacation

You’ve probably heard, ‘Don’t let the bedbugs bite!” But that’s easier said than done. You really can’t stop the pesky little blood suckers from biting and leaving you with itchy reddish welts.

If you’ve gone on vacation, you can only hope that the hotel you billeted into is bug-free or that no bedbug took up temporary residence in your clothes or luggage. Otherwise, you’ll end up bringing home a little bloodsucker souvenier from your two-week vacation. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to unknowingly infect your home with bedbugs after a bout of traveling.

But don’t fret since there are ways on how one can avoid bringing bedbugs home. Here’s how.

Pack for protection

travel luggages

A plastic trash bag or a sealable plastic container will help your clothing and your luggage bedbug-free. Cover your luggage with a large plastic trash bag to keep the bugs from entering your suitcase.

Store your belongings safely

If you want to put your clothes in the hotel drawers or clothes cabinet, sealing it in a plastic bag or container will help you make sure that no bedbugs hide in your fashionable ensemble. And if you are putting them back inside your luggage, make sure to inspect your clothing that no critters are hiding away. Also, always keep your luggage close at all times.

Head straight for the bathroom

hotel bathroom

The least place that bedbugs hide and dwell is the bathroom, especially the bathtub. So, directly bring your luggage in the bathroom to avoid those little critters. In case you will leave your suitcases in the room, make sure they are placed in sealable plastic containers that are closed at all times.

Play detective

Once you arrive in your hotel room, inspect all crevices of the room, especially your bed. Check the bed, under the covers, and even pull back the beddings.

If needed, remove all pillowcases and check the seams and crevices. You may think this is a bit extreme especially since enjoying your vacation should be your top priority. However, taking a few minutes to play detective and being meticulous in checking your bed, beddings, pillows, pillowcases and headboards will help you make sure that you won’t get bitten and suffer from bites later on.

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Teach kids hotel protocol

Teach your kids how to pack properly for protection, store the luggage in the bathroom and to check the beds and beddings inside and out, including the headboard’s creases and crevices.

Following these tips will surely help you avoid bringing home bed bugs as well as teach your kids some useful and practical life skills. But in case you suspect that some critters still managed to get into your luggage, directly store away your suitcases in the basement or put it in a large plastic trash bag and leave it inside your car outside. The heat of the sun can kill bedbugs for good.

More so, it is best to unpack your clothing, used or not, directly to the washing machine at 120 degrees temperature or more. Also, make sure to spin it dry since this will ensure that you are killing all bed bugs and its eggs.

To further make sure that you are protected, take the time to read up on our bedbugs protection plan. This way, our post-vacation plan won’t be wasted on killing and disinfecting your home with these bloodsucking critters.


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5 Ways To Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home From Your Vacation

You’ve probably heard, ‘Don’t let the bedbugs bite!” But that’s easier said than done. You really can’t stop the pesky little blood suckers from biting and leaving you with itchy reddish welts.

If you’ve gone on vacation, you can only hope that the hotel you billeted into is bug-free or that no bedbug took up temporary residence in your clothes or luggage. Otherwise, you’ll end up bringing home a little bloodsucker souvenier from your two-week vacation. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to unknowingly infect your home with bedbugs after a bout of traveling.

But don’t fret since there are ways on how one can avoid bringing bedbugs home. Here’s how.

Pack for protection

travel luggages

A plastic trash bag or a sealable plastic container will help your clothing and your luggage bedbug-free. Cover your luggage with a large plastic trash bag to keep the bugs from entering your suitcase.

Store your belongings safely

If you want to put your clothes in the hotel drawers or clothes cabinet, sealing it in a plastic bag or container will help you make sure that no bedbugs hide in your fashionable ensemble. And if you are putting them back inside your luggage, make sure to inspect your clothing that no critters are hiding away. Also, always keep your luggage close at all times.

Head straight for the bathroom

hotel bathroom

The least place that bedbugs hide and dwell is the bathroom, especially the bathtub. So, directly bring your luggage in the bathroom to avoid those little critters. In case you will leave your suitcases in the room, make sure they are placed in sealable plastic containers that are closed at all times.

Play detective

Once you arrive in your hotel room, inspect all crevices of the room, especially your bed. Check the bed, under the covers, and even pull back the beddings.

If needed, remove all pillowcases and check the seams and crevices. You may think this is a bit extreme especially since enjoying your vacation should be your top priority. However, taking a few minutes to play detective and being meticulous in checking your bed, beddings, pillows, pillowcases and headboards will help you make sure that you won’t get bitten and suffer from bites later on.

See Also: 10 Things You Never Knew About Bed Bugs 

Teach kids hotel protocol

Teach your kids how to pack properly for protection, store the luggage in the bathroom and to check the beds and beddings inside and out, including the headboard’s creases and crevices.

Following these tips will surely help you avoid bringing home bed bugs as well as teach your kids some useful and practical life skills. But in case you suspect that some critters still managed to get into your luggage, directly store away your suitcases in the basement or put it in a large plastic trash bag and leave it inside your car outside. The heat of the sun can kill bedbugs for good.

More so, it is best to unpack your clothing, used or not, directly to the washing machine at 120 degrees temperature or more. Also, make sure to spin it dry since this will ensure that you are killing all bed bugs and its eggs.

To further make sure that you are protected, take the time to read up on our bedbugs protection plan. This way, our post-vacation plan won’t be wasted on killing and disinfecting your home with these bloodsucking critters.


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5 Ways To Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home From Your Vacation

You’ve probably heard, ‘Don’t let the bedbugs bite!” But that’s easier said than done. You really can’t stop the pesky little blood suckers from biting and leaving you with itchy reddish welts.

If you’ve gone on vacation, you can only hope that the hotel you billeted into is bug-free or that no bedbug took up temporary residence in your clothes or luggage. Otherwise, you’ll end up bringing home a little bloodsucker souvenier from your two-week vacation. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to unknowingly infect your home with bedbugs after a bout of traveling.

But don’t fret since there are ways on how one can avoid bringing bedbugs home. Here’s how.

Pack for protection

travel luggages

A plastic trash bag or a sealable plastic container will help your clothing and your luggage bedbug-free. Cover your luggage with a large plastic trash bag to keep the bugs from entering your suitcase.

Store your belongings safely

If you want to put your clothes in the hotel drawers or clothes cabinet, sealing it in a plastic bag or container will help you make sure that no bedbugs hide in your fashionable ensemble. And if you are putting them back inside your luggage, make sure to inspect your clothing that no critters are hiding away. Also, always keep your luggage close at all times.

Head straight for the bathroom

hotel bathroom

The least place that bedbugs hide and dwell is the bathroom, especially the bathtub. So, directly bring your luggage in the bathroom to avoid those little critters. In case you will leave your suitcases in the room, make sure they are placed in sealable plastic containers that are closed at all times.

Play detective

Once you arrive in your hotel room, inspect all crevices of the room, especially your bed. Check the bed, under the covers, and even pull back the beddings.

If needed, remove all pillowcases and check the seams and crevices. You may think this is a bit extreme especially since enjoying your vacation should be your top priority. However, taking a few minutes to play detective and being meticulous in checking your bed, beddings, pillows, pillowcases and headboards will help you make sure that you won’t get bitten and suffer from bites later on.

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Teach kids hotel protocol

Teach your kids how to pack properly for protection, store the luggage in the bathroom and to check the beds and beddings inside and out, including the headboard’s creases and crevices.

Following these tips will surely help you avoid bringing home bed bugs as well as teach your kids some useful and practical life skills. But in case you suspect that some critters still managed to get into your luggage, directly store away your suitcases in the basement or put it in a large plastic trash bag and leave it inside your car outside. The heat of the sun can kill bedbugs for good.

More so, it is best to unpack your clothing, used or not, directly to the washing machine at 120 degrees temperature or more. Also, make sure to spin it dry since this will ensure that you are killing all bed bugs and its eggs.

To further make sure that you are protected, take the time to read up on our bedbugs protection plan. This way, our post-vacation plan won’t be wasted on killing and disinfecting your home with these bloodsucking critters.


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Gorgeous shots from circumnavigating Australia, aka “The Big Lap”

Tom Rex Jessett and his fiancee Vanessa tricked out a panel van and drove all the way around Australia, a journey known as The Big Lap.

We spent hours upon hours driving, walked on hundreds of beaches, Watched nearly every sunrise and sunset as well as ate a whole lot of tinned food! 35,000km later we were back where we started, the big lap complete! Here is just a small selection of the photographs I took along the way as memories.

Bonus video: Catherine Lawson and David Bristow take newborn Maya all the way around Highway 1.

I Spent 9 Months Road Tripping The Big Lap Of Australia And Took These Amazing Photos To Remember It! (Tom Rex Jessett)

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The Top 5 Boat Shows In The US

Are you a boat enthusiast? Do you know the best US boat shows?

Boat shows are held all over the country and give boat owners and enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the latest boat designs and models. These events also allow companies to showcase the newest technology and software in marine electronics, accessories, gifts and apparel.

We compiled a list of the best in the country. In this post, we will show you 5 of the best boat shows in the US that you should be marking on your calendar.

Atlanta Boat Show: Atlanta, Ga
January 12-15

atlanta boat show
Via scoopotp

This is one you can’t miss in downtown Atlanta. It has been around for more than 50 years and includes everything from sport cruisers to fishing boats to houseboats. There are seminars and courses for everyone as well as a sailing simulator, Kid Zone, and an interactive learning center.

The fourth-generation Miss GEICO catamaran will make an appearance as well. For the James Bond fans, there will be a working replica of the iconic Lotus Esprit submarine car from 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me!

You will surely have a great time in this boat show as you will learn about so many things in one place. It will surely be a feast to the eyes.

Miami International Boat Show: Miami, Fl
February 16-20

miami international boat show
Via greatlakesscuttlebutt

Known as one of the greatest boat shows in the world, the Miami International Boat Show is one of Florida’s largest events.There are over 3,000 boats and 2,000 exhibitors offering everything from boats, apparel and more. There are powerboating classes running from one hour to three hours, basic and advanced docking skills and so much more.

You can also compare and try before you buy! Expanded demo docks and sea trials allow you to compare and talk with dealers to ensure you are making the right decision. So if you are ever planning to buy a boat, this boat show is one that you certainly should visit because you will get all the chance that you need to discover which boat is best suited for you.

World Championship Cardboard Boat Races: Herber Springs, AR
Late July

world championship cardboard boat races
Via pinterest

Held in Herber Springs, Arkansas, the World Championship Cardboard Boat Race puts contestants’ creativity and boat building skills to the test. Adults and children race on a 200 yard course.

Over the last 26 years, there have been entries such as USS battleships, trains, rockets and even the Starship Enterprise. They also have an array of activities that include food eating contests, tug of war and the famous Cardboard Boat Demolition Derby.

This is surely a different kind of boat show because you will get to see the creativity of each team. You will also be entertained by the varied themes and designs they are able to come up with. This boat show is one to watch!

Newport International Boat Show: Newport, Rhode Island
September 14-17,2017

newport international boat show
Via boattalk

Occupying 13 acres of Newport Harbor, this show allows you to enjoy everything the “City By The Sea” has to offer! You will be able to experience the debuts of a full range of powerboats and sailboats and attend educational seminars presented by the top professionals in their field.

The festivities do not end when the sun goes down. You can walk down the cobblestone streets, shop in the variety of specialty boutiques, and eat at some of the top rated restaurants in New England.

The boat show is not the only highlight here as you can discover the place on your own, starting with the gastronomical adventures you can have.

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Late October

fort lauderdale international boat show
Via showmanagement

Set in the “Yachting Capital of the World”, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat show is a South Florida staple. For over 50 years, it is also the largest boat show in the world.

From yacht builders and designers to rare exotic cars, the show is the the place to see and be seen. Over 18 different kinds of vessels including sportfishers, high performance catamarans and unbelieveable super yachts all displayed in six different locations and worth over a billion dollars. There will certainly a boat that is fit for you in this boat show as it caters to almost all kinds of boats for every kind of purpose.

Don’t miss out on these amazing events. Do your research, take your pick of these US boat shows, and bring a fellow boat enthusiast with you!


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5 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Sobriety When Traveling

*This article is for recovering addicts and how you can stay sober while traveling.

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac

Traveling may bring a multitude of new sights, new experiences and new cultures. However, as a recovering addict, there is one very important fact you need to remember – you are still YOU. You still have your “triggers,” you still have your weaknesses and, ultimately, you still have your addiction. Therefore, it is essential that you prepare yourself prior to making your trip.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not dangerous for you to have travel as an integral part of your recovery; in fact, quite the opposite. It will broaden your mind and give you, hopefully, fresh perspectives on how you can best live the life you want and deserve.

However, for travel to impact upon you in the best possible way, preparation is the key. Remember the “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” edict? This is so relevant to you as a recovering addict for you will have much to lose. No-one is more aware of that than you.

This article will provide you with 5 essential tips for ensuring you maintain your hard-fought sobriety when confronted with new sights, experiences and cultures. These tips are designed to assist you make the right choices and decisions whilst traveling. As a recovering addict myself, and a guy who loves to travel as often as possible, what I wish to share has come about through good advice from others and positive experiences.

Recovery Relapse Plan

group travels

In the more secure and stable environment of your home and your local community, you have successfully created a life that keeps you sober, free of alcohol and/or drug use. Part of your success is this familiarity with your daily life, your daily routine and your local support; be that friends, sponsors, meetings, etc. When you are travelling, away on your vacation, these things are removed from you. Therefore, it is up to you to develop your own relapse prevention plan.

You should:

  • Tell your sponsor (if you have one) about your travel plans. As with everything else, it should not be a secret. Should you feel that you need to speak to your sponsor, let this person know that he or she will be the first person you call.
  • Tell your family and friends. Let them know that you may feel the need to call them too.

As part of your recovery, you will have identified your triggers, and physical and mental scenarios that have previously led you to addictive behaviour. Be introspective and analyze those triggers again. Remind yourself of them fully and be completely aware of the danger they pose to your sobriety.

Organize Activities

A vacation should be just that – time for you to rest and relax. However, as a recovering addict, you will know that boredom, inactivity and the compulsion to do something active always needs to be addressed.

So, in your travel plans, incorporate activities, tours, and other scheduled events to ensure this doesn’t happen. Whatever type of vacation you are planning, engage in activities as part of a group. Remember, for you, isolation is not your friend.

Keeping Your Routine

If you are able, incorporate as much of your normal daily routine into your days while on vacation. For example, attend meetings, maintain your healthy diet and exercise regime, and keep a journal of thoughts and feelings. Even waking at your usual time will help you maintain your equilibrium in your temporary new surroundings. Always endeavor to maintain whatever works as part of your usual recovery routine in this new one.

Sober Vacation Websites

Did you know that these even existed? Well, they do – for the sole needs of those like you and I that require assistance with our travel preparations. For example, Sober Vacations International offer a wide-ranging variety of vacations, from safaris to cruises to all-inclusive beach resorts. Sober Travelers offer vacations specifically based around the 12-Step Program. Even Expedia can provide a whole host of destinations designed for those wishing to keep their sobriety.

….and ENJOY!

have fun

By incorporating all of the above into your travel preparations, you will dramatically increase your chances of a relapse-free trip. So there’s only one thing left for you to do. Quite simply, enjoy yourself.

From my own experiences, traveling has given me a much clearer view on how I wish to lead my new life. Living sober (as I have done for a significant number of years now) has not stopped me from wanting to enjoy every moment of my travels. The people I have met, the new sober friends I have made, the cultures I have learned from – all of it is now an integral part of my personal recovery. It can be for you as well.

Happy, Safe & Sober

Let’s recap. Your 5 essential tips for keeping your sobriety when traveling are these: work out your personal relapse prevention plan, organize activities for your destination, keep as much of your daily routine as possible, make use of the available sober vacation websites, and, last but definitely not least, go and enjoy yourself. If you have any other advice for fellow recovering addicts with regard to ensuring their sobriety when traveling, please feel free to share in the comments below.

One last quote for you, one that I totally agree with.

“Hey, people who travel with their bed pillow. You look insane.” – Jim Gaffigan

Happy, safe and sober travels to you all.

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TravelTriangle raises $10 million to bring India’s travel agencies online

luggage India’s TravelTriangle, a marketplace for finding and booking travel and holidays, has closed a $10 million Series B funding round. The four-year-old company is focused on bringing India’s largely offline travel agency space, which is dominated by small and medium-sized companies, online. That’s to both help travel brokers reach larger audiences, and provide more travel… Read More

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5 Tips On Staying Healthy On Your Next Vacation

Vacations should never be your excuse for having bulges and getting unhealthy. There are a lot of ways you can do to stay fit and healthy while on your most awaited vacation.

Below are a handful of things you can consider to make your next vacation all worth while.

Go With Fitness Buddies

fitness buddy

Definitely! A good way to stay healthy on your vacation is to go with people who have the same goals as yours. Avoiding unhealthy foods and still working on your regular exercise every day are a few of the things that your fitness buddies would encourage you to do even during vacation.

Fitness buddy will definitely encourage and push you to stay healthy during holidays.

Keep Moving And Use Your Body

Yes, you are on a vacation, thus sitting, lying down, sleeping and eating all day is not the reason why you are out of town or country. Keep moving and use your body.

If the tourist destination or location where you plan to visit is just near, you might as well walk. Use stairs instead of elevators.  Enjoy the tourist spots, walk around, and enjoy the ambiance.

If you are on a vacation, never stay just in your rooms. If that is your plan, just better stay at home and watch television. You did not travel far, spend money and make reservations just so you can sleep and lie down all day in bed.

Eat Healthily – Don’t Forget To Maintain Your Weight

eat healthy

Most places we visit have local specialties and cuisines. Sure, you can try them all but make sure it is in moderation. Maintaining your weight is definitely a priority but that does not mean you will deprive yourself of eating dishes that you may never try somewhere else.

Go ahead and have a taste of what they can offer but make sure that your guards are up and still in control. Eating healthy should happen every day, wherever you are, wherever you go.

You would not want the sacrifices you did for months or even years to go to waste just for few days you are on a vacation.

See Also: 10 Essential Vitamins for Frequent Travelers 

Opt For Fitness-Based Vacations

Instead of the usual vacations you do, try something different. Try something that can encourage and hype your interest in getting and staying fit and healthy. Go hiking, mountain-climbing and the like. You can also opt to visit spa resorts that have an emphasis on wellness.

If the place you will visit cannot offer too many activities, at least choose accommodations that have an indoor gym.

Come Back Rejuvenated

Make sure that after your vacation, you feel completely energized and rejuvenated. The real deal for having a vacation is to get you out for a moment from your real world and relax. This is a good way to recuperate. Vacations should make you feel like you are starting fresh and anew.

Needless to say, vacations are something that everyone look forward to, but still, never let them be your reason or excuse to be unhealthy. Make your vacation and fitness work hand and hand to ensure that when you get back from your vacation, you are still as fit and healthy or better.

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5 Tips to Learn Languages by Reading Foreign Books

Language is the mirror of our culture. It reveals a nation’s secrets, shows a people’s everyday, and expresses their attitude to life.

If you want to easily speak a foreign language, you need to get to know it better. And it’s not about grammar. Traveling requires a lot of time and money, but reading is free of charge and available anytime. Through reading, foreign language book learners not only learn a new language, but also get to explore a new culture.

In case you want to learn a new language by reading foreign books, there are a few simple rules to follow. And we would like to share some with you.

Dictionary in your pocket

pocket dictionary

If you are going to read a foreign language book, get a dictionary. It won’t be much good if you skip all the words you don’t understand. Underline them, find their meanings in a dictionary, write them down and learn. It is the only way foreign literature helps you improve your target language level.

In case you like to read on your way to work, you need a pocket dictionary which won’t take up much space in your bag. It is practical so you can use it wherever you are.

Furthermore, get a notebook where you can write down all unfamiliar words. It will be easier to learn when they can all be found in one place. Writing them down on different pieces of paper will only result in a mess.

Besides, repetition is important in the learning process. That is why a small notebook is a helpful means to remember better whenever you have time.

However, most learners prefer using mobile apps to make notes nowadays. Luckily, there are tons of them with different interfaces and for different purposes. Choose what works best for you. Thus, if you happen to wait for someone and think about how to kill some time, you can learn a new language instead of scrolling through your Facebook news feed.

Double reading

This strategy requires a little bit more than just reading with a dictionary. This method involves reading two books — one original and the other translated, simultaneously.

Again, it is not actually about reading. The notes matter. They help readers catch interesting expressions, idioms, slang words and learn their meanings right away.

Also, you can use bilingual books. You get two languages in one book. To boost learning, you still have to make notes and read every sentence carefully.

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Comic books to the rescue!

Comic books are like textbooks for those who learn a foreign language. Comic books tell and show at once. Pictures help us understand even the hidden meanings of phrases or jokes. Visualization makes a learning process fun, so you will definitely enjoy it.

The comic book effect is similar to watching movies with subtitles. They are suitable for beginners or someone who doesn’t want to strain their brains too much.

Considering that most people are visual learners, comic books are very helpful in boosting vocabulary. A visual image activates your memory, and thus you recall the words much quicker.



Managing two forms of media at once may be one of the most effective ways to learn a language. At first, it seems difficult as you need to focus on two things together: reading and listening. In actual fact, this strategy has more advantages than we might think.
You can get into the habit of learning this way and it’s an extremely useful habit that will cut your learning time by a half.

The most evident advantage of this approach is to hear and understand how words are pronounced. When you start practicing, you find out your pronunciation is usually far from good. Bad pronunciation is a typical reason why people don’t even try to speak a foreign language. But you have a tool to improve it. This way, learners can get rid of a barrier of fear and try to practice their speaking skills.

Another important thing is that it makes the reading of a boring book a little bit easier. Listening while reading lets you cope with your task with less effort.

Adapted books.

If you don’t feel ready to read an original book, choose an adapted version. It allows the learner to enjoy the reading and study with pleasure.

There are books of any level — from beginner to advanced. You can choose one appropriate for you and go further when you are ready.

The purpose of these books is to educate. That is why you may find a lot of excercises of different kinds in them which will only help you remember new vocabulary as well as understand a story better. A nice way to combine pleasure with learning.

Do not put it off. Just grab a book and start learning while reading right now.

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8 Strange Funeral Customs From Around the World

From your side of the world, saying goodbye to the dead might mean burial or cremation. For others, funerals are more than just burying the dead.

Call it weird, strange, bizarre, or even crazy, but here are eight unconventional ways practiced by other cultures when disposing their dead:

Hanging of Coffins

hanging coffins

In the “acceptable” world, coffins are buried deep in the ground in a cemetery. In a place called Sagada in the Philippines, coffins mean hanging it on the cliffs.

Igorots believe that in death, the soul must be in the most solemn and peaceful place. This way, the spirit will be able to easily find its way to Kabunian, their god, and attain peace. Because of this practice, the cliffs where the hanging coffins are located have become tourist spots as well, wowing crowds from all over the world.

Tinguian Funeral: Makes It Look Like They’re Still Alive

tinguian funeral
Via cloudmind

Apparently, hanging coffins is just one of the bizarre funeral practices conducted by ethnic groups in the Philippines.

The Tinguian people make their dead look like they are still alive by dressing their bodies in their best clothes. The dead are also made to sit on a chair, have a lit cigarette on their lips, and treated as if they are alive.

Environment-Friendly and Green Funerals

environment friendly funerals
Via digitaljournal

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as green funerals and it happens in the United States. This is because more people are choosing environment-friendly burials. This practice means foregoing the embalming process, using biodegradable or woven-willow caskets, and reducing concrete vaults. In fact, there are 40 environment-friendly cemeteries in the US to date.

Mortuary Totem Poles

mortuary totem poles

Totem poles usually tell stories of a peoples’ native culture. On the other hand, the Mortuary Totem Poles are different. They are special kinds of totem poles that house the remains of chiefs, notable warriors, or shamans after their bodies were crushed with clubs. The icons found on each pole act as guardians and guide the spirit to the afterlife.

Buried in a Fantasy Coffin

fantasy coffins

Death is not just a time to mourn but also a time to celebrate the life of the deceased. In Ghana, the dead are buried in caskets that symbolize their life, including their personality and status in the society – even if it means being buried in caskets in various styles, say a beer can or planes.

Zoroastrian Vulture Funeral

zoroastrian vulture funeral

Apparently, Zoroastrians in Mumbai, India don’t need funeral plans. As part of their culture, they leave their dead in “dakhma” or the “Tower of Silence,” which will be eaten by vultures after the bodies are cleaned. They believe that the dead body becomes a source of defilement and corruption that could pollute sacred elements on Earth. Hence, they must be consumed by vultures.

Become a Memorial Reef in the Ocean

memorial reefs in the ocean

Most people want to be buried in the cemetery. Some even have mausoleums so they can be buried beside family members. For the few, they prefer a memorial reef in the ocean.

Eternal Reefs, an American company, compress the remains of the dead in a reef ball or sphere. This will be attached to a reef in the ocean and provide a habitat for sea life. Who knows, it might lure a curious fish.

Burial Beads: Turn the Dead into Colorful Beads

burial beads
Via timenewsfeed

In case you opted for cremation, some allow you to take ashes and place it in containers like a locket. In South Korea, they do it differently. Instead of keeping the ashes as they are, they compress the remains of the dead into colorful gem-like beads. The beads are stored in jars and even used as home decorations.

What do you think? Weird? Maybe, but for people who practice these rites, it means something sacred, which we should all respect.



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Chinese people will make 3 billion trips for the Lunar New Year this month


Billions of Chinese travellers will soon be packed across airports, trains and bus stations as they head home for one of the country’s biggest celebrations, Chinese New Year. 

A mindboggling 2.98 billion trips will be made over a 40-day stretch this Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, up 2 percent from last year.

The official Xinhua news agency reports that more than 8.6 million trips were made last Friday alone, the first day of the annual travel rush.

For many, the seven-day Chinese New Year holiday is one of the few chances they get to travel home. Read more…

More about Migration, Chinese New Year, Travel, China, and World

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Houseguests, technological literacy, and the goddamned wifi: a single chart

Randal Munroe nails it again in an XKCD installment that expresses the likelihood that your houseguests will be able to connect to your wifi (I confess to having been the “firmware” guide — but also, having been reminded to do something about my own firmware when other difficult houseguests came to stay).

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Indicted Dieselgate VW execs advised not to leave Germany, lest they be extradited to the USA

The five Volkswagen executives who were criminally charged in the USA for their role in the Dieselgate scandal have been advised not to travel to the USA because they are liable to arrest there: they’ve also been told that leaving Germany is risky because they might be arrested and extradited to the USA.

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