With your contribution

Select a free gift to show your support for our nation’s finest men and women. All hand-made items are made in the U.S., and will provide you with many survival uses including:

Shelter ConstructionSplintSlingMakeshift StretcherTourniquetRescue LineTripwire AlarmRestraints/HandcuffsBore Snake for FirearmStone Throwing SlingMonkey FistFishing NetFishing LineTrotline for FishingFish StringerHanging Food/GameTrap/SnareSnow ShoesTether Yourself to Gear/Each-otherTrail MarkersStream Crossing GuideRaft BuildingHauling/Dragging GearSecure A Tent/Tarp/HammockBow DrillRepair Torn ClothingEmergency Belt/BraceletMake A Strong RopeRope LadderPet Collar/LeashShoelaces/Replace Broken DrawstringsHang Tools From BeltDental Floss

Only your survival skills and knowledge will limit what you can accomplish with 550 paracord, and its many survival uses.